Special Edition – July 31, 2011


My apologies for filling your box with yet another American Telegraph, so I will keep this Special Edition short and to the point.

I have spoken, at length, about the military/industrial complex, so I will not belabor the point any further.

However, some people tend to confuse the corrupt, inefficiencies of that unholy alliance – with a very real concept of National Security.

Please do not confuse the two.  They are totally different in nature – and substance.

National Security is the most important concept of any nation/state.  Without a solid foundation of national security, all other points become moot.

I referred to my friend that I picked up at Sacramento Airport recently in my last edition.  He mentioned Egypt falling into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He also mentioned that the budget cuts that are now “on the table” will “gut our national security capabilities to the point of NEUTERING the defense capabilities of the United States.”

According to him, the Navy is being gutted – just when China is building up its TOTAL Navy.  Apparently, they have more ships than we do.  I find this hard to believe, even from him, but that is what he was saying when we last spoke.

Also, the Army and Marines are using equipment that is over 25 years old.  And again, according to him, the jets that the US Air Force is using are over 30 YEARS old.

Now, just this morning, the United States has PUBLICLY DECLARED Iran to be aiding and abetting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While everybody has been worried about the bogus “Debt-Ceiling Crisis” our National Defense capabilities have slipped to the point where America is in a very precarious point, with regard to being able to defend itself in time of all-out war.


I think I have finally figured out the problem – thanks again, to my friend’s insight and experience.

He has ALWAYS been against the concept of “Mercenaries” – his word for private security forces.

He is a very staunch supporter of the “Legitimate Military Forces” of the United States.

Suddenly, it all made sense.  Eisenhower was NOT talking about our National Defense capabilities when he referred to the mounting threat of a MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL Complex.  I often wondered how a 5-Star General could be worried about the US Military getting too big.

Simply put, Eisenhower was not referring to the “Regular Forces” – but to the “Secret Forces” of “Contracted Security Agencies” that get (paper) money from the United States Government – and then left to their own devices.

Before, I thought President Eisenhower meant the US Military.  But, apparently that was not the case at all.

What he was warning against was the “Uncontrolled Shadow Military Contract Forces” that are now all over the Middle East – and apparently around the world, too.

My friend has told me that they (the Security Forces personnel) are a “real piece of work.”  He states that they are a bunch of “wanna be Rambos with a little dick complex.”  His words, not mine.

According to him, they just “do what they want to do” and are responsible to no one – and in the process, give the legitimate US Forces a bad name.

When I asked how this all came about he said that since we now have an all-volunteer Military, that there are simply not enough people to do the job – so they hire out to these Special Contract Security Forces.

Apparently, some people on Capitol Hill are finally catching on to what is actually happening.  These forces are overtly misappropriating American Tax dollars to fund their own operations – and also to line their own pockets while they are at it.  Drug money is rumored to be in the mix.  Afghanistan is the biggest producer of Opium in the world.

THIS is what Eisenhower was warning us all about.  And it has now come to fruition.

As I pointed out earlier, while we were all watching the staged distraction of the “Debt-Ceiling Crisis,” of which I predicted that they would wait until “the 11th hour” to get a deal done, the Middle East was boiling over.  But few were paying any attention.

This is a very alarming development indeed.  And if we are not careful, we might find ourselves in yet ANOTHER war in the Middle East – this time coming to the aid of Israel – if Iran is indeed targeted by the Obama Administration.

If President Obama keeps losing his political support, I would not be surprised if he made a case of NATIONAL SECURITY and decided to attack Iran – just before the 2012 presidential election.

It would not be the first time that a leader of a country decided to start a war for his own political advantage.

There might even be a call to reinstate the draft.  And if that happens – then you will REALLY see people get motivated.

Libya and Syria are on fire as I write.


I hadn’t intended to broach this subject in this Special Edition but it seems to tie in directly with the above material.

This too, will be kept intentionally short and to the point.

A reader sent me a very good video, which I watched and then lost, which showed how – with a gold standard – wars can only be financed until the gold runs out.  Gold is a finite commodity.

But with fiat money – paper money – you can print as much as you want, and finance wars indefinitely.

This, in a nutshell, was one of the underlying concepts of getting off the Gold Standard in the first place.

Remember, the Louisiana Purchase was made precisely because Napoleon needed GOLD to finance his wars abroad. He had NO fiat reserve of endless paper money.  He needed cold, hard – GOLD.

“If the FED needs money, and Congress refuses to appropriate money, as designated, then the FED can go ahead and print the money it wants.”  This quote came from none other than Henry Paulson – past head of Goldman Sachs and past FED Chairman.

Is this starting to make any sense whatsoever?

We are not nearly as free as we pretend to be.


I am continually indebted to my friends and readers for the information and articles that they pass on to me.  Without all their help – and timely input – I simply could not keep the American Telegraph going.  I thank you all for your continued help and support.

Below, is a perfect example of what I mean.  In the reader’s own words, please check out what she sent me a few days ago:

Next question is about the Fed.  Congress created them, and we should repeal the Glass-Owen Act of 1913, because their plan from the beginning was to destroy America by taking control of the country’s funds, and without any money (reserves) of their own nor any risk, they have passed over 100  amendments to the original bill, each one lucrative for the big banks, but detrimental to the populace.  Why haven’t the American people signed petitions and force Congress to abolish the “so called” Fed Reserve?  They have realized obscene profits;  that’s why they want America to bail out foreign countries and banks and borrow more and more money to bring us to the point where we are now.  I can’t see a way out with things remaining status quo.  I sent you the article that showed how the Fed bailed out banks in Europe without the approval of Congress or the President.  That means they went above the law.  Please share the link below with your readers.


I have left out her name on purpose, but she is an 82 year old TRUE AMERICAN and is “on-the-ball” more than most.

That is it for now.  Sorry for the interruption of such a beautiful Sunday morning – but I thought this was too important to let slide until next week.

Keep thinking positive.

Remember:  Hope and REAL Change in 2012!

Lawrence Klepinger


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2 Responses to “Special Edition – July 31, 2011”

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-
    Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory with mostly borrowed money from England- in spite of his believe that it was a violation of the Constitution. A great early example in American history of how greed wins out over conviction and morals every time. Of course, the English Parliament didn’t mind making a few bucks off their late enemies, in spite of the fact that the bodies were hardly cold.
    It was the only time, with the possible exception of World War 2, that deficit spending has given us a bang for our buck. What a shame that Napoleon didn’t put the money to better use.

    The 11th hour has come as you predicted, and the Republicans have once again blinked. Did we truly expect anything else?

    But if we do go to war with Iran, at least it would be a good excuse to bring back the draft.


    PS: Jefferson was adamantly opposed to the central bank concept – too bad we didn’t listen. Wilson himself said later that he deeply regreted it.

  • Steve Topper Says:

    Your readers should buy the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and read it. It’s a tough read at times but provides everything you need to know about the creation of today’s Federal Reserve by J.P. Morgan and his friends in 1901. It took them until 1913 to get the Fed created by Congress. This is not the first Federal Reserve Bank created in America. Others came before and all were eliminated due to the problems they create. The Fed was created for one primary purpose — to protect the really big banks from undue competition. Why do you think the four mega-banks were bailed out while hundreds of smaller banks are allowed to fail every year? By the way, Ron Paul wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only viable candidate for president. The others are simply more of the same.