Special Edition – December 13, 2011


My apologies for interfering with your daily work schedule, but I find myself pulling overtime to try to lay out as many “creative” ideas that come my way.

Sometimes I go for a week or so with nothing.  Then suddenly, I get blindsided by an epiphany that is just too strong to let go by.

Such is the case in this Special Edition.

Please bear with me and see if we can tie all this together – or at least some of the loose ends.

By all counts, most colleges and universities are run by Liberal educators.  If we can work from this one, simple assertion, then some of this starts to make sense.

During my 2004 campaign for Congress, my wife and I were at Western Washington University during their political campaign week.

While handing out our pamphlets I decided to approach the Democrat’s table.  When I handed one of my campaign papers to the young worker manning the section, he looked at me with a snide curl to his lip and flipped it back at me.

“Don’t need it. I already know what it says,” he snarled.

Quite frankly, I was somewhat taken aback with his response, so I asked, “How can you know what it already says, if you haven’t even read it?”

“I just know,” came the defiant reply.

Up until this very day, I was at loggerheads as to how this type of feeling has been propagated and have finally come up with a somewhat belated answer.

Most kids nowadays have been told WHAT to think – as opposed to HOW to think.

And this “educational” indoctrination started LONG ago.

I remember when I was in elementary school and my teacher asking, “What do you want to be when you grow up?  A fireman?  A policeman?  How about a teacher?”

This type of LEADING thought process is the first step in the total indoctrination program.  It is used in a very subtle manner – NOT by force – but by cloaked SUGGESTION.

Please notice:  All the jobs SUGGESTED were GOVERNMENT/UNION jobs.

I NEVER ONCE had a teacher ask, “How many would like to grow up to own your own business?  How would you like to work for yourself, set your own hours, be in charge of your own lives.”

I know, that question would not come up in elementary school – but the concept of working for a SECURE – GOVERNMENT JOB – was implanted EARLY in life – and has now taken FULL root, big time.

Government/Union employment has almost bankrupt our country.  But that is not the real UNDERLYING problem.

Remember, the college kid who, “Just knew” what I was talking about?

THAT is what I am concerned with today – and have to get it done before I forget my train of thought.

The American GOVERNMENT, “Just knows” what is best for us.

But where did this type of thinking actually originate from?

It came from Europe – and the hypocrisy behind the thinking is horrendously morbid in the total sense of the word.

When our REAL Founding Fathers came to America it was basically to seek religious freedom.  Let’s work from that assumption – and not get into the politically correct crap that is pervasive at the moment.

The countries in Europe were, in essence, controlled by either The Church (Catholic) or by various Monarchies.

Bear in mind – neither are business minded in nature.  They were supported by either donations or TAXES – on the merchants and WORKING CLASSES of the time.

Neither the Monarchy nor the Church actually worked for any money whatsoever.  They felt they were ENTITLED to it.

The Church proclaimed to be “ordained by God.”

The Monarchies pretended to be in power because of Divine Providence.  They, too, professed to be “ordained by God.”

Then came “separation of Church and State” – the Protestant Reformation (King Henry VIII) – and his decision to “make a new religion “PROTEST-ant” as versed to Catholic doctrine.  King Henry wanted a divorce, and the Catholic Church would not permit it – because they, “JUST KNEW better.”

But the King felt he JUST KNEW better, too, and so the separation was finalized.

But Europe still had TWO sections of society – that proclaimed to, “JUST KNOW.”

Now, go to Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.  

Marx was the writer – who, “Just knew.”

Frederick Engels was the CAPITALIST who supported Marx as he wrote the basic tenets of Communism.

Frederick Engels also believed that he, “Just knew.”

Please notice, when you, “Just know” – that is basically the end of any conversation.  If you, “Just know” then all the logic, all the counter arguments that you can avail yourself to – are merely WAVED OFF.

Liberal professors have been waving off Conservative Thinkers for 50 years now.  This is one reason why there are so FEW tenured professors who are AMERICAN VETERANS.


Very simple.  Europe has BOTH the concept of CHURCH as the “Official Religion” and Monarchy as the STILL OFFICIAL – head of many states.

Of course, Europeans will adamantly deny that this to be true.  They will say that most Monarchies today are merely “Ceremonial” and nothing more.


All one needs to do is observe the annual MEETING OF THE MONARCHIES held in different locations every year at some designated location in Europe.  Monarchies, the world over, ALWAYS attend this “conference.”

Yet, America has NEVER HAD an Official Church – nor a Monarchy (after the Revolutionary War).

When King George III heard that George Washington refused to be crowned King of America, he said, “Who is this man who refused to be King?  I want to meet him.”

Isn’t it strange that BOTH Monarchies and Churches are FULLY TAX EXEMPT enterprises?

Yet, Queen Elizabeth is one of the richest women in the entire world.

And the Catholic Church, along with most other “religious organizations” are swimming in money.

Look at the Mormons if you want to see some REAL money – that is not taxed one iota.

So, how can this be?

It is very simple, when you look at it from the egotistical spectrum of that errant breed of humanity that proclaims to, “Just know.”

As for Europe being a thorn in America’s side – from the beginning – is precisely why George Washington warned against getting involved in European affairs.

He actually really DID KNOW.

America has come to the aid of Europe in World War I and also in World War II.  Yet, Europe is – again – in complete financial shambles.

Enter again, the resurgence of Socialism and now a new movement of Communism.

Not only do neither of these political philosophies work – but they were destined to total demise for one SIMPLE reason.

Neither of them take into consideration the cancerous DNA inherent in the human spirit – that of unbridled greed.

Thus, King George III’s astonishment, when he heard that “our” George refused to let himself be crowned King.  George Washington, “Just knew” what King George did NOT KNOW.

But Europeans have held a jealous grudge about America from its inception.

The London Book was taking bets that the American Revolution would not last 90 days.  After all, England ruled the land AND the seas.  The sun never set on the Empire.

Again, the British helped finance the South during the Civil War – and was taking another bet that it would not last six months – and that America would again fall apart – and then come back to England begging for the Empire to let them in.

During World War I AND World War II there was a saying that, “The Yanks are overfed, oversexed – and over HERE!”

They conveniently forget that if we had not been “Over There” they would all be speaking German – or simply dead.

The Maginot Line lasted less than 30 days.  The French were defeated before they even got started.

These are things that rile ALL Europeans when brought up in “civil discussions.”  To this day I have British friends that say they could have beaten German on their own.

Some people, “Just know.”


As I write, I watch the European “Community” getting ready to eat crow – again.

The Euro was destined to failure.  And, believe it our not, I predicted this almost two years ago.  That is the nice thing about having a running archive of every American Telegraph I have written – for everybody to pursue at their own leisure.

The point is, WE THE PEOPLE are on the verge of bailing out Europe – ONCE AGAIN.

And the World Bank will do the final financing – with US Taxpayer Money.

But the Euro simply will not survive – because the Europeans STILL do not get the concept of HARD WORK, SAVING MONEY – and PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE.

Not only is Greece done, but France and Germany are now ready to lose their AAA rating.

And yet, we have George Soros, and his ilk, telling everybody that the world needs – and should have – ONE BANK – AND ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.


Because he, “Just knows.”

He has NO facts to back up his claim.  He feels he does not need them.

And, if I am not mistaken, George Soros was destined to go to prison in Europe – but bought his way out with hundreds of millions of dollars as a quid pro quo bribe.  This bastard should be in jail – but he is free because he literally bought his way out of prison.

President Obama feels exactly the same way about himself – and what is best for America.

He, “Just knows.”

Thus, every time he cannot get Congress to go along with his foolish plans – he simply passes a Presidential Order – because he, “Just knows.”

Obama’s arrogance is not unique to this type of thinking.

All tyrants of Europe, “Just knew” what was right.  I do not need to remind anyone that Hitler came from the most “philosophically advanced” country in Europe at the time.  Mussolini came from the cradle of European art.

They, “Just knew.”

One thing they did not know is that they were completely wrong.

Europe has been a disaster from the beginning.  They STILL hate each other.

And this is the UNIQUE CONCEPT that other people STILL don’t get about America.

Of course, America has a sordid past.  What country is without blame?

But WE THE PEOPLE have the courage and stamina to correct our mistakes as we go along.

It took Switzerland until the 1970s to grant women the right to vote!

Yes, America STILL has a race problem, a huge divide between rich and poor, and a slew of other pressing troubles.  But what do you expect with every race, religion, creed and color living here – yet living IN RELATIVE PEACE?  That in itself shows how unique America really is – compared to the rest of the world.

American has the Second Amendment.  If Europe had a similar statute, one half would kill the other half.

And please don’t be stupid enough to remind me that Switzerland has guns and their murder rate is very small.  They also have no where near the public diversity that America has.  Immigration into Switzerland is VERY strict.

Thus, it goes.  The Liberals (college and university professors), “Just know.”

This arrogance of innate knowledge has gotten to the point that we are now saddled with a President that, some say, is illegally holding office at this very moment.

But how could that happen?

Simply put, the powers that be, “Just know.”

Obama was put into this position, some say illegally, yet nothing has been done about it.

Why not?

Because those same Liberals who believe that GOVERNMENT is the answer to all our ills – instead of the cause of most of them – simply, “Just know.”

The Euro will fail – because they do not have ONE SINGLE CURRENCY.

In all of the 50 States of America – there is ONE currency.  We don’t have a New Mexico Peso, an Oregon dollar, etc.  It is the Greenback – and that is it.

And America – once it wakes up to the near suicidal election of a person who is, at the very least, questioned as to whether he is even eligible to hold the office of President – will emerge even stronger and more resolute than before.

Obama can NOT destroy America.  Only Americans can do that.

And that is the real bone of contention with Europe – and to a lesser extent – the rest of the World.

Jealousy is the step-sister of Greed.

America will prevail – once WE THE PEOPLE wake up and realize what the hell is really going on.


There is a move afoot, to fashion America into a United States of Europe.

Government has gotten so big now that it feeds 15,000,000 people EVERYDAY.

Homelessness is at an all-time high.

Inflation is just STARTING to take off.

Housing is NOT getting better.  Foreclosures are again going through the roof.

Our borders are as porus as a screen door on a submarine.

OWS protestors are demanding MORE money from the government to pay for school fees, housing, more food stamps – more STUFF.

Rachael Maddow has an ad where she is sitting in front of a huge dam in America, proclaiming that, “the GOVERNMENT built this dam.”

Sorry, but a private firm named Bectel built the damn dam.  Bechtel participated in the building of Hoover Dam in the 1930s, along with many other projects.

The Government DID NOT build the Dam.  Private industry built the dam – with WE THE PEOPLE’S tax money.

She then goes on to proclaim that the Congressmen who rile against government actually have their jobs because the government “GAVE them their jobs.”

She completely forgets that the representatives were ELECTED by WE THE PEOPLE.  The government did not give one single representative his job.

But she, “Just knows” so nobody even questions her.

The pigs are now lining up at the trough.  And every person that pays taxes had better get ready for a real shocker – TAXES ARE GOING SKY HIGH – before this is all over.

Yet, the American people still follow the dictates of Political Correctness – without question.

A few years back it was politically correct to make a statement by getting body piercing pins and needles to all parts of the human anatomy.

These people we making a statement because they, “Just knew.”

Then it degenerated into everybody getting tats (tattoos) to make another statement.  They, “Just knew.”

How many tramp stamps have you seen recently?  If you don’t know what that is, ask somebody who, “Just knows.”

Only one problem.  When everybody is doing the same thing to make a statement – then nobody is thinking at all.

And THAT is my point.

People in America nowadays do not THINK for THEMSELVES.

They have been brainwashed out of the concept of INDIVIDUALITY – and into the concept of TEAMWORK.

Little kids sings songs about “Teamwork, Teamwork.”

“We can do it if we work as a Team.”

I know – it is meant to instill friendship, and working together – to get along.  But in so doing, our so-called public education system has completely destroyed the idea of the SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL.

And THAT is the goal of this current administration.

Once the SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL is destroyed – then the American Dream will be permanently extinguished.

Are we to then rely on the CHINESE DREAM?  I submit that if you think Communist China is the future of the world – then you might want to consult the 26,000,000 people that Mao had starved to death during his Cultural Revolution.

WE THE PEOPLE had better wake up – and do it fast.


Many people do not realize it but one of the main sources of military battlefield strategy in “ancient times” was the use of FIRE.

SunTsu has a whole section on how to use fire, with relation to the morning winds, where to position troops so as to kill the retreating soldiers as they run away from the flames – and right into the swords of his waiting soldiers.

The more fires set – the more confusion ensued.

We have the border problem.  We have the European crisis.  We have Solendra.  We have Eric Holder and the gun/drug running into Mexico.

We have the illegal alien problem.

We have money disappearing at all levels of government.

We have more graft and corruption than we ever had in the Bush Administration.

But that seems to be OK because the Liberals, “Just know.”

There is mounting evidence that not only were names forged during the 2008 election for Obama, but now there is a renowned law professor who lays out the concept of President Obama being in office under a false premise.

If you care to see the site for yourself, I think you will be astounded at the simplicity in which he presents his case.

This guy is not some nut job.  He knows what he is talking about – and points out the situation in easy to understand terms.

I invite all readers to take five minutes and see what we are REALLY up against.

Thanks goes to Richard Bachert for this information.


If this does not get you to thinking for yourself and to start asking questions as to who is really running this Country – then there is no hope for you.

The GOP, along with the majority of the American people simply do not understand the gravity of the situation.

It is abundantly clear NOW why Obama tried to DIVERT the question regarding WHERE he was born AWAY from the real question as to WHOM was he born to.

If his father is really a Kenyan – then according to the Constitution, as presented by the professor in this video – Obama is an illegal representative occupying the White House.

If this is actually TRUE – then all hell is getting ready to break loose.

Is there any wonder why ALL Liberal Democrats have sided with the Occupy Wall Street crowd at this point in time.

They are simply starting, yet another, wildfire.

Start to think for yourselves – and don’t be afraid to call these people out wherever you find them.

“You never know how big a shadow you cast – until you finally decide to stand up.”

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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11 Responses to “Special Edition – December 13, 2011”

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    BRAVO. I’m running out of superlative adjectives for your musings over here.
    I must relate a TRUE story that bears on the piece at the top of this issue. It also bears on a MAJOR source of the problems we face: Too many folks THINK they “Just know” OR it’s not that they DON’T know, it’s that what the DO KNOW JUST ISN’T SO! We’ve ALL heard the old joke that will be brought to mind as you read this:
    More years ago than I care to remember, several of us distributed literature in a Kmart parking lot detailing the absolutely MISERABLE voting record of our then congresscritter.

    A fellow parked his car near me. I walked toward him and, with a smile and a friendly “Hello,” extended a flyer toward him.

    He frowned, looked at it and asked, “What’s that?”

    Without missing a beat, I replied, “It explains the difference between ignorance and apathy.”

    He brushed the flyer away and blurted “I DON’T KNOW AND I DON’T CARE!”

    Through clenched teeth, I laughed so hard I thought I’d have a stroke.
    Honest — true story!
    Now, WHERE did I leave those matches?? See you on the fire line (or, if we fail, before a firing squad).
    God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who care enough to CARE about America — the IDEA — and want to see it survive.

  • Klaus Kaltenthaler Says:

    Hi Larry,

    your publication is, as always, quite thought provoking.

    However, as a German citizen and even more so a European citizen I fell that your approach to Europe, its history and the current political situation is quite simplistic and bent into a direction so as to serve your own line of thought.

    You are certainly wrong in assuming that Europe has always been jealous about America. You deny the enlightenment, the French revolution and many other historic developments in Europe which have freed the populace of the different countries from the joke of the formerly ruling classes like church and monarchies. European history goes much deeper, over hundreds and sometimes thousands of years before they developed into what it is now.

    America, or better the United States, is a young country which has faced totally different circumstances while developing into what it is today. The American constitution is admired around the world as a singularly precise document stating what life of human being should be or could be. However, even you will not deny that your constitution has been and continues to be used, or shall I say abused, by many groups in your country for the most self serving or ridiculous purposes, which has lead the world i.a.to what is known to ba as “politicial correctness”, which you rightfully decry.

    Contrary to your view that Europe is doomed, I contend that Europe is in a process of having to define itself anew in view of the ever changing world situation. This will take time and a lot of effort, but never underestimate a good idea. The United States will also have to undergo such a soul searching process in order to redefine her place in the world when the ascending countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa are demanding their seat at the table as well. This process is and will be painful and take a long time of adjustment, but it will have to happen.

    Europe is a long way from being at the end of the way, but it will redefine itself and bring to bear what has sustained it over centuries and milleniums.

    The world has increasingly gotten smaller and we all, no matter where we live in this world, are part and parcel of it all. It is correct that the United States has come to the help of Europe at least twice during the last century for which we Europeans are grateful and admiring your country. However, this has also lead to the ascent of the USA to the position of power which she has become, which was and is certainly also in the interest of the Americans. This role of a “Free World Leader” may have ot be redefined, which will not always be pleasant for the aspirations of those in your country who believe in power poltics, but it will come.

    So let’s acknowledge our differences without bashing one or the other side for supposed bad influences over time on each other, but combine our efforts to portray the values of what Europe has brought to the table over centuries with the ideas of the US Independence to make it an irresistible idea for as many people of the world as possible.

    In closing, I have to make a historic correction.

    When Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife and was denied by the pope, he founded the Church of England (Anglican Church), which still is closer to the Vatican then the continental “Protestant Church”, which was founded mainly by Martin Luther in Germay in the 16th century, but also by men like Johan Hus in Prague, Zwingli and Calvin in Switzerland and others. The basic idea of the “Protestants” was that man should live by the word of the bible and not by the decree of the pope. The first translation of the bible into the German language was done by Luther so that the populace , which included the royal rulers, who could not understand Latin, could form their own opinion about what the bible actually says instead of having to listen to the priests in church and their definition of what is right or wrong.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, KLAUS.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    You have a bizzarre imagination, Larry! But don’t you think it’s about time you grew up and stopped blaming Europe for American ills? Greed, stupidity, and the “I just know” mentality are universal: they are just as common among Republicans, the Centre and the Right as among liberals and the Left, and they’re are by no means a European monopoly. You’re a perfect example yourself: you never do your homework before trotting out the most cliched misapprehensions, several in this post alone; here’s a single example:

    ‘King Henry wanted a divorce, and the Catholic Church would not permit it – because they, “JUST KNEW better.”’

    When Henry sent his envoy to Pope Clement VII to seek an annullment (not a divorce), he had a bit of bad luck. Following the sack of Rome by the Emperor Charles V, the Pope was Charles’ prisoner. Charles happened to be Catherine of Aragon’s nephew. Unsurprisingly, Catherine and her supporters prevailed upon him to pressure the Pope into refusing Henry’s request, which the Pope might otherwise well have granted. Henry’s faliure to obtain an annullment had nothing to with what people “just knew”, and everything to do with power politics and family connections.

    But of course, you didn’t check that beforehand, or a dozen other breathtakingly ignorant simplifications in your blog — because you just know!

    I wish this failure were confined to liberals, but it isn’t.

  • Brain Gottenberg Says:

    What’s worng with teamwork? I feel strong when working with others and its natural. On my own I am afraid. The other side of INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNITY is selfishness and loneliness and it leads to problems like drug-dependency and broken homes. INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNITY is the American word for EGO-MANIA. Look at success of Japan. Look at its lower crime-rate. Let’s teach people to work together, and build a healthy America!

  • Doc Dolan Says:

    Larry … and Klaus: Personally, I beieve you are BOTH correct. I know more than a few Europeans myself, and for the most part they are as Klaus reiterates, fine, upstanding, good-hearted and hard working intelligent people. However, what Larry did not make REAL clear in this issue, but still remains to be true, is the RULING CLass in Europe (not the average citizens) has shown repeatedly what Larry states! Many of my English, Dutch, German, and Swiss friends will tell you exactly the same things! THEY realize what is being done, but, mostly because of their governments, they do not see it being stopped and have no personal power to stop it themselves! Many ARE coinvinced that Europe is going to fall economically – in the wake of the Euro debacle. Many are no longer putting their disposable cash in European banks (not even in the Swiss Banks, since Credit Suisse [sp] needed a bailout loan and received one from our Federal Reserve Bank), they are buying precious metals and storing them off-shore whenever they can! The Euro was a good idea, like many others from all sides over the years, but because of total greed in so many “high places” – each looking out only for himself, nis own family, and “his/her class” of folks, it has become very unstable, mostly from greed and over leveraging. As far as the so called “World Bank” being the one to help out Europe now … you might want to check just WHERE the substantially largest portion of this banks’ previous solvency comes from.
    America should NOT be the World’s Policeman, NOR it’s banker, being repeatedly forced to ‘rescue’ other countries’ greedy politicians / Monarch’s / Rulers / Bankers / etc.. Follow the money – not the news stories about the money, but the real money! EX: The recent “basic audit” of the US Federal Reserve Bank that was finally made public under pressure from a few Congresscritters here in the US showed over 16 TRILLION US Dollars loaned at ZERO interest to some of the biggest banks in Europe – by our Federal Reserve Bank over the last few years (without the knowledge of the American people). The Euro would have crashed and burned THEN had we not done so, in ADDITION to our contributions to the World Bank. Instead of learning from the mistakes of their ruling classes and greed bound bankers … Europe is now again asking for more! My personal vote is NO! You want more? Invent a better mousetrap and earn it.
    Yes, we have our own big problems in America right now – but we CAN solve them ourselves – IF, a real big IF, we can back off from attempting (and being told by the liberal socialistic lefties that we are ‘duty bound’ to do so) to cure the worlds problems – far too often of late for ungrateful, lazy, greedy, dictators who return our largesse by making war on our citizens whenever and wherever they can.
    IMHO …
    Doc – N. Nevada USA

  • Doc Dolan Says:

    PS: I KNOW certain politicians and “people of influence” are building their own “ruling class” here in America … THAT is about to come to and abrupt end as well!
    If all else fails – we still have our Second Amendment – unlike most of Europe and the world. Monarchs and Masters always try to keep guns out of the hands of true citizens – as they fear the power of the people to remove them forcibly if needed. We did it a couple of hundred years ago, we can and will do it again if needed.

  • John Says:

    You are responsible for what you say.
    You are not responsible how someone hears what you say.

    I Just Know, because I looked up the word “Tramp Stamp”. Never heard the term before; but i know, now!

    Dr. Herb Titus has an intersting point and very legally explained about “Natural Born Citizen” vs “Citizen by Birth”. So what does our Supreme court think of this idea?

    About the “…Occupy…” crowds around the country, how did they get started in the sense that so many groups seemed to pop up all over at the same time? Anyone every wonder why that was? and they all seem to have the same goal…fascinating.

    Now, about your “they just know”. Many people “Just Know”. And as you pointed out, none of them want to listen to another. Why? Because they KNOW and assume you DON’T KNOW; or as you exampled in one situation, that person did not want to deal with you, as you were not one of the ones who knows from their point of view.

  • Brian Springer Says:

    WOW! Your sure a genius predicting the Euro a failure only two years ago. Am I Svengali for predicting its failure when it first started? It was obvious from the beginning of the Euro that the countries involved would not maintain the financial discipline to keep things in order. Gee whiz, not that is thinking “out of the box” HUH?

  • Barry Stieb II Says:

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Ray Radke Says:

    Regarding your link to the video. The definition of ‘natural born citizen’ is found in Section 212, Book I of Vattel’s “Law of Nations” published in the 1750s and used as reference by the members of the Constitutional Convention. I have the complete works, by Book on my hard drive.

    § 212. Citizens and natives.
    The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages.The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.

  • Larry Stuler Says:

    Everybody knows that a “taxpayer” must pay income taxes.

    But what’s a “taxpayer”?

    The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal”. The Constitution acknowledges this where it only grants the federal gov’t jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians. The Constitution cannot grant the federal gov’t any jurisdiction over intrastate commerce (human action) because “all men are created equal”.
    There is no “taxpayer” if “all men are created equal”.
    A “taxpayer” is defined in the law at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(5) as a member of the Merchant Marine. When you applied for a S.S.# you became a “taxpayer”. You gave away your sovereignty to become a slave to the gov’t as a gov’t employee.
    The federal gov’t is a bankrupt entity. Title 11 USC, “Bankruptcy”, is implemented by title 11 CFR, “Federal elections”. This evidences that our elections are simply to elect a bankruptcy “administration”.
    Great Britain’s bankers are behind the bankruptcy and created Social Security to impress all Americans into servitude just as in the War of 1812 Great Britain impressed our Merchant Marine into service for their Navy.

    So the very first line that I wrote above is true – it’s amazing what we “know”. We have been brainwashed over the years to repeat the nonsense that we are fed.

    Go to http://wp.me/pCW6e-7h to see “The Bankers’ Blueprint to Destroy American Sovereignty”.