No. 137 – July 13, 2012


For the last two weeks I have been trying to sort out a lot of political maneuvering that has been going on.  I have finally come up with a few insights that I thought I would try to explain – and see what kind of response I get.

In all honesty, WE THE PEOPLE, have been taught an extremely vital lesson in not only the fragility of our United States Constitution – but also how our LACKADAISICAL and SELF-CENTEREDNESS can actually destroy this Democratic Republic that our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us, almost 250 years ago.

We – along with our “representatives” – became nonchalant about our state of affairs – not only here in America – but throughout the world.

We became deluded with the acquisition of money – the Tech bubble, The Housing bubble, The Economic Meltdown of 2008, the Current Debt Drisis – and a whole lot of other scandals and illegal activities too numerous to name.

If you want to look at a real SHAME of an amendment to our US Constitution, I suggest that EVERYONE  read the 27th Amendment.  After reading it, do your homework – and find out who voted for the amendment.  Notice how fast it was adopted as an amendment.  And how, virtually NO resistance was lodged against it.  WE were too busy making money – and forgetting about our own civic responsibilities to even care.

EVERY member of the full Congress should be asked this very simple question:

Did you vote yes or no (yea or nay) regarding the passage of the 27th Amendment?

This is a YES / NO question.

If they voted YES – then run them out of office.

If they voted NO – vote for them again.

If they “had nothing to do with the vote” then ask if they would be willing to fully repeal the 27th Amendment?

Yes or No.

Get candidates in office who are in favor of repealing the 27th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

I know this sounds trivial.  But in all honesty, it is a GREAT beginning – to cull from the government, all representatives who are in favor of full monetary gain at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE.


Glad you asked.

DEMAND that every person you support for elected office be in favor of TERM LIMITS.

US Congressman – Two 2-year Terms – Pension of $100,000 for a maximum of four years.

US Senator – Two 4-year Terms (not 6 years) – Pension of $150,000 for a maximum of eight years.

If term limits are good for the President and Vice-president, then term limits are in order for ALL members of Congress.

And as for the President and Vice-president, the same calculations should be applied.

EXAMPLE:  If a Congressman is elected for a period of two years, and then loses his reelection bid, he is entitled to 2 years pension compensation.  Nothing after that.

If he is reelected for two more years, then he is entitled to a pension of $100,000 for a period of four years.  Nothing after that.

This same formula would also be applied to the Senate.

This would automatically get rid of:

Career politicians

Endless pension “retirement” plans that go on to infinity

And finally put a stop to the “laddering” of government retirement jobs


This would be a start – and a firm demonstration – to WE THE PEOPLE – that our “representatives” really intend to work for us and the United States of America – and not simply for themselves – and their grossly unfair retirement pensions – in perpetuity.

Once the “leaders” of our country exhibit their full and faithful actions to implement this VERY SIMPLE and FAIR “adjustment” to the Constitution, then we can move on to more important matters.

As stated above, I predict that Barack Obama, will go down as a watershed in American history – in that he showed just how far down a country can go, when it does not maintain a constant – and persistent – vigil against usurpers and devious charlatans – such as the man, and the administration – that currently occupy the White House.  And many members of Congress, to boot – on BOTH sides of the “aisle!”

Barack Obama has shown the American people what actually happens to a country when we allow such criminal elements to infiltrate our democratic form of government – while feeding our own greed and corruption to “get while the getting is good.”

PLEASE, do not misinterpret what I am saying.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue.  This is an AMERICAN issue.

Barack Obama has outdone all of the past presidents, when it comes to intentionally trying to destroy America.

Even Presidents Nixon, Clinton, and Carter were NEVER this overtly vile and corrupt. And we are just now seeing the tip of the “Chicago Mob Iceberg.”


Long ago, I predicted that race would play a vital part in the election of Obama in 2008.  I was chastised by friends and foes alike as being a racist. Those voices are now nowhere to be heard.

It is obvious what is going on – even to so many people who voted for Obama in 2008.

Obama – along with his political minions – are taking the GOP apart – piece by piece.

First, it was race.  95% of blacks voted for Obama in 2008.  Am I to assume that race had NOTHING to do with this?  But blacks are now waking up to the fact that skin color does not guarantee that the person they voted for would help them.

Let’s face it.  Obama is NOT a black American.  He is HALF-WHITE and HALF-BLACK.  If you want to call somebody an “Oreo” he is the man that the label is most apt to have relevance.

Not so, Herman Cain, nor Allen West. And certainly not Condoleezza Rice!  All of whom have been called, “Uncle Tom,” “Oreo,” “House Slave,” and so on – by the Liberal Left.

But Obama was “white enough” to be accepted by the Liberal Media, who backed their “Chosen One” to the hilt.  Only one problem.  His Left leaning tendencies are now turning off the “black community.”

But they STILL will vote for Obama, along PURELY racial lines.  They simply cannot help themselves.

So the “black vote” is lost.

Obama has intentionally allowed “illegals” to enter America and has ACTIVELY encouraged them to come in, take advantage of our total “good-nature” and run our Welfare System into near bankruptcy, here in the State of California.

So the “Latino vote” is lost.

Please do not delude yourself into thinking that a Rubio addition would help Romney’s case one iota.  It would not.  Rubio is Cuban – not Mexican. There is a BIG difference.  And, from people I have talked to, Rubio is considered to be a “sellout” to the “white” Republican Party.

So the “Latino” vote is lost.

Obama then decided to divide the “enemy” even further by proposing that student loan rates not be raised.  And, the majority of American college students, praised Obama for “helping them” to achieve their educational goals.

So the “student vote” is lost.

Obama then tried to demonize the GOP with regard to women – and has been successful to a somewhat lesser degree.

But the biggest coup of all has been Obama’s persistent pounding on the 1% v. the 99%.

This is PURE Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro philosophy.

And the basic structure of education has been so dumbed-down that the “students,” along with the majority of people “polled,” feel that the “rich” have too much – and the rest of “us” have too little.

BUT wait.

Suddenly, Americans are saying that maybe the rich should not be the target of all the hatred and animosity that they are receiving.  It seems that polls now show that the rich, if they worked for their money honestly, deserve to receive their just rewards.


Where the difference lies is in the MISCALCULATION of Barack Obama, in that the American people are now starting to see that TENS OF MILLIONS of GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES have ransacked the public coffers all over the United States of America.

Bear in mind, private entrepenurs are making their own money – and spending their own money.  Most people do not have a problem with this.

Where the trouble lies is when public “officials” are taking our money – and spending it to inflate their own salaries – and exorbitant retirement packages.

Don’t get me wrong.  Government workers should have ONE retirement package to help them in their “declining” years.

But those retirement packages MUST be in line with the rest of WE THE PEOPLE – or sooner or later – WE THE PEOPLE will say, “Enough is enough,” and either become TOTALLY MOBILIZED – or in a “worst” case scenario, auger on the side of a SECOND REVOLUTION.

So far, we have not come to that point in history.   Time will tell if this prediction is right or wrong.


This is the point that NOBODY really wants to address – the white voter.

And the Christian voter.

The Independent, Moderate and Libertarian voter is also apparent in this mix.

But, the fear of being called a racist, is holding most people back from saying what I am about to say.

In recent history, there was a man by the name of George Wallace, who was a white racist and ran for president.  He made a statement that I will never forget.

“Strange things happen to a man when he goes inside the polling booth – and closes the curtain behind him.”

When asked what he meant, he simply said that a lot of people will vote because of their race.  Everybody laughed at Wallace.  In the finally tally, Wallace had amassed 10% of the national “white” vote – and the nation was shocked!

Whether this was a racist vote or not is still debatable.  The point is, Wallace hit upon an ugly vein in America – and he predicted that many people would vote in his favor.

Fast forward to 2012 – and then remember back to when another politician by the name of Richard Nixon predicted that a great “Silent Majority” would rise up and sweep him into office.

The media laughed – and Richard Nixon was elected president.

I AM NOT here to praise either Wallace or Nixon.

I am simply trying to point out HUMAN NATURE – and its effects on history.

President Obama is the one who has called out the CLASS WARFARE card – and buttressed it up with the RACE CARD, and also to a certain extent the “gender” card.

But, in my conversations of recent weeks, there is a quietly growing sentiment, that the SILENT MAJORITY could “rise again” and turn up in quiet, dignified DROVES, turning this nation completely on its head.

Remember, the HUGE majority of this nation is WHITE and Judeo-Christian in religious nature.

White people do NOT have a monopoly on racism.

It is an element of human nature.  Right or wrong is not the point here.

What matters – first and foremost – is SURVIVAL.  Yet, this survival is not race-based in nature. But that is what Obama would have everyone believe.

Napoleon once said, “Revenge is like a double-edged sword – without a handle.

In essence, racism is a form of revenge.

Instead of drawing all of us together, Obama has actually driven us apart, through his race-based politics.

But he has misjudged the biggest aspect of WE THE PEOPLE – and that is the “Spirit of America.”

The American Dream.

All true Americans, no matter what race, religion, creed, color or national orgin, share this one universal AMERICAN value.

Barack Obama has completely miscalculated when he tried to pit one race, one religion, one man and one woman against each other.

Just as in the Civil War – in which slavery and racism were to be put to rest – WHITE PEOPLE stood up – and finally freed the African slaves from their cruel bondage.

Without white people, the slaves would have been held as chattel for who knows how long.

Americans, truly in their hearts, disdain racism.

But when it is forced upon them to act, then act they will.

This is not to say that white people will vote for Romney, just because he is white.

Black people are doing that with Obama.

White people are going to “quietly” come out to vote for Romney – as a statement AGAINST Barack Obama’s blatant assult on the American Spirit through his racist and divisive political tactics.

Americans despise racism – and, if I am right – will vote the biggest racist out of the White House, since Andrew Johnson.


Yes, this is always the problem.

In truth, I was sick to my stomach last week, as the GOP continued to fumble the Golden Gift handed to them by Chief Justice Roberts with regard to Obamacare.

Now, I am seeing an almost “gloating atmosphere” starting to surrounding many GOP strongholds.

Sun-Tsu once stated that when you begin to take your enemy for granted, you will lose the oncoming battle – and consequently lose the war.

I have seen this type of ignorant arrogance from the Republicans before.  They gloat, prance like a barnyard peacock strutting his stuff – then get the daylights kicked out of them at the polls.

I beseech each and every reader – I humbly implore you – to do as much as you can for your Congressmen and Senators – for in these two Houses lie the future of America.

Walk precincts, knock on doors, hand out pamphlets, talk to friends and neighbors, write letters to the editor, make phone calls, go to your precinct office and lick envelopes.

GET INVOLVED – and in the process, the Silent Majority will, once again, set this country on the Right Track.

But it is up to WE THE PEOPLE – and also the GOP – not to get complacent, nor over-confident.  Now is the time to hunker down, buckle up – and get ready for the ride of a political lifetime.

Good luck – and keep thinking POSITIVE!

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “No. 137 – July 13, 2012”

  • Dick Bachert Says:


    For years, I’ve been amazed at this idiotic quadrennial fascination with the beauty contest known as the (cue the trumpet fanfare) “PRESIDENTIAL RACE.” Our inattention and/or apparent desire for a king or a strong man dictatorship and/or the increasing numbers of un or ill-educated denizens of the U.S. who feel incapable of lifting themselves out of their own miserable lives has allowed our system to morph and descend into the present quasi-monarchy from its original foundations as a representative REPUBLIC.

    With few — and very early — exceptions, the Presidency is bought and paid for by the corporatists populating the Military/Industrial Complex about which President Eisenhower warned us. Knowing that will help you understand why these neocon chickenhawks are constantly sending our kids off to stupid, meaningless and unwinnable foreign “nation-building” meatgrinders with one arm tied behind their backs.

    Capitol Hill is infested with elected and unelected folks who care more about their net worth & the next election than they do the next generation. To enhance their chances to retain the best and cushiest job most of them have ever held, they have foolishly, dangerously and voluntarily shipped most of their former Constitutional powers west to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, thereby relieving themselves of the often dirty and dangerous (to reelection!) business of actually making the hard choices that attend the responsibilities with which the Founders charged them.

    People, the most important thing we can remember about all of this is that the Founders constructed the system to put – AND KEEP — the KEYS TO THE FEDERAL CASH REGISTER IN CONGRESS and the current Gang of 535 could bring this out-of-control government spending and the steady usurpation of our freedoms to a screeching halt tomorrow at noon — IF THEY WANTED TO. Attila the Hun could occupy the White House and without the dough to hire the bureaucrats, buy the desks and computers, etc., etc. ad nauseum, Mr. Hun would be hamstrung. (See Article 1, Section 7 of the now largely moribund Constitution for details.)

    But they DON’T — for a number of reasons: (And I cite the tax situation as but one example of the problem. Don’t get me started on the ENERGY and Algore’s gloBULL warming scams!)

    1. They understand the need to vacuum the excess FRAUDS (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Denominators) — there are no “dollars” circulating now! — out of circulation BEFORE the bulk of the dumb masses (say it really fast for maximum effect) catch on to the resultant inflation. If you question that statement, ask yourself why else would a criminal enterprise (the federal government) having the power to “create” “money” with the stroke of a pen NEED YOURS every April 15th?

    2. The current Gang of 535 understands the need for the massive tax code (so-called because it is written in code by gnomes chained to posts in the cellars of K Street lobbying firms and understood only by their keepers) to reward their friends, punish their enemies and keep the rest of us under their thumbs with threats of draconian punishments should we run afoul of it. It is impossible to NOT run afoul of it.

    3. While the dumb masses rant about the abusive practices of this top criminal enterprise’s subsidiary criminal enterprise (the IRS), members of the Gang can pose and posture for the cameras from time to time and declare that “something MUST be done to reign in the abuses of the IRS,” NOTHING WILL BE DONE until we clean house on Capitol Hill and get back to the HONEST, CONSTITUTIONAL MONEY called for at Art.1, Sect. 10. They’ve been playing a rigged game of 3 card Monte with us for so long – and getting away with it – that, as Herman Cain’s book title declares – “They Think You’re STUPID.” And, hell, for MOST of the dumb masses, they’re right.

    And THAT process starts in YOUR STATE and CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT by finding and supporting decent candidates — at ALL levels — who will go to YOUR state capitol and Malfunction Junction and do that house cleaning. Not marching on Washington (unless MILLIONS of pitchfork wielding folk crowd the Mall, the elites are amused by these things and the only folks who benefit from the finite patriot resources devoted to them are the airlines, hotels and restaurants in D.C.)…not sending “money” to the RNC (LOL!)…not writing poison pen letters to these current jerks…but THROWING OUT THE CURRENT JERKS you have identified as NOT having the country’s interests at heart and doing it as many times as necessary to get it right. And then watching the NEW GUYS like a hawk to make certain THEY don’t go bad from imbibing too much of that power Kool-Aid so popular in Disneyland on The Potomac.

    A good news in the viability of this approach is that the controlled so-called national mainstream media have far less impact on these widely separated congressional races making it easier to get some good guys elected.

    The bad news is that I can speak from personal experience about how the national PARTIES will survey all the contested congressional races and if they DO find a candidate they do not or think they cannot control running on their side, they’ll offer a “consultant” from headquarters to come in and ASSIST the campaign. In at least 4 cases with which I am familiar, the Republican National Committee TORPEDOED those campaigns so a good guy who might be more inclined to cling to the Constitution before toeing the party line didn’t make it to D.C.

    And for you who, like a sad number of the dumb masses, THINK YOUR GUY IS OK, go to GRADEGOV at

    for your guy’s voting record on taxes, spending or your personal hot button issues. You might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

    Then head on over to and get active in some HOUSE CLEANING in the next election!

    I often get the strong sense that the American people have some sick and sophomoric yearning for a new ROYAL FAMILY or BENEVOLENT KING to make their lives what they themselves feel incapable of making them without some nanny-state sovereign. Throughout history, with few exceptions conspicuous because of their rarity, those systems nearly always become malignant and freedom founders and eventually fails. With the exception of America – the IDEA, not the place – most men who have walked the earth have lived as slaves.

    As opportunities afford themselves (and this is one), I simply attempt to remind my fellow citizens of that history and what lies ahead if they continue in their ignorance of that history.

    I could go on for volumes but you get the idea.

    One final thought: With the exception of the guys who CLEARLY pass muster at GRADEGOV, RE-ELECT NOBODY!!!!!

    We’ve left things to the career politicians for too long. If things continue as they are, there will be NOWHERE TO HIDE!

  • John Says:

    How do I respond. Well, again, you point out some facts and staements that allude to the current situation, True in my mind. You first stated “…political maneuvering…”! Yes you can say it is that; but also, it is more than that. Obama wants to get reelected. So does every President in term 1. So they use not only the power of the office, but they also use every source available to them to try and make that happen. But the party also wants to keep THEIR party in office, not only the white house, but in Congress.

    But what happens during the second term if reelected. The President does not have to run a popularity contest nor does “he” have to please anyone, except his own party so that maybe they are positioned to get another party member elected again. So we have big party fights for four more years and “WE THE PEOPLE” still loose.

    So, the point is, who cares who is in office, unless the people pay attention and get off there coach potatoe butts and vote. It’s so simple and does not take a lot of effort, not much more than going to the store to buy some bread and milk. A point that Mr. Klepinger keeps driving home in every publication. Every wonder why he does that?

    Pure and simple, the people who support Obama only see the “good” he is doing, but they don’t publish the negative.

    One point on Obama care I keep reading and seeing published since the court ruling, Obama care is a tax! So if you don’t buy medical coverage the Government is going to tax you; and how will they know if you have health insurance or not? If companys or Corporations don’t provide to all employees, they are going to TAX them; How will the Government know this? I guess they will have to hire more people, develop more software to manage and monitor this requirement. They say this will bring in billions of dollars, but what about the Trillions they are spending. It budget will never balance.

    As for our Congress, remember, each group of citizens in an established area only vote for 1 out of 435. I think every citizen should take note of this and get out and vote. For Senators, yes you can vote for 2 out of 100, but not every election do you vote for 2, sometimes it only 1 of the Senators.

    Term Limits, I agree the country needs to review this process and even put an age limit on all Congress persons that means they must retire upon reaching that age, even if it’s during there current term

    The 27th amendment. Check this out, has a lot of history behind this amendment and 6 states still have not ratified the amendment. Repeal it, Yes. We the People should have a say in giving these folks a Salary.

    After all, it was my education in school that said this was a convention and not a job. I guess we where mislead or I didn’t understand.

    Yes, there are some out there who call themselves “Career Politicians”, Why? Are not these representatives, or who are they?

    I see so many comments, good and bad, and some pointing out negative and positive about Obama and current administration. But reading all this and review many other publications, all I can see is we have a problem. The only way is to correct with new blood, and work for 4 more years and hope we can find good leaders to run for office. After all, the President is in charge of Administering our Government. What is Congress there for? A change is better than 8 years of the same ole thing! It will make it harder to undo, especially if the People’s representatives do not take action.

  • r.w. klepinger Says:

    Fellow bloggers,

    This was, as is usual, a well-thought-out message offered to us by Larry for consideration and to provoke action. Most of us who have access to his arguments and conclusions are likely to agree at least in part. His passion for supporting the goodness and greatness of America and its history cannot be argued.

    I submit that, like Larry states, we have it within our power to do better and rite the union…but it will take more than the accusatory posturing from Congress and both political parties. Ironic that it was the Vice President that stood-in for Obama at the recent NAACP event while Mr. Romney ventured to Wyoming to add $4M to his coffers following a disappointing welcome at the same event just a few hours earlier.

    Our wonderful nation and people are suffering from a variety of ills and problems. The evidence is everywhere. Fixing them will require cooperation, forgiveness and statesmanship. This Congress appears to be incapable of performing any of those functions.

    A hopeful sign has appeared recently from the producers of TV drama. Those of you with an open mind might find this link interesting to watch. Only 3 minutes long.!

  • David Klepinger Says:

    Thanks, Larry. I never knew that the ratification of an amendment could take place over a period of centuries, one state at a time. Michigan was the swing state in 1992, nearly 203 years after the original text of the amendment was submitted as part of the proposed Bill of Rights in 1789. Very interesting. I’m not sure if any of the members of the Michigan Assembly are still in office, but most of those responsible for ratification are long gone. More important is the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is NOT a pay raise, and thus Congress can give itself a pay raise in line with the cost of living rate and the 27th Amendment does not have to apply.

    As to the subject of Barack Obama’s attempt to destroy America, this is what he HAS to do in order to rebuild it in HIS image. The only thing standing in his way is the voters, but he has managed to put more people on Social Security Disability than have gained employment during his 3.5 years in office, at least in the private sector. And just today it is reported that he plans to undermine the Welfare Reform Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton, by instructing his HHS secretary to “redefine” work in an effort to make more people qualify for welfare. He knows he is very close to the “tipping point” at which net recipients from the government outnumber net payers to the government. Once he has enough voters who are dependent on the government for their livelihood, without any requirement to earn for themselves, then he can get whatever he wants. The real fight in this election is between capitalists and anti-capitalists, which reminds me of a saying: “The capitalist signs his check on the front…the anti-capitalist signs it on the back.”

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Oh my, how you come to these conclusions is simply beyond comprehension. Under the current administration almost twice as many illegals are being deported per year as under the previous Republican administration yet you say that the current administration is letting the illegals come in droves. Illegal immigration from Mexico is down drastically mainly because of the economy and not politics.

    After your above inaccurate statement I just couldn’t bare to read any more knowing how your false conclusions are reached.

    Stick to the facts and quit making up lies. When will you right wingers ever see and process truth when you can’t even evaluate facts. Us Dem’s have the same problem but why can’t we put it all down and try to meet in the middle instead of posturing all the time and getting nothing done. I thought you had previously said something like that but this piece certainly destroys that.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Me, I’m just hoping for a benevolent dictatorship. In fact, I would be happy to trade Obama for any kind of dictatorship. It would certainly be an improvement.


    PS: While walking into the Food Stamp Office today (after seeing the TV ads) I tripped over the door sill and sprained my big toe. Tomorrow I’m filing for permanent disability.

    Ain’t life grand in America?