No. 134 – June 25, 2012


Good morning everybody.  My apologies for another American Telegraph so soon, but I thought these three articles might be of interest to many of you.

I THINK they have been verified – but please check the references – and let us ALL know if any of these are not true.

I owe three readers a debt of gratitude for their heads-up action.

This, in essence, is the TRUE mission of THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH – to get news out that a lot of people simply are not aware of – news that will decidedly affect their daily lives.

PLEASE, keep thinking positive, and use this medium to “get the word out” to everyone.

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind – in that, it affords WE THE PEOPLE with a viable means of communication – something that the mainstream media is determined to derail at every turn.

Freedom of Speech belongs to WE THE PEOPLE – not just a select, elite few.

Thanks goes to Naida, Mark and Billy Joe for sending this information to me.

Please register your comments in the blog section.

On a side note you might want to keep your eye on the Supreme Court and their decision (as I write) on immigration – and THURSDAY with their decision on healthcare.  Also, AG Holder and the circus that is taking place on a continuing basis, regarding gun running to Mexico – which I “re-predict” that he will get away with murder – literally!

But BEWARE – while our attention is being intentionally diverted by the mass media – articles, such as the ones below – are sneaking in, undetected under the so-called “radar.”

Best wishes – and keep informed.

Lawrence Klepinger







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7 Responses to “No. 134 – June 25, 2012”

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    2012 campaign slogan suggestion:


    Kinda catchy, huh?

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    I find it interesting at the end of the global warming article that the poll question is phrased Is Global warming a “Threat” An issue perhaps something we want to be aware of climate change, but a Threat? Why is it everything today seems to be couched in the most negative term available in a seeming attempt to further divide people in this country.
    There was a time when at the end of the day regardless of your political affiliation you were an American and we did actually work together to accomplish good things…
    Not for some years now. The three articles were eye opening and well worth the read, Thanks Larry for posting them.
    Seems conservatives, liberals and our two major parties these days just spend all their spare moments trying to out scare the other side. Does become a bit discouraging after a while, would be nice to get some of the basic things in this country and the world settled down like oh yeah the world economy…
    Seems much of the other things are as much devices to keep the population off balance all the while priorities are not addressed.
    All these and other issues can be addressed but only people are open to some civil give and take conversation. I hope to someday see that again some day.
    The politicians on both sides are laughing all the way to the bank, life for the most part is good for them, plenty of money, terrific health care and living the good life, so is it really in their interest to solve anything? I am thinking it is time to thoroughly clean house, and open our minds to some real change possibilities.

  • Gerrit Kuiken Says:

    Regarding the Alaska Land Giveaway – I have received this misleading email a number of times – not much truth in it – I think we (US) would be hard-put to make a claim on these islands – and Obama had nothing to do with any of it. gk

  • David Welden Says:

    It’s really great to see the “Godfather” of global warming speak-up honestly on the subject.

  • John Says:

    For the Michigan State article — it’s a first amendment right — freedom of speech. Enough Said.

    About the Gobal warning article:
    Here is a poll from that article:
    Do you think global warming is a real threat?
    7% Yes 2342 votes
    90% No 30178 votes
    3% It won’t be my problem 918 votes
    I have to say I agree with th 7% yes. I worked for a large areospace company and participated on a company wide committee to reduce anything in any part of the company for hazardous and environmental issues.

    These folks on this committee where people who knew about these subjects and some had Doctor degrees. They were well qualified to work on these subjects. One thing they discovered about cleaning metal parts that went on space vehicles: getting rid of the harse chemicals they used and using water did a better job. However, it was the type of spray nozzle and the force of the spray that they found did a better job than the harse chemicals. They belived in the global warming and the affects that certain products had on the atmosphere to be real.

    So who is answering this poll above that is comes out to this type of result?

    As far as the 3rd batch of articles, we have been reading about this in the American Telegraph about such goings on. Yes, I believe there are many things happening we don’t know about. The Media has reported some things were Obama ADministration has done things without going to the Congress, which is not normal, but by the Constitution and power of authority of the President. These articles reflect the same thing, to hell with the people and do what I feel is best on some items. He has spoon feed people with some things as needed to change how people see him, but has done nothing great for this country and its people.

    Just pay attention to the news about increasing activities of arab activities around the world. But does our media report anything; NO!
    They are still killing people and for what reason?

    Put aside your opinion of the two men, but we are voting for the next four years and beyound this year, its time to put a stop to the situation NOW! Lets work to shape elections 4 year from now and hope a new administration will work for the USA and it’s people.

    Have you noticed, there is not much about our President in the Media unless it is somthing coming up to report and then thats all. WHY?

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Interesting yes, but not earth shaking. First one I have seen long ago and GOOD for Him. Glad someone is standing up to them.

    Global Warming is still happening folks. What about the most recent California report (based entirely on statistics and geology) that the oceans will rise considerably in the foreseeable future? Still have to do something about this. Fracking, does anyone really know what this does to the earth? Yea, sure nuclear power when we can’t even safely get rid of the waste.

    Now the last article is disturbing but not enough information presented to understand or blame anyone.

    Lets all just keep calm and use our brains and not jump on any bandwagons before we really know what is happening.

  • Gerrit Kuiken Says:

    Larry – I underlined my concern in one of my lead paragraphs – i.e.

    My bottom line concern is that first you build up ur credibility over a period of time with some really good A.T.’s and then, without reason, you go down a dead end street – using word’s like “f**k” that simply serve to undermine your credibility/intelligence and make cultured people wonder to themselves “what the f**k?” Where did that come from and why? See what I mean? Doesn’t fit with the rest of ur rant. Turns people off – and they don’t want to read you anymore.

    And from ur answer to my private email – you obviously don’t share my concern. It’s ur blog – it’s ur credibility – and if you don’t think my comment has merit – what’s the point?- you have made up ur mind – but I still think you would be better off if you could figure out a way to make ur points without taking a detour through the cess-pool and chance offending ur readers.

    As I sed in my personal email – ur foray into the potty mouthed vernacular completely took me off ur main point(s) and all I could remember was the shock of seeing such crude language used for no apparent gain.

    I read dozens of editorials everyday – and not of them seem to need to use 4 letter profane words to get their point across, but hey, what do I and all the highly paid editorial writers in the world know? The potty mouthed late nite comedians (and Larry Klepinger) know better! gk

    P.S. I have taken ur “dare” to put this in ur blog comments and see if anyone else had the same reaction that I did?