No. 140 – July 29, 2012


As of this Sunday, there are exactly 100 days left until the November 6, 2012 presidential election.

In all honesty, I think we should be thankful that Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. All things considered, and when viewed in retrospect, he has given us the first clear choice in a long time – between big government, mob rule v. small government, We The People rule.

Slowly but surely the people are starting to wake up to what the American public brought upon itself in 2008.

We are now paying for the foolishness of voting for HOPE and CHANGE with no clear idea of how to implement any of the promises that the Obama administration laid upon us.

GM is still producing garbage automobiles.  Not only are they trying more ad “come-ons” to sell cars that nobody wants – they are still indebted to “we the people” for the foolish loan that the government “gave” to them.  I predict, that money will never be fully repaid.

We are now trillions of dollars deeper in debt – and, as predicted, we will see QE 3, before election.

Our military is now targeted by this administration in not only cuts – but also severe rationing – of much needed healthcare for our returning veterans.

The American public education system is in shambles.  Our kids rank near the bottom, when compared to other “industrialized” nations in both language and math comprehension.

The Senate has not passed a budget in three years.

Need I go on?  I think you are starting to get the picture.

But, then again, I wonder.  If Obama is doing so poorly – then why are his “approval ratings” so high?

I think I have stumbled on the answer.  This morning I was watching CNN (I have admonished readers for not broadening their news horizons before) and found out, according to their polls, Obama has one of the highest ratings of US presidents in recent memory – OVERSEAS.

That claim sounded very odd to me, considering his constant mistakes, gaffs and blunders when in the international arena.

Then it dawned on me – like a two-by-four on the backside.  PERHAPS, CNN is actually lying about these polls.

Am I to believe that the Brits like Obama – after his dismal accounting of Winston Churchill? Or his abominable display of hubris with relation to the Queen of England?

Or his dismissal of Netanyahu and the way he has treated Israel?

What about Poland and other “Eastern European” countries that were stripped of their promised defense systems to help stymie any expansion ideas that the Russians might still harbor?

Then there are the Iranian students that he turned his back on.  And now, the Syrians.

Again, I could go on, but you are starting to get the picture.  At least, I HOPE so.

I submit, that the polls of the major news corporations are intentionally lying to the American people – on a grand scale.

I know, a lot of readers will say, “You are just now coming to that conclusion?”

Actually, the answer is an emphatic no.

My point is, we have become such a dumbed-down nation, that the majority of Americans now believe anything that the mainstream media tells them – WITHOUT QUESTION.

If that is the truth, and if the current administration – in conjunction with the mainstream media that support it are actually in cahoots – then we are in for real trouble in November.

Remember, it is a democratic republic that we live in – so far.

That means, the person with the most votes wins at election time – according to the Electoral Vote count.  At least, that is what I have been led to believe.

So, think about this for a moment.  If you had a bunch of numb-nuts that can’t read or write, and can’t even make simple change at a cash register – wouldn’t you just plain LIE to them, and HOPE for the best?

That is, in a nutshell, what has been going on for the last four years.

Obama is like a child caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

“Barack, what on earth do you think you are doing?” scolded his mother.  “I told you not to steal cookies from the cookie jar.”

To which, little Barack says, “Well, it’s not my fault.  You put the cookie jar too close to the edge.”

I have never, in my life, heard such constant lies from Democrats – of every ilk.  The logic and basic credibility of most of their “positions” are simply indefensible.

Yet, they continue to lie, cheat and cajole an ignorant voting populace into thinking that everything is fine and dandy.

And, as previously predicted, Obama is now touting the concept of helping students “work the system” so they do not have to repay their student loans.  This is so abhorrent to the concept of responsibility that it makes me want to vomit.  Yet, when you consider the stupidity level of college students nowadays, it is not all that surprising.

Some readers still get mad at me for my predictions being mostly right on target.

The truth of the matter is – this Obama administration is NOT that difficult to figure out.

They are basically crooks and criminals.  Crooks and criminals lie – all the time.  So much so, that they don’t even know when they are lying.  It just comes naturally.

The following news clip reveals this fact in the most embarrassing example of our so-called president to date, with regard to international relations.  I suggest you note the body language of the people opposite Obama, as he muddles through the same line – time and again.  It is simply disgusting.

Thanks to reader,Thomas Towne, for sending this along:


Of course they do.  Everybody lies.

Again, that is not my point.  What I am trying to get across is, the Democrats are lying so much – and so often – that you simply cannot keep track of them.

Charlie Rangel scandal.  He “forgot” to pay taxes on his income.  Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.  Resigned his post – but got re-elected.

Tim Geithner made mistakes on his tax filings – and he blames his tax software.  He is still the head of the TREASURY.

What the hell is going on?

I’ll tell you.  We have allowed Political Correctness to shame We The People into not saying anything.

One word against Charles Rangel – you are racist.  NOT TRUE.

One word against Obama – you are racist.  NOT TRUE.

One word against Geithner – you are a right-wing nutto.  NOT TRUE.

The man who tried to kill Gabrielle Giffords was a Tea Party Activist.  NOT TRUE.

The man who shot up the theater in Colorado was a Tea Party Activist.  NOT TRUE.

Are we seeing a full-fledged pattern here?  I think so.


Just this.

“The best form of defense is attack.” – Carl von Clausewitz –

Romney is constantly playing catch-up – and TIME IS RUNNING OUT.  Remember, only 100 days remain.

Here is what I would say, if I were Romney.

Off-shore Bank Accounts:

If the tax system in America was fair, I would have no need to put money in off-shore accounts.  Every person that can afford it, puts their money off-shore.  The American tax system is so inept and incomprehensible that even Charles Rangel and Tim Geithner can’t understand it.  And neither do I.  If I am elected, I would abolish the IRS and the immediately investigate the FED.

Bain Capital:

Yes, I helped to run Bain Capital – and damn proud of it.  Look at the thousands of jobs it created.  Of course, some people had to be laid off – to make the remaining companies STRONGER and MORE COMPETITIVE.  THAT is the concept of Capitalism.  That is why the company was called Bain CAPITAL.  Only a stupid businessman – or a person with ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS COMPREHENSION – would think otherwise.

Mrs, Romney riding horses:

Of course, she likes to ride horses.  The history of our COUNTRY revolves around horses. They were instrumental in the development of America – not to mention, the World!  Has anyone ever heard of the concept of good, common horse sense?  For crying out loud, Ronald Reagan loved to ride horses – and I didn’t hear anybody chide him for that.  Besides, what about the way we actually measure the strength of an automobile engine – by horsepower!  Anybody who doesn’t love horses is just plain dumb.

Again, I hope you are starting to get the picture.  I could go on – and on – as to how Romney should be running his campaign, but it would serve no further purpose.

The POINT is, the Democrats pump out a lie – and then Romney responds by trying to placate the lie.

Instead, he should jump right into the lie and knock its lights out.  Quit pussy-footing around and kick the shit out of every lie they throw his way.  But, alas, I am afraid that is not going to happen. And that is what still bothers me.


For those of you who have been following this “assault” on our Second Amendment, this newS clip will be like music to your ears.

Again, thanks to reader, Thomas Towne, licensed general contractor who still works for a living at age 70, for forwarding this website, too:


Korea was our first Politically Correct war – and we came up with a draw.

Vietnam was our second Politically Correct war – and we “lost.”  Not really, but that is what the main-stream media likes to say.

Even the way these two WARS are referred to, in the mainstream media, is a lie.

They both have been characterized as CONFLICTS.  Not wars.  Talk about a lie!  Yes, I am fully aware that only Congress can declare war, but let’s not get that technical.

Please remember, the Korean veterans were a prelude to Vietnam veterans.

A fact, little known to most Americans, is that there was never even a Korean War Memorial, until after the Vietnam Wall was built.  THAT is how much Korean War veterans were disregarded when they came back.

One Korean War veteran once thanked me for going to Vietnam.  When I asked him why he thanked me, he said:

“I was in the 1st Cavalry.  We lost our colors in Korea.  The Horse we did not ride, the Line we did not cross, and the Color was the reason why.  You boys won our colors back for us. That is why I said thank you.”

So today, I would like to say THANK YOU back to all Korean WAR veterans.  Friday went relatively unnoticed by America.

It marked the 59th anniversary of the Korean War.  I salute all Korean War veterans for their love of country, sacrifice and dedication to duty.

Thank you all for your service to the United States of America.

After November 6th, let’s HOPE we have elected a president who, once again, respects and admires, our members of the United States military.

Until next time, best wishes and keep thinking positive!

Lawrence Klepinger


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3 Responses to “No. 140 – July 29, 2012”

  • John Says:

    Points, Points, and more Points! Yes I do get it! But if you watch most folks everyday, they are obivious to what is going on around them. Read face book posting of my over 400 friends and they are so focused on THEMSELVES and having fun, along with a few sayings they copy from web sites, oh the feeling is so good to them.

    There is a young lady trying to win a contest that all my friends have been asked to vote for her, would they take a moment to do three clicks of the mouse, enter a couple of words provided…NO!

    News media — totally out of the relm of reporting NEWS, and when they have a big deal like in Colorado, you can’t shut them up. Enough is Enough. They caught the guy and will take care of him, move on to imortant issues.

    How many people took time to click on your links? I did, and the first one I even clicked on some of the other videos, what negative information is there About Obama. He is full of so much bull shit, he should be floating out of Washington, but there is so much already their, its hard to find your way out of it!

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Oh, so everything will be corrected with a Romney victory? And the people will again be in power instead of the “mob”. How delusional.

    Dickey Cheney and Carl Rove will cure it all or haven’t they already done enough damage to this country.

  • Jacy Says:

    I agree with you Larry – on all points. We have become a dumbed down, unfortunately “politicaly correct” country therefore afraid to speak out for fear of criticism. There comes a point in our lives that we have to “fight fire with fire” which includes fighting the Democrats lies as they spew them out. The MSM should be boycotted.

    We have too many “Wimps and RINO’s” in Congress who are willing to cross the isle. Even the Republicans are not backing Micherlle Bachman’s attempt to investigate the Muslin Brothernood and Hilary Clinton’s assicate who may have Muslim ties. McCain being one of Michelle’s loudest critics. A report last week stated Boehner may even relieve Bachman of her post? Now why would they do that when they won’t even investigae whether Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be president!

    Young people are no longer educated in American Histroy, including the Constituion, Founding Fathers or WWLL. We have allowed the Dept of Education to inflitrate with progressive socialistic ideaology – and have done nothing. Movies are full of violence and sex as is TV – we are getting exactly what we have allowed and turned our heads – if we don;t recognize it – it will go away.

    Thank you for mentioning the Korean War. So many have lost their lives protecting this country – so much has been forgotten. I watched the movie of “The Memphis Belle” the other night and wondered how those brave young men had the courage to go up knowing it may be their last trip? We even forget the courage of today’s young men and women who still believe in the freedos and liberties of this country. So many do not realize the full extent of the evil that Obama has done to this country in four short years – we cannot allow another four.