Special Edition – August 7, 2011


This is a Special Edition of The American Telegraph, for everybody that is still in the Stock Market.  And also, a few other points.

The Tel Aviv Market had to be shut down today – Sunday – because it almost crashed, dropping nearly 7% right off the bat.

I am still in the American Stock Market – although I sold a lot of stuff earlier in the week (pure luck, no inside information).

But, “after all, tomorrow is another day,” to quote Scarlett O’hara in Gone With The Wind.

I have just heard that individual investors were “bailing out in droves” – while institutional investors were snapping up “bargains galore.”

So, as a quick idea to those individual investors out there:  Hold your positions and don’t panic.  Apparently, a lot of institutions were well-aware that the downgrade was coming – WEEKS before it happened – regardless of the “debt-ceiling crisis” comedy we just went through.

To me, that sounds like a real set-up by the “Big Boys” to screw the “Little Guy” when he sells into a panic.

Hold fast – and don’t run.


I am not an authorized stock broker, nor am I licensed to give financial advice.  I am not a licensed investment advisor, so please consult with an investment professional before you invest your money.

I was advised to say that – just in case somebody takes my “advice” and, if things go wrong, decides to sue me.

Funny world we live in.


I have hit on this subject in the recent past, so I will not belabor it on this beautiful Sunday morning.

All I can say is, I write with near tears in my eyes, for the Soldiers that died in the downing of a helicopter in Afghanistan.  At least 30 were killed in this most recent disaster.

As I write, there is now intense fighting going on in Afghanistan – and it is predicted to get worse.

I have also been told that the Saud Family jet is on “stand-by for evacuation if revolution erupts in Saudi Arabia.”

Syria is now teetering on total disintegration.

Iran is being secretly targeted by the United States.

Israel is now conducting ultra-secret practice missions – in case all-out war is declared in the Middle East.

What insane idiot EVER tells his enemy when he is going to quit fighting and go home?

This is PRECISELY what happens when you “drawdown” troops – and ANNOUNCE your departure date – to your enemy at the same time.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here.  I have NEVER been in favor of either of the Iraq Wars – nor the invasion of Afghanistan.  But when America does send in our Military Men and Women – it is IMPERATIVE that WE THE PEOPLE give them the best backing possible.

Remember – the bottom line is – they are fighting for US.

The more I observe President Obama – and his “advisors” – the more I am convinced that this so-called president does not have a clue as to what is going on – neither on the battlefield nor the economic front.

“Only an asshole leads from the rear.”

If you have not already read what the COMMUNIST CHINESE said about America – and Obama in particular – then go on-line and check it out for yourselves.

Barack Hussein Obama is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE DISASTER.

This is an URGENT request to all readers of THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH.

Whoever is nominated by the GOP – PLEASE go down to their election headquarters, in your neighborhood, and ask this one, simple question:

“How can I help?”

THAT is all it takes to get involved.

Put aside your “social values” and your “petty hatred” toward any certain GOP candidate that you might have – and vote this bastard out of the White House.

Barack Obama is a National Disgrace – and an International Embarrassment.

If every person reading this Special Edition takes personal action – then Obama can be beat.

If you decline to do this, then YOU are to blame if Barack Obama is re-elected.  No one else.

GET INVOLVED.  The 2012 Presidential Election is the most important election of our lifetime.

If WE THE PEOPLE are to save the United States of America – NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

Have a good Sunday – and keep thinking positive.

Hope for REAL Change in 2012.

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “Special Edition – August 7, 2011”

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    It was Baron Rothschild, the European bankster who came her in the early 1900s to plant the seeds of the Federal Reserve, who correctly offered that one should “BUY WHEN THE BLOOD IS RUNNING IN THE STREETS.” The streets here are getting redder by the minute.

    Oh, and it was also he who declared upon arriving here that “It matters not who governs a nation so long as I control the money.”
    He and his American stooges at the FED have been doing so since 1913. It’s time to stop that madness. So far as I know, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who has pledged to do precisely that.

  • John Says:

    Yes, I agree. However, whoever reads these articles, who are they, they don’t post anything here. But I bet most have a Face Book or Twitter account and post lots of comments there, why not here?

    Our right is freedom of speech, or should I say expression.

    There are some folks out in this land that still think Obama is doing a great job and the Demos are leading the way. They wil vote for Obama. The other problem is folks in other states keep electing the same representatives year after year. These representatives make this a career, that’s why they have so many great benefits; BENEFITS THEY HAVE VOTED TO HAVE BECAUSE THEY HAVE RIGHT TO DO THAT. How can we stop this. They don’t represent, if they did, they would never pass some of the legislation they do.

    Also, when a bill comes to the floor, it may have lots of “riders” that there buddy wants and allowed to tag onto the bill for their vote on the real vote. How can we stop that type of legislation.

    As I heard in a recent speech I listened to that was provided in the last American Telegraph on U-tube, the speaker said it took only 4 years to stop Hitler, How come it takes 10 years to get Obama, but not the rest of the them?

    Whomever reads this telegraph, heed to the messages that are put here for the future of our good country!!!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    As regards to your comment about “Helping out at our local GOP office”, REALLY? The illuminati control BOTH parties…there will be NO difference. The Dems Vs Reps is a false paradigm…they are the SAME.

    You want REAL change? Don’t vote for EITHER Dems or Reps. Demand that our schools teach about the Constitution. Start to read again about the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers said about Liberty & Justice for ALL. That is REAL change.

    Electing a GOP for Prez is not going to help one DAMN bit! GOD help us.

  • Scott Thiele Says:


  • Steve Topper Says:

    There are a number of big lies when it comes to investing, the stock market, and Wall Street. Believing in these big lies is detrimental to your retirement funds. One big lie is diversification. All diversification means is that the experts have no idea what to invest in. So, they suggest you put a little bit of money in a lot of different stocks, bonds, and index funds. Then when the market dumps, hopefully, some stocks will go up while others go down and you’ll stay about even. What a joke. Anyone who put 50% of their retirement dollars in HIGH RISK (financial advisers’ words) precious metals back in the late 1990s is now doing well. Yet, putting money into GM, Citibank, and similar stocks was a disaster. Another big lie is the efficient market theory — all the news that’s relevant is known and the stock market behaves rationally. Stocks and bonds are priced rationally. What a joke. The market is highly inefficient and irrational most of the time. Just look at the current valuations on worthless companies like Groupon, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What real contribution do they offer society? Then there’s dollar cost averaging, and on and on. The so-called experts magically have an answer as to why the market goes up or down on a daily basis. Problem is, they have absolutely no idea. They are guessing. As long as you believe the stock market is a rational place, you are doomed to being screwed by Wall Street. You have to have a contrarian attitude and perspective to survive in the market. What’s critical today is to realize that the Fed has painted itself into a corner and has become totally ineffective. No matter what it does, it will make things worse. Hopefully, it will fail and go away as per Ron Paul. We are not in a recession so we can’t come out of one. And, since the government has no official definition as to what constitutes a depression, how would we know if we were in one? What we are experiencing is THE GREAT CORRECTION. We are correcting over 60 years of bad choices, poor decisions, and failed democracy (when people realize they can vote themselves perks and entitlements the government can’t afford, the country ultimately goes bankrupt). There is too much government debt and too much personal debt. And until it gets paid way down, there will be no so-called recovery. As for the current man in charge, he’s only hastening the ride down the very long slippery slope. Unfortunately, at the speed we are going, we will catch up with all those socialists in Europe sooner than later. Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-
    I found it strange when a month or so ago several of the financial talking heads on TV were saying ‘now is the time to for the small investor to get back into the market’ before it becomes overpriced again and therefore unaffordable for the little guy, yada, yada, yada.
    I’m thinking, “What are these people smoking? But then it dawned on me – let’s fleece the little investor once again – keep driving nails into the middle class coffin until we can bury it once and for all.
    Nothing is more dangerous to a socialist agenda than an affluent middle class. Just ask Stalin, Mao or a dozen others.
    But the true and present danger is the Federal Reserve – most specifically their funding the majority of the debt by buying up Treasury Bills – making something out of nothing – and therefore artificially holding interest rates down.
    No way can that last forever. And when it implodes, the dollar will devaluate like a deflated balloon.