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I duly apologize for hitting you all again with another Special Edition of THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH.

As you remember, I referred to a “friend” of mine in a recent issue, who told me what was actually happening in the Middle East.  I even had a few readers write and tell me that the “story” was bogus.

Well, although my friend is very much alive and kicking, what he told me two weeks ago is now coming to light.

So, instead of me boring you any further with my “ventings” I encourage you to read the link below:


Egyptians call for Sharia Law, Islamic caliphate

Sunday, July 31, 2011Ryan Jones

Egyptians call for Sharia Law, Islamic caliphate

Tens, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Egyptians poured into Cairo’s now-famed Tahrir Square on Friday to demand their nation become subject to Sharia Law and form the cornerstone for a new Islamic caliphate.

The unplanned demonstration erupted following Friday prayers at mosques around the Egyptian capital.

The demonstrators, who were led by the increasingly powerful Muslim Brotherhood, demanded that Egypt’s interim military regime give way to an intolerant Islamic dictatorship.

Various news media reported the demonstrators shouting and holding up signs reading: “Egypt will return to Sharia Law!”, “Liberals and secularists are the enemies of Allah!”, and “The solution is Islam!”

When Egyptians ousted former dictator Hosni Mubarak in February, the international media made much of how conservative Muslims, Coptic Christians and Egyptian secularists worked together for the common goal of democratic freedom.

The prevailing assumption was that Egypt would serve as a model of how a diverse, but tolerant Middle East society could throw off the shackles of dictatorial oppression and build something better.

But Egyptian commentators are now saying that what is happening in their country more closely resembles the Iranian revolution.

In 1979, a broad coalition of Iranians overthrew the dictatorial regime of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. The shah was briefly replaced by a secular, democratic government. But Islamists quickly hijacked the revolution, and Iran today is ruled by a religious council and is subject to the strictest interpretation of Sharia Law. This is Shiite, not Sunni.

What is happening in Egypt now “is a lot like Iran, and it’s only going to get worse,” Saeed Rahnema, a pro-democracy demonstrator in Iran in the late 1970s and now a professor at York University in Toronto, told Canada’s The Globe and Mail.

Egypt’s one hope at this point is that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamist movement currently lacks a charismatic leader like the Iranians had in Ayatollah Khomeini.

But such a figure can rise quickly in this region. And even if he does not, the fear that the Islamists are sowing in their fellow Egyptians is all but guaranteeing that even a democratically elected Egyptian government will be dominated by Muslim fundamentalists.

Meanwhile, tensions between Israel and post-revolution Egypt are again rising after Muslim gunmen bombed the Sinai natural gas pipeline on Saturday, the fifth such attack since Mubarak’s ouster.

The pipeline had already been turned off while work was being done to repair damage from the previous bombing earlier in the month. Israel receives about 40 percent of its natural gas from that pipeline, and having it out of order is setting the stage for an energy cost crisis in the Jewish state.

The latest pipeline attack has reignited the debate over whether or not Israel should continue to purchase natural gas from Egypt, considering that the Jewish state has recently discovered its own massive reserves.

Israel buys natural gas from Egypt as part of the Camp David Accords that brought peace between the two nations. But Israeli energy experts say it can no longer be seen as a reliable source of energy.

Israel’s own offshore gas reserves are actually larger than Egypt’s, and could easily supply the nation’s needs. But making such a switch is certain to put the kind of economic pressure on Egypt that could lead to an outbreak of hostilities.


Once, you have digested what the two authors have to say, then I urge you to proceed to the following video clip.

BUT ONE CAVEAT before you view this link.  If you have never been in combat, or have never actually seen people being killed, I warn you, it will shock you.  So be forewarned.  If you have a weak stomach, please do not view this video clip.



If you are in any way whatsoever, even remotely familiar with the Muslim “religion,” you are aware that it has a fundamental edict to KILL those who are not of the Islamic Faith.

Muslims are permitted to lie – in the furtherance of the Islamic “religion.”

President Obama was “exposed” to the Muslim “faith” at a very early age.

President Obama has been proven – time and again – to be a consummate liar.

Barack Obama has stated, on various occasions – along with his wife, their dislike for America.

Both Barack Obama and his wife were DISBARRED as lawyers – for lying.

There has been no definitive proof of Obama being born in America.

Barack Obama attended “Reverand” Wright’s “church” for 20 years – that is 20 years of listening to hatred of America, and the American System as a Nation.

During Obama’s early travels in the Muslim countries that he visited as a very impressionable boy – he saw “first hand” how the “Colonial Powers” treated the oppressed.

These are just a FEW of the unconnected dots.  There are many more – too numerous to recount now.

Remember, President Obama could very well be just a “moving piece” (a pawn) in this whole scenario.  Once his usefulness is used up, he could possibly be “replaced” (eliminated).

This might be the reason why he is so heavily protected at all times.  He might know something that the rest of us can only speculate on.

Up to this point in writing THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH, I have been “very kind” to the President, “too kind” in some readers’ views.

But a scenario was put to me, quite sometime back, that I thought was very intriguing – however, I have not revealed it until now, for reasons that will soon become very obvious.

It goes something like this:

Obama was set into place (Manchurian Candidate) by the World Status Quo.  He has no identifying papers, so a GRAND LIE was developed to cover everything that was missing.

The trump card would ALWAYS be race – and racism – when ANYBODY questioned who Barack Obama really was.

Obama would serve at the pleasure of his manipulators.  Once he was no longer “useful” he would be assassinated.

The country would go into complete turmoil.

“America killed it’s first ever BLACK President,” would be the rally cry.  Race riots would erupt around the country.

Martial Law would be implemented and the Constitution abandoned.

BUT, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the actual PURPOSE would be – unless it is truly not an economic fiasco that would ensue, but a “RELIGIOUS” UPRISING around the Globe – that would attempt to bring in a Muslim Based Theocracy throughout the world.

You can now understand why I have been hesitant to even relate this scenario in THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH.  In all honesty, I can’t quite believe it all myself.

Then again, there is a certain amount of plausibility in it.  Remember, we still don’t know why Lincoln was assassinated.  And then we have JFK – whose Warren Commission Findings were put under lock and key and fully guarded – to this day – for 99 years.

I have always thought that if something was kept secret – then there is something to hide.

Some day history will reveal who the “real” Barack Hussein Obama actually was.

For the time being, we can only guess – and HOPE for the best.

My apologies again for this intrusion on your time.

Keep thinking positive.

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “Special Edition – August 1, 2011”

  • John Says:

    No intrusion when there is something to say. It’s freedom of speech. Too bad the press doesn’t use it’s freedoms anymore.

  • Doc Says:

    I have oft reported on various blogs and in personal conversations … that I believe the single most important reason that no one has assasinated him so far is every reasonably sentient being on the planet KNOWS that if somebody “did him” it would make him an “instant martyr” .. and that reesult nobody wants!

  • Steve Topper Says:

    Larry, once again thank you for sharing what you are hearing from your contacts and your insight into what is going on. It’s painfully obvious, and has been for years, that what we’re being told by the government and the government controlled mainstream media is far from the truth. Like others, I enjoy hearing from you no matter how frequently your newsletters arrive. Thanks for keeping us informed. I appreciate it.

  • Amy Aki Says:

    About 5 years ago my husband and I went to Egypt. It was absolutely thrilling — and a bit chilling as well. We had many discussions with our tour guide “off the record” and he gave a very foreboding picture of what was happening in his country under the world radar. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood would someday take over the country and turn it into a radical Islamic State. The Brotherhood was for years plotting and planning and spreading its tentacles into the vital arteries of the political and social structures of the country. They were paying off politicians, buying votes and working themselves into strategic governmental positions. For years they were working in the ghettos of Cairo (and they are EXTENSIVE, believe me) — providing the poor with food, clothing and medical care to show them that the military and the Mubarak government were trying to suppress and starve them. They quietly held rallies and meetings in the poor neighborhoods to ensure support and loyalty to the Brotherhood. We were there during Ramadan and heard that they would provide lavish banquets at sundown to show the poor who was really looking out for them. They have also been trying to indoctrinate the people into accepting Sharia Law.

    Our guide was a Christian and he told of the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal to eradicate any form of Christianity from Egypt. They put fear into the congregations to keep them from services and intimidate and often beat up the priests, especially the Coptics. Our guide was almost paranoid and afraid to get into the details more deeply.

    I really took note of the women of Egypt when I was there. They seems quite free, independent and modern. There were very few out in the streets in black veil and long black dress, and I only saw the burqa on a handful of women. Most teens and young women were wearing makeup and sporting very western styles (jeans, tee shirts, sneakers). What struck me, however, was that the majority of them were wearing garishly colorful floral printed shimmery-silky scarves wrapped around their heads in typical hijab fashion and held in place with sparkling, rhinestone jewelry pins. I realized that this must be how the radicalists were trying to lure the young women back to wearing hijab by making them first into a fashion statement. All the magazines showed women in such scarves, as did those on TV. So it won’t be long now until those colors and patterns become condemned by those coming into power in Egypt and women will be forced back into submission to Sharia Law. Makes me so sad. I just hope the idiots don’t start blowing up the precious historic sites the world treasures.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    History has shown that a belief in any sort of ideology, whether religious or political, breeds brutality and violence. The one exception to that rule (well, almost) is Democracy. But our track record isn’t perfect either.

    As an early example, when the American Revolution first began, the Southern Colonies sent out their militias to wipe out the Cherokee and other local native tribes. The French & Indian War was still a reasonably fresh memory, and the rebels didn’t want the Indians to join the British side. So they burnt all of the villages and slaughtered the Indians by the thousands.

    Of course, this predated ABC and Fox News, but is this any different than what the Taliban are doing? How many foreign countries have invaded their homeland over the past 300 years or so? And who is to say what ideology is right or wrong? Who granted America the moral imperative to force our views on anyone else?

    I’m certainly not on the side of the Taliban here, but our problem is that we look at the eastern world through western eyes. And until we learn to do otherwise, we will always be in conflict with them.

    Sooner or later, we will leave Afganistan. The longer we wait, the larger the blood bath will ultimately be for the Afgani people.

    I wonder what General Gordon had to say right before he had his head cut off following the siege of Khartoum in 1885? I guess he would blame the Muslim Brotherhood of his day.

    Don’t we ever freaking learn?


  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    An interesting post again, although I think the Manchurian Candidate scenario is a tad far-fetched.

    As for the situation in Egypt, two comments:

    i) I lived in Egypt for six years in the eighties, and Amy Aki’s description of the tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood are, in my experience, absolutely spot-on.

    However, I don’t think one should jump to conclusions as to their ultimate aims. Respect for “People of the Book” (Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, etc) is built into Islam, and even the most extreme Islamic regimes have not attempted to eradicate these religions (next time you read about Iranian Jews being given a hard time, ask yourself how it comes to be that there are Jews in Iran in the first place… Still there, continuously for several thousand years since the exile in Babylon).

    We all know about how the Taliban destroyed the great Buddha statues in Bamiyan, as “idolatrous”, but what fewer people know is that the inhabitants of the valley of Bamiyan are not Buddhists, but Muslims considered by the Taliban to be heretics, and therefore much despised enemies, who made their living largely by conducting tourists around the Buddha statues. There are Buddhist minorities in Afghanistan; they have not been targeted by the Taliban and their shrines have not been destroyed. As usual there was more to this than met the eye.

    The Copts have certainly experienced a degree of persecution for centuries, and they surely fear the mostly illiterate “Muslim” mob, but it is extremely unlikely that the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood plan to eradicate Christianity from Egypt.

    ii) The current status quo is actually the same as it was before the so-called “revolution”. Mubarak has been sacrificed, but the military continue to rule Egypt with an iron fist in a velvet(ish) glove. They are giving the Muslim Brotherhood just enough rope to let them hang themselves. In any case, despite their superior organisation, they only enjoy the support of about twenty percent of the population: this would be obvious if there a single well-organised opposition to the MB, but there isn’t.

    I am sceptical that real democracy is about to arise in Egypt, but I am equally sceptical that the military strongmen are going to allow real power to the MB.