Special Edition – September 11, 2012


“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people!”

– Clint Eastwood – September, 2012 –

It is somewhat ironic to me, at 65 years old, that when I was a kid, I asked a teacher why the Jews in Nazi Germany just held up their hands and did not protest at being herded into boxcars and hauled away to the gas chambers.

My reasoning was, “If they knew they were going to die anyway, why didn’t they just rush the German guards, take away their guns, kill the Nazis and escape?”  According to all the pictures I had seen – even to this very day – the Jews completely outnumbered their captors.  So why the hesitation?

My teacher was not amused by my question.  I think the reason was because she had no answer.  By the way, my teacher was a middle-aged, Jewish lady, teaching us the meaning of Hanukkah and the significance of the Eight Candles.

Thus, started my lifelong quest of asking simple questions – to which there seem to be no simple answers.

And this brings me to where we are in America today.  We are at a Crossroads in History – and I see the exact same reaction from MILLIONS of Americans facing the same question I posited to my elementary school teacher so many years ago.

If such an amount of people KNOW that Obama is not really eligible to be President of the United States of America, then why is he still in office?  Why doesn’t the United States Congress impeach him – on very legal, impeachable grounds?

I think the answer is the same as it was in the “Old” Germany – as it is now in the “New” Germany of the United States of America today.

People are simply afraid to ask the question for fear of being shot down by a plethora of Media Bias, Union Vindictiveness, Official Government Harassment – not to mention the Harangues from the Liberal Left.

In other words, Americans have been cowed into being total COWARDS.

There has been a mountain of evidence – both speculative and substantiated – that Obama is NOT an American citizen.

But yet, why no Congressional hearings?  We have them for every other reason under the sun – so why not one more on the REAL nature of Barack Obama’s true birthplace?

According to the Constitution, a person mush be at least 35 years old and a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the United States to be eligible to run for the highest office in the land.


And this is the first time I have ever said this.  Yes, I thought about it.  No, I am not a birther.  In fact, I would love for somebody to define what birther really means.  I have not been able to find it in any dictionary.  Can some reader give me a direct dictionary quote?

Could it be, that the Main Stream Media actually made up that Politically Correct Term – as they have done on so many other occasions?

Having the courage to speak up – to STAND UP – is something that most Americans these days are not able to do.

Why is this?

Because, to be able to stand up – you must first have a BACKBONE.

As usual, a very good friend, and reader of The American Telegraph, Adjunct Professor W. Jones, sent me some very disturbing information.

Ironically, it is from a Jewish organization.  I hope you will take the time to read it for yourself and see what you come up with.  Your comments are more than welcome in the blog section of this newsletter.

This is a prestigious university in Israel that has produced this documentation – and actually explains how this massise “hoax was perpetuated on the American people.”

NOTE:  If you scan several different pieces of paper simultaneously in a scanner, and export it to PDF, it’s only 1 layer.  It’s IMPOSSIBLE to scan any single document or even multiple pieces of paper simultaneously and get anything other than 1 layer.  The only possible way to get multiple layers from a scanned document is to ADD layers to it.





Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on September 16 and goes to the 18th of this year.

Yom Kippur begins from September 25 and goes to the 26th.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all of our Jewish friends and readers.

And, contrary to the first “Democratic” platform – I, along with all good Republican Conservatives – believe that Jerusalem is STILL the Capital of Israel.

And may it always remain so.

Keep thinking positive.

Lawrence Klepinger
Editor / Publisher


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10 Responses to “Special Edition – September 11, 2012”

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    i) Yes, you’re a birther. A birther is a person who believes that Obama has no right to be President on the grounds that he does not fulfill the requirement to have been born a US citizen. If you are not familiar with the word, that shows only that you should get out more. I am familiar with the word, and in this blog you have just shown yourself to be a birther.
    ii) The suggestion that the fact that the online birth certificate reveals layering and is therefore fake is not new AT ALL. The claim was made and demonstrated in some detail on YouTube within a few days of the certificate’s originally being posted online. The claim has been repudiated by acknowledged software experts, who argue that multiple scanning of the document in reproduction, etc, would also produce the same effect, and that this is in fact rather common; see: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/29/expert-says-obamas-birth-certificate-legit/
    Whom do you believe? There’s no doubt that Obama could produce expert witnesses to back his claim in court. The best one can say about the claim that the birth certificate is fake is “not proven”.
    iii) Obama has, since becoming President, made policy suggestions that have appalled the current Israeli leadership. Before he considered running for President, he had been notably outspoken in his support for Palestinians. Some people – myself included – believe that he might well become more assertive in his dealings with Israel once elected for a final term. Do you not find an Israeli Institute’s rolling out this old canard (and, despite the fanfare, the same tired evidence) just before the chance of his re-election a tad suspicious, especially as Mitt Romney has already shown an unusual (the first time ever the US would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel) degree of support for the Israeli right? DUH.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    PS. A Hanukkiah has 9 candles, not 8… Perhaps you already knew what the central candle stood for? Or perhaps you weren’t paying attention in class because you were preoccupied with asking awkward questions?

  • Frank Champagne Says:

    I saw this the other day online. What puzzles me, and I’m probably naive, but don’t we have a Secret Service tasked with preventing such an aggressious and blatant unlawful act? Should they not vet ALL would-be presidents, once selected by their parties to ensure that the candidate is bonafide? Again, maybe I am naive, but it seems that this simple action should be part of the election process. After all, youvwould be subjected to far greater scrutiny if you were, for example, seeking a Secret Service position…..

  • Doc Dolan Says:


    I have been asking the same questions of everyone I correspond with (A LOT of people) for FIVE years now!

    However, even if I concede the birth certificate is real and he was born in Hawaii (I don’t personally believe it, but let’s assume) … He has NEVER DENIED his mother, and stepfather, changed his name and citizenship to Indonesian (Barry Soetero) so he could attend school there.


    Federal Law states once you have given up your original U. S. Citizenship of the U.S. you can NEVER regain the same citizenship again! Yes, you can BECOME an American Citizen again, BUT ONLY as a “Naturalized Citizen” who, by virtue of the Constitutional requirments, cannot be elected President.


    AS Wayne Alan Root so eleoquently stated in early September 2012, I also believe THAT fact is the sole reason all of his school records are sealed! Because they show him to have received “student financing” being granted to an INDONESIAN FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT! See para 4 above …

    I also believe he, himself, (or his handlers) actively helped to ‘blow up’ the birther thing so (hopefully) no one would push to get his school records! “Best defense, is a good Offense!”

    A personal aside … Ironically, many, many years ago (mid 1970’s) … I asked a good friend, and my original “business mentor”, the VERY SAME QUESTION about the holocaust (we often had very deep discussions about widely varied topics, usually over cocktails after work). His answer almost mirrored your statement above – he was often very critical of his kinfolks actions, as he was one of the first generation of two survivors of the death camps. Rest In Peace Izzy! I learned my lessons well, and use them daily!

    Last, but not least … Remember 9/11 and worship in your own faith for those who passed on, in whatever manner fits your personal faith.

    Blessed Be!

    Doc – Northern Nevada

  • Brian Springer Says:

    I am just flat out tired of this Birther stuff. If that’s the best you can do to discredit our president then you need to move to Idaho with the rest of your ilk.

    Move on Larry to more meaningful drivel. Your losing your credibility if indeed you have any left by now.

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    Bringing up old news again!! Since there is so much controversy about this issue, it is an issue. The fact his birth certificate took so long to be revealed, and the fact that it had to come from somewhere, along with the fact he never had a copy he could copy and display, all create a bit of suspicion about the whole thing.

    How come Obama is not raising as much as his opponent; but he certainly did well the frist time and did not even take the free public funds! What about this chart?


    ISSUE, Inauguration Day, Today, Direction of change, Change
    Unemployed Americans, 12.05 Million, 12.54 Million, UP, 495,00
    Unemployment Rate, 7.8%, 8.1%, UP, 3.8%
    Long-Term Unemployed, 2.7 million, 5 million, UP, 87%
    Middle Class Income, $54,962, $50,945, DOWN, $4,017
    Gas Prices, $1.85, $3.83, UP, 107%
    Home Values, $169,700, $151,600, DOWN, 11%
    Worker Health Insurance Costs, $3,354, $4,129, UP, 23%
    College Tuition, $6,591, $8,244, UP, 25%
    Americans in Poverty, 30.8 million, 46.2 million, UP, 64 million
    Food Stamp Recipients, 32 million, 47 million, UP, 46%
    Consumer Price Index, 211.1, 229.1, UP, 8.5%
    Federal Debt, $10.6 trillion, $16 trillion, UP, 51%
    Debt Per person, $34,731, $51,044, UP, $16,313
    U.S. Global competitiveness, 1st, 7th, DOWN, 6 places

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    I always wondered too why the Jews went so willingly to slaughter. Franz Stangl, who was the commandant of both Treblinka and Sobidor, and was tried for the mass murder of 900,000 people, said:

    “They were so weak; they allowed everything to happen, to be done to them. They were people with whom there was no common ground, no possibility of communication — that is how contempt is born. I could never understand how they could just give in as they did.”

    Liberals believe asking ‘awkward questions’ is politically incorrect. It’s the easy way out in order to ignore uncomfortable truths and escape reality. Doc D hit the nail on the head with the school records – they tell the truth, which is why they have been suppressed.

    But don’t worry about ’discrediting the president’ – he’s done a good enough job all by himself.


  • Larry L. Stuler Says:

    Even without the scanning processes discussed in the link on your “American Telegraph”, there are some other incriminating data on the birth certificate itself.
    The hospital is identified as “Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital” – this hospital did not exist under this name until 1978 when 2 hospitals were merged. In 1961 the hospitals were “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapiolani Maternity Home”.
    The Republic of Kenya did not exist until 1963. In 1895 it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate” and around 1920 it was known as the “Colony of Kenya”, or the “Kenya Colony”.
    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive”. It’s always easy to remember facts since facts actually happened. It gets harder and harder to keep all the lies in order. – Larry

  • Chris Bond Says:

    Hi Larry,
    I suspect the reason the Jews didn’t storm the stormtroopers was simply one word: ‘hope’. If you run at someone with a gun you will certainly die. But there was always the hope that maybe, just maybe, Hitler had forgotten to pay the gas bill, and the gas chambers might not have been working. Or someone might forget to shut the backdoor of the bus, and you could jump off along the way to Auschwitz.
    Similarly the American public hope that Obama might just turn things around, rather than rush to the certain death of freedom in the USA, at the hands of an extremist religious nutcase, who obviously wants to outlaw liquor, smoking, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll and all those other naughty things which make America such a fantastic, crazy place. Mormon law ain’t much different from Sharia law!

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    @Doc Dolan: It’s not quite that simple.

    From the US State Department website: “In order to lose U.S. citizenship, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign citizenship voluntarily, by free choice, and with the intention to give up U.S. citizenship.”

    Obama’s lawyers could argue a) that he did not apply voluntarily by free choice, because he was actually a minor doing his parents’ bidding; and b) that he had no real intention to give up US citizenship (even his parents’ motive was educational, not to change his nationality for its own sake).

    Of course, taking Indonesian nationality requires one to undertake to make the effort to abandon one’s previous one, but this is a very grey area (note the wording – it does NOT actually require one to abandon one’s previous citizenship, much less provide proof that one has done so). I live in Japan, which has a nationality law much like Indonesia’s; nonetheless, I have several friends who have joint US and Japanese citizenship… They just keep it quiet. The US government puts no pressure on them to abandon US citizenship if they already had it, and the Japanese government does not hound them either. The official US position is that it does not encourage dual citizenship but that it does accept it. Given that, at most, Obama may have told the Indonesians that he would give up his US nationality, but that he never made any actual attempt to do so, and later came to reside in America and make his life and career there, Obama’s lawyers could probably argue successfully that Obama never had any real intention to abandon US nationality.