No. 138 – July 17, 2012


“Charlatans feed on the impoverished like carrions on a bloated carcass.”

As I sat, listening to Obama talk about how the government has made it possible for people to be successful, I noticed that my mouth had fallen agape.

It was the same reaction when I listened to Rachel Maddow, while standing in front of Hoover Dam, proclaim that “the government built this.”

Folks, the government has not built a damn thing since the inception of time.

Apparently Ms. Maddow has never heard of Bechtel Construction Company, a privately owned and operated behemoth, that builds large-scale construction projects around the world.

“The arrogance of ignorance is appalling.”

Notice the key word with relation to Bechtel – privately owned and operated.

I remember, awhile back, when my oldest grandson came back from a tourist trap outside of Sacramento (also privately owned) and proclaimed how much fun he had.  When I asked him how much it cost to go there, he happily responded, “It was free.  The school paid for it.”

At the age of nine years old, this misconception can be forgiven.  But when it metastasizes into adulthood, then something is radically wrong.

I repeat, the government has not built a damn thing since the inception of time.

In all cases, it was WE THE PEOPLE who did the “heavy lifting.”

All government does is appropriate the money (impose taxes) and then distribute the money to be spent on public projects – usually referred to as “infrastructure.”

There is NO Government Construction Company.

If it were not for two essential elements of society, government would not exist at all:



It is as simple as that.

So the next time you hear some imbecile declare that the “government built this” ask them if they know what Bechtel means.  I guarantee you will get nothing but a blank stare.

“Institutionalized ignorance is the most damning stupidity of all.”


I am getting more and more nervous about my prediction awhile back about an international conflict, possibly with Iran, as a way for President Obama to solidify the country behind him, just before election day.  We are heading very quickly in that direction.

But now, thanks to Obama’s ill-conceived notion of showing weakness in the international arena, where he is despised by friend and foe alike, we have more than just one country to be concerned about.

No longer is it “just” Iran, but Syria, Iraq (again), Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan (again) and other countries within that region.

The problem with Egypt raises the most concern – simply because of the Suez Canal.  If that is ever threatened, it will set the whole world on fire.

But there is a wider concern with relation to this so-called “saber rattling” and that is the ever-growing power of the Military/Industrial Complex.

PLEASE, do not confuse the military with national security.  They ARE NOT the same animal.

And NEVER assume that the “Industrial” part of the complex simply makes weapons.  Nothing could be more naive.

The Industrial aspect relates to a wide-ranging apparatus, of which the “industrial” arm is just a part of the bigger body.

Again, this concept is not widely understood by the general public.

The banking INDUSTRY is the fox in the hen house – supported by the INSURANCE INDUSTRY – that President Eisenhower was really concerned about.

And therein lies the secret to the concept of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Through the controlling of the most powerful nation on earth – the USA – by means of the FEDERAL RESERVE, in conjunction with the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE – WE THE PEOPLE – are continually held for ransom by the so-called “powers that be.”

Has it ever occurred to anybody why AIG was “saved” by the criminal bailout of 2008?  AIG is the sole insurer of most of the Federal Employee Pension plans.

Stop and give that a bit of thought.

Goldman Sachs and AIG – both saved by WE THE PEOPLE’S tax dollars.

And all people associated with those two firms got huge bonuses – and to this day continue to receive tremendous salaries – again, paid by WE THE PEOPLE.


You have heard it before – “Tell a lie over and over and the people will start to believe it to be true.”

Thus, THE GOVERNMENT can do no wrong.

And the dumbed down populace is actually starting to believe it.

Please bear in mind:

“It was the Liberal Thinker who thought up the Housing Projects.”

For once you control what the people think (public education/indoctrination system), feed them (Food Stamps), pay them (Government Unemployment Benefits), “take care of them” (Obamacare), then you OWN THEM – in perpetuity.

Thus, the continual stream of lies. One after another.

And I am NOT talking Republican or Democrat lies.


Again, go out and ask anybody that you know what the phrase “Fourth Estate” actually refers to.

Again, a blank stare.

Again, the ugly truth of our dumbed-down society raises its ignorant collective head.

“In the delusion of the damned, the most ignorant man is king.”


President Obama is now asking for a “re-do.”

That is where you deny what you said, come back and restate what you said in another way, then pretend you did not say what you actually said in the first place.

Make sense?  Of course not – but a lie is a lie – and if told long enough the dummies in America will fall for it – again.

“History does not repeat itself; people do.”

So here we go again with the idiots in the GOP raising their “Furor” as the possibility of Condoleezza Rice even remotely being considered as a VP choice for Mitt Romney – because she does not support the outlawing of abortion.

The lame-brain Evangelical Element, if not careful, will blow this election right out of the water.

Imagine, after all of the above that I have written, these numb-skulls would decide against such a qualified person – just because of her stand on abortion.

Kevin McCarthyCalifornia Republican Congressman from the 22nd District, and powerful leader of the GOP in California – decided against supporting Meg Whitman running for California Governor – because of her similar stance on abortion.  The GOP was not totally behind Carly Fiorina for California Senator, either.

So we ended up with Jerry Brown.

Thank you, Evangelical Element members, and Congressman McCarthy.

And you wonder why the Democrats are having such a gleeful time painting the GOP as “anti-women?”

But wait.  They are at it again.  We hear the hue and lunatic cry of the homophobic and anti-abortion nuttos, and again that element JUST MIGHT deliver us with FOUR MORE YEARS OF OBAMA.

“Ignorance can be remedied; there is no cure for stupidity.”

With all that is ON THE LINE – the CONSERVATIVE “RIGHT WING” OF THE GOP is trying its damnedest – to lose the total essence of the United States of America – and they fail to even grasp what they are doing.

The GOP needs to win back four seats in the Senate – to help override President Obama, if he wins a second term in office.

Yet, George Allen and Scott Brown are running neck and neck with their Democrat rivals – simply because they are “not Conservative enough” for the Evangelical Element of the GOP.

It is this kind of ass-backward thinking that gave us President Obama in the first place.

Remember a guy by the name of John McCain?  The Conservative Right did not like him – so we now have Obama.

Does not that logic strike anybody as totally insane?

So, in closing, I would like to invite all readers – especially the Evangelical Element of the GOP -to view the below youtube clip – and see what you think.

Yes, it is cut and edited.  Purportedly, this is the video that FOX News was going to show but was strong-armed into not airing it.  I asked the woman who sent it to me if I could mention her name here in THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH.  She never answered back.

“By far, courage is the rarest of all commodities.”


Rob Portman will be Romney’s VP pick

Gas will be close to $3.00 per gallon by election day

There will be a QE 3 before November

There will be military conflict in the Middle East in October – or earlier

And if the “Silent Majority” remains silent – Obama will be re-elected in November

Wake up, America!

Before it is too late.

Until next time, keep thinking positive.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


PS – This video is just in from a friend of mine living in Panama.  I leave you to be the judge as to its truth and general meaning.

Thanks, Klaus.


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3 Responses to “No. 138 – July 17, 2012”

  • John Says:

    If you can read and understand what this article is saying an doing, then you must react at the voting booth.

    As for the video on Obama, so it is cut and edited, NOT THE POINT. How come he said what he said. Show is he?

    As for the video on the end of the article…TRUE!!

    And as for this: “History does not repeat itself; people do.” In school, the teacher always said “History repeats itself”. I now Know different. IF it werent for some of our world leaders, many be history would not repeat. What really is Obama doing in office?

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    I totally agree with your premise that government builds nothing – unless you consider the Army Corp of Engineers – many projects of which have devastated the environment – but that’s another story for another day.

    Anyway, Bechtel is not a good example here. Going all the way back to the Hoover Dam in the 30‘s, when they partnered with several other companies to win that bid, they have almost exclusively fed from the trough of public funding. Indeed, they have built many major projects – mostly as GC’s and as the project engineer and the inspecting authority – but the real work is done by subcontractors. AKA, the ’little guy’ – if you consider companies like Brown and Root ‘little‘. All of these type of people have an inside line to government contracts. Last time I checked it was called ‘influence peddling‘. Which is just another description of ‘lobbyist’. But to confirm that accusation you would have to speak with your local Senator or Congressman.

    So there is a distinction here – private industry provides the sweat and know how, but when it comes to the huge projects (since the 1890’s anyway) they are almost exclusively funded by the Federal Government.

    The backbone of this country is small business and the little entrepreneur – not huge corporations like Bechtel. Small business works in and for the private sector, not for big government.

    But the private sector is greatly diminishing and will in time be non-existent.

    I think its called ’ Socialism’.


  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    You should be careful with that video of Obama. It makes one of the strongest cases for voting FOR him that I think I’ve seen.