Special Edition – August 22, 2012


A while back I wrote that the GOP is going to have to deal with the bought-and-paid-for mass media.  I had no idea that they would actually be able to literally control what is printed to such a magnitude as the story below.  As to this date, I have not seen this news on any front page newspaper in America.

BUT, had it been a GOP member, I have a strange feeling that everyone in the world would know about it.

Check the site out below and see what you think about our printed media and the power it wields.

Bear in mind, this is not about homosexual conduct – it is about “All the News without Fear or Favor.”


But we all know about Todd Akin and his stupid statement regarding rape.

Very interesting campaign tactic – when you think about it.


The following points that Romney can bring up against Obama are:

GM losses – and eventually going bankrupt – again

Joe Biden and his continuous “misstatements” and “race baiting”

Over 15 TRILLION now in debt

Highest poverty level in half a CENTURY

Almost 50 MILLION Americans on food stamps

Less than 2% GDP

Stealing over 700 BILLION dollars from Medicare and putting it into Obamacare

Obamacare itself is a fiasco

Solyndra Corp.’s guaranteed loan from the Dept. of Energy – company went bankrupt – no money returned.  It simply disappeared.

Fannie Mae housing scandal – totally owned and operated by the Democrats

Social Security going bankrupt

Intelligence leaks

The border scandal with Fast and Furious

Worst economic recovery in American history

Deteriorating Middle East relations and a coming war in Iran

Bush tax breaks to end in December

Higher taxes next year

Gas now at $4.00 a gallon

The American Middle Class disappearing

America now, sliding into a socialist/tyrannical state, in the form of a record number of Presidential Orders – by-passing the US Constitution – and hundreds of CZARS  (unelected FRIENDS) in the current White House Administration

Need I go on?

Yet, the GOP and the Romney/Ryan ticket are skipping over a lot of these items.

I still have a lot of venom building up with regard to the GOP, the Evangelical Element (and their quiet insertion of being against choice and also homosexuals in the GOP platform – effectively cutting off both Libertarian and Independent voters) along with Reinhold Reince Priebus and Company.

If, with all the above areas of attack that Romney and Ryan have at their disposal – they still cannot defeat Obama – it is THEIR direct fault.  No one else’s.


I wrote a book entitled CHINA HOUSE a few years ago – predicting what is currently taking place now.

When I wrote the book, it got very good reviews – and then nothing after that.

I took a lot of heat, mainly on a racial/bigoted level.  The truth hurts – and the truth is something that our current Administration and the Chinese government despise with a vengeance.

While writing CHINA HOUSE I was confronted by my department head – and “advised” not to publish the book – until I was out of the country and back in the USA.

When I asked him what the danger was he sighed and said, “They will withhold your passport.”

That was enough to make me wait until I returned to America.  I wrote the book in fulfillment of a promise I made to my students – to tell the truth about China, as I saw it, on a day-to-day basis.

However, what is now unfolding is even eye-opening to me – and not predicted in the book.

The news, just stated on the business news channel, took me by total surprise.

Apparently, hundreds of ultra-wealthy Chinese families are now fleeing China because they see their government “coming after them” to make them stay put in China – or risk going to jail – for being rich.

It was reported that families are coming into the Orange County area of California, buying 40 to 50 houses at one time – for CASH.  Houses in that area average around $700,000 per unit – and they are buying them as fast as they can close the deal.

They are flocking to the USA – to escape their Communist Utopia.

If you are really interested in what is happening in China, and a very easy read to boot, please go to Amazon.com and purchase CHINA HOUSE.  It will be money well-spent, I guarantee.

That is it for this Special Edition of The American Telegraph.

Keep thinking positive – vote for FREEDOM in November.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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7 Responses to “Special Edition – August 22, 2012”

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    Well, Well, still giving out facts, true Facts!! However, unfortunately, we to wait and see, cause the public is doing nothing now. What does the conventions have in store for the public to see and hear?

    So, give us a little bit of humor next time so we have more to laugh at and I wonder if other would smile too.

    Thank you, but, we need a bigger audience to listen. Go on TV and promote your A.T. for all to hear about…spread the word.

    To everyone else, I would rather have 4 more years of Romney than Obama. Cause then in 4 more years we can hope they bring a peoples Presdential candidate to offer in that election!!

  • Andrea Says:

    One way or another, China will own a large portion of America. And these rich families may be fleeing China and communism but they may be in for a shock because communism may well be coming to Ameirca, and soon.
    Yes, there are numerous things Romney can use against Obama. The question is “will he have the backbone to do it”?
    America is less than 3 months away from survival or destruction.

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Not surprising national media has not focused on local State Politician and his deviant sexual habits. If they did for State and Local politicians then the news would be a bit overloaded as I am sure there are many more around the country that are in both parties. Todd Akin, however, is a national politician and that would be of interest to all of the country. I sure cannot see what your conspiracy is all about.

    Over a year ago I was surprised that the daughter of the owner of a Chinese Athletic Shoe company (that I have known and done business with for many years) told me her father wanted to retire to the U.S. I was so surprised and asked her why when China was going through such a dramatic growth and the company was profiting greatly from it. Her reply was that her father was sick and tired of dealing with all the corruption there.

  • David Klepinger Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that rich Chinese are coming to America and buying property, which helps business BIG time in California while, at the same time, it puts a thumb in the eye of the Chi-Coms. But yeah, the MMM (Mainstream Marxist Media) are not going to report this, unless of course they can figure out how the story could possibly generate more votes for their man-child creation.

  • BJ Says:

    Surely is getting harder to find any good news but glad to see a bit of good news for a bit of a glimmer in both support and polls.

    Hope there is still time and there is no major mistakes. Biden at Tampa during the Republican Convention could be plus but there is no doubt his intent to take news away the convention. Don’t you think it is bit low down — a bit Biden like?

  • Jacy Says:

    I don’t believe what Romney/Ryan will do or not do at this point will determine the outcome of this election. Everyone who is interested in preserving this country and its Constitution is well aware by now of the horrendous failures of the Obama administration. The GOP as a party is primarily at blame for being wimps and tolerating their RINO’s in Congress and not calling out (loudly) the Democrat lies and misinformation. That said, the determing factor will be the freeloaders, the ignorant who totally ignore the happenings/decisions of the current administration and care less, and those who have been bribed i.e. the MSM and Congress who care only about power and greed. We have yet to experience either party investigating Obama’s obviously forged birth certificate or SSnumber or Selective Service forgery. I still ask “Why is he on the ballot?” ..But both parties are content to let this country be destroyed rather than bring up the background of the man who is destroying it.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    I think its time for a reality check here.

    Barney Frank was having sex with underage Capitol pages eons ago. In fact, there was a homosexual prostitution ring being ran out of his Georgetown townhouse. Never seemed to bother his re-election campaigns. The old double standard has been in place for years and will not change until the mainstream media changes. Fat chance of that happening.

    Taking points are just wasted breath when you are speaking to the fence post. After all, isn’t it much easier to just sit on the porch, gazing at the fence, and take the money? This is why the middle class has been deliberately crucified in this country. No money, no power. You then lose your independence, your will to achieve, and the next thing you know you’re sitting on the porch. Right where they want you. Waiting for the check. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out 15 or 20 years from now when the checks quit coming. Glad I won’t be around to see it.


    PS> China is quickly becoming the major power not just in Asia but worldwide. What is really scary is how they are building their military (using a lot of our money in the process) with some serious offensive capability. But instead of trying to hedge or counter their growing influence we’re busy pissing away treasure and lives in a worthless piece of dirt called Afghanistan. We just can’t seem to see the forest for the trees.