No. 146 – September 9, 2012



Most people are unaware that back in the early 1970s, Henry Kissinger made a secret deal with Saudi Arabia for the exclusive purchase of oil from that country – at approximately $2.00 a barrel.  One barrel = 55 GALLONS of oil.

Still others, when asked, believe that either Chevron or Mobil are the biggest oil producing companies in the world.

This is not true.  The biggest – and most profitable – oil company is PRIVATELY HELD.  The name of that company:

ARAMCO OIL  (Arabian American Oil)

So, Kissinger made the agreement to buy all the oil from Saudi Arabia – and NOT drill in the vast oil fields of the United States as a “gesture” to the Saudis.  Thus, the Saudis would have a guaranteed source of income from the USA – in perpetuity.

The plan, in Kissinger’s head, was to deplete all of the Saudi’s oil – and then drill in the USA for our own oil – and, in turn, have a monopoly on the oil production in the world – well into the 21st Century.

But the story does not end there.

To consummate the deal, Kissinger had the Saudis agree that ALL INTERNATIONAL OIL TRANSACTIONS were to be only in UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

This means that, if Germany wants to buy oil on the open market – it must first buy US Dollars – and then purchase its oil.  It cannot LEGALLY purchase oil in any other currency.

Yet, for the dollar to be more flexible, it had to be a fiat monetary instrument.

Fiat money is not BACKED by any real commodity.  It is merely a “promise to pay.”

The Nixon Administration, in cahoots with the FED, decided to take the US off the GOLD STANDARD, thus making the deal work.

So, in 1972, Kissinger made the “secret oil deal” and Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard – thus, paving the way for inflation and a weaker dollar.

BUT, there was an even deeper plan – in back of Kissinger’s head.

If the US was “secretly dependent” on Saudi oil – then that meant the USA would have to DEFEND its oil interests in Saudi Arabia.

And, to a very certain extent, defend the only Democracy in the Middle East – ISRAEL.

No, I am not a “Zionist” or any other label that you wish to put on people who support the existence of Israel.

I am simply pointing out how, when viewed from this perspective, America is “tied at the hip” with BOTH Saudi Arabia and Israel.

And it is this secret deal that America is still adhering to.  Thus, the predicament that ensuing administrations have been placed in.

America MUST protect Saudi Arabia – one of the most repressive ISLAMIC regimes in the Middle East – and also be the number one supporter of Israel – the only Democracy in the Middle East, to boot.


Most Americans are not aware of this political conundrum.

So, recently, when certain political people start to clamor for American Energy Independence – the whole wall of secrecy is put in jeopardy – not to mention the RETURN to the gold standard.

If America actually does start to drill for its own oil – which it has in abundance for the next 100 years (and which was KNOWN to Kissinger and geologists back in 1972) then somebody might just “tell all” to the world – and see what a concoction this whole “energy debate” really is all about.

T. Boone Pickens has known all along that oil and NATURAL GAS are the strong suits of America.  Anybody who thinks otherwise has been totally hoodwinked by the MSM into thinking in such a manner.

America is drowning in oil.

Yet, the “underlying basis” of the secret deal is the PRESERVATION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

And, therein lie the crux of the matter.

Prime Minister Netanyahu knows about this secret pact.  Everyone in “the know” knows about it – thus, the Saudis and the Israelis are playing the American public for the suckers that they really are.

Robert Dole once declared that there were only three reasons for the US being at war in the Middle East:

“O – I – L”

But I believe that Kissinger had an ulterior motive – in that assuring the USA had a grand bargain with the Saudis, it would also imply that that America would have to defend Israel in order to protect its oil interests.

One might ask, why is that?  Israel has no oil.

This is true.

But, by defending Israel, and building up its military to one of the biggest in the WORLD, the USA has a land base from which to launch its OWN military excursions anywhere in the Middle East.

So, in essence, Kissinger played a masterstroke in gaining oil from Saudi Arabia – and also insuring the existance of his secretly beloved Israel.

Again, please do not equate this with any sort of “anti-semitism” on my part.

I am merely pointing out the facts – and the truly Machiavellian mind of Henry Kissinger – and how it just might lead us into, yet another conflict, in the Middle East – before the November 2012 election.


This is a time of mourning for the United States of America.

My sincerest sympathies – and condolences – to all who lost their lives on that tragic day.

BUT, I must ask – what really happened?

Was it a terrorist attack by crazy Muslims – and we in America – the CIA, the FBI – and in other parts of the World – had NO IDEA what was going to happen?

I find it extremely difficult to believe that Muslim terrorist could get on TWO planes, hijack them, fly them into the TWIN TOWERS, and another jet plane be flown into the Pentagon.

THREE jet planes – all in one day.

And yet, not a SINGLE person AROUND THE WORLD knew even a teensy-weensy bit about what was going on?

Are we, as Americans, really that dumb?

I am not so sure that they were totally undetected.

Yes, they were Muslims.

And, yes, they were terrorists.

But in all honesty, how could not ONE person – let alone not one single security organization – even get a whiff that something was awry.

Then, what got me to wondering what was going on, was the following day when there was a blackout in the skies all over America.  I mean, the whole airspace was completely empty.

I remember this extremely well – because my wife and I were to leave LAX at 11:00 am that same morning to fly back to Japan.

Our hotel was in Hermosa Beach – about 15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport.  Of course, our flight was cancelled – as were ALL other flights in America.

The skies were virtually empty the following day.

As I lay on my hotel bed dozing from watching all the news, I suddenly found myself on the floor of our hotel room. My wife said I automatically took cover – when two Air Force jets zoomed overhead about 500 feet off the ground.

I immediately tuned in to find out that the United States Air Force was patrolling ALL major airports in the country.

And that only ONE aircraft was allowed in the sky that day.  All others were to be SHOT DOWN.

That airplane carried one group of very important people – the relatives and immediate family members of the BIN LADEN clan.

This family, and its members, have been allegedly tied – directly or indirectly – to the ARAMCO Corporation for years.  There are rumors that the Bush family – and the Cheney family also had ties to the bin Laden family.

So what the hell really happened?

And how was this able to be covered up to such an extent that we – and the World – STILL do not know what REALLY took place on that fateful day?

I am still waiting for the Warren Commission Report, on the assassination of President Kennedy, to come out – in another 50 years.


Now that I am a grandparent I can appreciate what being a “grand” parent really means.

In truth, I never thought I would be a grandfather, so when it hit me it was kind of a surprise – and a very enjoyable one at that.

But I would like to take a moment and say thanks to the GREAT Grandparents of our time.

THEY were truly the GREATEST generation this nation has ever produced.

They were the ones that were born and bred in the throes of the Great Depression, went without food and water, lost their farms and land to the devastations of the Great Dust Bowl, enlisted to fight in World War Two, produced the greatest group of Army fighters, the 442nd Japanese combat team (highest decorated unit in US Army history), to help save Europe from itself, defeated Nazism and Imperial Japan, went back to war in Korea and yet managed to come back home and help build America into the greatest nation this World has ever known.

Along with all the Grandparents of today – I salute the GREAT Grandparents of yesterday – that made it possible.

Thank you all!

Best wishes and keep thinking positive,

Lawrence Klepinger


NOTE:  Please bear in mind, my predictions from earlier newsletters:

There will be a QE 3 – predicted almost one year ago

Gas prices will be around $3.20 in October/November 2012

If Obama looks like he will win, Israel could very well unleash a preemptive strike on Iran in October 2012


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7 Responses to “No. 146 – September 9, 2012”

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    You are re-stating items I’ve heard you say before. But it seems you are pointing some facts that just seem to be there; but no one seems to know about them. Again, Americans don’t know what really is going on and why not, not even our elected respresentative in Congress know as much as they think they do?

    And, if a plane was in the sky with the Bin Laden clan, why? How do you know?

    Grand parents are “Grand”, just that times are changing in the youth of today and I wonder how they will react when they see grandkids?

    Obama as found in one statement on the internet stand for:
    One Big Ass Mistake America! or
    Obviously Bouncing Around Muslim Accusations!

  • Larry L. Stuler Says:


    All you say about the ARAMCO deal is documented in Daniel Yergin’s awesome study of the history of oil titled “The Prize” originally published in 1991 and recently updated in 2009. This book starts with George Bissel’s visiting the western Pennsylvania oil springs in 1853, leads on to the creation of Standard Oil, Shell and Royal Dutch, Anglo-Persion (now BP), Aramco, and all the rest of the players. Daniel Yergin’s scholarship is unequaled and all of his work is very well documented. A long read, but worth every minute. – Larry Stuler

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    Kissinger was a Rockefeller protege. Word is that OPEC was created in the offices of and with major financial assistance from the ROCKEFELLER family.

    They also donated the land on Turtle Bay where now stands the UNITED NATIONS. In a perverse stroke of cabalistic humor, that property is a stone’s throw from the site where the British hanged young American patriot NATHAN HALE. You private school graduates will recall that it was he who declared “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country” before his death. You government school people, not so much.

    How sad that an organization intentionally designed to destroy American sovereignty stands near where was issued the iconic expression of love of this country.

  • Frank Champagne Says:

    Yes, Kissinger’s oil deal was fishy. But I doubt that Israel was much of a consideration beyond the bolstering of treaties already made over 25 years earlier, in 1948.
    Kissinger made many tactical “mistakes.” but were they? As a globalist, he thought not. He pursuaded Nixon to open trade with China when India would have been a more prudent choice. He ended the Vitnam war as a loss for us. He used the oil trade to render us less independent and more globally vulnerable. Ditto with the gold standard. He was also on deck when the EPA was formed, ostensibly to REDUCE our dependence on foreign oil. This was another ruse. We are twice as dependent, and are paying according to the fixed prices of an international cartel.

  • Frank Champagne Says:

    As for 9-11, well yes, I’m afraid America was just that dumb! We have since learned that some officials, FBI most likely, did know that some less than savory people were taking unusual flight lessons and that they had expired visas. But they didn’t think it was important. In hindsight, they were dumb, but at the time FBI had more conerns about drug gangs than plots against the USA. It was just a grander scale example of what is common for govt. They often fail to put in the crosswalk until someone is killed.

  • Lou Novak Says:

    Hi Larry,
    Is your source for the Kissinger plan Daniel Yergin? Sounds plausible, but pretty outlandishly complex to be believable and enforcible for other administrations.
    ALso, what law requires Germany to buy Saudi oil in US dollars? I thought oil was internationally priced in US dollars, but could be purchased in any country’s currency???

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Thanks for a great and thought provoking article.

    Its interesting to note that we actually exported a surplus of oil up until about 1970 or so, yet we were practically brought to our knees by the Arab embargo of 1973. How quickly things can change in the modern world. Kudos to King Fasil and Henry the Great for that experience.

    Its been said that history repeats itself, and the Middle East political situation is currently very similar now as it was then. The Arabism of Jerusalem that Fasil used before as an excuse may once again rear its ugly head. Especially that now both of our lost and hopeless political parties seem to think that it’s the Capitol of Israel. The nays in Charlotte may have had something to say about that, but no one seemed to hear them.

    I’ve always wondered a little bit that if Iraq leaving the American petrodollar farm in 2000 or so may have been a clandestine reason for the 2003 invasion. Iran has also left the farm.

    I suppose only Henry would know.