Special Edition – May 9, 2012


My apologies for sending another AMERICAN TELEGRAPH, and cluttering up your in-box.  For that reason this “Special Edition” will be very short – but not so sweet.

I have been on the soapbox for a long time about the corruption that is coming out of the Organization that now inhabits the White House.

In an effort to shore up votes with Illegal Immigrants – it has been reported that a HUGE scam his just been “outed” by a CPA in Indiana.

Please remember, the Organization uses all sorts of tactics to garner “votes” for their own ilk.  This type of scam would make Al Capone proud.

With that said, please take a look at the site below and decide for yourself.  And notice, the CPA does not show his face, nor mention his name, for fear of retribution from the Organization.  Thanks to reader, Wayne, for sending this to me.

If this does not convince you that we have a criminal element infesting the White House – then nothing will.

One Caveat:  Since there is so much false “evidence” on the Internet, and with photoshop in full swing during this election season, I invite anybody to refute this news broadcast.  If it is proven to be false – then I will issue a full apology.  Not until then.



Best wishes and keep thinking positive,

Lawrence Klepinger


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4 Responses to “Special Edition – May 9, 2012”

  • David Klepinger Says:

    Just another reason why every American who wants to say good-bye to the IRS should contact their member of Congress and demand that they cosponsor and advocate for passage of HR 25, the FairTax Bill. This is the ONLY plan in congress that calls for the complete elimination of our ridiculous tax code. Other plans simply work around the mess. Get on the phone, e-mail, or better yet, send a FAX to your member of congress today. If you need help with contact info, go here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Oh yes and did the investigation bring up that this has been going on for a long time? Not only under current adm. but GW’s too??? Gosh, lets quit crying wolf when there are none around. Quit blaming when there is plenty for all parties involved. Your sounding like a paranoid Tea Partier again.

  • Doc dolan Says:

    Brian, Brian, Brian … it is not being paranoid, when the leftist, socialist, marxist, islamists in our government really ARE out to get anyone who does not agree with them! They want ALL conservatives, and all who do not believe in Islam, simply out of existence, and off the friggin’ planet!

    EVERY thing they do is geared towards that end! Wake up and smell the coffee FFS! As long as conservatives exist – the Chicago Machine doesn’t have ALL the power! THAT is their goal … a nation of sheeple bowing to the Lord King Obummer, and his puppet master Soros! The evidence is out there, EVERYWHERE … look for it and scare yourself! The oldest addage in an investigation (this tip from me, as a former cop) is “follow the money!” It is an ugly trail, but it is in plain sight, if you care to really look!

  • John Says:

    I sent a copy to one of our local TV stations to see if they are willing to bite. My last comment was that this could be happening here in California.

    Get after your elected officials, but also get this report in the public eye, if possible.

    Dang, what an impact this could be to the dificit. Go for the 10% tax and elimintat all tax junkies.