No. 126 – April 24, 2012


From as far back as I can remember those who simply have not “made it” in life blame others for their own short-comings.

No, I am not talking about legitimate cases such as permanent disability, severe health conditions, or other real problems.  We have a welfare system that SHOULD take care of those people.  It is our obligation as a compassionate society.

What is NOT an obligation is to take care of the myriad of freeloaders, fakers and flakes that are overloading our social welfare security net.

While tossing back a few beers with my good friend Ernesto Patriota the other night, I laid the following question on him:

“Ernesto, what is the biggest population segment on welfare in America today?”

Without missing a beat, he replied, “Blacks.  And then probably Latinos.  That’s a simple question, man.  Why do you ask those kind of questions?”  He looked at me for a moment, then quaffed the remaining beer in his mug.

“Because you are wrong.  White people are the biggest beneficiaries of welfare assistance.”

“You’re crazy, man.  It’s blacks and Latinos.  All the percentages prove me right.”

“And there is your mistake.  Percentage wise you are correct.  But actual numbers show that white people are, by far, the biggest recipients.”

“So, what is your point?”

“The point is that it is not just blacks and Latinos on the dole.  It is much more than that.  With the amount of people on welfare now, we are over the 50% mark.  Imagine, 50% of the American public is on some form of WELFARE.  And a huge amount of them are scamming the system.”

“So, what is your point?  I still don’t get it.”

“More and more people are becoming dependent on the Government.  The more people depend on the Government for a subsidized life, the less free they are.  But beyond that we now have a Section 8 Mentality to deal with.”

From that point we drifted off to other discussions and slowly slipped into a nice evening out by the poolside.

But the point of a Section 8 Mentality has finally come of age.

For those who are not familiar with the term, Section 8 is, in a nutshell, when a landlord rents his property to the Government, in turn which rent money is guaranteed to the landlord – the Government then rents the unit out to “welfare recipients.”

In this sense, the welfare recipient AND the landlord are both receivers of a Government dole.

The amount of fraud in this system is palpable.  Race, color and ethnicity have little to do with it.

It is a mental condition.  It is much more developed than the “entitlement mentality.”

Section 8 Mentality is a way of life, not just for the welfare people – but also for real estate landlords.

And the fraud seems to just be getting worse.  I know, because I have witnessed it first hand, with my own relatives.  There are those that are scamming the Social Security System – and getting away with it on a gigantic basis.


People have become so scared of questioning any  applicant as to their actual financial condition, mental or physical condition – for fear of being labeled, you guessed it, racist.  But even further than this, everybody is afraid of causing any trouble whatsoever.  So just about everybody who applies for Government aid is granted it.

Food stamps, welfare payments – for a laundry list of “ailments” – are just the beginning.  There are so many ways to scam the American Welfare System that is boggles the mind.

Members of my family (of which I have finally cut all ties with) think it is their RIGHT to get this money from the Government.  And why not?  They have now come under the spell of the Section 8 Mentality.

And here is how it works.  They believe that life has treated them badly – and that life is unfair.  So those who have actually worked their asses off are to blame – and should pay for taking care of them – for the rest of their lives.

There are those, who after their military spouse dies, keep getting half their deceased spouse’s income – even though they are living with another person.  They simply did not “get remarried” – thus still able to collect that income.

There are others who pretend to have injuries and illnesses that have long since dissipated – but still “put on the act” when they go in for re-evaluation.  I know, I have seen it firsthand.

Still yet, we have double – and triple dippers – into the Governmental feedbag.  These are past ” Government employees” from all levels of government that are pulling in two and three pension checks at once.  Some are making over $200,000 a year – just in pension payments, for doing absolutely nothing.

The only work these people know how to do is – work the system.

And this is where the Section 8 Mentality comes into play.  And it is very simple.  Here it is:

“They are rich already – so they should pay.  They can afford it.”

Do you understand what I am saying?

It is their fault that I am where I am – not my own fault.  I take no responsibility for my own actions.

People are where they are in life because that is where they choose to be.

That is it, folks.  And it is these people that are running down our once respectful Welfare System.  It has now degenerated into a CATCHALL SYSTEM of forking out money to anybody who goes in and applies.

And more and more people are applying – and getting more Government subsidies.

But the real beauty of this system is the scam that is in place – has been put there by the Government itself.

To take care of more Welfare recipients – you need more Government Employees.  Notice, I did not say workers.

It is a vicious cycle – and one that is bound to blow itself up – sooner than later.

New figures just released show that Social Security benefits will expire – be completed exhausted – by 2033. Other sections of the Social Security System will go by the boards before 2020.

So the real question is not how to fix Social Security.  It is broken – and since more than 50% of the country is now on some sort of Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid – no body wants to fix it.  So it will just keep going until we get to the point of no return.

The reason no one wants to fix it is because the House of Representatives and the Senate and the Executive Branch have already taken care of themselves when it comes to lifetime retirement plans – an egregious example of Welfare Waste if there ever was one.


All the people who are NOT on Welfare – and NOT working for the Government.  That means, all small businesses and those refusing to take a FALSE DOLE from the Governmental dependent money tit.

And that is the crux of the situation that nobody seems to have figured out.

What happens when the vast majority is finally dependent on the Government for their existence – their actual livelihood?

When that happens, those who have managed to keep ahead of the game, will be looking for a way out.  It is already happening.  More and more people are leaving America – and some are even renouncing their citizenship in the process.

Imagine, giving up your American citizenship – because the Government has taken over so much of the Sovereign Individual’s rights that the only thing left for them to do is leave America.

I remember a woman once remarked:

“I have finally found the American dream.  Too bad it was not in America.”

She was living in New Zealand – and running a thriving business of her own.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the beginning stages of an American Exodus that is only going to get worse as time goes on.

Unless something is done to stop this insane concept that the Government should TAKE CARE OF EVERYBODY – the USS Ship of State is simply sunk.

The Government will take care of ITSELF.  But not WE THE PEOPLE.  This is already starting to show up on all available statistics.

Higher unemployment, higher prices in food and energy costs (which the Government purposely does not count in Inflation Figures), higher costs to Medicare/Medicaid, higher college graduates out of work (college debt is now rated at over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS and much of these loans are going UNCOLLECTED), higher fees and higher costs for every IMAGINABLE commodity and “service” that the Government can conjure up.

It is a prescription for disaster that is happening right before our very eyes.


There are two answers.

#1.  Get involved in your local GOP and stop this insanity.  By getting involved I mean GET INVOLVED.  Go down to your local GOP office and offer to ACTUALLY help.

Seal envelops, answer the phone, canvass neighborhoods, go to small businesses and hand out literature, talk to young kids, get your friends involved – but do SOMETHING.

If you have not done this – then you are to blame if The Organization in the White House is reelected.  It is as simple as that.

#2.  In the end, we will have to take care of ourselves.  The Government simply cannot – and WILL NOT – take care of us, when the chips are down.

Witness Greece, Ireland, Spain, France – and Germany.  They are all failing – and falling into possible REVOLUTION.  But not ONE politician has suggested cutting his pay by 50% to help out the cause.  The cuts are always on WE THE PEOPLE.  Read your history, folks.  Ever heard of Robin Hood?

To take care of yourself – and your family – make sure your passport is up to date and current.  I know, I have said this before.  But how many of you have actually done it – yet?

Set up a bank account that is off-shore.  Have an account in a solid country – where confiscation is not a problem.  Australia and New Zealand come to mind.  Canada does, too.

Hold no more than what is needed in your American bank account.  The Government can confiscate this money at will.  It has happened before.  Ever heard of RUNS ON BANKS – and bank closures?

Keep money (cash) stashed throughout your home for emergency needs.

If at all possible look into buying a house or condo in a foreign country and start to establish permanent residency.  Make sure they have good medical/dental facilities.  Again the three countries mentioned above have these services already in place.

I know.  A lot of you will say, “That’s fine.  But what happens if I can’t afford doing what you advise in #2.

Well, simply put, you can afford it – if you really sit down and look at your portfolio and map out an exit strategy.

I am not rich.  However, I saw this coming over twenty years ago – but few would even listen.  I was written off as an angry, fat, white, conservative redneck who was “extreme to the max.”

Funny, but it does not appear to be the case any longer.

My wife and I have been mapping out our plan for over 10 years – and we are ready to move if the time presents itself.

I realize I am recommending drastic measures – but drastic circumstances dictate drastic solutions.

If you think it is easy for me to say these things – or even recommend them – you are completely mistaken.

I gave up a very lucrative teaching profession (in the six-figures) to come back and “help” America one last time.  I was naive – stupid, to put it bluntly – to think that America even wanted to be helped.

When I came back I was stunned with reverse cultural shock.  What I saw made me ashamed of my total miscalculation on returning to America.

Most people were fat, snarly, self-absorbed morons with body piercing and tattoos from head to toe.  They were arrogant, ignorant and demanding – because they simply “just knew” what was going on.

So here we are now with gas over $4.00 per gallon, food prices up over 30%, more welfare and more corruption than I can even put a finger on.  And that is just in Obama’s first four years.

Yet, the dumbed-down electorate voted in a rogue president – whose background is STILL in doubt – and no one is protesting in the streets.

If McCain and Palin had won the election – and everything that has happened since Obama ascended to the White House – don’t you think that their would be riots in the streets by now?

Remember, when gas prices shot up, for a time, during Bush’s term?  It was Cheney’s fault – because of his relationship with Halliburton.  How stupid was that?  But that is what happened.

Now, since it is Obama in the White House, there is not a peep from anybody as to who is responsible.

And that is the way it will go from here on in – so get ready for a torrent of creative bovine excreta from Obama and his minions regarding his “stellar first four years.”  I guarantee, it is coming.

Dumbed-down America just might be stupid enough to vote him back in for a second term – simply because they want to continue to feed at the Government trough of Welfare Subsistence.

The Section 8 Mentality is alive and well in America.

Only WE THE PEOPLE can put a stop to this idiocy.


I must apologize.  A few readers have told me that I am patting myself on the back for the predictions that I make.  Funny thing, though.  When I am right with my predictions – no one ever says congratulations.

But when I blow it – as I did on predicting a brokered convention – I got a number of pretty interesting comments.  So goes life.

So here are a few more to play with.

1.  The Economy is going to be manipulated to look better than it is by the Government.

2.  Gas prices WILL BE around $3.05 per gallon by November.

3.  Obama will use the following tactics:

a.  Racism

b.  Class Warfare

c.  “We care about you – the Republicans don’t care about you”

d.  Possible Military Action before the election

Hopefully, this gives everyone some ammunition to use if any of these do not come to fruition.

In closing, I would like to refer to a site that my good friend, Steve, sent to me a few days ago.

It is this type of American of African Ancestry that we need leading this country – not the ingenious fake that is currently occupying the White House.

If time permits, it is very informative – and inspiring to watch.

Military – and Civilian Leadership – at its best.

Until next time.

Take care and keep thinking positive – and never give up.

Lawrence Klepinger


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7 Responses to “No. 126 – April 24, 2012”

  • Amy Aki Says:


    Now I’m gonna brag about my prediction made four years ago here before anyone knew his name:

    Lt. Colonel ALAN WEST — ALAN WEST — ALAN WEST !!!!

    Once I heard this man speak and read what he had written about his vision for America and fear for its corruption, I donated to his campaign in Florida when he was running for the House, even though I didn’t live in his district. And I told anyone who would listen (including this blog!) to do the same. Everyone should Google or YouTube his past and recent speeches and fall in love with and support the only guy in Washington who really “gets” what is going on, is never afraid to tell the truth, and is a true patriot and believer in the basic tenets of our republic. I know that Romney and the GOP will not have the guts and the foresight to bring Alan West in as the VP pick, but with a little more time in Washington he may get the respect he is due — and may be able to get enough attention from the public for his message to be heard. Certainly he is not a favorite of the national media and is basically considered by the left as an Uncle Tom.

    I just hope we can get him into a more powerful position before he moves to New Zealand!

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-
    Just wondering – was the beer Kirin or Corona?
    Great article.

  • David Klepinger Says:

    Here’s a great article written by Col. Allen West (Amy, you’ll like this!). If Romney is as smart as he thinks he is, he will select Col. West as his VP nominee. Enjoy!

  • Jacy Says:

    i agree about Alan West! His next election will be under funded because he has stated and listed the 80 card carrying communists in Congress! He is one who needs our donations.

    But the operative word in your missal, Larry is “fear – scared”. People are afraid to speak out against the government. Obama has now said no one can protest him on the campaign trail. We now have 63 Drones overhead (breaking news yesterday) and a “peacetime Martial Law Obama signed. Afraid yet?. We have an Constitutionally illegal president- Obama’s father was NOT an American citizen which the MSM and even FOX will not acknowledge, disuss or even mention Sheriff Joe’s recent findings. O’Reilly, the arrongant ass that he is called birthers” right win crazies. My point here is we no longer have truth anywhere in the media – everyone is scared – fear is running rampant even in the MSM. Judge Napolitano was fired for his Constitutional rants;Beck was forced out because of his rants against Soros; Lou Dobbs was fired from CNN because of his attacks on illegal aliens. And sad to say the Republican party is quiet. No one appears to stand up against the man who passes executive orders and criticizes the Supreme Court! It’s time for everyone to stand up but few will because they are scared. Now it appears we will have Romney as a nominee. I shake my head beause I know this was a planned canidatacy by the GOP. Until we realease the shackles of elitists; fight against the government rulings, welfare and entitlements we will be doomed as the greatest nation in the world.

  • Dick Jones Says:

    Who says we NEED an “African American” to lead this country! Are the white people in this country so beat down that they think that a president has to be ” African American? We tried that and uncovered nothing but racism by blacks against whites! 50 various Czars, and a black attorney general that won’t prosecute any black on white crime! ENOUGH!!

  • John Says:

    A peep from the White House; just thing back about the last four years, there has been less talk from the White House that ever before. The President is not in the front pages or on the media conversation. Why?

    Social Security: Whey I applied, the gal in the office was SURPRISED when she looked up my work history: “you have no break in service”. Meaning I always had a job from the age 15 until I retired at 56, and started collecting at 62. I asked, “what is wrong with that?” She stated; “this is not normal.”

    When having to start Medi Care, that became my primary medical insurance; I had no chance to state what was primary. My company’s insurance became secondary and a reduction in cost by 33%. If I didn’t do every little thing and fill out every piece of paper, I was screwed and in some cases would have to wait longer and all affected by income and expense with Social Security. Now they say it will be bankrupt by 2024. What can I do?

    After all, I only get to vote for 1 in 435, 1 in 100 every other year or two. That’s about 0.0229% of the house. I don’t vote for incombents! Same for the Senate (or .01% of that population).

    Welfare and the Government. Yep, you have the point and who is paying attention, least wise, who cares? Part of the biggest welfare is the some of the jobs/workers hired by the Government; Most espcially, the staff of everyone of our elected representatives have. 535 X B = C.

    Nothing can happen, and nothing will unless the people/voters vote out incumbents. As Amy says, we would have to back all the “good” candidates around the country to make a change.

    You came back to try and help America! I think you should try to run for office one more time, once is not enough to gage your ability. However, a loss by 2% is very impressive.

  • Barry Stieb II Says:

    I fully believe that Santorum was told, if you step down (to AVOID a possible brokered convention in which Ron Paul had a real shot) you will be given the vice presidency. A super conservative and a liberal conservative (if you can call Mittsy that) to run against the ultra liberal…

    It’s all BS…one or the other the outcome is the same. There is only one candidate and his name is RON PAUL!