No. 110 – November 9, 2011



I will not delve on the fact that I told you so.  I will just report the news and let it go at that.

The following is an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal two days ago:

Abortion Resurfaces for GOP Field

By Elisabeth Williamson

Moves in several states to restrict or criminalize abortion are pushing one of the most divisive issues in politics up the Republican presidential-campaign agenda, complicating life for candidates who have been focused almost entirely on the economy.

The result has been the emergence of some fissures within the GOP field, as well as some stumbles by candidates as their anti-abortion credentials are challenged. Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry have staked out staunch anti-abortion positions and have assailed front-runners Mitt Romney and Herman Cain for offering conflicting statements on the issue.

SOURCE:  The Wall Street Journal, 7 November 2011, page 2

If the GOP continues to press this Abortion Issue, via the Evangelical Element – then President Obama is going to see a Second Term.

Apparently, the GOP is led by the most incompetent people in the world.  Even Pat Robertson has advised the GOP to put its “Social Issues” on hold – or risk losing in 2012.

Is anybody listening?

This second article is directed at China – in which past articles -I have spelled out how we, as American citizens, are being constantly lied to by our Mass Media Monopoly Conglomerate.  Not even FOX NEWS is reporting this.

America is rapidly losing the International Moral Compass that it once held.


Again, an article from the Internet:

Days ago, Palden Choetso walked out of her nunnery, covered herself in petrol and set herself on fire while pleading for a ‘free Tibet’. Minutes later she died. In the past month, nine monks and nuns have self-immolated to protest a growing Chinese crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan people.

These tragic acts are a desperate cry for help. Machine gun-toting Chinese security forces are beating and disappearing monks, laying siege to monasteries, and even killing elderly people defending them — all in an effort to suppress Tibetan rights. China severely restricts access to the region. But if we can get key governments to send diplomats in and expose this growing brutality, we could save lives.

We have to act fast — this horrific situation is spiraling out of control behind a censorship curtain. Over and over we have seen that when diplomats themselves bear witness to atrocities, they are motivated to act, and increase political pressure. Let’s answer Palden’s tragic cry and build a massive petition to the six world leaders with the most influence in Beijing to send a mission to Tibet and speak out against the repression. Sign the urgent petition:

Tibetans are suffocating under China’s stranglehold. They are unable to practice their religion freely — just downloading a photograph of the Dalai Lama can land a Tibetan in prison. And it is getting worse as columns of Chinese troops have blockaded the largest monasteries and are abducting monks into “patriotic re-education” programmes. This horrific situation is spiraling out of control.

SOURCE:  Internet Article

Anybody who buys shares of stock in China, who still harbors the thought that Chinese Communists are “changing,” or believe ANYTHING that comes out of the Communist Chinese Controlled Media – is not only a complete fool – but also lacks any moral backbone whatsoever.  Anyone who still “believes” Chinese Communists should be ashamed of themselves.

Who the hell is guiding this rudderless Ship of State we call America?

Read CHINA HOUSE for the real story.


As for the Iranian/Israeli forthcoming conflict, this has not panned out – yet.  But what my friend told me about Obama’s hatred of Netanyahu turned out to be prescient to the maximum.

A few readers have written to air their suspicion that I really don’t have a friend such as this in “high places” and that I am “making it all up.”

To which, I can only reply, “Thank you very much.”

If anybody actually believes that  I can call these types of happenings in the International Arena, then I am humbled at your confidence in my prediction ability.  I only wish I could be that clairvoyant.  If that were truly the case, I would be a millionaire.

I would love to take the credit for this one, but I can’t.


These were the exact words I heard as I got off the airplane at LAX.  I actually looked around to see who the “hippie” was yelling at.  Then I realized it was me.  I started to walk toward him and he turned around and took off.

I have to admit, I was shocked.  Writing these words still make me feel flush in the face.

I decided to brush it off as an isolated incident, looked for a phone booth to call my Mom and tell her I was going to grab a cab and would be “home” in about an hour.

Departing the public phone booth, there was another loudmouthed young kid, talking to a few of his cohorts about how he backed down a “Green Beret” and how he was ready to kick his “baby-killing” ass.  His back was to me – as his friends caught my eye – bedecked in Special Forces uniform, ribbons and all.  They became extremely nervous, backing up a couple of steps.  The loudmouth turned and stared at me, his mouth falling agape.

I still remember the look on his ashen, pathetic face.

One of the girls with him said, “Well, there is another one.”

The boy decided to hold his tongue, backed off and they left, mumbling to themselves.

Had the young kid given me even an iota of a look, one word of lip – to this day I believe I would have killed him on the spot. It would not have taken much.  A straight kick to his kneecap to hyper-extend his leg, an esophagus stranglehold, squeez until thumb and fingers meet.  A simple kill.  I would still be in prison today.

That was all within 20 minutes of entering Los Angeles.

It was not an isolated instance.  It was extremely widespread – and had not even begun to reach its peak.  That was November 1968.

My reason for saying this is not for pity.  Vietnam Veterans do not want pity – only respect.

And that is my point.  From our single-fingered salutes, insults, taunting and the occasional spitting, I was under the misguided impression that America had finally learned its lesson.

But I think I was wrong in my observation.

Now, the way people avoid treating American Veterans returning from the “Middle East Wars” is taking a much more subtle turn.

Instead of saying “fuck you” in the Veterans faces, they now simply ignore them.

Contrary to all the hoopla that the Media is lavishing on these Courageous Men and Women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the real story is again not being told.

Instead, the Media – to cleanse its cumulative soul for the sins of past transgression to returning Vietnam Veterans – has made it a field day of showering the returning Veterans with praise and empty platitudes.

But where are the stories of the extremely high rates of suicide among these returning Veterans?

Where are the HEADLINE statistics of unemployment of these returning Veterans?

Where are the stories of spousal abuse that is running rampant – not to mention the rising tide of HOMELESS VETERANS in America?

After the confetti has been thrown, after all the flowery words have been spoken, after the high-fives have been given – the Mass Media Monopoly washes its hands in a pontificating manner and disappear.

Since the Korean War – American Veterans have never come home – they have just come back.


Not at all.  I am pissed.  Righteously pissed.

I see returning Veterans getting the same runaround as Vietnam Veterans got – only much more subtle in concept.

I have spoken to Veterans who tell me the exact same, well-rehearsed lines that I heard when I went to look for a job.

“What kind of experience do you have?”

“It’s a very tough economy right now.”

“I wish I could help but there is nothing I can do.”

“Do you think the war was worth it?”

“How many people did you kill?”

Yes, folks, those were the exact same questions I was asked when I went on my job interviews.  It still fries me up when I talk to real Veterans who are experiencing the exact same thing we, Vietnam Veterans, went through over FORTY YEARS AGO.

All Vietnam Veterans are brothers to the returning Veterans of today.  We hold no grudge against them.  We LOVE them for what they did – and are now going to go through – trying to reincorporate themselves into American society.

Vietnam Veterans are fully aware of the bullshit runaround that they are going to receive.

We know how they are going to be discriminated against – in the most pious manner.

But ALL veterans are brothers.  And for you politically correct imbeciles out there – when I say BROTHERS – it is in the generic form.  In other words, both brothers and SISTERS.


 [juh-ner-ik]  Show IPA

adjective Also, ge·ner·i·cal.


of, applicable to, or referring to all the members of a genus, class, group, or kind; general.

The real disaster is that many companies don’t want to hire these returning Veterans.


Because they are afraid that they will “crack” or “flip out” and then be held legally responsible for hiring “trained killers” in the first place.

Any person who is a non-Veteran will find this hard to believe.  Veterans know exactly what I am saying.


I am glad you asked.

The answer is EXTREMELY simple – and a political masterstroke for President Barack Obama if he were to act on this suggestion.

As much as I am against Obama and his lack of respect for our Military Forces, not to mention how he had divided our Country – my love for my brother Veterans is much stronger than scoring political points on this issue.

If President Obama wants to really help returning Veterans – he would immediately make a public policy statement in such a manner:

“Today I am signing a Presidential Order, The Returning Veterans Employment Act, which will become effective immediately.  It will encompass the following goals:

1.  To put any returning Veteran to work who seeks employment.

2.  Private sector industries that hire Veterans will be given total tax exemption on that Veteran’s salary, medical benifits, pension payments and any other costs associated with that Veteran.  The Government will reimburse any company for the costs incurred by the hiring of returning Veterans.

3.  To make sure that the maximum amount of returning Veterans are put to work, the Government will also put ALL Veteran applications for Federal, State and Local employment at the head of the line in the hiring and interview process.

4.  In addition to this Presidential Order, I am asking that we start today, on the rebuilding the total Highway Infrastructure of the United States of America – and ONLY hire returning Veterans to do the job.  President Eisenhower instituted the concept of the Interstate Highway Program and it is only fitting that American Military Veterans rebuild it in his honor.

5.  In so doing, I want to say – for all of the American People – Thank you – and Welcome Home!”

This would be a magnanimous political gesture on the part of the President of the United States of America.

It would definitely reduce the unemployment numbers.

It would boost the economy.

It would rebuild our Highway Infrastructure that is rapidly descending into Third World Status as I write.

But most of all it would be beneficial to all the men and women who have given their all so that we may live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.


This is a Happy Birthday wish to all United States Marines.  The Marines are 236 years old on this date.

Thank you all for your service to the United States of America.


This coming Friday is Veterans’ Day.

We can never repay them for what they have done – but we sure as hell can try.

Welcome home the the returning Veterans of today, thank you for all of your support to the Veterans of yesterday, and may tomorrow bring us a World that has finally learned to live together in Peace, Prosperity and Love for All.

What a wonderful country that we live in.

Imagine, lights in almost every house, refrigerators, washers and dryers, a roof over most of our heads, HOT RUNNING WATER in private homes and a country in which you can hear a child say:

“I’m not hungry.”

How lucky we really are to have been blessed with such prosperity.

How utterly UNGRATEFUL so many so-called Americans are.

To all the Veterans of America – I salute you.

Thanks for a job well done.


November 7, 2012 is less than a year away.

HOPE for real Change.

Keep thinking positive.

Until next time,


Lawrence Klepinger




















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5 Responses to “No. 110 – November 9, 2011”

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    Right on Larry, and I hope that people will get behind the petition to help Tibet. This is one of your best Telegraphs yet.
    Thanks to you and all of our Vets, from all years. We all too easily take their sacrifice and efforts for granted, shame on the Politicians and Media for not keeping support for our Vets in the forefront of all issues.
    I could not agree with you more, there needs to be programs in place to insure these folks who have given so much at least have gainful employment when they come home, whether in infrastructure rebuilding or private sector jobs.
    NO Vet should be in danger of loosing their homes,
    NO financial institution should have the ability to foreclose on a Vet. It should simply be illegal.
    Every company large or small should be rewarded for hiring our returning soldiers.
    Where are all those infrastructure rebuilding jobs we were promised?
    It’s not too late, these programs could easily be instated now.
    These are the types of social issues that Presidential candidates and Congressional members alike should be concerned about. I do not know of any people who would not support these types of programs, other than those in office who can’t see the real value in them.
    Can you imagine the message implementing these sorts of progressive changes would send to the rest of the world.

  • Doc - Northern Nevada Says:

    Excellent idea … even though you know how I despise ‘the Obummer’ and freinds … he could make a whole major bunch of points with a LOT of people should he do that … but then he’d have to reign in DHS, DOJ, etc., and other groups under his authority that are telling LEA all over the country to “watch” Veterans, as possible domestic terrorists … as they ARE trained killers and the gov’t would love to take away their (and all of our) 2nd Amendment rights. To protect their collectively sorry butts when REAL Americans finally say “Enough is enough” and use the 2nd Amendment for what it was originally written into our founding documents to do – in just such a country as we find ourselves in right now. Obummer and his kind KNOW it is VERY close to happening, and him and his ilk are afraid … VERY afraid! They should be.

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    Larry, And thank you for YOUR service.
    Love your plan to rebuild the US infrastructure, especially Ike’s “American Autobahn.”

  • John Says:

    American military personnel join either voluntarily or have been drafted. No matter how they entered the military service, once there, they are under orders to do what they are told to do. Those orders come from the political leaders (civilians) who have the title as head of the military. Of course, that is the President and certain members of his cabinet; including orders voted by Congress (we the people’s representatives). Therefore, military personal are following orders of OUR ELECTED officials. This means our military personnel are doing as ordered and should be honored for following orders and doing their job. It’s not the American people who should look down to them, glad that they are there doing as ordered and protecting our Nation and our freedom. It’s the peoples responsibility to not hate the military but the leaders that govern them…OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS!!

    Thank you one and all Veterans for your service and to those now serving!!

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    It’s the old ABC rule: (A) Abortion (B) Beats (C) Conservatives – (E) Every time. Although we skipped (D) – it’s for “Damn, when are these idiots going to wise up? How much worse can it get when we have a Great American Bible Thumper telling us to knock it off?

    Anyway, thanks for an excellent article. The only thing you left out at the end was a “chicken in every pot”. But, just like you, I saw plenty of them when I came home after my tour (11B20 – Central Highlands II Corp and a Recon platoon in I Corp). Few would understand what that means – which I guess is a good thing. I always likened being a Viet Nam vet to being a closet homosexual – you just didn’t want anyone to know. But it’s good to see that attitudes have been changing a little bit about us.

    It’s also interesting to note that historically only a numerically few have actually served this great country of ours. This becomes particularly difficult to understand when you consider that now you have to volunteer to be shot at. Yet the great unwashed millions are continuously oblivious to their sacrifice.

    Sadly, Tibet was lost many, many years ago. Being half Baptist and half Buddhist, I wish it wasn’t so. But China being the economic powerhouse that it is, no one is going to step up to the plate to do what is right. The survival of Wally’s World is much more important than saving the Tibetans and their ancient culture.

    Hope you have a Happy Veterans Day, Larry. And thanks for your service.