Special Edition – June 18, 2012


According to highly reliable sources, I have just been informed that the international crisis that was predicted in a previous American Telegraph – which involves Israel – is now in the making.

As I have just learned, China, Russia, and Iran are moving – in tandem – to rush support to Syria.  This military action includes Chinese aircraft and naval ships, Iranian ground troops and Russian helicopter gunships and Soviet Marines.

My sources have stated that this is going to be a showdown and that Obama does not have a clue as to what to do.

As also previously stated, the present American regime is held in total contempt by both China and Russia.  Both of these countries feel that Obama has deliberately lied to them on several occasions and are now determined to “pay Obama back in like kind.”

Apparently, this has all the earmarks of another Cuban Missile Crisis – with one glaring exception.

Obama is NO John Kennedy.

I have been told that Israel is readying to defend itself – with or without – the aid of America.

Egypt has already given full access to Russia and China to use the Suez Canal as they see fit.  In other words, they have a clear signal from Egypt to use the Suez Canal as a conduit to position military attack aircraft and ground troops directly into Syrian territory.

Apparently, this news is breaking as I write.  I suggest that all readers check their TV stations and see if they can get any news on this situation.

It is said to be “very tenuous and extremely fluid” at this time.

President Obama is feeling “blindsided” by the ganging up of China and Russia by this “surprise move.”

Furthermore, he is said to be seen as dismayed as to what is taking place.

Israel is now at stake – and America is seen to be dithering – in a time of extreme crisis.

I implore all readers to try to get as much news as possible and PLEASE write your comments in the American Telegraph Blog Section, if you have something of substance to report.


I have no way to verify this news report, as it is supposed to be unfolding “behind the scenes.”  It seems that the Obama administration is “making up news” that Putin and Obama are “in sync” but in reality, are miles apart – and the rift is getting wider by the hour.

If anybody can confirm what my sources have told me I would certainly appreciate it very much.  Apparently, there is a major effort to keep a “tight lid” on this whole affair – especially with regard to China in the mix because of our financial obligations to that country – in hopes that everything will “blow over.”

I need help to verify this information.

Best wishes and be alert.

Lawrence Klepinger


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4 Responses to “Special Edition – June 18, 2012”

  • John Says:

    Hummm!! Yes the world is doing things and where does our government stand? A big question on the world front. I hope this is not really happening, but at this time, no news on the news currently on TV.

  • Doc Dolan Says:

    I am “trolling” my friend and will post what, if anything, I can verify!

    I hate to say it, but I have been waiting for something like this to happen – just in time for November!

  • BILLY JOE Says:

    Thanks for the alert including the caveat along with the concern and interest. I think we can see some of this developing already. Please to informed of confirmation and/or follow up

  • Gerrit Kuiken Says:

    I’m assuming that Larry is referring to the report that “Iran, Russia, China, Syria to Stage Biggest Joint Wargames in Middle-East”


    If the above report is to believed, I suppose it’s not too great a leap from Iran/Russian/China/Syria “war-games” to that being a threat to Israel’s continued existence.

    At the least – Obama ought to make a statement that makes it clear that these war-games should not threaten Israel’s sovereignty, and if they do – we stand with Israel. It wouldn’t be a bad idea – while he is at it, to question how Russia, and especially China’s national interests are being threatened by the civil uprising in Syria, and how do they get off – getting involved?

    Since Obama is considered a joke and a light-weight among the other leading nations in the world – it doesn’t surprise me any that not only won’t Obama make a definitive statement of where we (US) stand regarding the Syrian uprisings, he hasn’t sed anything till now about any of the Muslim Spring uprisings – and seems detached from any of it. In contrast, McCain, God love him – has been making strong comments about the Middle-East threats whenever he can get a microphone or a TV camera – but Obama remains strangely silent, and unwilling to take on the area’s school yard bullies, no matter what they do! Go figure!

    As is usual – it seems like Obama is reporting “present” instead of showing leadership in the Syrian Civil War – and is more interested in securing the Hispanic vote through circumventing Congress and the federal laws, declaring amnesty for 800.000 illegal student/other. What else is new?

    How have we ever let ourselves (the US) get so far off track, in our choice of leadership (or lack thereof) as we find ourselves now?

    Had it not been for European (NATO) leadership, I doubt that the U.S./Obama would have entered into the Libyan situation and helped overthrow/kill Kadaffi either. It’s exactly that kind of action that Russia fears happening in Syria! Actually – I’m surprised that we did as much as we did. And if there was ever someone that deserved killing, it’s Syria’s present dictator – President Bashar Assad’s with his civil rights violations and killing of his own people to stay in power.

    Perhaps the Russian involvement isn’t as threatening as some would be led to believe (see the link below) and Russia’s involvement is meant to protect Russians assigned to their one seaport in the area – and the Chinese seem to be coming down on the side of espousing compliance with peace keeping forces. Maybe Obama has reason for restraint? (Trying to cut Obama some slack – but it’s hard to do – owning to his dithering every other time he has been faced with an international crisis – I see him as a spineless jelly fish – carried wherever the current takes him, instead of being the shark that we need!)

    But Obama should make our nation’s interests crystal clear – when it comes to Israel – and also – in protesting the killing of thousands of innocent civilians/women/children by the Syrian regime which continues despite the supposed cease fire declared in April.


    The latest info out of the GS-20 summit seems to indicate that Russia is moving a bit toward seeing Syrian’s president Bashar Assad replaced. Assad took over from his father and isn’t near the diplomat, leader, that his father was, and the Syrian military was shaky in their (initial) support of his being installed as president. Perhaps Assad’s opponents see the wishy-washy military support as an opening?

    It should be noted that in all of this Syrian unrest – Iran has done everything they can to unseat Syria’s govt – with the notion that they can get someone in there that is more to their liking – and the Iranians have also widely supported both the Hizbollah and the Hamas, both of whom maintain their main headqtrs in Syria and are continually attacking Israel with impunity through both Gaza and the West Bank. Iran provided weapons, training, and funding to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups, including the Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC). Since the end of the 2006 Israeli-Hizballah conflict, Iran has assisted Hizballah in rearming, in direct violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. Iran has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in support of Hizballah in Lebanon and has trained thousands of Hizballah fighters at camps in Iran.


    Another report seems to be a bit less saber-rattling.


    P.S. Sorry the above links don’t seem to be click on types, have to highlite, cut and paste them into google I guess.