No. 97 – July 15, 2011


The following two articles are directly copied and pasted from the Internet this morning.  The information stayed for about an hour, then disappeared.

This is exactly what my American Telegraph Special Edition was all about a few days ago.  For years my friend has been on top of what is going on, with regard to world politics and he hit this one with devastating precision.  He continues to amaze me how he can call this stuff BEFORE it happens.

Please read the two articles below VERY carefully:

US recognizes Libyan rebels as Libyan government

By MATTHEW LEE – Associated Press

ISTANBUL (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the Obama administration has decided to formally recognize Libya’s main opposition group as the country’s legitimate government. The move gives foes of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi a major financial and credibility boost.

Clinton announced Friday that Washington accepts the Transitional National Council as the legitimate governing authority of the Libyan people. Diplomatic recognition of the council means that the U.S. will be able to fund the opposition with some of the more than $30 billion in Gahdafi-regime assets that are frozen in American banks.

Clinton made the announcement at an international conference on Libya in Istanbul.

SOURCE:  Internet, Associated Press, by Matthew Lee

With regard to this first article, the question arises:  If we have $30,000,000,000 in Gahdafi-regime assets, then why don’t we just take the money, infuse it into our national debt “crisis” and help to pay down the debt – instead of raiding Medicare and Social Security?

But, even deeper than that, if read correctly, this article is actually stating that Obama is actively engaging in helping the rebels in what amounts to a civil war.  Is this not Nation Building in its purest form?

And did not President Obama promise not to take part in such activities?

This president is a pathological liar of the first degree.

The Second Article:

U.S. drawdown begins in Afghanistan

By Michelle Nichols

KABUL (Reuters) – The first U.S. troops have left Afghanistan as part of President Barack Obama’s planned drawdown of about a third of the 100,000 U.S. forces there during the next year.

Facing growing political opposition to the nearly decade-old war, Obama announced in June the withdrawal plan, which was a faster timetable than the military had recommended.

The first 10,000 troops will come home by the end of the year, but Obama left the details up to his commanders.

U.S. Lt. Col. Wayne Perry, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said about 650 troops who had completed their rotation in Afghanistan left on Wednesday as scheduled, and would not be replaced.

“As part of the drawdown the first U.S. troops have left Afghanistan,” he said.

The units that left were the Army National Guard’s 1st Squadron, 134th Cavalry Regiment, based in Kabul, and the Army National Guard’s 1st Squadron, 113th Cavalry Regiment, which had been in neighboring Parwan province.

Afghan security forces are to take over security responsibility from foreign forces in seven areas of the country this summer. Afghan forces will then take the lead in securing the entire country by the end of 2014.

Critics have said Obama’s decision to bring troops home from Afghanistan faster than the military recommended could jeopardize the next major push of the war, to unseat insurgents in the east.

The drawdown comes amid intense fighting in Afghanistan, where more than 1,500 U.S. forces have been killed since the war began.

Although extra U.S. troops ordered into southern Afghanistan have made security gains there, the situation in the east of the country bordering Pakistan has deteriorated.

Late last month, insurgents staged a brazen raid on the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel, killing 12 people and raising fresh questions about whether Afghan forces are ready to assume responsibilities as U.S. forces pull out.

SOURCE:  Internet, Reuters, by Michelle Nichols; Editing by Jonathon Burch and Daniel Magnowski

NOTE:  The bold face and italicized fonts are mine, not that of the authors’.

Please notice that this “withdrawal” will be competed by the END of 2014.

The drawdown comes amid INTENSE FIGHTING IN AFGHANISTAN in the east of the country BORDERING Pakistan.

And now, there are FRESH QUESTIONS about whether the Afghan forces are ready to assume control after American forces leave.

My Special Edition, of a few days ago, alluded to this coming catastrophe in vivid detail.  It outlined exactly what was happening in the total of the Middle East – while Obama plays the clock out with regard to the “credit crisis.”


There is a MIDDLE EAST CRISIS – and no one is paying any attention to it.

And now, we learn that the Libyan Rebels have already retreated from a stronghold in the face of heavy resistance from Loyalist Forces.

As my friend bluntly told me, Obama has gotten himself into a corner in the Middle East – and he does not have a clue as to what to do.

It is excruciatingly painful to witness how this President, who has NEVER served in the Military, never run a company, nor served in any battle-tested capacity, is simply NOT taking his Generals’ advice, blatantly going against their years of experience of command and control – and then telling them to finish the job.

It is becoming remarkably apparent how inept Barack Obama really is.

You DO NOT withdraw troops when the situation is “deteriorating” and questions are now arising as to how the Afghan Forces are going to fill the void.

Is America ever going to wake up?

My friend also pointed out that Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia are also “in play” here – and that Obama does not have an inkling as to what is really happening – thus his all-consuming interest with the “debt crisis.”

I repeat, there is NO debt crisis.


Doesn’t anybody even REMEMBER the “Credit Crisis?”  The “Housing Crisis?”  The “Mortgage Crisis?” The “Too Big To Fail” Crisis?”

Hank Paulson scared the living excreta out of everybody by saying that the World Economy would collapse within 72 hours if WE THE PEOPLE don’t give the Government $800 billion to fix the emergency – and the whole world bought into the scam.

The money disappeared – and no one is the wiser.

Now, Geitner and Bernanke are trying the same tactic AGAIN.

The FIX is in.  The scare tactic is on – ONCE AGAIN.

We The People are getting sucked in again.

Or are we?  That remains to be seen.  If the Republicans cave in on this so-called “debt crisis” then it is all over but the groaning – yet again.

Obama has now made so many mistakes that, for the first time, a GENERIC Republican is “statistically” beating him in all the polls.

This is the chance of a lifetime.  A one-shot deal.  If the GOP drops the ball on this one, then it is curtains for them – and possibly the Country – with respect to how we live and prosper.

The GOP MUST not let Palin or Bachmann – and certainly NOT Mitt Romney – take the reins of the GOP “leadership” and be the Standard Bearer.

If that happens – we are sunk.

The GOP needs to get behind a person with the stature of Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain, Allen West, John Kasich, Mitch Daniels – Donald Trump – and show some real LEADERSHIP.

We do not need whiners and complainers.  But we also DO NOT need a candidate who cannot WIN.

But the GOP seems to be enthralled with themselves.  They don’t seem to realize the enormity – and the OPPORTUNITY – that Obama has given them.

Yet, the Republicans still don’t know how to LEAD.  Instead, they are following OBAMA’S sucker punches to the hilt.

Donald Trump was PRECISELY CORRECT when he said that Paul Ryan blew the TOTAL negotiating process by laying all of his cards on the table.  That is just plain STUPID.

Obama, on the other hand, let the GOP flop around like a fish out of water – while STEALING the best parts of the Republican proposal – and claiming it as his own.

It seems that Obama now embraces tax cuts for businesses – because HE thinks it would help the economy.

Obama now believes that there can be cuts in certain areas of the tax code – because HE thinks it would help the economy.

Obama DREW THE LINE IN THE SAND – because HE has the best interests of the American People, the “teachers, police officers and firefighters” at heart – not to mention the OLD FOLKS, the students who need grants for further education, Social Security pensioners and Medicare receipiants – because HE thinks it would help the economy.

The Monopoly Media is ALREADY reporting the “bill” that the GOP is going to pass in the HOUSE, as being “dead on arrival” and only a political ploy.

Even the inept Karl Rove gave away the farm when he said that the GOP should send this bogus bill to the Senate and let them reject it.  He thinks that will put President Obama in a corner.

Karl Rove is categorically wrong.  Since when do you tell your opposition what you are going to do – BEFORE you do it?

Wouldn’t it be great if Jon Huntsman (an astute businessman in his own right) and Donald Trump (any questions here about his business prowess?) were to be the ticket for the GOP.

I would bet the WHOLE WORLD would sit up and take notice – and that is not just the business world, but the WHOLE World – especially the “Muddle” East.

And wouldn’t you like to see President Huntsman tell the Chinese Communists to go straight to hell in Mandarin Chinese – and have Donald Trump as a backup?

But, alas, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that Mitt Romney will get the nomination and we will be stuck with four more years of Obama.


When Richard Nixon made reference to the vast “Silent Majority” of Americans, he was scoffed at and ridiculed for making such an absurd statement.

But when the vote counting was over, they had spoken – and Richard Nixon was President – against the prognostications of most political pundits of the time.

The Democrats were in much the same position as the Republicans are today:  Arrogant, bombastic in their denunciation of President Obama, and completely CONVINCED that he will be a one-term President.  The Democrats got their asses kicked.  And if the Republicans are not careful, they will get theirs handed to them on a silver platter, too.

There is a BIG CHANCE that the Silent Majority will, in reality, rise up and retake control of America.

But it WILL NOT happen with a candidate who cannot WIN the majority of Independents, Moderate Republicans, Moderate Democrats, and Libertarians.

If a “fringe” candidate is put forth by the GOP – one who cannot possibly win – then it will be time for a REAL THIRD PARTY – AND TO HELL WITH THE REPUBLICANS – ONCE AND FOR ALL!


In closing, I am going to step on some very tender toes, and in doing so will probably offend some good friends of mine in the process.  But like Colin Powell once said:

“If you really want to piss people off, tell them the truth.”

So here goes.

But one caveat before I begin.  I served almost three years in the Army, and worked for the City of San Jose when going to college, so I am well aware of what I am about to say.

There are government WORKERS – and then there are government EMPLOYEES.  I would guess that the ratio of workers to employees is about 20% workers to 80% employees.

Most “public servants” went to work for the government NOT to serve, but because of the promise of a GUARANTEED PENSION, GUARANTEED MEDICAL/DENTAL CARE, PLUS OTHER BENEFITS – after retirement.

Some retired government employees are DOUBLE-DIPPING, and a few, that I know personally, are actually TRIPLE-DIPPING.

This means they are receiving retirement benefits from two, and in some cases, THREE government entities.  This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement, per person – plus FULLY-PAID Medical Benefits.  When I say Public Servants I mean all of them, from the lowliest clerk to the President of the United States of America.

Most “public servants” are AFRAID to work on their own, to run a small business, or work for a corporation – for FEAR of failure.  It is with this sense of inadequacy that they survive in the “service sector” and toil for years – just for the “tit” of government GUARANTEED retirement.

On the other hand, the private entrepreneur, businessman or company employee works with much less guarantee – while accepting much more RISK.  If they succeed, they become very rich.  If they fail, they start over.  There are no guarantees.  There is no “safety net” of government unions covering for them when they do a lousy job.  In private enterprise you have two options:  Success or Failure.

Government = Red Tape and Regulation

Private Enterprise = Innovation and Risk Taking

And herein lies the concept of what I like to term “Public Sector Jealousy.”

The inherent conflict lies in the fact that the Public Sector is jealous of the Private Sector for having the courage to try and succeed – instead of just trying to survive.

The Public Sector is envious of the fact that the Sovereign Individual has the guts to try to “make it on his own.”

And with that jealousy, inherent in human nature, the public employee is, in fact, secretly EMBARRASSED about the government job that gives him a guaranteed income at retirement – of which the Private Sector PAYS for – in perpetuity.

Consequently, when the Public Sector gets a chance to “smack down” private businesspersons, they are doing it out of a subconscious admission of envy peppered with a large dose of guilt – in the name of “Public Service.”  In reality, most Public Servants are nothing more than a Public Nuisance.

If you think I am wrong, then try this little test and see what happens.

When talking to people the topic of “employment” comes up sooner or later.

Public Sector employees tend to be somewhat ashamed to announce boldly, “I am a garbage man, and I work for the City of San Jose.”  Or, “I am a secretary and work for the State of California.”  Police officers – and even some firefighters – have privately told me that they feel somewhat ashamed when talking to me – because they “know I am paying their retirement pension for them.”

In all honesty, it does not bother me, because I used to be a “Public Servant” myself.

But I opted out, on my own, to go to Japan and work for myself in that country for over a quarter of a century.  It was a HUGE risk.  Many public service friends, at that time, laughed at me for giving up the security of lifetime employment with the City of San Jose.

They are not laughing anymore.  But more to the point, I have lost contact with every one of them, because they have a very hard time knowing that I struck out on my own – and was very successful – while they stayed at the same boring job just for the sake of lacking the courage to “go it alone.”

I believe, that is one of the underlying problems of today regarding the HUGE CHASM between the Public and Private Sectors.

The heros in all the movies – “Dirty Harry” or “Rambo” – or some other guy who has the guts to kick ass and take names, rebel against authority – and tell their Lifetime Security to go straight to hell.

These are the types of people Public Servants really wish to be.  But, for the most part, they are as useless as tits on a bore – and they know that their lives are slowly going down the drain – all in the name of a “secure retirement.”

And now that the mistakes of Public Sector Unions are coming to a head the thinking is:

“Hey, wait a minute.  You can’t do that.  I put in my time.  You can’t cut back on my pension now.  You can’t make me pay for my own medical expenses.  That’s not fair.  I want what is coming to me.  You PROMISED!”

Welcome to the REAL WORLD of hard knocks.  Sooner or later those who actually work – and pay for all of the wages of the Public Sector – are going to finally say enough is enough.

Hopefully, that chicken is FINALLY coming home to roost.  It is long overdue.  And the Public Sector knows this very well.

We have no debt crisis.

The only crisis America has – is a Crisis of Conscience.

Until next time.  Keep thinking positive.

Less than 500 days until November 6, 2012.  Hope for REAL Change.

Lawrence Klepinger


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3 Responses to “No. 97 – July 15, 2011”

  • Amy Aki Says:


    I totally agree with you that there is a CHASM between the Public and the Private sectors. But I’m afraid that you may be missing a point.
    I think that us folks over the age of 50 tend to judge things from the perspective of individual incentive and initiative, hard work and perseverance, ethics and values. This is how we were raised; this is how we were taught in churches and in schools. What we often don’t take into consideration in our evaluations of current political and social situations is that the “younger” generations — especially the 20, 30, and even 40-somethings — have been cultivated and fertilized in the Garden of Entitlement that has multiplied by the hectares in this country. Using our measures, Public Sector workers should be ashamed to demand their benefits and pensions from our pockets and not by their own efforts, as we would be. But most who are in those “somethings” age groups working in government jobs are proud and angry. Proud they are among the “chosen” who do not have to risk and strive and work long hours. Angry when anyone challenges their right to receive more benefits and raises and pensions than those in the private sector. I don’t think any of this comes from envy or guilt. If they are indeed jealous, it is not because they wish they were working hard building their own enterprises or making their way up the corporate ladder. It is because those in the private sector who achieve are getting MORE than they are. Simply that. Why should you get an extra scoop of ice cream just because you did more chores? That’s not FAIR!!!! Gimme mine! They were raised in homes where they were “special” and taught in schools that everything they did deserved a gold star and “GOOD JOB!”, and there were no consequences or responsibilities. Everyone is a winner. Everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone is equal. Are we then surprised to hear them advocate sharing the wealth? It’s the era of I-ME-MINE. That’s why I don’t think the Public Sector is envious of the fact that the Sovereign Individual has the guts to try to “make it on his own.” And I don’t believe a one of them is embarrassed to know the government will have a guaranteed income for them at retirement. They are PROUD of it! And they are laughing at the rest of us who have to provide, silly us, for our own. They will keep laughing — until you try to take any of it away. Then they will show you their wrath.

  • Doc Says:

    @Amy Aki … I have only one thing to say about them showing ME thier wrath … BRING IT ON!

    I am tired of working my butt off so some very often UNDER EDUCATED (who believes they are better than I – because they have ‘the power’) public servant who more often than not received thier “public position” because of rampant nepotism, or the old “it’s not what you know, but it is who …” that I relish the day they want to show me thier wrath!

    Again … just plain BRING IT ON!

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    Remember the late 60’s and early 70’s? Well, some of us do. And that was a great time to be living in America. I was in my teens and early twenties and jobs were plentiful. Why? Because of the American Entrepreneurs. There were small businesses everywhere and even the ones we considered to be large businesses took care of their people.

    Mills and factories who employed multiple thousands of people still had pension plans, hospitalization, yes even dental and eyeglass coverage in many instances.

    What happened to all that? I know that most of us blame the onslaught of huge corporations like Walmart and the like, but I still believe there’s a place for small businessmen in our country. Maybe under a larger corporation? I am in the process of trying to create just exactly that with a partner now. We’ll see how that goes. The secret (I believe) is to put investors together with entrepreneurial types who have great products or services and then help them market and promote, maybe even manage to some extent.

    There are still plenty of craftsmen and artisans out there and I truly think there are buyers for their wares and services. It’s just a matter of putting it all together. maybe I’m crazy and maybe I’ll lose my shirt in trying this, but that’s what we do out here in the private sector. We try and try and keep trying until we get it right.

    How about some sort of online forum for the true journalists that still live out there somewhere? That’s another thing I want to build and I think it can be done. Not something with a Conservative or Liberal slant on it. Not Republican or Democratic news, but real news. I have to believe there are investigative reporters out there somewhere with real integrity who want to report the truth. Newspapers are too slow now. It has to be online. I’m not sure how to do it, but I’m going to try. Consider again the late 60’s and early 70’s.

    We were then in only one war and we knew it. We saw it on the news every day and every night. We read about it in the papers constantly. We actually knew what was going on and when. What happened? The American people got together and shut that shit down. I would like to believe that something similar might happen if we had an ongoing (daily) body count in our faces regarding the several wars we are now in.

    Sorry…sort of all over the board there, but maybe it will spark some ideas. I’m working on it. Anyone else?