No. 135 – June 29, 2012


I have to admit, when I predicted that Obamacare would be ruled constitutional, I had no idea what the vote would actually be – and who would vote which way.

But, boy, did I take a ration of garbage from a lot of readers who thought I was “as nutty as a fruitcake” for such an “OBVIOUSLY STUPID” prediction.

Making accurate predictions is not all that difficult – if you try to look at the WHOLE PICTURE – not just a part.

So goes life.

But for all of you who STILL have a hard time seeing the forest for the forest, let me explain my rational.

If you remember correctly, when Obama was addressing a joint session of Congress, early in his presidency, he made the tactical political error of calling out the Supreme Court – in public.

There has never been a President who has been disrespectful to the highest court in the land – and lived to brag about it.

Please bear in mind, the Supreme Court members are appointed for LIFE – and it is next to impossible to impeach one of the justices.

Chief Justice John Roberts did one of the most classical ream-jobs that I have ever seen.  Bear in mind – Obama HATES all of the WHITE men on the court – and also Clarence (Uncle Tom) Thomas.

Although, all these men are in the highest caliber of jurisprudence – Obama is not.  President Obama had to actually give up his law degree – rather than disclose secrets that are still sealed from public view.

Chief Justice John Roberts bent the president over backwards and let him have it, with both judicial barrels.

First, he said that Obamacare could not be ruled constitutional under the commerce clause – but then ruled that it could be considered constitutional as a TAX.

Double whammy to the president.

Now OBAMA is going to be FORCED to ADMIT that his healthcare debacle will actually be a tax – and mostly on middle-class working Americans. In other words, WE THE PEOPLE.

Chief Justice John Roberts very deftly painted Obama into a corner.  And he did this ON PURPOSE.

Justice Roberts, according to my sources, holds Obama – and his whole administration – in the highest of disdain – and rightly so.

In ruling this way, Justice Roberts saved the Supreme Court from being labeled “political” while at the same time rescued it from the “Left” in that he ruled from the Conservative viewpoint with relation to the commerce clause.

John Roberts also knows that he handed the real choice back to WE THE PEOPLE.

It is up to US, to vote Obama out – and also take control of the Senate, in conjunction with strengthening the House even more than it already is.

Chief Justice Roberts did a masterful job of discretely handing Mitt Romney a HUGE chance at gaining the White House.  And he did it in the most judicious of actions.  I predict that his last minute maneuver will be studied in law schools and political science classes for years to come.


A lot of Republicans were screaming and yelling just after the decision.  But that will get us nowhere.

Justice Roberts gave the Republicans an incredible advantage at winning back the White House – if the GOP uses this opportunity wisely.

As I have stated MANY times before, the GOP (AKA dumb Republicans), who still refuse to see what is going on, are now predicting a Romney LANDSLIDE in November.  How asinine is that?

It is about as asinine as stating that Obamacare was going to be automatically ruled unconstitutional.

Wake up before it is too late.

The gift of the century has been handed to the Romney campaign – on a GOLDEN Platter.

The LAST THING for anyone to do is think Romney is going to automatically win – especially in a landslide.

I have tried, many times in vain, to show that we are under a semi-tyrannical system of governmental oligarchy.

And the Chicago Mob is pulling a lot of the strings.

The money is flowing – in the billions – and this administration is printing EVEN more.

Where is Henry Paulson.  What ever happened to Jon Corzine?  What the hell is going on?

They have the keys to the TREASURY – and they are robbing the Country blind.

Reiteration of another past prediction:  QE3 will happen before election day.  And another prediction coming to pass as I write – gas will be around the $3 mark by November.  (That prediction was made when gas was over $4 – and I took a real ribbing on that prediction, too).

Much of this fiat PAPER MONEY is being IMMEDIATELY exchanged for GOLD – and quickly shipped to offshore locations, in private bank accounts, throughout the world – by those in, and around, this present administration.

Anybody who does not see this, should just go back to bed and go to sleep.

The Mob is controlling the FED.  And the Mob is controlling the LAW of America to boot.

Another reiteration of an earlier prediction:

Eric Holder WILL NOT lose his position as Attorney General . . .

UNLESS, the GOP takes back BOTH Senate and the White House.  On civil charges – the Senate only needs 51 votes to impeach Mr. Holder.  The GOP must gain an overall count of 4 more Senators to accomplish that goal.

Mark my words, the MOB, in conjunction with the White House, is going to bring down SO MUCH garbage on Romney, and other GOP candidates, that it will make what has happened up to this point look like a prep-school quiz.

Charlie Rangel just won his reelection bid.  Maxine Waters is doing fine.  Nancy Pelosi is still in her position of power, as is Harry Reid.  And Elizabeth Warren (1/32 American Indian) is poised to beat Scott Brown in Massachusetts.  This, even after, she has been “outed” as a liar and falsifier of her curriculum vita.

Ladies and Gentlemen – the Democrats “have not yet begun to fight.”

And I will reiterate another earlier prediction, of which I have a number of monetary bets riding, that Obama will win reelection in 2012 – especially if the GOP thinks, even for a second, that Romney is going to beat Obama, hands down.

I am STILL afraid that the GOP doesn’t have a clue as to what they are up against.

We have less that 130 days to RIGHT this SHIP OF STATE.

If the GOP loses this “Gift of an Opportunity” we might as well rename our country the USS Titanic.

In closing, allow me to be a little more specific.

If the GOP loses the White House – after all that Obama has done – then EVERY GOP LEADER – in every state of the Union – should be physically run out of town – and NEVER allowed to return to ANY position of political influence – FOREVER – starting with Reinhold Reince (the wimp) Priebus and Karl (the Vietnam draft dodger) Rove.

Keep thinking positive – and never give up the fight!

Have a good weekend,

Lawrence Klepinger
Editor / Publisher


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10 Responses to “No. 135 – June 29, 2012”

  • R. W. Klepinger Says:

    I believe you’d really like to claim you lost those bets on purpose. This is getting to be very entertaining reading. Did you hear that A. Merkel is on the cover of Playboy Europe?


  • Andrea Says:

    Larry, I hope you are right in your estimate of what Justice Roberts did in voting as he did. I, and many others I know are still in shock over how it all went down. At this point, I think we have to find out if everyone we know, family and friends, are registered to vote and do our best to ensure they get to the polls in November.
    I don’t know if the MOB owns the media, if Soros has bought them off, threatened them or both but they are not “journalists”. They are all guilty of withholding the truth from the people.
    The corruption is bone deep.

  • John Says:

    Do you know what the “Meme” means?

    Do this on a google search: memegop or meme democrats
    However, my point is: that is people can spend so much time with all this enerty and bashing, what would happen if we put that energy towards postive activities to work for We The People. Wonder what would happen.

    Thanks to Mr. Klepinger, we some of that energy here. Who is best to be President is not the issue this year. The real issue is what can we tolerant for another 4 years.

    So the choice is yours and what you want to leave with for 4 more years!

  • Frank Champagne Says:

    Agreed! This is no time to fall asleep or to give up. But from what I see so far people are being energized by this decision. It is plainly obvious that this turd was sold as a pack of lies, then defended by another pack of lies. When selling it to the rubes, it was not a tax, but in front of the Supremes, it was a tax…..So, most people know a liar when they see one and I think they’ll chase this pack of hyenas back to Chicago in November.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    This is a first! Larry who despises spin, is now the spinniest of spin doctors. The passage of Obamacare is now a stealth victory for the Republicans! Very droll, but like all spin, it can be reversed: if Obamacare is a tax on working Americans, then it strengthens the case for raising taxes for the rich – in the name of fairness. The majority of Republican supporters are indeed wailing and gnashing their, as they should be.

  • David Klepinger Says:

    Simply put, Obamacare was horrible legislation to start with, and both the GOP and the Democrats knew it would be challenged in the SCOTUS. Both parties were making plans for the outcome, either way it turned out. What neither party expected was that the bill would be held unconstitutional AND upheld at the same time. CJ Roberts deserves a lot of credit for tossing the bill back where it belonged – to a non-functional congress. Obama did a little dance at first, but then stopped to think about what happened, and now he is doing his best to ignore his “great achievement” because it is officially a TAX, and he can lie about it all he wants, but it won’t work. The GOP has a chance to win in November, if they don’t blow it, but there is also a chance that they will do exactly that.

  • Ray'san Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your reasoning on the Robert’s vote. I am sure that Roberts and others on the court (and among the citizenry) were horrified that the American people would elect a scoundrel to be the president of this country merely because he was black. These mindless voters believed that their vote would prove that they, at least, were not racists (despite the hidden racial animosities within their hearts). Chief Justice Roberts took it upon himself to create this decision and, as a leader should, to suffer the screams of rage that he knew would be forthcoming. Chief Justice Roberts, I salute you. The ball is now in the people’s court.

  • Jacy Says:

    I also hope that the Republican’s don’t blow it this time around. I say that with a great deal of tribulation based on their past performances (in Congress) and the party in genrral i.e. Bob Dole, John McAmensty and now Mitt Romney. Romney’s feet will need to be held to the fire on Conservatism and on his statement that he will repeal Obamacare. Romney has changed his mind many times in the past. I believe Romney wants to “be” president – I’m not certain about his commitment to turn this country around.

    I also base the entire statement above when I see Republicans who are afraid to speak out, send or pass on good information, put on bumper stickers or place post-it notes on gas stations that inform the public what gas prices were when the Usurper took office. That started in the East and what a great way to startle the uninformed!Somewhere the mental physic of our brains, when we see a multitude of people who ban together i.e. Tea Party patriots, messages etc., it does send a message to the obvious brain dead voters?

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-
    Although I’m not in the habit of making predictions, I have one here that you need to remember.
    No matter who gets elected, no matter who controls either house, Obama care is here to stay. Like it or not.
    It may be tweaked a bit, but it will never be repealed.

  • Barry S. Says:

    I almost couldn’t read through this…Obama will be president for four more years and there is nothing any of us can do about it. The choice is no longer ours and I am sad to say this but this country died a long time ago and I (and probably many of you) am having a difficult time accepting it.

    The only hope is getting to the children and electing people who are NOT apart of the system. The Youth for Ron Paul is a great organization and I hope to one day run myself.

    I like to keep thinking positive but being realistic needs to be apart of thinking as well…delusion is not healthy!