No. 144 – August 31, 2012


For those of you who missed Clint Eastwood’s parody/comic routine/ speech last night, you missed an Oscar winning performance.

At first, I cringed at seeing him on stage.  He looked somewhat disheveled and drawn.  That was the bait.

Then Mr. Eastwood went into his spiel – pretending to be somewhat befuddled and not sure of himself.  Then he began to hit his zingers – the empty chair, the “he can’t do that to himself” and “No, I can’t do that to myself, either.”

And on and on he went – until he finally finished with his, “Go ahead . . .”

To which the audience replied with a rousing, “MAKE MY DAY.”

I have been watching the TV on and off all day today and here is how it has played out to me.

Mr. Eastwood has about a 50% approval rating on his performance.  But I give him 1000%, and here is why:

As I have been encouraging all you readers – please watch the “enemy channels” so you know what they are doing – and so you know how to design your own approach them on your own terms.

So, today, I tuned into see Al Sharpton and here is what he was saying.

Clint Eastwood did damage to Mr. Romney, because he took time away from the “beautiful family video” about Mitt Romney and his family.


Talk about dumb.  Mr. Sharpton played Mitt Romney’s home video on MSNBC, to the audience that was NOT watching the GOP convention – millions of viewers – who are democrat and not going to vote for Romney – because he is a rich bastard and has no feelings whatsoever.

Mr. Sharpton actually aired the video, and the commentators were actually saying how great a video it was – and how it showed the compassionate side of Mitt Romney.

And then there was a PREGNANT pause – as if, everybody just realized what they had done.

But it was too late.  Al Sharpton and MSNBC, in their HASTE to portray Mr. Eastwood as a dithering idiot – in turn exposed themselves as the consummate asses they really are.

In their zeal to portray the GOP and Mr. Eastwood as fools – they gave free air time to the video that was supposed to be shown, in its entirety, at the convention – and on TV – but was cut short by the extended length of Mr. Eastwood’s “Empty Chair” speech.

Since last night – the “Empty Chair” speech has gone viral.

Talk about a political coup of the highest order.

Mr. Eastwood, cast out the “line” then set the bait – and then lured in the whole WORLD.

And Al Sharpton and MSNBC are still wiping crow from their collective chins.

In essence, they actually DID do it to THEMSELVES.

This is probably one of the biggest blunders that MSNBC has pulled in a long time.

Thank you, Mr. Sharpton!


President Obama is so thin-skinned, so childish, so immature – that I predict that in his acceptance speech on Thursday, he will make some kind of reference to Mr. Eastwood.  If he does, it will backfire 100% – and show him to be truly the ill-prepared and ill-tempered child occupying a position of power in which he has no business being in.

“We have to let him go.” – Clint Eastwood –

Maybe there is still hope.


When you look up at the blue moon tonight, remember to say a word of thanks for one of America’s greatest – and most humble – heros of our time.

Rest in Peace, Neil Armstrong.  If only everybody had the courage and decency to serve America in the same way – we would not be in the shape we are in today.

God bless Neil Armstrong.


Please also remember the flood victims at this time of year.  They have been devastated – again – and need our support and prayers.

Here is wishing you all a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.  Drive safely, take your time – and if you are drunk, let somebody else get behind the wheel.

Take care, keep thinking positive – and don’t wear white the day after Labor Day.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “No. 144 – August 31, 2012”

  • David Klepinger Says:

    Thanks, Larry. Like you, I watched “Dirty Harry” with great approval. Notice that he did his routine in a spontaneous manner, and without a teleprompter. The symbolism of the empty chair was very powerful, showing why Eastwood is an accomplished director as well as a fine actor. And as you pointed out, the effect of his performance was clearly felt by those in the Obama media.

    Also, thanks for your tribute to Neil Armstrong. As a 10-year-old boy I was glued to the TV for the entire Apollo 11 mission. It was the first time that I remember Mom not telling me that I had to go to bed at a certain time. In fact, she let me sleep in the TV room the whole time, since she clearly was just as excited as I was to see history unfold. Armstrong was indeed a rarity in American history, and it is appropriate that he was laid to rest on the day of a rare event, a blue moon, which just might be a little bluer than ever on this evening.

  • john hanrahan Says:

    As for Mr. Eastwood, I have heard negative and postive, and those who say what the hell was he doing there. Since I work with theatre, I saw this moment as a real good monolouge by a great actor. It was portrayed will, he made the invisible character come out as if he was their. Some of the side comments he repeated where very plain and understandable. It’s not about the person or personality, it was about the moment and his portrayal of current times in a conversation with another about today’s issues. No bullshit!!

    His mannerism has been questioned, but it was part of the act, not because of his age! I guess people just cannot see what is on the surface and just have to try to dig up more dirt.

    Some people say Obama inherited a big problem. But why does everyone else think he is doing well in making it better when all others on the oposite side point out the problems have gotten bigger, not better.

    Okay, yes there seems a lot of folks out there like Obama, I don’t know why; and there are some who seem to think Obama is just the better choice for some reason. Most of those reasons are about things that are not the issue.

    However, least we forget, the Congress (both Houses) are part of the problem and on they vote and support the President. After all, the President does not make laws, Just signs them to become law; and the President is the head of the Admistrative part of Government. But the current President has seemed to use his powers to dictate his power rather than working the people (the Congress)!

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Do you really think that us Dem’s give a hoot about slimy Al Sharpton? Most of us would just like to see him fade away like Jessie Jackson has done recently. Two real slimy opportunist’s with trash mouths.

    Will be interesting to see how the next several months play out in the election. I am tired of all the so called “news” about it already. And what is happening in soon to be forgotten Afghanistan?

  • joe winstead Says:

    Brian S.-

    What’s been happening in Afghanistan if the same thing that has been happening since Obama took office. It’s largely being ignored by the main stream media. When Bush was in the White House, the daily casualty toll was front page news.

    I’m looking forward to the time when Afghanistan is truly forgotten. We should have left years ago. Obama’s idiotic ’surge’ with an attached ’pull out date’ (that by the way, conveniently comes in the middle of an election cycle) is sacrificing our troops (not to mention billions of dollars we don’t have) for nothing. It may be postponing the coming blood bath for a while, but its also going to make it much larger in the end.

    Its too bad we didn’t learn from the Soviet experience there – and also so quickly forgot the Vietnam tragedy.

  • Jacy Says:

    Clint Eastwood was great! Instead of making s “speech” he managed to get across a serious message with a great deal of humor – it might even soak in with the ignorant Obama supporters still floating around.

    On another note, if people would see the movie “2016” they would realize that those of us who have said Obama was a Marxist – a Muslim would understand that his agenda was never the one people thought they voted for. Yes, he did mean “Change” and that is precisely what he is doing to this country. There is another documentary coming out – “Hope and Change” – the stars are Democrats (real people) who will not vote for Obama in this election Watch for it.

  • Andrea Says:

    Oh Thank God that someone other than me was inspired by Clint Eastwood! Honestly, I enjoyed him. I thought it took a lot of courage for him to address the nation at the RNC because he wasn’t scheduled to speak. He is concerned about the nation and that is why he asked to come. I thought his presence on that stage loomed large. He is a legend and much of what he said, most of us feel and think.