No. 124 – April 5, 2012


In my last newsletter I stated that the Supreme Court would be in the sights of the “Mob” and get EXTREME PRESSURE to pass Obamacare.

But I never thought it would be this fast – and from President Obama himself.

In this action, he has finally proven to me that he is a product of the “New” generation of, what I like to refer to as, “Entitlement Thinkers.”

They believe that they are entitled to their way – NO MATTER WHAT.

I have experienced this type of SELF-ESTEEM of parental training in the flesh.  I will get to that in a minute.

But the point here is that President Obama is actually the first person to emerge under this type of training/propaganda in our lifetime.

Let me explain.

Mr. Obama has never really had a real job.  In my life I have been a boxboy, a gardener, a groundsworker, a garbage man, worked in a gas station, been a laborer on a construction site, a real estate agent, served in the US Army, went to Vietnam, been a university instructor and a number of other odd jobs along the way.

I got my ass kicked a few times, discovered that I did not have “all the answers” and learned to deal with the fact that I was wrong almost as many times as I was right.

I was not coddled.

And therein lie the rub.  President Obama has never had it tough.  Oh, yes, he will play up his broken home and how rough that was.

But wait.  When I came back from Vietnam – and was yelled at and given the finger at the airport – I got home to find out that my mother and father had gotten divorced, too.

Not easy stuff to handle in a single day.  But handle it I did.

Yet, President Obama can’t seem to take the “hits.”

Instead, he points to others – and blames them – for his mistakes.  He is proving, by his actions of late, that he really is NOT a scholar.  Maybe this is the reason for having his college transcripts sealed.  Another reason might be is that he actually majored in ORATORICAL RHETORIC.  Check it out for yourself.  They actually have classes on that at Harvard.

But beyond this, Mr. Obama is a CONSUMMATE LIAR.

And therein lies the essence of the totally self-esteemed ENTITLEMENT THINKER.

The following, in my opinion, is where the root of the matter lies.


About a week ago my wife and I went to our neighborhood elementary school to watch our grandchildren, along with a flurry of other kids, perform at their annual talent show.

What followed would make LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE  hide her head in shame.

For the next 90 minutes we were subjected to some of the most pitiful, painful and talentless “performers” I have ever seen on stage.

The first one was billed as, “An up and coming artist in her own right, destined to be world famous!”

Out came this little girl, dressed to the nines like a French artist, red cape, black beret, and an artist’s smirk firmly planted on her pudgy, little face.

What happened next was breathtaking.  Her father emerged from the adorning audience, sat down and allowed his little daughter to draw his portrait “right in front of our very eyes.”

To the tune of some kind of “music” – and after four agonizing minutes she produced – a stick picture.

To my astonishment the crowd went wild.  They stood and applauded, some whistled and others were hooting and hollering their approval.

My wife and I just stared at each other in total bewilderment.

And the “talent show” just got worse from there.

One girl with a Hula-Hoop.  Another three dancers that just jumped around the stage.  A fat little boy, dressed up in a cowboy outfit and a huge, white cowboy hat, sang so badly that I could not even make out the words.

These poor children got standing ovations, bouquets of flowers, and high-fives all around.

For simply doing nothing special in any sense of the word.

It was a disgraceful show, to say the least.  But it was NOT the kids’ fault.

It was the maniac parents who were jumping up and down, urging their untalented children on, who should have been taken outside and severely beaten.

I was so appalled that I wanted to stand up and start kicking ass.  But that is the “past” me.  Instead, I just sat there and took it all in.

Then, after the show, their were “awesome” congratulations to the point of where I actually got sick and had to go outside for air.

But the real kicker was when I heard the “teacher” – a really “cool” dude – say that this was his SIXTEENTH YEAR of producing this “TALENT SHOW.”

I thought I was going to lose it right there – but I managed to go back outside before I went for his throat.

SIXTEEN YEARS of this treacherous lie that has been foisted upon unsuspecting children – by self-indulgent, overweight, dumbass parents – and totally uninformed “teachers.”

The children will now go out into this world and do what they want to do because they are so “awesome” and cry, bitch, moan and complain every time something does not go their way.

I have noticed the disease spreading to my own grandchildren.

My middle grandson, in particular,  lies about everything.  But he actually seems not to understand the concept at all.

I asked him if he got into trouble at school recently and he said, “No.”  His mother (my daughter) had informed me earlier that he had been reprimanded by the principal.

On other occasions he has outright lied about a number of things.  I actually saw him push his little sister down – I watched him do it.  I asked him why he pushed her down and he said, “I didn’t push her down.” When I pressed the issued he adamantly denied any wrong doing.

I told him, in no uncertain terms, not to lie to “Grandpa.”

He denied it again.  My grandson still looks askance at me when he visits.  He knows I know.

When children are not taught right from wrong – in school AND at home – we are then culpable in the scheme of bringing up total GENERATIONS of LIARS who “JUST KNOW” what to do in life.

After all, they have been indelibly tattooed with the poison of SELF-ESTEEMED ENTITLEMENT THINKERS:  

Political Correctness has run amok.


“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the  truth.”

H.L. Mencken

President Obama has learned his craft well.  He is the highest form of consummate liar I have ever seen in my entire life.

His, is a prostituted concept of eloquent rhetoric – and it is ruining our country.

President Obama is the height of this type of thinking.  He has been pampered, coddled and groomed for his position in life – and he thinks he “Just Knows.”

He lies with every breath he takes.  He does it with such ease that I actually think he believes what he is saying is true.

He denies what he has lied about, points fingers, whines, bitches and moans.

Yet, he has produced nothing.

Exactly like the children at that TALENT SHOW.

Obama takes bows from an adorning public – for nothing.

President Obama is the epitome of our Public Education System Par Excellence.

He lies, cheats, schemes and denies when he is wrong – and refuses to take any responsibility whatsoever.

He is what some would call a man-child.  He has never grown up – and he never will.

Why should he – for President Obama has all the answers.  It is WE THE PEOPLE who don’t understand.


When I predicted that the Supreme Court was going to come under pressure I was actually thinking of arm-twisting from behind the scenes.  But I was wrong.

However, please bear in mind – we are dealing with the Mob – and those boys do not mess around.

So here is another prediction for you all to chew on.

Some time between now and June someone – or two – of the Supreme Court Justices will either get very “sick” and have to be “replaced.”  Or somebody is going to tragically die in an accident.

Please remember, the two most efficient ways of assassination are by poisoning or airplane crash.

Accidents will happen with President Obama.

I have been told by extremely reliable sources that some Circuit Court Judges – around the country – are in true fear for their well-being – thus, the order (a veiled retort to the open threat by Obama), by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit Court, requesting a 3 page, single-spaced, type written response as to why Obama feels the way he does.

And, for the record, I predict that the letter, IF written at all, will be very curt in its response – thus avoiding being held in contempt – by barely complying with the order at all.

This is SERIOUS stuff.  And if this continues we might actually witness the total dismantling of the United States Constitution – “right before our very eyes” – if the Supreme Court is bullied into ruling in Obama’s favor.

The REAL question is, what are WE THE PEOPLE going to do about it if this actually begins to take place?

And in reality – it has already begun.

When President Obama made his statement about the Supreme Court – the reaction was “fast and furious” to reference another blunder by this Organization.  Notice, I did not say “Administration.”

It is going to take SUPREME Courage for the men and women of the Supreme Court to disavow Obamacare.

If that happens, look for a purge of the sitting Justices – a purge that “President” Putin would be proud of.

Speaking of “President” Putin – have you noticed that there was not even a muted murmur from the White House as to the scandalous way the Russian “election” was handled?  Obama actually CONGRATULATED “Vladimir” on the results.

If President Obama is actually re-elected (as I still predict he will be), I can only shudder at what he – and President Putin – will cook up together.

American is in seriously DEEP trouble.


Here is wishing you all a very Happy Easter.  I will be busy so this is my Easter American Telegraph.  I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Until next time.

Keep thinking positive – and vote for REAL change in 2012!

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “No. 124 – April 5, 2012”

  • David Klepinger Says:

    “He lies with every breath he takes. He does it with such ease that I actually think he believes what he is saying is true.” Larry, this is the essence of what a pathological liar is; he actually DOES believe that his lies are the truth. Sad thing is that an entire generation of indulgent “parents” (his supporters) are going to call him “awesome” and high-five each other as they go into the voting booth to vote for this man-child a SECOND time.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    Yes indeed… Your description of the “Talent Show” ordeal reminds me of how I feel when I see one of the failed auditions for American Idol, etc. I am struck dumb with amazement at the thought that this person has managed to come this far through his or her life without anyone telling them the most obvious truth. What kind of friends or family could they possibly have, who would be so unkind as to encourage them to court humiliation?

    In fairness, however, I think there are two reasons for this folly. One is the “self-esteem” nonsense you mention, but the other is the equally pernicious myth that one must “sell” oneself. It is all too easy to be seduced into mistaking the sell for substance.

    I can’t remember which famous statesman originally said it, but a piece of advice I try to live by is “Never believe your own propaganda.” The Ancient Greeks were a bit more cynical — “Lie if you have to,” They said, “But never lie to yourself!”

  • Brian Says:

    Who is doing the judging here on what and who is right? Must we believe all that you have said here as being gospel?

    Keep dividing us up and continue the problem as you have complained about it many times. Kind of mixed messages?

  • John Says:

    Before I write, I like to read responses, if any. Like normal, not too many, and they either agree or desagree, but no one puts there words and opinions here as you do. I wonder why that is?

    However, I’ve seen bumper stickers with “Obama 2012”. It is sad about what is going on and even sader our legislative branch does not do their job who represent the people. I will not vote for any incumbent this year and I don’t care who is running. Why do I say this?

    Well, for President, I’m only one vote out of millions and I vote my way.

    For Congressman, I only get to vote for 1 of the 435, so at least I vote my way. How can 1 congressman/woman change the other 434.

    For Senator, we need a change, just to see if we can get some new blood in the system; but again, if either are running, that’s only 1 out of 100.

    So, therein lies the part of the real problem, why do people keep voting in the same person for years? They only vote for 1 of 435 and maybe only 1 of 100. For President, just think of millions of people voting and the election a few years ago came down to a few votes in one State…Strange. Also, those presidential votes that year were all based on the fact of who gets the most Electorial College votes and NOT the popular votes like other countries. Just pay attention to the red and blue states on the map the TV networks will start showing later this year. Presidential campaigners target certain states, not the populace. FACT!

    OH, about Obama lying, it’s normal, people like to hear what he says and he says it so eloquently!! So did Hitler!!

  • Jacy Says:

    This country is in serious trouble from all fronts. In a country of some three hundred million people we have allowed one man, Obama, an ineligible unconstitutional president,(his father was not a US citizen) to destroy this country – leaving us in debt, unemployed, foreclosed homes etc.. In addition, Sheriff Joe’s Posse has discovered the birth certificater Obama put forward is a forgery Even Quadaffi in a video (translated) discussed the president as a Muslim from Kenya – and still the MSM and Congress refused to comment. The real problem however is NO ONE in our corrupt Congress, not one candidate, not the Republican party will stand up, demand an investigation and protect the people from this very evil liar in the WH or even refuse to put him on the ballot until he is vetted. I wrote our AG – he said nothing could be done? Where is the Republican demand that Obama be vetted? Or Obama to release all of his records? I believe Newt was the only one to bring up Agenda 21 – and FEMA Camps or NDSA?

    Sheriff Joe’s lead investigator states they have been threatened – an article on the web a few days ago stated the Clinton’s were threatened in the last campaign (Chelsea would be harmed) so Hillary discontinued her Obama eligibility questions. The Georgia Judge who was to hear the evidence to keep Obama off the ballot suddenly discontinued the case. Obama has issued a veiled threat against the Supreme Court – Elena Kagan has not recused herself and still nothing happens. Eric Holder is still in office. Hannity tells us Obama is a practicing Christian? But the biggest problem I have is “where the hell is the outrage?” I hear nothing from Kirby Wilbur or any of the leading Republican leaders in our country – much less the state. (I do hear who I should vote for locally.) There are groups whose main focus is abortion (which I abhor) and gay marriage – but right now if Obama is left in office its a useless argument. There are a few people who shout – but you would think leaders would at least inform people (many still watch the lamestream MSM) through their data base about the Muslim brotherhood infiltrating; Sharia Law etc. We have no leadership – that’s what it boils down to – obviously courage in this country is sorely lacking.

    What are people going to do if Obama puts forth Martial Law in November? – He has positioned himself to do that with the bill NDSA, he recently signed. The Democrats pulled massive election fraud in the last election – and yet where was the outrage? Video from a Democrat documentary filmaker spilled the beans – on the web. The only SURE way for the people of this country to get Obama out of the WH is to get him on elilgibility. I am not certain Romney can do it.

  • Helen Says:

    Larry, your comments about the talent show reminded me when twenty years ago at my children’s elementary school quarterly awards were given to students for moving from an “F” to a “D” grade. Also, during this age of equal opportunity I would like to see the rest of us who were not born in the United States of America to be given the opportunity to run for the position of the Pesident. Otherwise, we will sue for discrimination.