No. 141 – August 3, 2012


“The trend is you friend” is an age-old adage in the stock market.

As predicted in previous newsletters, the economy is getting better – albeit very slowly.

Now, as for a follow-up prediction:

Obama will take the most recent “jobs report” and taut it as a sign that things are getting better.  And people will believe him – as they have done, so many times in the past.

This is precisely why I said that the GOP had better NOT rely too heavily on the economy, as the basis of their entire attack on President Obama.

But to cap this off, Romney has apparently come out with an economic “plan” that is so pathetic that even Republicans are dismayed.

Why Romney’s campaign has been so underwheling has me thinking that something much more sinister is going on.

Please remember, the two basic Tenets of Politics:

Power and Money

There are no other factors in this equation.  Which comes first is another debate.  What is not up for discussion is the fact that these two pillars are the only ones that are really important.


The other day I was talking to a good friend, Steve Topper, who said that he felt, The fix was in.”  I told him that I thought that phrase was a good lead-in to my next newsletter. He laughed and so did I – and then forgot about it.

Well, yesterday afternoon, I got a surprise cell phone call from my old mentor.  He had only a few minutes to talk – and what he said shocked the daylights out of me.

He used the exact same words that Steve had used.  He positively assured me that – behind the scenes – the RNC already is conceding defeat – to the Obama Administration. He told me that people are “quietly distancing themselves” from Romney, in hopes of “securing favorable treatment from a second term under Obama – thus people going soft on his many weak points.”

When I asked him why, he sighed, and said, “You would not believe me if I told you.”

Then he simply said, “They feel that Romney does not have the gravitas to convince the voters.  Obama is just too good of a communicator – and a consummate liar of the highest degree.  Simply put, Romney cannot compete.

“Plus, he still does not have the backing of certain groups within the GOP.  So, get ready, Larry.  Obama is going to win a second term.”

After he hung up, I just shook my head.  What else could I do?  I knew it was over once the GOP had chosen Romney in the first place.  I have written about it on numerous occasions, so I won’t bore readers with more of the same.

The question is, what to do now?

Again, as previously noted in earlier newsletters, I suggested that the GOP funnel MORE MONEY into GOP Senate campaigns – instead of pouring good money down the drain for Romney.  This plea was sent out over six months ago – to no apparent avail.

Scott Brown is in an apparent dead heat with Elizabeth Warren – because certain groups don’t like his stand on “social issues” and other GOP senators are coming under the same “social” pressure.


I have spoken about this time and again – so you probably will not like what I have to say. But here goes anyway.

For the past three years – and even during my campaign for Congress way back  in 2004 – I have been trying to tell the GOP to distance itself from the Evangelical Element.  I have taken immense heat from this group of malcontents ever since.

In the interim, I have been engaging a reader, who is extreme in his “belief” of anti-homosexuals (Democratic Platform Plank) and also anti-abortion.

Up to this point, I thought he was somewhat sensible in his approach to debate and rationale.

I was totally wrong on the second point.

In our most recent email exchange he stated that, “Well, if Obama wins – so be it.”

FINALLY, I got him to admit that the Evangelical Element feels that if they cannot have their way with homosexuals and abortion – then they are WILLING TO LET OBAMA WIN!

The incredulity of this remark floored me.  The ignorance in such a statement was so far beyond all common sense that I just shook my head – AGAIN!

So, now you have it, straight from one of their own.  The Evangelical Element cares more for these two concepts – than they do for America.  Incredible!

I have yet to encounter ONE “Evangelical” who admits that he will vote for Romney.  The question of his “religion” ALWAYS comes up.

And the two “points of contention” with regard to homosexuals and anti-abortion just keep rearing their ugly heads.

And, again, as to a VERY EARLY prediction – the DISTRACTION of “same-sex marriage” is paramount in this campaign.

Yet, the same person that I have been having this running debate with – emphatically told me that “social issues” WOULD NOT be of any significant interest!

Anybody for a Chick-fil-A?

How can a person be so WRONG – and still not SEE the LIGHT?

Simply stated, it is in the DNA of the Evangelical Element.  NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

So, in closing, all I can say is – if Romney is defeated in the upcoming election – which I believe he will be – then the GOP should either EXPUNGE THE EVANGELICAL ELEMENT PERMANENTLYor else it will fade into a small, historical footnote, as did the Whig Party of yonder year.

A New Republican Party is what is needed.

I will not bring this point up again.


The Olympics is A SHAM of gigantic proportions.

What was originally meant to be games between the nations of the world’s amateur  youth, has turned into a spectacle of professional players supported by MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to compete against all other nations – not with all other countries.

Political rivalry has taken priority over the concept of sports itself.  Instead of the Olympics being “kids competing against kids” for the fun and dignity of world unity – it has degenerated into such a spectacle of artificial extravagance that it is repugnant to even watch.

In particular, the basketball competition – which I intentionally did not watch.

I read that the “USA Team” won their latest game by a score of 156 – 73.

Their stellar opponent?

None other than the team from that powerhouse nation of – NIGERIA?

What the hell is going on at the Olympics?

And why is not Romney speaking out against this international travesty?  It is a perfect platform for him to talk about.  He “saved” the US Olympics in Salt Lake City.  The Olympics are going on RIGHT NOW.  What a great time to speak out against MONEY and DIVISIVE politics.

But Romney remains mum on the subject of professional proliferation into the “Games.”

PREDICTION:  When – not if – the USA basketball team wins the gold medal – Obama will have them in the White House, laughing and joking about how they are the “greatest team ever” to play basketball in the Olympics.  Mark my words, this WILL happen.

That earthquake sound you hear rumbling underground is the great Jim Thorpe turning in his grave.

That is it for now.

Have a nice weekend – and get prepared for the presidential debates.  It will be very disheartening.

But, through it all, keep thinking positive.

The USA has endured the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI, the Great Depression, FDR (16 years), Pearl Harbor, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the “Middle East Wars,” Watergate, Monicagate, Jimmy Carter and 444 days, and the first term of Obama.

No one man can ever defeat this nation.  Only We the People can manage to do that.  Let’s HOPE that is not the case.

Until next time!

Lawrence Klepinger


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4 Responses to “No. 141 – August 3, 2012”

  • John Says:

    Another point with Obama and his second term, he does not have to do things to win popularity, only has to please enough to help the party win in 2016.

    Olympics as I hear, the gold medallist get paid for winning but also pay a huge sum to Income Tax. Yes, what is the olympics all about these days. One thing, I say they have too many events. Put some of those into another venue and not the olympics.

    Gays or Lesbians: There is no medical reason I have found for this, it is stated more of a personal thing or related to some life event that many have influenced this phenomena.

    Abortions: Recent research that I can find, the medical community has there position that an abortion should be done for medical reasons that do not violate the law.

    “Most medical organizations avoid political or philosophical questions, and instead speak about safeguards and standards,” says Richard G. Roberts, board chair of the American Academy of Family Physicians. “The academy wants to make sure patients aren’t hurt. The physician has a duty to discuss all options with the patient; the doctor’s personal views should not interfere with the patient’s decision.

    Here is a survey of Doctors found on-line.
    1) Should abortion remain legal?
    Yes (60%) No (20) Not sure (11%)

    2) Should the procedure that’s often called “partial-birth abortion” remain legal?
    Yes (27%) No (44%) Not sure (28%)

    3) If a patient asked your advice about whether to get an abortion would you . . .
    Counsel against it (21%) Offer to do it yourself (if qualified) %4) Make a referral to another doctor/clinic (75%)

    4) Do you favor parental notification laws when minors seek abortions?
    Yes (72%) No (28%)

    However, noone is saying, its about time to overall the political party system. After all, they are made up of “We the People”!

    And I repeat, I was told in a classroom some 50 years ago, there is one way to defeat America! That is financially! Pay attendtion people!

    What more is there to say, well, here is a spot to say something, who is willing to talk?

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Single issue voters are the bain of politics today. I think you have missed the best one yet. The Dem’s have Romney by the balls when they “rumor” about his past tax returns. When Romney replied to Reid to “prove it” it only brought out his either ignorance or arrogance of his not showing his tax returns. Romney has to power to “prove it” by releasing his previous tax returns. How can he pawn off that to the opposition? How can you not think something is fishy here?

  • Barry Stieb II Says:

    Larry, it seems like you believe we have a choice in this election as if they would allow anyone besides exactly who they want to get elected. It’s a sham as much as none of us would like to admit it but most of us (including you Larry) KNOW that it is.

    However, I think that times are changing and the Internet will be a central point to not only keeping the people informed but to helping change policy.

    I have recently been making it a point to ask “we the people” who do we owe the mass majority of our national ($16 trillion worth) debt to?! The most common answer? China! People are blown away when I inform them that we owe that money to a private bank, “which PRIVATE bank are you talking about” they will say. When I inform them it’s the Federal Reserve, they are usually baffled and a little confused which then leads to the conversation of how the Fed works…hopefully they share with their friends.

    As you always say, stay positive!

    All the best,
    Barry S.

  • Frank champagne Says:

    I cannot agree on the election outcome. As poor a candidate as Romney is in some ways, and for the evangelical zealots to swallow, he is still orders of magnitude better than Obama!
    While you and I are in accord on the blindness that afflicts all zealots, I do not believe that there are enough of them to prevent a landslide against Obama. He is, quite simply, an utter failure, not only from our perspective, but from the ultra socialists also.
    He can’t win, he has alienated too many different groups.
    BUT it is VITAL that we take nothing for granted, we must work overtime to bring this about. There is too much at stake!!