No. 100 – August 4, 2011


I have had a few people asking if I am getting tired of being right, all the time, with my predictions.  Quite frankly, I am not right on every call – but I am getting closer and closer to it as we move forward.

As you might remember, I predicted that both the Republicans and Democrats would carry the “Debt-Ceiling CRISIS” to the 11th hour – and that is exactly what they did.  Then, I said they would all get together and PASS the damn thing once all the dancing was over.  Right again.

In all honesty, I wish I had been wrong on both counts.  I actually wish most ALL my predictions would turn out wrong – then we would be in great shape.  As it is, we have been royally screwed – and it took the same scenario to accomplish another Economic Reaming by the SAME Status Quo.

Look at what has happened.  They predicted an Economic Armageddon – the FEAR thing again – if the emergency budget did not pass.  So the spineless Republicans – along with the equally ethically-challenged Democrats – voted for the bill’s passage.

Obama could not wait to sign it into law.  He knew it was his victory – so he could run without an economic debate clouding his 2012 campaign.  Let nobody fool you – Obama WON the “credit ceiling” debate – hands down.

I was against this farce from the beginning – but it passed anyway.  They said the Market would crash if it was not passed.  It passed.  The Market has now dropped another 500 points just today.

It is akin to the old phrase – another fear tactic used by the Democrats – that went something like this back in 1964:

“If you vote for Goldwater, we will surely be in a war in Vietnam.  Well, I voted for Goldwater – and damned if they weren’t right.”

So where do we stand now?  To put it bluntly, the Congress – in conjunction with the White House – has defalcated not only our futures – but that of the entire Country – and perhaps even the World.

NOW, we find out that Europe is on ANOTHER economic brink of disaster.

Will the “Socially Advanced Europeans” ever learn that you have to – some day – start to work for a living?

We have been ECONOMICALLY RAPED this time around – and Barack Obama is laughing up his sleeve, so much so, that he is throwing a $30,000 a plate BIRTHDAY PARTY for himself.

What in HELL’S NAME is going on?

As predicted, Obama pulled a classic “fast one” and is now SECURELY IN LINE for re-election in 2012.

No matter what Dick Morris, or the embarrassingly inept Karl Rove try to tell us – the United States of America is headed for a SECOND TERM of Barack Obama.


We have now – through the passage of this debt-ceiling – one of which many REPUBLICANS PROMISED to vote against – a staggering 4.5 TRILLION DOLLARS MORE in debt, coming down the proverbial pike.

Are we all just simply so damn DUMB that no one sees what is happening – both economically and SOCIALLY to this, once proud and great, Country of ours?

How much stupider, as a collective whole (hole), can we actually get?

I keep encouraging readers to think positive – but when dealing with total assholes who are only in it for themselves – thinking in a positive light becomes very difficult indeed.

Yet, with a positive frame of reference to the ever-present “silver lining” I see only ONE hope left for America.

And if we blow it this time – there will be no turning back.  We will be ruined – FOREVER!


I know this sounds stupid – but it is not.

Ron Paul is the ONLY one who has been telling ALL OF US – for years – that this was coming.  Sure he might sound a little shrill at times – but he has a REASON to be that way.


Ron Paul has been in Congress for almost 30 years – and has been telling the truth for as long as I can remember.

Ron Paul has NEVER HAD A SCANDAL in his entire life.  He is a doctor, a well-respected TRUE REPRESENTATIVE of his district – and his constituency LOVE HIM.

He was against the war in Iraq.  He was right.

He was against the war in Afghanistan.  He was right.

He has told us that the “debt-ceiling crisis” was a TOTAL SHAM.  And he was right.

He has warned us against the FED – as Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln did.  And he was right.

He has warned us against the IRS.  And he was right.

Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP Candidate that could actually get the WHOLE COUNTRY behind him.

But I fear that the GOP is STILL TOO DUMB to see clearly on this issue.

The GOP is too blind, too old, and too decrepit to even begin to figure this one out.

And the RNC is even further behind in their thinking ability with Reinhold Reince Priebus (talk about the blind leading the righteously blind) at the helm.  The guy will usher the GOP right into a brick wall known as the CHICAGO POLITICAL MACHINE – and they will never know what hit them.

If the GOP would nominate Ron Paul as their TRUE SPOKESMAN, the Republicans could beat Obama decisively in 2012.

But – and here is another prediction that I hope never comes true – I fear that Ron Paul will get so frustrated with the direction of the Country, that he will opt for a Third Party Candidacy – which would GUARANTEE Obama a second term in office.

Ron Paul must never run as a Third Party Candidate.

Ron Paul MUST be the GOP Candidate for President of the United States.  If not, to put it simply – the Country is sunk.

Ron Paul, along with his son, Rand Paul, could work wonders for America.  The two of them are TRUE INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVES – who could unite the country like no other GOP candidate could ever do.

The only “rap” on Ron Paul is that, “He can’t win.”

Well, I say that, if given the blessing of the GOP, he can – and WOULD WIN – in 2012.

But, I predict, the GOP will finally go with Mitt Romney – and the rest will be history.

These are just some of the reasons why I wish so many of my predictions would turn out to be wrong.

The only prediction I would like to see come true is to have the GOP choose Ron Paul as their Republican Candidate.

If so, Ron Paul would be our next President of the Untied States of America.

But the haunting refrain keeps banging in my ears:

“The Arrogance of Ignorance is Appalling.”


As many readers know, I have been critical of those of the Muslim “faith” for not stepping forward to cast out the radicals that infest this so-called “religion of peace.”

Thanks to another reader, I have an extremely powerful presentation that says it better than I ever could.

Please take 15 minutes and listen to the following person speak.  It will scare the living daylights out of you.

And remember, he is not a “right-wing bigoted Republican” saying these things.  He is a very moderate Muslim, with the courage to speak his mind – and in no uncertain terms.

If you wish to be enlightened, I suggest you view the link below.  It is extreme only in the truth that it tells.

I am again indebted, to one of our readers (a Jewish lady) for submitting this information to me.  In her subject line she simply said:

“Please listen to this clip.”

Thank you, Linda.

T. Fatah Talk at ideacity 2011

That is it for now.  Please try to keep thinking positive, never give up, and have courage to speak the truth.

WE THE PEOPLE can no longer afford to remain silent.

HOPE for REAL CHANGE in 2012!

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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7 Responses to “No. 100 – August 4, 2011”

  • Tom Cox Says:


    I would like to begin by thanking you for speaking out so strongly for Ron Paul, not only as a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2012, but also as the leader best qualified to lead America out of the disastarous mess it finds itself in today. I completely agree with you. However, I do not agree that Ron Paul will necessarily fail to win the Republican nomination or could not be elected president. If you look at our country’s history what you see is America’s incredible ablity to reinvent itself. Time and again, when it seemed our country had finally done itself in, we pulled back from the brink, reinvented our society and not only saved ourselves, but ended up being stronger than before. It happened during the civil war, when we had to forcefully transform the deep south into a modern, progressive society that was unified with the rest of the country. It happened again in World War Two, when we had to shake off the demon of isolationism and save not only ourselves, but most of the rest of the world, from the scourge of facism. It happened a third time when we shook off years of self-doubt and weakness, and finally faced down the Soviet Union to win the Cold War. Mark my words, America will triumph again. We are staring into the abyss and nobody likes what they see. A new army is forming in our country; Only this time it is not made up of soldiers, but proud, patriotic, independent, moderate conservatives who have left the Republican and Democratic parties, but remain more determined than ever to change our country for the better. We may not be recognized, but I am convinced we are the most important political force in America today, and that we have the ability – indeed the patriotic duty – to succeed. Victory is our destiny; and nobody- not the left-wing extremists, or the right-wing extremists, or anybody else, will change that.

  • John Says:

    And I can speak for most, YEP! But it has not affected me yet!

    Hahaha, guess what? When you go to the airport to check in, you are treated as a potential terriost!! Is this freedom?

    And as the man in the video pointed out, Obama is surrounded by influential “Muslium” persons. Wonder what that means? Do you know?

    Too bad the media in America cannot report things like this American Telegraph. Wonder why?

    thank you again!!!

  • Steve Topper Says:

    Larry, thanks for another great piece about what’s happening in the world and America today. I agree with you 100% about Ron Paul. Unfortunately, the liberals and conservatives will team up to ensure he never is a viable candidate. They did the same to Ross Perot years ago when he was a strong candidate for president. Perot commented about the harassment and he was labeled a paranoid crazy man. I voted for him anyway as I believed he would have made a great president. Imagine what they’ll do to Ron Paul if he appears to be a viable candidate. Already he’s getting millions in political donations. Personally, I hope he does run either on the Republican ticket (highly unlikely) or as a third-party candidate. I voted for him last time and will again. And thanks very much for the video link to the speech by Tarek Fatah. It should be a must-see and hear for everyone reading your newsletter and everyone in America. Unfortunately, it’s our own government and the lapdog media that is working to ensure we never again speak out as a group. The intense focus on the ridiculous debt-ceiling circus is proof. The refusal to bring back the draft after 911 is another example of an effort to ensure the citizens don’t take to the streets to be seen and heard protesting something they are against. They learned their lesson with the Vietnam War. Look at the intense efforts to discredit the groups questioning the free-fall of the twin towers on 911. As a society, we are being kept ignorant of the facts on so many things. I agree with you — the arrogance of ignorance is appalling. But as long as a majority of Americans spend hours each night watching TV, commenting on Facebook and twitter, arguing about sports, while getting all their news from the mainstream media, we will remain ignorant of the reality. Keep your comments and insights coming. They are appreciated by many of us.

  • Barry Stieb II Says:

    I am afraid that most who play the game, which at this point is nearly all of the upper levels of government, truly do not want anyone but Obama to win. He is apart of the plan that republicans and democrats have in mind. These game players don’t want Ron Paul, a true conservative that has been trying to abolish the Fed and if nothing else audit the Fed, to win the nomination. They don’t want someone who may actually be able to unite the people of this country. I believe that there is a sleeping lion in the American people that is slowly being strangled to death by these game players who fill our world with needless drama and forcing the average American to struggle just to get by. It shouldn’t be this way! I don’t believe that these same game players would ever allow a Ron Paul to become president. It is my prediction that Ron Paul will not receive the nomination and not because the republican party can’t get their shot together but because the game players will never allow it to happen. If I am wrong it will take a revolution to get him elected because I am guessing we will see a smear campaign like never before (which is what it would take to convince the American people to vote for Barack Obama).

    I am saddened by the current state of our world! I guess I feel that just about anything government is corrupt including the FDA, the EPA, and our schooling system! It becomes hard to feel like we can get back to a place where America is the great nation it once was. Many Americans have (as you have so rightfully stated before) become an entitled bunch of whiny brats. Here in Las Vegas our school system is short $400+ million dollars and yet we make needless road “improvements” that cost into the billions! What’s going on here?! Whatever it is…it needs to stop and we the people need to stand up together and shout “NO MORE!”

  • Andrea Says:

    I believe the progressives on the left and right work together. I believe the whole “debate” over the debt ceiling was a sham and they knew they were going to vote for it. We have all been had.

    I don’t know what it is going to take to get the attention of people living in this country. If Obama gets another term, stick a fork in America because she is done.

    What I don’t like about Ron Paul is that he is not a supporter of Israel. He also brings home a lot of pork. He endorsed Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader in 2008. They are both whack jobs.

    Too bad this video isn’t shown on American TV but the media is owned by Soros so that explains that.

    We have much to be concerned about, the rise of China, the rebirth of Russia, Iran and other countries getting nuclear weapons, the progressives in this country trying to take us to Hell and Islam spreading it’s tentacles all across this country, not to mention, even in the White House. Yep, America hits the snooze button!

  • Joan Dow Says:

    I have thought for years that Ron Paul as President could turn this country around . I admire him tremendously.


  • joe winstead Says:

    Hellooo Larry-

    Congratulations on reaching your 100th article. It was a fine one indeed and I enjoyed it immensely.
    If you continue at 3 or 4 a week as you have done recently you will reach 200 in no time.
    We can then have a $30,000 plate dinner for you to celebrate and serve some of that famous White House champagne ($1000.00 a bottle) and wine ($400.00 a bottle) that is so popular at the state dinners. After all, it sure beats drinking the purple Kool-Aid.