Special Edition – February 3, 2012


I just got back from a very quick meeting with my political mentor, and close friend, who has been “guiding” me since my Congressional run in Washington state, in 2004.

I am fortunate enough to live very close to Sacramento Municipal Airport, so I could run out and catch a couple of drinks with him before he caught a “night flier” to destinations “unknown.”  I have found out that this airport, along with other locations “off the grid,” are favorite “transit sites” of the “first order.”

This “greying octogenarian” would make us all cringe in embarrassment, with regard to his courage, strength and inexhaustible stamina.

Enough of the accolades.

His time was limited, so I will try to list the essentials in the order that he explained them to me:

1.  As predicted, in earlier American Telegraphs, Israel is readying itself for a first strike on Iran.  The small articles of America developing BIGGER BUNKER BUSTERS is very true.  The USA has these bombs NOW.  But they want to make even BIGGER ONES.

2.  President Obama has been exchanging “secret letters” with members of the Taliban with regard to the US withdrawal in Afghanistan, for almost a year.  There is something “murky” at this juncture – but no one seems to know exactly what the real situation is.

3.  The “Biblical” reference that Obama gave today was some sort of “sign” that the attack was on.  Obama is NOT a Christian – according to ALL investigative accounts – so his references to the Bible are held in “high suspicion.”

4.  Drones are “well-positioned” over, not only Iran, but Pakistan, and Afghanistan, for “reinforcement” measures, if they need to be implemented.

5.  President Obama has purposely waited until the last minute to “make his move.”  Israel is “in the lurch” with regard to “acting alone” but has the “secret backing” of all “representative allies” in the region.

6.  The “Holder Witch Hunt” and the MF Global catastrophe, are sideshows, “designed to deflect attention from the forthcoming WAR with Iran.”

7.  The Nobel “Peace Prize” was a “suckers bet” on Obama and the new “Enlightened Administration” and has secretly BACKFIRED on those who pressed for this BOGUS award in the first place.

8.  President Obama will “stop at nothing” to obtain his reelection – and will “advance to the core,” if need be, to secure a SECOND TERM.

9.  Obama has implemented his policy of CLASS WARFARE – AND RACISM – as the CENTER POINT of his campaign, with a TONNAGE OF WEIGHT on “FAIRNESS” and will “STOP AT NOTHING” to accomplish his goals.

10.  The HUGE question remains:  What are HIS ULTIMATE GOALS?

Ladies and Gentlemen, that was the substance of my conversation just hours ago.

As I waved goodbye to this austere  individual, I realized that I was seeing a man who was on a mission.  At that moment, I secretly wished I had the courage that he embodied.  He is far above any realm that I could achieve.

The information I have been getting from him is almost perfect.  I know – it still must “come to pass ” – but by that time it might be too late.

My colleague “implored ” me to send this Special American Telegraph Edition.

I sincerely hope he is wrong.  Only one problem.  He has been correct 80% of the time in the past.  I dare not challenge his judgement at this time.

Keep thinking positive and never give up.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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4 Responses to “Special Edition – February 3, 2012”

  • John Says:

    I heard a news broadcast today that stated Isreal has stated if nothing else happens, they will strike Iran. That was an indication that rings with your comments in the newsletter.

    However, it may all be a politcal timimg of events, not a realistic event that should be done sooner or later. Remember, one of our navy ships went into the waters south of Iran and did not have any problems after Iran said it was their territory and would defend it.

    Ahh, just watch, listen, and see the events as they unfold that all seems to indicate what is coming forth!!

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Larry, for a special edition, this is a little disappointing: there’s no news in it. Seriously, if your “mentor” can’t offer anything a bit more unexpected than this, he’s really not much of a mentor: he’s either not offering you the good stuff, or he’s a fraud and doesn’t really have any himself.

    1. Israel is serious about attacking Iran and the US is yet again developing new weapons — Big shock on both counts.
    2. President Obama has been communicating secretly with the Taliban — Wow, I mean, there’d be no precedent for this, now, would there?
    3. Obama is not a Christian — evidence, please? And don’t send me to the “7 Reasons Why…” website, because I’ve read it and it’s garbage. And it’s not very reassuring to find that yuor mentor believes in The Bible Code. Is he Dan Brown?
    4. The US has drones positioned above ME trouble spots — well I never!
    5. This statement is totally void of content.
    6. Wow, the government is trying to distract the public from its real purpose! What will they think of next?
    7. See (5) above.
    8. The President will “stop at nothing” to be reelected. As a principle, this is only too be expected, as a statement of fact — where is the info?
    9. The rich are paying the lowest taxes for decades, while there is massive unemployment and all kinds of benefits being slashed… And we are supposed to be surprised that a Democrat President is going to make this kind of thing a reelection issue???!!!
    10. DUH.

    You could have got most of this stuff from yesterday’s Japanese newspaper. I did.

  • Andrea Says:

    My one and only recommendation to everyone I talk to is to sign-up to GBTV and faithfully watch Glenn Beck Monday thru Thursday on the internet. This man has a 93% accuracy rate. I personally believe he is a modern day prophet. This entire week was on what is coming to America this year and it’s stunning. Does everyone know the Twelfth Imam is due to return THIS YEAR!!!! You may want to verify if your bank is “Sharia Compliant”. God help us all!!!

  • joe winstead Says:

    Michael K –

    Where or when have entiltlements been cut? In another 6 or 8 years they will equal our GDP.

    Increasing taxes on the rich will not solve the problem. We need to limit the size of the Federal Government and dramatically cut the spending – totally across the board. No sacred cows. Bringing our troops home from over a hundred different countries would be a good start at the Pentagon.

    And maybe the White House could serve a California merlot at state dinners – instead of the $400.00 bottles of French wine?

    It all adds up, little by little. Like the taxpayer funding to the Import Export Bank that puts American companies out of business.

    Just think, if we cut the budget we could even start to pay back the trillion or so dollars that was stolen from the Social Security ‘trust fund’ .