No. 109 – November 2, 2011


I have the great, good fortune to be in touch with a few very knowledgeable men, and last evening’s discussion is no exception.

Both of my friends urged me to “get this out” ASAP – because we are nearer to being drawn into a full-blown Middle East War than “anybody even suspects.”

It seems that President Obama is viewed in the Middle East as such a “weakling” that BOTH Israel and Iran are both heading in the opposite direction – and right into all-out war.

How true this is, remains to be seen. But the scenario goes something like this:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is said to be weighing the distinct possibility of a “first strike” on Iran – with or without help from President Obama.

Mr. Netanyahu simply cannot let Iran continue with its nuclear buildup.  Sooner, rather than later, he is going to attempt to take out ALL nuclear facilities in Iran.

Apparenly, he is banking on Obama coming to his aid – albeit leading again from the rear – because Obama does not want Netanyahu to be perceived as strong – and himself as weak.

Obama will be “forced” to take a stand – because of his desire to “garner the Jewish vote” in 2012.

If Obama does not back Netanyahu, then he loses both political standing in America, and international standing in the world at large.

President Obama, and his so-called “apology tour,” is in jeopardy of being a colossal, diplomatic mistake.  If this is the case, Obama will be laughed off the international stage – and America along with it.

It is an open secret that the Middle East is rapidly turning radical Islamic, and the forces of moderate Islam are on the losing end of the stick.

Netanyahu is no fool.  He knows that Obama doesn’t really “like” Israel, and is only “putting up with it” for the Jewish vote.  Obama is now being forced into a corner – one in which the most viable alternative is to either send in combat ground support or lend a hand with military aircraft.

Either way, Obama – a Nobel Peace Prize winner – will be forced to either intervene militarily – or back away completely.

Prime Minister Netanyahu not only dislikes President Obama – he does not TRUST him – and therein lies the real crux of the problem.

America is closer now to armed conflict with Iran than it ever has been before – and “show time” is rapidly approaching.

It is no longer a question of “if” – but “when.”


It seems that there are rumors that the BP “oil spill” was actually a terrorist attack – and was concealed to keep the public from outright panic.

Certain Middle Eastern countries have acquired remote controlled “submarines” that can strike, and detonate, offshore oil rigs.

It is now coming to the surface that these weapons are in the hands of terrorist and that they have actually used them already – thus the BP “oil spill.”

This, in itself, has forced the hand of American politicians – in consorted secrecy – to establish a system of obtaining oil from our own resources – thus, the sudden big push for “energy independence.”

If the Obama Administration can quietly restart the more than 2000 capped, and stagnant oil derricks around the country – then the crisis of offshore oil rig attacks can be somewhat muted.

What is not known is how the Middle East will respond to this impending confrontation.

If Israel does decide on a first-strike against the nuclear power plants in Iran, WITHOUT PROVOCATION, then Israel could be sanctioned by the United Nations.

The thinking is that, Israel will instigate some type of maneuver to make it look like a provocation from Iran – and strike with immediate, overwhelming military might – forcing the United States to make a quick decision as to come to the aid of our most trusted ally in the Middle East – or sit back and watch.

Either way, President Obama has allowed himself to be painted into a corner – one in which it seems that he cannot get out of.

The recent “doings” regarding the “super committee,” and its stated goal of cutting military defense spending by 50% if a budget deal is not reached, only exacerbates the situation.

President Obama is viewed as a weak leader, and rightly so.  If he is to prevail, and “throw in” with Israel, then he is a shoo-in for re-election.

If, on the other hand, he dithers – while Israel does all the “heavy lifting” – he will be a one term President – and history will view him in an even dimmer light than that of Jimmy Carter.

That’s it for now.

Best wishes and keep thinking positive!

Hope for real Change in 2012.

Larry Klepinger














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7 Responses to “No. 109 – November 2, 2011”

  • John Says:

    Yep, sounds like the real situation; but who can realize this without paying attention. We are kept in the shadows, not only by our government, but with our own news media who cannot report news any more. Matter of fact, I have not seen anything in the media about Iran; only when someone gets killed in Afghanistan!

    I believe Obama rules with his own ideas and not with the good of representing the poeple, let alone the USA.

    However, nothing will get better without removing some of the ole CongressPersons!!

    Keep it coming Klepinger, maybe someday someone will get wise!

  • Helen Says:

    Our foreign policy has been a disaster in most cases. I recently reread the “Ugly American.” I think it will be wise for diplomats and others to read it again, if not for the first time. We usually assume everyone else operates the way we do. In football we study the oppositions game but in international politics we act arrogant and insensitive to the needs and attitudes of other nations. It is never late to educate ourselves and become wiser. Wisdom comes from God so pray about it also. It will not hurt.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Interesting as ever, Larry!

    I think you’re quite right that Israel may at any moment launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian reactors, although this has been the case for a long time now, it’s nothing new.

    I also agree that it is clear that Obama does not really “like” Israel, but his apparent (although futile) reluctance to allow that rogue state the same license previous US administrations have proves that he is one of the most truly patriotic presidents in modern US history.

    I must take detailed issue with one or two of your observations. First of all, ‘Both of my friends urged me to “get this out” ASAP – because we are nearer to being drawn into a full-blown Middle East War than “anybody even suspects.”’

    I don’t know what planet your friends come from, but it clearly isn’t this one. They probably work for the CIA, or some other branch of Intel, which would explain their ignorance.

    Israel might well attack Iran — but how would that lead to all-out war? There would be outrage, the mother of all rhetoric, undoubtedly some kind of retaliation, but that would be it. Iran was barely able to defend itself against Iraq, how do you think it would do against the pre-eminent superpower of the Middle-East? If Iran got as far as launching a retaliatory air-strike, Israel would annhialate its entire air force in 15 minutes and that would be the end of tangible hostilities. There will not be a Middle-Eastern WAR. What there almost certainly would be is a long wave of terrorism, aimed supposedly at Israel but mainly affecting its supporters and sympathisers (chiefly the US), as these are easier to get at. US efforts in Iraq, for example, would be comprehensively sunk. The ME would also become more anti-Israel & US radicalised… But I don’t see this earth-shattering war you keep predicting.

    Secondly, ‘It is an open secret that the Middle East is rapidly turning radical Islamic, and the forces of moderate Islam are on the losing end of the stick.’

    Stop drinking the kool-aid, Larry: nothing could be further from the truth. All the polls and (reliable) intel show the opposite, and have been doing so for some time — radical Islam is on the way out (not that it couldn’t be brought back by a series of wrong moves). Moderate Islam is on the rise. Appearances are confusing, because, for historical reasons, Islamic groups have been the best-organised of the opposition movements and thus are best positioned to take advantage of elections in the so-called Arab Spring, but two cavats have to be born in mind:

    The radical Islamic groups are too small simply to take over (in the way Hitler did, for example);

    The majority of Islamicists are moderates, as in Turkey. They want to see what they perceive as the national religion better reflected in the government and laws, but they do not reject the democratic process or pluralism. The current Turkish administration, for example, which is openly Islamic, has successfully clipped the wings of the military and is thus genuinely in control, and has been outspoken in its criticism of Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians, etc., nonetheless has invested more public money in the Turkish alcohol, and allowed greater freedom of worship to Christians and other religious minorities industry than any Turkish government in history.

    The recent elections in Tunisia bear this out. There’s been a lot of doom-saying, but the party that won the recent elections was a moderate Islamist party, not a radical one. Of course a democratic Middle-East is going to be more Islamic — Duh! The vast majority of the people are Muslims! But that does NOT mean there will be a surge in limb-lopping, terrorism or suppression of democracy.

    Meanwhile, a more tangible authoritarian threat emerges from the secular military — as in Egypt.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Two errors:


    Turkish alcohol INDUSTRY


  • Michael Kruse Says:


    borne in mind

    My word! I was tired when I wrote this post…

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    First, congratulations on allowing your long suppressed, capitalistic upbringing to finally manifest itself. I salute you – and this is truly not meant to be disingenuous or sarcastic in any way. After all, where would we be without this great entrepreneurial spirit that has forged America?

    Secondly, I would like to relate a conversation to you that I recently had with an undercover member of the Israeli Secret Service that I met recently on the ferry ride while visiting the newly reopened Statue of Declining Liberties in New York.

    He told me over coffee and a lox bagel box lunch that Israel doesn’t care a rat’s ass about UN sanctions. And that if Israel so much as gets a whiff of an Iranian attack, that the cost of tempered glass will dramatically decrease worldwide.

    He also said, much to my chagrin, that Obama already has no standing whatsoever in the international community, let alone politically in America.

    This immediately caused my Machiavellian juices to begin flowing – how could conservatives possibly exploit this situation?

    Finally, it came to me, like a bolt of lighting.

    The average America citizen who is upside down on his home mortgage, maybe in danger of losing his job or is currently unemployed like 30 million other people, doesn’t give a shit about Israel or Yemen. He wants the American economy fixed and the average American citizen to regain some measure of prosperity. Maybe then we can reassume the luxury of taking care of the rest of the world- but not before. We all need to wake up, ignore the smoke and mirrors, and fix America first.

    The tenured aristocrats of the liberal persuasion would certainly disagree – but it’s “The Economy, Stupid” that will decide this coming election. In spite of this sorry bunch of Republican candidates, we have to quit the inter-party bickering, focus on the real issues, and make sure we replace Obama.

    That would at least give us four more years to come up with a real alternative.


  • Andrea Says:

    I think American’s better realize that they need to start food storage, become more self-reliant, alternate heat sources and have a good amount of ammo. Things are going to get much worse before they get better. And we better pray that Americans have enough brain capacity to NOT elect this Kenyan for another term!!!!!