No. 114 – December 22, 2011


The GOP gets more and more inept as the days trudge on.

Not only did they mismanage their candidates to the point of abject amusement, they have now managed to paint themselves into the ANTI-TAX break corner.

Don’t ask me how they managed to get themselves into that position because I have no idea how they did it.

In a previous newsletter I lamented the poor choice for chairman of the RNC,  Reince Priebus.  He is obviously in way over his head.  I listen to him talk and I shudder with embarrassment.  He sounds like a male cheerleader for the local high school football team.

Where the hell did this guy come from?  Yes, I know, Wisconsin.  But what I mean is, can this be the highest caliber of Republican “leadership” that is available – from all across America?

If the GOP actually thinks that this type of stewardship is going to win in 2012, then I feel sorry for them.

Obama is very BEATABLE – but not with ANY of the current candidates – save Jon Huntsman.

But the Evangelical Element simply does NOT want a Mormon as the leader of this country.  Elmer Gantry, yes.  A Mormon, no way!

We are witnessing the disintegration of the the Grand Old Party right before our eyes – and with it the destruction of America as we know it today, not too far behind.

As I write, President Obama is telling America – and they are listening – that it is the GOP’s fault for being AGAINST a tax cut for the Middle Class.  How did the GOP “leadership” ever allow this to happen is beyond my comprehension.

I have heard all the excuses, and have had some fairly heated arguments in recent days, but PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

Obama is a master of this type of political gamesmanship.  And he knows that the “average” American is just stupid enough to believe his lies – again.  And THAT is the problem that the GOP consistently fails to understand.

“A new pair of shoes, a full tank of gas” are the exact words that Obama is using as I write.  He is FOR the Middle Class – and the GOP is AGAINST the Middle Class.

How in the hell was this ever allowed to happen?  Is the GOP even awake?

As for Obama’s reelection, as predicted, he is on the upswing.

And I have offered to all those, who I have made 2012 election bets with, to double our current wagers.  More and more every day, Obama is looking like he will win reelection.

By the way, my offer to “double down” has not been accepted by ONE person thus far.

I am afraid that WE THE PEOPLE are in for a very rude awakening.


Obama missed a perfect chance in Iran a few years ago when Iranian protesters BEGGED President Obama to, at least, lend his support in their effort to take down the current Iranian regime.

Obama remained silent.

While most of America is worried about the economy (which, by the way IS getting better), the Middle East is on fire.

Again, as predicted, Egypt is ready to fold – and give power to Islamic extremists.

Syria is actually MURDERING its own citizens in the streets – no one even says a WORD?

Where is Obama?  Where is Hillary Clinton?  Where are WE THE PEOPLE?

China has just closed down most Twitter and Facebook connections to deal with riots that are now occurring all over Mainland China.

What has Obama said in the protestors behalf?

Absolutely nothing.

How much coverage of this have you seen on the MSM?

Now, we have North Korea, with a new leader – whom I predict – will turn out to be the most notorious leader of that country since its inception.

According to sources that know the situation well, the youngest son is completely nuts – to put it mildly.

So what is Obama doing about the situation that is in flux at this very moment?  Nuclear flux, I might add?  Not a damn thing.

And the “victory” in Iraq?  Again, as predicted in previous newsletters – Iraq is rapidly failing as a Nation State.  In time it will be overtaken by radical Islamists – and our war effort in that country will be a total failure.  Killings and bombings are on the rise.

Seen this in the Media recently?  Of course not.

Now we have to witness Afghanistan go through the same torture – again.  When our troops finally leave (withdraw) it will only be a matter of time before the radical Islamic movement takes control – once again.

Where is Obama on this?  What about the Mass Media?

I remember, during the Vietnam War, the Media had BODY COUNTS EVERYDAY.

Every morbid description, every detail, every MISTAKE was run across our TV screens 24 hours a day.

Why not now?  Where is our President on these pressing INTERNATIONAL issues?

As a retired two-star, Army General friend of mine recently stated:

“Only an asshole leads from the rear.”


Of the 97 freshman Republicans elected in the 2010 midterm elections, four of the 12 senators (33%) and 31 of the 85 representatives (36%) are Roman Catholic.

Five Republican-appointed justices now sit on the Supreme Court; all five are Catholic.

SOURCE:  Investor’s Business Daily, Monday, November 28, 2011, page A6

Where is the Main Stream Media on this?

Well, maybe the following will give you a little insight.

If you control the press you, in essence, can control not only public opinion – but also National Debates.

In the United States, it is reported that all major TV and radio stations are owned by a half dozen men.

All newspapers and news magazines get their information from only TWO wire services:  Reuters and the Associated Press.

According to other sources, Reuters has been under the ownership of the Rothchild family for over one hundred years.  I have been told that the Rothchild consortium now OWNS the Associated Press – but, for some reason, I cannot confirm this.  If true, we are very far up shit creek.

What in the hell is going on here?  Whatever happened to Freedom of the Press?

Does anybody know that it is purported that John Kerry is a cousin to George W. Bush?

Can all this really be true?  If so, why does nobody know anything about it?

Maybe, the Main Stream Media simply does not want you to know – because they “just know.”

Once we begin to put the pieces together things get very murky indeed.

We begin to see World Order Banks.  World Order Insurance Companies.  Are they all really in this together?

Speaking of which, AIG received billions of taxpayer bailout money.  Why?  Because AIG is purported to be the biggest insurer of – all of the United States Congress’s pension funds, retirement PORTFOLIOS, plus FREE medical and dental INSURANCE plans for the rest of the member’s lives.  And that includes their families, too.

While millions of Americans have no medical or dental insurance – for lack of money – WE THE PEOPLE are forced, by LAW, to pay these professional leeches a retirement package that the “average person” can only dream about.

And WE THE PEOPLE are just now wondering why this great Country of ours is damn near bankruptcy?


This is the time to be merry and enjoy the gifts that pervious generations have given to us here in America.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who is of Chinese heritage.  He visited the Mainland sometime back and when he came home he marveled at how LUCKY he was to have been born in America – NOT China.

Those who have never been out of the United States have no idea what a gift this Great Nation is – not only to WE THE PEOPLE – but to all freedom loving people throughout the World.

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year to All!

Keep thinking positive!

Lawrence Klepinger
Editor / Publisher


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5 Responses to “No. 114 – December 22, 2011”

  • Barry Stieb II Says:

    The polls (yes I realize it’s just a poll) state the Ron Paul has the best chance against Obama among independents. Not only that but some sources say (went Fox news there) that he would beat Obama in an election!

    However, sadly I do believe that a lot of this is tied together! Therefore I don’t think “they” will ever allow Ron Paul to get elected. He would do his best to end the Federal (steal money out yer pocket) Reserve. This would be a devestating blow to the controllers. I was watching a YouTube clip of Dr. Paul on CNN and they talked about how he was goin to end a number of departments, it then showed the people’s support of each one by percentage. All of the departments he plans on ending had above 50% support (including the department of education) except for the Federal Reserve (which only had 36% support). I wonder how true or made up the poll was…I suppose they’re all part true and part bullshit, so who knows.

    As always, nothing but peace and love from this hippy in the desert.

    Barry S.

  • John Says:

    Obama! I know some Democrats that think Obama is doing the best job, EVER! When I ask folks what they know about Obama, I get a big starring Blank face! When I ask some people if they know where all the money comes from supporting Obamas election the last time, I get a shoulder shrug. We do not even hear about Obama in the news much as with past Presidents. Oh, but the other day they were showing him Christmas shopping and telling what he bought for his kids. Christmas Card, no picture and I agree with some, presents on a table underneath a Poinsettia plotted plant. Just not a christmas picture!

    Republicans: It seems they are all individuals who don’t care what is happening. Only thought is I want to run for President.

    I still like the comment I heard in a speech from a former born in Afganistan: “it took 4 years to down Hitler, why 10 years to get to one man and still not stop the terrorist.”

    Who should care about innocent civilians, the terriorist don’t! We have the power to blow them of the hillside, why aren’t we doing that?

    Last comments: Bilderberg

    Here is 2012 link to some Bilderberg Info:

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Yep, sure sounds like what we need are a few more wars to waste our money and our young talent on. Are you thinking or just shooting from the Hip like GW did? Just go to Africa and see what is going on their daily which is far worse than what you mentioned. We can’t save the world but must protect our borders.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    “Again, as predicted, Egypt is ready to fold – and give power to Islamic extremists.”

    Larry, the pro-Islamist parties have done best in the elections. They will form the next government because they have been democratically elected in the REPUBLIC of Egypt. The only thing that is in danger of folding is the self-serving authoritarian government of the military — and the sooner that goes, the better, because the longer it stays, the more danger there is of future governments being more extreme.

    The fact that the new wave in Egypt is Islamist is neither surprising nor especially alarming. Just because they’re serious about their religion doesn’t make them extremists. The modern Muslim Brotherhood (by far the majority) claims to support the democratic process and compromise, and to have renounced violence, they’re not the same as the Salafists who are, indeed, self-confessed out-and-out zealots.

    A democratic Middle-East is BOUND to be more Islamic, more anti-Israeli and thus probably more anti-American (this was always the fundamental flaw in the Iraq venture), because that’s how the majority of people there feel. But this does not necessarily translate into extremism. If the Muslim Brotherhood slip back into their old ways, we shall eventually have a new revolution, just as we are seeing slowly form in Iran: people support extremists in extreme situations, but very, very few people really want to live like that for long. The only way forward in the Middle-East is to take a step back first.

    By the way, while I think I agree with your general point about Obama’s reluctance to providde clear leadership, this kind of idit comment does not really support your argument: “As a retired two-star, Army General friend of mine recently stated: “Only an asshole leads from the rear.”” Now we know why this guy never got beyond two stars. Throughout history, commanders have frequently (yes, not always, paticularly in ancient history) led from the rear, especially supreme commanders. In modern history, supreme commanders have ALWAYS led from the rear, and even commanders have tended to lead from anywhere but the van. Perhaps I know what the guy was getting at, but he put it very clumsily.

  • Jacy Says:

    I agree that the Republicans are weak – The Democrats can lie,
    distort the truth,denigrate but no retaliations from the Republican party! They just don’t fight back. I haven’t heard from Kirby Wilbur(Rep rep in WA.ST) since he took over from Luke Esser! What really angers me is when Presidential candidates are denigrated by the MSM liberals and the Democrat party – where is the Republican party to at least respond? Herman Cain – absolutely no proof as yet to allegations; Sarah Palin – three years of falsehoods, accusations. They even threw Sarah under the bus during the campaign.

    All Republican candidates are being vetted now – with truth or fiction yet they didn’t vet Obama in 2008? Republican members of congress didn’t scream when Congress deliberately didn’t vet Obama – they did McCain and made an issue about him being born in Panama – a real travesty of justice. Unless we wake up history will repeat itself.

    You say they won’t elected a Mormon – Hunstsman, however the GOP has been in the tank for Romney since the beginning – maybe they think its “his turn” as they did with McCain and Bob Dole? This election should be about one thing and one thing only – getting rid of Obama and who can do that best? Maybe it won’t be the “true” conservative but at this point we need someone articulate enough with a good plan that can even convince the confederacy of fools who elected the clown in the WH, to change their minds. Remember the Democrats will probably control the debates – a liberal moderator and prepared questions with the answers in the teleprompter. Will the Republicans object?