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The American Telegraph was undertaken to try to shed light on different aspects of news that the mass media seems reluctant to report on a wide scale.

It is neither Democrat nor Republican in its content. Rather, it tries to present a variety of information and let the reader decide what is right and what is wrong.

Lawrence Klepinger is the editor and publisher of the American Telegraph. Although he still considers himself a member of the party of Abraham Lincoln, he does not pretend to be a “die-hard” Republican. In fact, one of his reasons for creating the American Telegraph is to rebuke the bastardization of both political parties—and hopefully provide a more sensible forum, devoid of the right-wing or left-wing political vitriol that seems to be corroding our political discourse in recent years.

With this in mind, the American Telegraph is open to all comments and criticism. If you wish to voice your ideas, please feel free to post your thoughts on the accompanying blog site for possible publication in the discussion panel that is provided for reader contributions.

The American Telegraph also is experimenting with asking guest editorial writers and freelance reporters to contribute on a voluntary basis. The rules for contribution are simple:

  1. Write what you truly feel in your heart.
  2. Express yourself clearly and concisely.
  3. 500 word maximum—with word count included on any article you wish to submit.
  4. Any topic is OK.  But what we are really looking for are verifiable articles of merit that other news media outlets are unaware of—or refuse to print.
  5. Include your real name and e-mail address.

If these above rules are adhered to there is a good chance that your article will be printed.

In conclusion, the American Telegraph is attempting to fill the “credibility gap” that has been created by news manufacturing instead of news reporting organizations.  We feel, that with your help and voluntary participation, this goal can be achieved.

Welcome to The American Telegraph.