Special Edition – October 24, 2011


I am somewhat beside myself this morning.

Herman Cain was doing fine – until ABORTION became the “hot topic” – and he blew it badly.  He will be shunned by the ULTRA-RIGHT contingency that STILL controls the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney will ultimately be the GOP standard bearer – as I predicted over a year ago.

I am not so much mad about my prediction being correct from the “get go.”  I have a fairly good record as to calling what is going on in politics.  My apologies to those readers who would like to see me “blow it” more often – but I call them as I see them – and that has always generated a lot of envy from those who can’t seem to see beyond their own nose.

What I am referring to – as I have done so MANY times in the past (actually since I ran for Congress eons ago in 2004) is the complete STUPIDITY of the Evangelical Element when they insist upon using the same old tactic “LITMUS TEST” of ABORTION.

The only abortion that I now see is the Evangelical Element – once again – raising its self-righteous abortion issue yet again.

If these lunatics are allowed to continue – and if Romney is “chosen” by the GOP – then Obama will be re-elected in 2012.

There is the old saw that defines stupidity as doing the same thing and expecting different results.

The Evangelical Element is a pariah on the GOP.  Until the Republicans completely EXPUNGE this group of sick individuals – the Republican Party will never win another Presidential Election.

Back in 1948, when these same individuals were poisoning the Democratic Party, the Dixiecrats stormed out of the Democratic National Convention – and went to the Grand Old Party and begged to be let in, promising political power and retribution – if only they could bring their poisonous religious fervor of Abortion and anti-homosexual sentiments with them.

The Republicans relented – and accepted this tribe of religious fanatics into the GOP.  Once in, they began their own “crusade” to swing the Republican Party so far to the Right that it is now unrecognizable from the once dynamic and principled party of its former self.

The Democrats were smart to let those racist bigots go.

The Republicans made a pact with the Devil – and let the Evangelical Element into the GOP – and they have been paying for it ever since.

This group of religious perverts were the exact same people who gave one of our greatest senators – Barry Goldwater – nothing but headaches when he ran for President in 1964.  Goldwater DESPISED this group of malcontents for their INTOLERANCE and RELIGIOUS HYPOCRISY.

But these stupid “know-nothings” did not stop with badgering one of the truly GREAT Common Sense Conservatives of our time.

The Evangelical Element even made life difficult for one of our greatest Presidents – Ronald Reagan.  More than once he wished that those hair-brained idiots would simply disappear.

During my campaign, I had more than one “religious” jerk come up to me and say:

“What is your stand on abortion?”

When I explained that it is not for the government to decide – but for the family to decide – every single one of those very same people went ballistic and delcared, “I will NEVER VOTE FOR YOU.”

That was it.  That is as far as those ignorant – and arrogant – people can think.

So, here we are today, with President Obama.

His election is not so much a credit to the Democrats – as it is to the Evangelical Element – for driving out more moderate Republicans, all Conservative Democrats –  not to mention the Libertarians and Independent voters by the millions.

The Dixiecrats ran from the Democratic convention into the open arms of the Republicans – and we have been getting shafted by the Evangelical Element ever since.

So, here is what I intend to do.

If Romney gets the nod – as I am SURE he will – it makes no difference who his running mate is – he will lose, and we will be shackled with four more years of Obama.  It is a foregone conclusion.

I predict this will happen.

And if it does, then I will have to concede defeat – and put the AMERICAN TELEGRAPH to bed.

This situation reminds me of the old Jewish joke:

A young Rabbi was talking with an old Rabbi who was at the Wailing Wall performing his daily prayers.

The young Rabbi asked what the old Rabbi was praying for.

“I am praying for Peace in the Middle East

“So, what do you think about your prayers,” asked the young Rabbi.

“Like I am talking to a wall,” came the reply.

And that is exactly how I feel today.

Herman Cain is the BEST candidate we have – and the Evangelical Element is doing its best to discredit him on this single issue of abortion.

If that happens, it will be on the conscience of the Evangelical Element for the next 50 years.

This is one prediction that I hope I am completely wrong on – but something tells me it is going to come to pass.

I cry for America if this is the case.

Please, try to keep thinking positive and remember to vote for America – not for any single issue.

Hope for Change in 2012.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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9 Responses to “Special Edition – October 24, 2011”

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    It is ironic, as even Mitt Romney is a flagrant turncoat on the issue of abortion. It beggars belief that anyone would vote for someone so ostentatiously cynical.

  • David Klepinger Says:


    Simply put, your best column (thus far). Hang in there. I, for one, am going to remain positive, as you request, because I know Herman, and I believe in the great American experiment, which continues to redefine itself. This election is unlike any other. That is all we need to understand in order to stay focused. Make no mistake, the forces of contempt are alive and surround us like a pit of snakes, from all sides, and if we succumb to the old pattern of thinking, which is to say, “This is the way it has always been done,” then we are indeed doomed. But we are better than that. In times like these, I truly believe that the power of prayer is essential, for it is our FAITH, and NOT our religion that guides us. May God bless.

    Your brother,

  • Bruce Lockhart Says:

    Spot on as usual Larry, I see Romney as the lesser of two evils, not much of a field out there.

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  • Jacy Says:

    I heard Herman Cain’s remark and he is pro-life. He says what he thinks and I admire that. Re: Abortion – He was concerned over life or death problems for mother and/or baby. I read several conservative sites on a daily basis and their blogs. I find very few conservatives who want Romney as president. Romney is a flip flopper on several issues (for abortion and then against it). People are concerned that his “Romneycare”, despite what he says, will spill over if he should become president. Despite the elite GOP pushing Romney, I don’t think he will win.

    The Republican party does not stand up against the liberal regime. The Democrats scream loud, lie, and denigrate policies and people. I am not suggesting Republican’s ply the same tactics however they could make thier voices heard. Karl Rovefr is oit there telling people who can’t win – Sarah Palin has been trashed and denigrated unconscionably yet Republican’s did not come to her defense, nor of Christine O’Donnell (so we still have a big RINO in Deleware – Karl Rove again) Joe Miller in Alaska didn’t get the assistance he needed nor did Sharron Angle when Dirty Harry won in Nv despite manipulation of voting machines. The Democrats will try and steal the 2012 election by registering illegals, felons and the dead – the reason Obama wants amnesry. But we who live in Washington State know all about that with our mail-in ballots where the felons, dead, duplicate votes, and illegals, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have all voted – but we still have mail -in ballots!

    Herman Cain does not have the money Romney does – so I guess it is up to the people who believe in him to help him out! I have faith.

  • Tom Cox Says:


    This is one of the very best editions of The American Telegraph I have read. You are dead right. The religious right has basically destroyed the Republican Party. But I would also go even farther than this. They are destroying our country as well. I am a moderately conservative political independent who is thoroughly disillusioned with the Democratic Party. And yet I cannot, in good conscience, join the Republican Party. I am pro-choice. However, I also believe in relatively strict limits on abortion. ( i.e. No abortions past the 13th week of pregnancy and a limit of 3 in a lifetime for every woman.) And yet most Republicans seem to have the attitude that you have to oppose abortion in almost any situation (except rape, incest and medical emergencies) in order to qualify for membership in the party. It is madness. The same thing with evolution. I believe in “god.” But I am also a strong believer in Darwinian evolution. The available hard evidence does show that we did in fact evolve from more primitive hominids. And yet time and again I have found myself ridiculed by the religious right for my world view. I, on the other hand, NEVER ridicule creationists. They have the right to believe whatever they damn well want!! In many ways the religious right is no better than the Inquisition of old. What has happened to our country? How could these irrational, intolerant, destructive extremists become so powerful? We desperately need to rebuild the moderate ideological center of this country. And The American Telegraph is as good a place as any to start. Again, wonderful job Larry!!

  • John Says:

    What can one say? This is becoming one of the biggest, stupidest, idiotic, and dumb elections we have now adays. It seems no American can make a smart decision to just mark a different box on the ballot and learn to work with it. This would put some credit to the American public. BUT, yet these folks continue to be swidled, bumfuzzled, and led by some words that don’t really listen too. They just cannot see the real world because they don’t want too.

    And I just saw that the American workers are making a little more but noone gives a dam about the retired community in the cost of living figures. WOW, Social Security if giving a raise but politics want to screw around with this fund. Why don’t the really find out who is collecting money legitimately and get those others off the fund.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-
    Defeat is for losers.
    I personally will never stop opposing these people until they shovel dirt on my coffin.
    You can never give up- its just too damn important when you consider the alternatives.

  • Tom Lull Says:

    All this hype about the “Evangelical Element” and their complete fixation that they alone have a direct feed to/from the Allmighty reminds me of when I was a youth about 5 or 6. I can’t remember if it was in Mobile or New Orleans. There was this hugh (from my prespective) gray stone, gothic church with three large
    Roman arch doors. Over all three doors was this large, flashing neon sign “The only way to Heven” I noticed a small note posted on the center door. It said – “Closed for the hot summer season”.