Special Edition – January 25, 2012


I have been in contact with certain individuals that are privy to information most of us are not even aware of.

These are things that have been brought to my attention, that I was “encouraged” to tell all subscribers of THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH to be aware of.

Here is what I have been able to put together:

Ben Shalom Bernanke will soon be out as the FED Chairman.  Gone.

Tim Geithner, the 75th Chairman of the FED, will not seek a second term.  Gone.

Mitt Romney now 30 points ahead of Gingrich in Florida.  In just a few days.

Google is apparently going to make all e-mails that use gmail.com as their email server, available for everyone to read.  I DO NOT have verification on this, but I was told by very good sources.

The reason for this kind of move is to get a handle on “who is saying what” in the name of National Security.  If this is true, it could be devastating to everyone involved.

China has seen what has happened – once the PEOPLE actually could communicate with each other – and finally COORDINATE their actions.  They will NOT allow any type of “China Spring” to happen.  Speaking of which, more Chinese civilians have been killed while protesting for the freedom of Tibet – yet NOT ONE Media outlet has reported these murders.  They have all occurred within the last few days – yet a total Media blackout has been imposed – both here and in Mainland China.

The White House has just authorized unmanned drones to be flown over certain “troubled urban areas” for surveillance purposes – in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

I have been told that the USA is closer now to war with a third country, than at anytime since we started fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The two possible targets are Pakistan and Iran.  And possibly, as a backup “agent” to Israel.

Iran is in rapid decline.

Venezuela is spiraling out of control, due to the impending death of Hugo Chavez, due to advanced stages of pancreatic cancer.

Egypt is being usurped by the Muslim Brotherhood and will eventually become radically Islamic.

Gold is now over $1700 per ounce.

A number of “big-time” hedge fund managers and money market managers have just sold all their equities and securities, as of today – and are COMPLETELY out of the market.

In President Obama’s State of the Union speech he implied that the government should be run more along the lines of the military, because it is more centrally coordinated – and efficient.

And to top it all off, this video was just sent to me by a reader – who wishes to remain anonymous.  I suggest that every reader view this before it is taken down.  It will astonish you to see this “unauthorized” video.  Click it directly and see for yourself.  This – in America.


This Special Edition is not meant to “freak” anybody out.  It is only meant to inform.  Please try to confirm these topics – and print your findings on THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH blog – for everybody to read.

One person I spoke with actually said that we – America – is at a tipping point – and something might possibly “break” before the November election.

These are some of the points that I have alluded to in past editions – but I thought they would happen closer to election day, possibly in September or October.  Now, I am not so sure.

As always, keep yourself informed, be ready – and keep thinking positive.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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9 Responses to “Special Edition – January 25, 2012”

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    Ok, in the video, the tanks and tanker trucks are pretty sobering… from when I started counting, which was not right away, there were over 60 tanks alone. Didn’t count the tanker trucks. Question is are these for an offensive that we are planning or for sale to one of our allies?

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    There is of course the vaguest possibility that the tanks etc are being deployed in preparation for civil unrest…? Just a thought.

  • Bruce Lockhart Says:

    Those tanks were a little unnerving but could just be re deploying for excercises. Ya sure

  • Barry S. Says:


    I have not finished reading this article but I had to leave a comment here. Your source lost a ton of credibility to me as soon as they said that Google will make any address at gmail available to read by ANYONE! Maybe they will secretly make these available to the government but making them available to anyone (or to the government through any type of public statement) would be suicide. They would have people leave in DROVES (I being one of them)! Look how many people left GoDaddy.com over their support of SOPA/PIPA (I being one of them) and that wasn’t nearly as bad as making private emails public to anyone!!

  • John Says:

    Fact or Fiction, Beware!!

  • Amy Aki Says:

    I think what is more frightening than this line of tanks on parade is what NO ONE seems to be talking about:
    In the darkness of night on New Year’s Eve while Americans were popping champagne and were keeping their eyes on the wrong ball that was dropping, President Obama from his lovely taxpayer-paid vacation in Hawaii signed the National Defense Appropriations Bill (after assuring everyone he wouldn’t). Buried in this bill is a provision giving the President the power to use the military to intern anyone — and that means AMERICAN CITIZENS — indefinitely and hold them on American soil or anywhere in the world without charges or a trial. This actually repeals the Posse Comitatus Act and transfers the War Powers Act to the President. The greatest fear of our founders was that the military would engage in law enforcement against US citizens, and what has happened here is the opening of a road to a military dictatorship in our own country. Not a PEEP from any of the so-called journalists or media outlets, including Fox. So many other things have been happening and no one is paying attention. Did you know that this provision was approved by a senate subcommittee in secret hearings? Did you know that they are also considering the Enemy Expatriation Act which would allow the government to yank citizenship from Americans they deem a threat and deport them to a “black site” (where is that???) indefinitely? Did you know the government is seizing property from American citizens for “wetlands” and for other undisclosed reasons without any payment to those losing their homes and are presenting these people with an assessment for taking the property? Did you know about the Internet Censorship Bills that Congress is considering to implement? Did you know that forced innoculations have already begun in California and are planned for all Americans? Tyranny is already here.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Actually, these aren’t tanks but Bradley fighting vehicles that carry mechanized infantry, usually 5 or 6 grunts per track. They are a new version of the old Viet Nam era armored personnel carrier or APC.

    There are mechanized Army units stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado and Fort Hood, Texas that routinely do desert training at Fort Irwin, California. This was most likely just a routine transport, especially considering the fuel tankers on board. This is a perfect example of how nothing done by the Federal Government, including the military, is done efficiently. Yet Leon Panetta is screaming about the defense cuts.

    The Bernanke rumor has been circulating for quite awhile. Geitner tried to quit some time ago but Obama asked him to stay – he said he would but not past the first term.

    Hugo has been croaking a long time – I wish he would hurry it up and get it over with. It would be the best thing that Venezuela could hope for.

    The Army is still in tight control of Egypt – witness the recent protests there.

    No one cares about Tibet when unemployment is 20% and the economy is in the tank. No one cared about Tibet when the economy was good except maybe the Dali Lama. Tibet was lost during the Carter administration. And no one cared or showed any outrage when the L.A. police shot some drunken clown (10 times in the chest) swinging an iron bar the other day. I guess the police could have saved some bullets if he would have been zapped instead by a Hellfire missile from a drone. Get over it- there is absolutely nothing we can do about Tibet.

    As of this morning the latest poll showed Romney 9 points over Newt.

    No way will we fight a land war in Iran or Pac-kee- stan (the pronunciation is Obamas). But if we do we already have enough equipment stashed in Kuwait and Saudi to get a good start.

    My Mossad contact tells me that Israel purchased over 30 bunker buster bombs from the U.S. just prior to the last inauguration, as Bush thought that the next administration might block the transfer. If the E.U. oil embargo doesn’t work (which it won’t) you may see the Israelis’ come out of the closet this summer.

    I may start a website called chicklittlenews.com. Let me know if you would like to subscribe.

    Amy hit the nail on the head. All this stuff is just smoke and mirrors to keep us from focusing on what is really going on. Like the billions of dollars given to Brazil a couple of years ago for oil exploration. Want to guess who just signed the export agreements for the oil they found?



  • Gary Heying Says:

    The third target from your newsletter is the next planned WW3. I know this may sound nuts but if you look at the facts without emotion the senerio becomes Quite clear. A good place to start would be the McAlvany Intelligence Report, or you can listen to there podcast,specifically the December 14 2011 father son powwow from Hawaii. In tough economic times when other things fail the politicians throughout history turn to the nasty red button. Our more recent conflicts and sanctions along with currency debasement has DE-Stabilized the east both politically and financially. The level of corruption in Washington along with the willingness of politicians to lie has made this war about security! The similar actions that were a prelude to WW2 are no different than now, specifically the emphasis on homeland security! Times of war are when the politicians use fear to seize the rights of a disillusioned people and give themselves more power. The road to Serfdom a classic goes into great detail on the subject!

  • Juan Says:

    I’m worried about Google making my emails available for everyone to read.
    Do your sources work for Google or the government or what?