No. 136 – July 3, 2012


I have received a lot of negative comments regarding America – and its current path toward “self-destruction” from readers.

So let’s put things into perspective and look at the facts:

When the 13 Colonies finally decided to “revolt” against England, the cards were stacked against the forming of a “NEW Republic” in gigantic proportions:

1.  England was the greatest military force that the world had ever known – up to that time.

2.  England had the strongest – and MOST POWERFUL Army and Navy in the world.  Remember, England defeated the Spanish Armada – establishing it as the Supreme World Power.

3.  England had an unlimited amount of money due to its Colonial Web, spread around the World.

4.  America, on the other hand, had no standing Army and no Navy.

5.  America had no method of producing military armor whatsoever.  Just rifles and GUNS.

6.  America had no real financing – in other words, no money.

7.  America had only TWO THINGS that would eventually win our Independence:


With these two “articles of faith” our Founding Fathers went on to defeat the mightiest military machine in the World, with a rag-tag, motley crew of “Minutemen,” many of whom did not even have a regular pair of shoes.

But stand up, they did.  And they won against overwhelming odds.

Then the War of 1812 – again, against England.  The White House itself was burned – but the Republic survived.

Depressions, border wars, the Mexican War and other conflicts – and again America came out on top.

World War I – in which we were promised we’d never enter, if we only vote for Wilson.  The American People voted for Wilson in 1916 – and we were in the War to End all Wars – 1917.  America was victorious.

The Great Depression of 1929 – 1941.

World War II – in which we fought on TWO FRONTS, totally unprepared – and came out victorious again.

The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Middle East Wars, and all the wars in between – and America is still intact as the strongest Republic the world has ever known.

Then Obama – and everybody went nuts for a person who could speak with the eloquence of a prince – and the American people were deluded into thinking that he was the ONE.

And now comes the Second Coming – November 6, 2012.

For all the bellyachers and crybabies who are saying America is doomed – I say, grow up – and quit your constant bitching.

Obama can never make America fail.   No one man will ever do that to America.

Not as long as WE THE PEOPLE – wake up and realize that, “we shall overcome” this malady, too.

Justice Roberts laid the onus back onto WE THE PEOPLE – and if America knows what is good for its future well-being, they will vote Obama – and his criminal ilk out of office – and hopefully, out of the country.

How many times have we all attended “self-motivational conferences” and came away thinking, “What a bunch of bullshit?”

But consider this for a moment.  Have you ever attended a conference that taught you how to THINK NEGATIVE.

No, you have not.

And that is precisely my point.  Thinking negative is what most people do AUTOMATICALLY.  It is as natural as a dog scratching fleas.

But to think – and ACT – in a positive manner – does NOT come automatically.

And this is precisely why everybody likes to see a hero – a leader – someone who has the courage and conviction to stand up to all odds – and be victorious.

The only thing that bothers me, is that too many Americans nowadays lack what is needed to stand up and fight – and die – if need be, for the sake of America and the future of this country.

I doubt that many nowadays would be able to face what our Founding Fathers – and our Forefathers – had to endure in the Defense of Freedom.

I hope I am wrong in this assumption – but something keeps pestering me to the contrary.


More and more people are agreeing that Justice Roberts pulled a fast one on Obama.  NO ONE thought he would do what he did.  I still believe history will prove him to be one of the standouts in PROFILES IN COURAGE as the years go on.

But only if Americans actually do what he put his faith in WE THE PEOPLE to do.

Simply put, WAKE UP, and smell the cordite.

The line has been drawn:

Total Government Control or Control by WE THE PEOPLE.

All otherwise, good-thinking Americans, are still not convinced that they should vote of Romney.

I am the first one to say, he is not the best candidate to carry the GOP banner.  But that time is over.  He IS the one and there is no way around that situation.  I would have loved to see Colonel West be nominated but that is beside the point.

Whoever Romney picks – I hope Rob Portman or Allen West – we must ALL get behind the GOP – and SAVE AMERICA.

Sound too shrill?  Sound too fanatical?  Then you should read, NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON, by Barry Goldwater.

Let’s face it, Goldwater – not Ronald Reagan – was the TRUE leader of the CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT.

I hereby appeal to all Americans to put your dislike of the GOP aside – and especially Mitt Romney – and vote Republican.  This includes all those who are thinking of voting for one of the other candidates – to “teach the GOP a lesson.”  You are simply wrong, if you think a vote for the Libertarian or Independent candidate will do an ounce of good.  Every vote for either of those candidates – is a vote for Obama and his band of professional criminals.

Benjamin Franklin’s words are more prescient now that ever before.

When asked by a citizen, “Mr. Franlkin, what have you given us?”

He replied, “A Republic – if you can keep it.”

IT IS UP TO WE THE PEOPLE.  We may not get another chance.


Thanks to Richard Bachert for the following, VERY IMPORTANT articles:

Chief Justice Roberts and Economic Fascism
In upholding Obamacare, which is in fact Pelosicare, Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion. He indulged in some lawyer-like deception, as lawyers are paid to do. The law specifically says that the mandatory payment for not buying insurance is a penalty, not a tax. He determined that this penalty would be unconstitutional if it… READ MORE

New Law Will Raise Drug Prices
Most Americans are unaware that the pharmaceutical companies that are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration are required to pay for this regulation. The FDA negotiates these fees. Does this sound like a system of payoffs? It does to me. But Congress thinks it’s business as usual. Now Congress is united. The law must… READ MORE

Thanks, to my brother David Klepinger, for this one:

And this one is truly a “must see” by every Senior in America.  I just made an appointment with my doctor for this coming Friday to get as much taken care of as possible – before this even goes into effect.

Thanks to Doc Dolan for sending this one in.  PLEASE watch it.


Here is wishing all of you a very Happy Fourth of July.

Keep the faith, never give up – and remember to Keep the Republic on November 6, 2012.


Lawrence Klepinger


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10 Responses to “No. 136 – July 3, 2012”

  • Andrea Says:

    I don’t know what other people think about the Supreme Court ruling but to me personally, I believe Chief Justice Roberts is a traitor to the Constitution, to his country, to his oath of office and the people he represents. He gave Obama everything he wanted and more. I rarely listen to Limbaugh but he detailed some of what this ruling is going to mean to the people of America. It isn’t pretty and I think time will bear that out.
    I believe the governor of Florida has great courage and the G.O.P. needs to get their head out of their posterior and take a long look at this man. NO, there are very few Americans cut from the cloth of our founders!!!!!

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    Right on Larry, we are only defeated as a people when we decide we can no longer fight for what we know to be right, give up, and give in. I am certainly not ready for that and I believe your readers are not either.
    Voting is a privilege and voting to effect a useful and peaceful change of management in this country is a right we can choose to exercise in November. We may not get it right even then but we can at least start to move the nation back in the right direction.
    I also agree Justice Roberts is quite brilliant, he did not abandon the American people but instead has given us several options for a way out.
    The elections are coming and I agree Mr. Romney is not any where near my first choice but I can not see having Mr Obama back for another 4 years of bad management.
    Happy 4th to all…

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Good Call!!! I have been hearing this negative stuff on the country since I entered teaching in the 60’s. Everything is going down hill in the crapper so they have said for years. Thanks for bringing it home to those whose lives revolve around complaining. I had to live through 8 years of GW but look what we accomplished in 08. Suck it up and work the process and if you win you win but if you lose you lose and in every case you MOVE ON.

  • Frank Champagne Says:

    We should never forget that civilization always moves forward. Regardless of the setbacks and the attacks made on it by all the forms of socialism, the deranged ambitions of the Islamo fascists, civilization just keeps stroking along. Sure, we’ve done ourselves in from time time and the republic doesn’t look like the one envisioned by the founders, but by and large, we’ve done alright and kept the promise alive.
    So, there is no reason for pessimism. We survived Wilson and Roosevelt and Carter and Nixon so we’ll dust ourselves off again next year and continue the American journey. Perhaps we’ll be the wiser for all of this. I hope so!

  • Doc Dolan Says:


    Read the article on the link provided by Larry’s brother David. Then think about what you just read. You MIGHT reconsider your last statement. Is Justice Roberts crazy … probably. But like my Grandmother used to say … crazy like a Fox! Just sayin …

    He has, in one decison told Americans … “The ball is completely in YOUR COURT AMERICA”. No courts, no congress, no Obummer to interfere, or over-ride you … your vote counts NOW, more than it has in decades! Use it wisely, or ‘quitcherbitchin’.


    Everyone have a Safe and Happy 4th of July holiday. My personal thanks to all who have served, or are currently serving in the Armed Services of STILL THE BEST DAMNED COUNTRY ON THE PLANET!

    Ride Safe, Ride Sober, Ride Fast, but most of all … RIDE FREE!

  • John Says:

    “Cordite” you used by saying; “wake up and smell the cordite.” Cordite means explosion, does anyone understand what you mean, I hope?

    For all the links, they are in sink with all the comments I’ve heard since the courts decision.

    As I send before, It’s better to live with 4 years of Republicans than 4 more yes of Obama, and the fact his next 4 years has no need to please anyone to get reelected, so do as he Dam Pleases!! What do you want in that office?

  • John Says:

    “Cordite” you used by saying; “wake up and smell the cordite.” Cordite means explosion, does anyone understand what you mean, I hope?

    For all the links, they are in sink with all the comments I’ve heard since the courts decision.

    It’s better to live with 4 years of Republicans than 4 more yes of Obama, and the fact his next 4 years has no need to please anyone to get reelected, so do as he Dam Pleases!! What do you want in that office?

  • John Says:

    Here is a great video and song!

  • Eric Johnson Says:

    Talk about Negitive, What Positive position has the Republican Party put forward to REPLACE all the negitives they want to remove. Remove Obamacare, GREAT but then what?? Remove this and Undo that is all great, but what are the Repubilcans going to replace it with??? Banks that can’t go broke so WE THE PEOPLE have to back them up?? Stock Brokers to big to fail so we have to Bail them out too! I want to hear what the Republicans are goint to do after all the Undoing is done. Things were not good at all when the last Republican left the White House 3.5 years ago. We do not need to go back to that! Anyone entering the White Houuse 3.5 years ago had a big problem on there hands and had to do what they thought best ASAP to make it better. The Economy problem was a BIG Deal not a small setback, it was going to take time to fix and get better. Back in 2008 I remember someone saying it was going to take till 2014 or later to come all the way back to normal again. Congress has not done a lot except bicker and pass what just needs to be done at the last min. I do not know who I am voting for yet, but it is going to be someone with a plan for the future and some positive plans to move the country forward in a positive way.

  • jeffrey sun Says:

    I too would like to see Allen West as a VP candidate. He is a true American with true values, impeccable credentials and he has sound philosopy on how this country should be run.