Special Edition – August 16, 2012


In recent days, I have received more caustic emails than I have in quite some time, regarding my portrayal of the GOP party platform – and especially the VP choice.

I have been accused of “giving up” and of being “negative to the point of nausea” and others that are too explicit for even me to print.

I am not complaining.  That is part of the price you have to pay for telling the truth.

“If you want to piss people off, tell them the truth.”  – Colin Powell

There is another saying that goes:

“A writer worth his salt is not worried about being understood; what concerns him most is being misunderstood.”

Apparently, that is my problem.  Rush Limbaugh used to often lament this fact on his program – of which I rarely listen to nowadays.  He was always complaining that,  “People don’t read what I write.”

So let me relate a story that happened to me when I was still in university.  I volunteered to be a Little League coach in Campbell, California (something I would suggest every person do – once), and went about it in somewhat of a military fashion.

I made the kids do workouts before they started to play, told them how difficult the opposing team would be, not to take anything for granted – and always encouraged them to think positive.

My favorite line of encouragement was, “A walk is as good as a hit.”

Whether you know it or not, little kids rarely think for the TEAM – only for themselves.  And no matter how many times you give the batter the “take” sign, they swing for the fences anyway.  It is just the nature of the game – with LITTLE KIDS.

But it is not supposed to be that way with BIG KIDS.

To remedy the situation, I would always encourage the kids that actually did walk, by yelling, “Way to go.  A walk is as good as a hit.”

And it finally caught on, to where the kids actually started repeating the phrase.  The kids finally got it.

But many American Telegraph readers, tend to still act like children.  They whine, bitch and moan.  They are so damn sensitive that they take “umbrage” with the least little phrase that I write.  By the way, how many times have you heard the word umbrage nowadays?

So here is what I am trying to do, for all those readers too damn dense to get my point.

I am NOT thinking negative.  If I were thinking negative – I would not still be writing this newsletter.

What I am trying to do is show the many Republicans who are now smirking and stating – emphatically – that Romney is going to win in a LANDSLIDE – that the election cycle has just begun.

Ladies and Gentlemen – I HOPE Romney DOES win – but it ain’t over until the GRAVITY CHALLENGED Lady Sings!

But that does not mean we get OVERCONFIDENT and start the pious hypocrisy that happened back in the 1980s. That is where the GOP thought they could do no wrong – and Newt Gingrich went nuts with his Evangelical Element – and damn near ruined the GOP forever.

No doubt, there will be those of you out there that will take offense with this last paragraph.  That is fine, too.  But THAT is just my point.  That is NOT my point.

Does that make any sense at all?

I hope so, because what I am trying to do is ENCOURAGE the GOP to go for a walk, instead of a home run.

Spread the money around – and get more GOP members into office – even if you do NOT agree with everyone of their points.  The idea is to win the game.  Not to be the team who hit one home run – and then lose the game to the other team who got a single, a double and a triple, all in the same inning.

The idea is NOT to give the GOP a false sense of SELF-ESTEEM.  The idea is to take nothing for granted,

The GOP is playing with fire when they take on the Chicago Establishment – and that is exactly what they are attempting to do.

Please remember, just two days ago, I warned about Joe Biden and his FOIL remarks.  Oddly enough, he just made a huge one yesterday – and like zombies – everyone was talking about it.

Time is of the essence – and that is the GAME that the Democrats are playing.

Yet, the DUMB GOP plays right along with the strategy.

So my suggestion is:

Whatever Biden says should be answered with, “Well, there he goes again.”  And LET IT GO at that.

Otherwise, another day is wasted talking about his “gaffes” ad infinitum.  These statements are CALCULATED to waste as much time as possible.  Biden is doing his job with the expert acuteness of a polished used car salesman.

Is my line of reasoning NOW making any sense at all?

We the People – Wake Up!


Talk about waking up.  I got a phone call – a rarity from my long-time mentor – last night, and he was boiling.

Apparently, he got wind of things that are happening around the globe and wanted somebody to lend a consoling ear – which I was more than happy to do.

He was running on all eight cylinders so here is the gist of our conversation.

Obama has given up so much credibility in the international arena, that our allies are now second-guessing America.  No longer are they working in tandem.

Iran and Israel are getting closer to all-out confrontation, and the Administration is trying “like hell” to keep it out of the papers – until “the most strategic political moment is at hand.”

Venezuela is now completely “open” with its support of Iran, as is Russia – and China.

Speaking of China – it controls both ends of the Panama Canal.  Yes, I realize that the Panamanian Governemnt claims that it controls the Canal.  Now I ask you, if the Chinese want to run the Canal, in time of crisis, do you REALLY believe that the Panamanian Government could stop them from doing so?

Our allies in “Eastern” Europe are still tremendously angry at Obama just “giving up” its missile defense shield of Poland and other allies in the region.

As for Russia – and this was his real reason for calling – apparently the Russian Navy has actually been traversing our waterways off the coast of America – with impunity.  They now believe that America will do nothing about it.

At this point I thought he was a little bit too much into his cups – it was 0130 when he called.

Then I read the EXACT SAME THING in the Wall Street Journal this morning – and took a double take.

He was right – again.

This could be extremely dangerous, if not countered with the force of John Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It seems that the Russians are still miffed at that “international humiliation – especially at the United Nations.”

Apparently, Russian submarines are able to come into our shipping lanes – unmolested.  If this is the truth, then they can interfere with, or stop altogether, our shipments of oil.

In other words, disrupt our flow of oil from the Middle East.

Venezuela can play a very damaging roll, in that it is lending its country to the Russians for landing and refueling activities.  Cuba is in play, as are other countries within the region.

And, according to my friend, “Obama either doesn’t have a clue – or simply does not give a shit.”

When you consider that Obama is thinking of cutting the military budget by hundreds of millions of dollars in the next few months, it is not  a pretty picture that is being drawn by the present Administration.

Even Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, is saying any cuts to the military, at this juncture in time, would be catastrophic.  And he is a Democrat – and not all that much of a military hawk.

I had a difficult time going back to sleep.


I will keep presenting the “news” in the tradition that it was meant to be presented.

I will not submit – nor succumb – to tirades, innuendo, slander or insults.

I WILL continue to produce this newsletter in a straightforward, honest manner.

Sorry folks, but until I see there is no further point in doing so, I will continue to persist in this endeavor.


Be forewarned, be alert – stay alive.

Keep Thinking Positive!

Lawrence Klepinger


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4 Responses to “Special Edition – August 16, 2012”

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    It is a blog post people, get cocky if you want, even get pissed at Larry if you want, but he has been right so much of the time that only a fool would not at least give him the benefit of a doubt.

    At the end of the day, both major parties are so used to giving us all a song and dance that we begin to believe that all the smoke screen is what is really going on…

    Then there are all our favorite conservative talk show host’s… Please remember that they are telling us to a large degree what they want us to believe and what they think will make us happy… They are in the entertainment business and making a damn good living in the process, amusing and simultaneously pissing off the masses.

    So please get the facts before you go off on a knee jerk reaction to what anyone says these days. Think for yourselves and remember at the end of the day even some one you do not agree with politically is often times an American too regardless of religious, sexual or political affiliation… Those are just all convenient labels.

    We need to get back to being Americans first, and put all the secondary issues aside (and they should be secondary to security and jobs and the general economy and well being of not only this country but the world).

    Thanks for hanging in there Larry. As you know we do not always agree on a given issue, but I respect you highly for being willing to be honest and open, and frankly all your readers should too.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Maybe the GOP needs to hire Elliot Ness as Party Chairman. It would be a much better choice than the last couple of assholes that have been in that job. It worked in Chicago once before – at least in the movies.

    I understand your premise of spreading the money, but the White House has to be the main prize. That’s where the real power resides.

    In case you haven’t noticed, we are no longer being governed by the tenants of the Constitution, or protected by the separation of powers that were guaranteed there.

    ‘Executive Orders’ (some of which spend billions of taxpayer dollars) conveniently by-pass Congress. Many orders exceed the scope of Executive Power, but nobody seems to complain about it. And if they did, what the hell difference would it make anyway when even the Supreme Court ignores the Constitution?

    Republicans or Democrats – its just a charade. And we sit here like total imbeciles and suck it up.


  • John Hanrahan Says:

    What the hell is going on with this newsletter, I had to type my name when normaly it is filled in! Strange.

    But on the other hand, Americans are always stuck in negative vain, it’s hard to be positive, especially if one cannot see the real truth and affraid to speak truth. Why? Because they don’t know and don’t want to believe or understand the truth!

    Shout Out!! Try listening, they think about what was said before you speak. And don’t necessarly attack back as it results in a shouting match. Why try a little reason, logic, and maybe, ask a question back to get better understanding or even clarification. Be careful, some folks will just end up where you began, just moving around their B.S. and the conversation will never go anyhere, just back to where they want to go……Just like a Politicians.

    Sometimes, like Mr. Klepinger does, check out the facts before you open your mouth too far.

    Obama is not for ‘We the People”, Romey is only 4 years, Obama is (NOTE word here) 4 MORE years of the same B.S.

    Remember, the political parties work for them, not for We The People, therfore, our real representatives (The Congress) does not either. But a change in the representative could make a difference.

    Balance the parties with your vote, that is, the Presidents Office and the Congress. Balance means two opposing parties at each side of the scale to balance the Legislative and the Administrative sides of Government. Of course there is the Judicial side, the opposites in the previous two will help, Hopefully, the Judicial side.

    However, most folks are SCARED to post here, why is that? Same reason they don’t vote, afraid their vote will not count. HA!! Think about this: we have 15% voting for a President, only every four years, but what would having with all those opinions if, at least, 50% of the people vote…Would get the parties concerned as to what is happening.

    Oh Lawrence, what a life here in the American, the Freedoms we have here, we can vote or not vote and who gives a damn? What choice we have. After all, it only a one small mark, is it that hard to do?

    I think you should get on Letterman for an interview promoting your A.T.

  • Andrea Says:

    Remember the video of Obama touching the knee of Medvedev, asking him to tell Vladimir that he needs another term to fulfill his promises?? Obama IS a traitor.
    America is on the ropes, period. We MUST defeat Obama. There is NO wiggle room.