No. 123 – April 1, 2012


Almost a year ago I predicted that, if Mitt Romney was the GOP standard bearer, the Republicans would lose in November.

I took a beating for saying that, being accused of “thinking negative” and called an outright “troublemaker” and not really being a Republican at all.  It reminds me when I was running for Congress when members of the GOP establishment actually accused me of being a Socialist.  Pretty funny stuff.

But in all honesty, people tend to confuse negative commentary with the true facts of the matter.  To put it bluntly, they misinterpret cold realism as negative thinking.  Even more bluntly – the truth hurts.

So why can’t Mitt Romney win?

1.  He is rich.

2.  He is a Mormon.

3.  He is a capitalist.

4.  He is a white male.

5.  He has fallen into the negative mode of campaigning.

I could go on but I’ll stop there.

I will say it again, if Romney is the GOP standard bearer he will lose – no matter who his running mate is.

I am still predicting a brokered GOP convention.  However, if that happens, I am afraid that the GOP will STILL lose.

So where does that leave the Republican Party – with its adult-children running the show?

In all honesty, the GOP has been driven so low – with the backbiting, hatred among the GOP candidates and the STILL present “social agenda issues” ruining the party – that they have now just about run the party into the ground.

Living here in Sacramento with two universities (Sac State and UC Davis + a number of community colleges to boot) I have a great opportunity to meet with students and government employees all the time.

And, for the most part, they are all saying the same thing.  “If the Republicans would ever pull their head out of their ass I would vote for them, but they are nothing but a bunch of right-wing hypocrites.”

Sorry, but that is a direct quote – and one that a lot of people are saying more and more these days.

And that type of thinking is simply too close for comfort.

Many people are saying they want to get rid of Obama – but the Republicans have no one any better.

So what is the use of changing if there won’t be any change?


The GOP blew its chances of defeating President Obama when they thought it would be a cakewalk.

I have been in touch with a lot of people from the GOP side who are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that they will defeat Obama in November.  I have had breakfast with these people.  And also lunch and dinner.

But they simply DO NOT get it.  Instead of listening to reason they go off on some tangent as to how they have “never seen such activity in the Republican party” or how we will all be “very surprised come November” when the GOP take back the White House and the Senate, too.

This kind of wishful thinking is what has led the GOP – and the Nation – to the brink of political and cultural chaos.

But the GOP STILL does not get it.

I wrote long ago that the efforts of the Republicans should be on winning back the Senate and buttressing up the House of Representatives so as to stymie President Obama in his second term, with regards to what he has in store for America – once there are no more elections to rein him in.

It will be a National Tragedy.  But the stalwarts of the GOP Establishment could give a damn less.  America is NOT foremost on their minds.  In truth, they are traitors to the cause of the likes of Eisenhower, Goldwater and Reagan.

The dumb GOP Establishment doesn’t even know that Obama has been sitting back – keeping his powder dry – as the morons who are running for the GOP presidential nomination are blowing hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars in senseless NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNS AGAINST OTHER REPUBLICANS.

I remember the movie “Stalin” in which Robert De Niro played the lead role.  He demanded to know where all his generals were when the Germans were attacking Russia.  One of his aids looked at Stalin and said meekly, “You had them all executed.”

And that is precisely what the current crop of Republicans have done to the Grand Old Party.  They have executed it.

As it stands now, the GOP is in danger of not only losing the presidency (by a landslide) but they just might screw it up so badly that they manage to lose the House, too.  That would give Obama and Company an unparalleled clamp on UNCONTESTED POWER in America.

If you think Obama has overstepped his presidential authority now – just wait until he has the House, the Senate AND the White House all in Democrat hands.

And folks, this is NOT negative thinking – this is REALITY speaking now.



We are almost to the point of no return.

Does anybody even realize that unions control our TOTAL public education system?

Does anybody even know that Illegal Immigration is a total and complete farce in America?

As the government controlled media keep everyone glued to their TV set with Dancing With The Stars, American Idol – and the constant barrage of idiotic sports entertainment – March Madness et al – the power brokers of this country are moving in for the kill.

The government has quietly taken control of most major banking corporations and much of the energy industry with excruciating legislation to severely cramp them from doing business as it should be done.

Then we have National Healthcare.

Can’t anyone see that there is ONE MAN who is going to determine the fate of MILLIONS of Older Americans when it comes to Obamacare.  And I am NOT talking about President Obama.

The one man I am talking about is not even an elected official.  That one man is Anthony Kennedy, Justice of the Supreme Court.

And here is another prediction that I hope NEVER comes true – but it must be stated here – for the record.

Obamacare will be ruled CONSTITUTIONAL.  At best, only parts of it will be stricken down.

But the WHOLE of Obamacare will NEVER be completely thrown out.  The pressure from the Chicago MOB will be too great for even Chief Justice Kennedy to buck up against.

Now here is the REAL KICKER.

Once Obama is reelected – and if the Senate and House are, as I predict, solidly in the hands of Democrats – then the crowning glory of the second term of President Barack Hussein Obama will be to APPOINT four – yes FOUR – new Justices to the Supreme Court.


Wake up, people.  We are closer now to a Socialist/Tyranny than anybody can actually comprehend.

But no one is even the least bit concerned as to any of this happening.  But if Obama is allowed a second term – this too, shall come to pass.

Shame on the Republican Party.  Shame on the GOP leadership.  And shame on all Americans who refuse to see what is happening right under their collective noses.


I know this is going to sound extremely cynical but it is one of the best ways to protect yourself against this coming disaster in America, if Obama is reelected.

First and foremost, you should get a verified PASSPORT as soon as you can.  They are currently good for 10 years – and cost a few hundred dollars to complete the whole task.

But if Obama decides to pass ANOTHER PRESIDENTIAL ORDER, he could very well make them only good for 30 days – and raise the price for obtaining one to $10,000.

Sound absurd?  You only need to look at history to see that it has all happened before.

But wait.  It is happening as I write – in Afghanistan.  At this very moment people are lining up to get passports so they can leave their homeland.  They know America is going to desert them.  They also know that the Taliban are going to retake the country – once American forces pull out.

As predicted would happen in Egypt – is now happening in Afghanistan.  Islamic fundamentalists are taking over the country.

Once you have a passport you can go anywhere because you have the key to traveling abroad.  But just think for a moment.  Only 20% of Americans actually have valid passports.  The other 80% are stuck.

Now that, my friends, is a CAPTIVE audience.

The next thing to do is to open up a bank or trading account in a different country.  Australia and New Zealand are very good countries in which to do business.  I have dealt with both and they are very good to work with.

What about Canada?  In my opinion, Canada is simply too close for comfort in relation the the United States.

After you have your passport – and your banking offshore – you should then look to divest yourself of all your personal belongings – house, car, and all other  unnecessary items – and get ready to move outside of America.

There are a number of great places you can live – and have good healthcare and a good lifestyle to boot.

In addition to Australia and New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam are open for American “transplants” as is Panama and Belize.  Ecuador and Chile are also spots to consider – along with Brazil.

And then there is always Japan.

Having come back from an extended stay in the Land of the Rising Sun I can only say it outshines America on a number of fronts.  Their healthcare system is terrific.  The system of transportation is second to none.  The service industry is superb.  It has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole world.  It is safe, clean, efficient, and well-run.

Some of my friends scoff when I say these things about Japan, with a common retort of, “What about their nuclear fallout problem?”

All I have to do is start my rebuttal with, “Three Mile Island” and end it with “Chernobyl.”

My point is, it is getting too close for comfort.  If Obama is reelected then things will dramatically change for the worse here in America.  What I am attempting to do is give a few “new ideas” on how to survive the coming upheaval.

And that is NOT negative thinking – just plain, common sense.


I want to wish all my friends a very Happy Palm Sunday.  This wish is extended to readers of all denominations and religious faiths.

Hopefully, we can all live in peace and tranquility some day.

And on that upbeat note, I will say so long for now.

Best wishes and keep thinking positive.

Lawrence Klepinger


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4 Responses to “No. 123 – April 1, 2012”

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Oh my. Predicting that someone will take out 4 Supreme Court justices and the whole country will go in the crapper. How pessimistic can you be. You should leave the country as you advise others to do. Get out while you can. Doesn’t this sound a bit like the Tea Party speaking.

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    Thanks as always Larry, I would remind your readers that there is a difference between being negative and being pragmatic. I believe you if anything suffer from a healthy dose of realism. Something that the people of our nation could use a dose of themselves. I am so disappointed with the GOP, between the head in the sand blinders on self assurance that many in the party suffer from, there is little time spent on reality. And yes I am afraid that your correct that in typical GOP fashion they are more married (every pun intended) to a few social issues thinking that these dividing issues will some how bring people flocking to vote for Mr. Romney… Yeah, not seeing it happen. I hope I too am wrong but, I do fear the worst. Can we survive 4 more years of Mr. O? Yes, probably if we had to, but it is safe to say the landscape will be very different on the other side, and it will take many years to undo what he has done, and that will not be easy or pleasant.

  • John Says:

    I agree!! People I talk to just don’t see what is going on in front of their eyes. It’s the mushroom affect. GOP, does that mean Good Ole People, or God Ought to Please. Oh well, what ever, I’m only one and what can I do without the masses? The country is protesting the “Hoodie” thing and forgetting what they really should be paying attention too!

    You stated very quietly, but people should be paying attention. Obama and the Demos are just sitting back, collecting money, and being silent while the G.O.P. fight in public and help set the stage for Obama politics.

    Again I restate, I heard over 50 years ago, the only way to defeat America is in the pocket book of money.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    So why can’t Mitt Romney win?

    1. He is rich.
    What candidate in the modern history of America has been poor?

    2. He is a Mormon.
    JFK was unelectable because he was a Roman Catholic

    3. He is a capitalist.
    Who in America is not? – except the socialists and welfare types.

    4. He is a white male.
    With the exception of Obama, haven’t all presidents for over 200 years been ‘white males’?

    5. He has fallen into the negative mode of campaigning.
    Who has not since the advent of the overnight media?

    Like it or not (I’m in the not category) its looks as though Romney will be the candidate. And every citizen who wants to preserve America needs to support him once he wins the nomination. Because the alternative is too horrific to contemplate.

    Your advice of getting a passport reminds me of the chickenshit bastards that ran to Canada during the Vietnam War.

    How about instead we lock and load and march to Capitol Hill? I would much prefer to die as a free American than die as a welfare patron living in a racist society like Japan that has been propped up for the last 60 years by the tax money of the country I left.

    America is still worth fighting for in spite of our problems – but it just doesn’t seem that there are enough people left with the guts to do the fighting.