No. 116 – January 13, 2012


I usually don’t write about individuals states, but since I live here and reside in the capital, Sacramento, I thought I would give readers a little insight as to what life is like these days in the Golden State of California.

First, the political scene.

We have Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi as our representatives in government – and of California women in general.  Pathetic, to say the least.

Then we have Jerry Brown.  Yes, he is governor – AGAIN.

They are ALL Democrats.  Rich Democrats.

California is 16 BILLION dollars in debt.

The unions control everything – thus, nothing gets done.

Businesses are fleeing California as fast as they can sell their worthless real estate to the next guy that comes along.

It has the most horrendous laws, governmental regulations, codes, highest gas tax, one of the highest state income tax systems in the country, lousy service, biggest welfare system (welfare recipients get FREE cell phones), largest food stamp recipients, unwed mothers, illegal aliens (who get preferential treatment over California born students) to attend college, and a high crime rate to boot – not to mention headquarters for some of the most notorious ghetto gangs in the nation.  The prisons are so packed with violent criminals that the state is turning a lot of them back on the streets because they don have enough room for them in jail.

Not bad, for a start.  I could go on indefinitely, but I think you get the picture.

But the really funny thing is that Jerry Brown is going to ASK the voting populous to RAISE their own taxes to help fund even more of the same kind of government in the future.  I am NOT kidding.  It is on the ballot this coming June to RAISE our own taxes.

My prediction?

Californians will approve it – and taxes will go even higher – to fund more of the same.

Insane?  Well, yes it is.  But, then again, this is California.


First, and foremost, I see government employees everywhere I go.  Many of them have the gall to post signs out in front of their well-appointed houses proclaiming:

“Government Employee – and PROUD of it”

Notice, it did not say Government Worker.

Yes, there are a FEW workers that are employed by the government – but not that many.

And the ones who do work carry most of the load of the other freeloaders who choose to sit on their over-extended backside and do absolutely nothing.

I was once  told that, in private business, 20% of the people do 80% of the work.

It is exactly the same thing in the public sector.

BUT, it is the public sector and WE THE PEOPLE are paying for them to get GUARANTEED retirement, GUARANTEED medical and dental coverage, GUARANTEED pay raises, and, if by chance, they get “furloughed” they get GUARANTEED unemployment checks that can run into multiple YEARS of benefits.

I know a few “furloughed” workers that take more vacations than I do – because I am paying for their “privately funded” vacations.


Not in the least.

My ulterior motive in this edition is to get people to look at the BIGGER PICTURE and see exactly what is going on.

WE THE PEOPLE had better take notice – or it will LITERALLY BE TOO LATE.

When I lived in China for a year, I saw the EXACT SAME THING going on – all around me.

Those in GOVERNMENT employment, were the ones with all the best paying jobs, best food, nicest cars, fanciest homes, paid vacations, ample amounts of sick leave – while the rest of the population PAID for this governmental LARGESS – and were devastatingly poor as a result.

It is happening right here in front of MY EYES.

California, on a smaller scale, is nothing more than a miniature United States of America.  And it is in seriously danger of becoming a REAL Third World Country.

A quick drive on any city street – or the total highway system – will prove that statement, with an exclamation point.

California is 16 BILLION DOLLARS ($16,000,000,000) in DEBT.  And the governor is asking for MORE money to pay for more government employees to do even less work – with bigger and better benefits, to boot.

ALL UNIONS support Governor Brown.

ALL UNIONS support Barack Obama.

Did I just make a HUGE leap?

No.  Not really all that big.

Check any union and you will see that they have funded – in a gigantic way – the re-election of Barack Obama.

Now, remember, ALL these people that are running California – are DEMOCRATS.

All the people running America – are DEMOCRATS.

California is buried in debt.

The United States of America is TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in debt.

Brown is asking for MORE DEBT.

Obama is asking for $1,400,000,000,000 (TRILLION) DOLLARS – to put us even DEEPER IN DEBT.

Is any of this making any sense whatsoever?

Doesn’t anybody even THINK – for themselves – anymore?


When my wife and I were in China, we were told that “all we had to do was ask for what we want” and it would be granted.

Of course, we were of the “elite” foreign teacher’s group – so we were treated much differently – “just like government employees.”

But, just a minute here folks.

The “PEOPLE’S” Republic of China is a COMMUNIST COUNTRY.  Everybody is supposed to be treated EXACTLY the same.

Ladies and Gentlemen – that is NOT how the world works.  Those who can get, TAKE – and those who can’t – GET TAKEN.

WE THE PEOPLE are getting taken for the biggest ride of our lives.

And, believe me, this is just the beginning.

If Barack Obama is reelected, it will only get worse.

But, are the Republicans any better?

Hell no.  They are exactly the SAME.

And THAT is my point.

They are all in this together.

Except one man – Ron Paul.

I know – “He will never beat Obama.”

Remember, on a cold, chilly day, in 1903, when a crazy guy named Wilbur, climbed onto his contraption that propelled him into aviation history?

Everybody did NOT go to Kitty Hawk to see the Wright Brothers airplane succeed.

They went there to be witness to their total buffoonery.  The townspeople went there to watch them FAIL.

But the Wright Brothers had the last laugh on all those who said it could not be done.

How in the hell do you know something can’t be done – until you try it?

Although I DO NOT agree with Ron Paul on his stance with regard to Iran (and I do think he would modify his position if elected President), I simply have to admire the guy for his CONTINUED GUTS – and profound honesty.

Has anyone noticed that Ron Paul has not had ONE scandal thrown at him?

Has anybody EVER accused him of changing his position, flip-flopping, dodging questions – or having sex with one of his subordinates while heads of state were waiting outside his office door?

It simply HAS NOT happened.

Don’t you think that, by now, somebody would have come up with something against the man?  At least, tapping the foot of the guy in the next stall in a public restroom?

The CIA?  The FBI?  The Military?  The GOVERNMENT?

But there is nothing, not a damn thing that I am aware of.  If any readers have any dirt on Ron Paul – please forward it to me ASAP.  It will be breaking news of the first order.


No, it is not his position on international affairs.


And if, by chance, he does get the nomination, he will be targeted for assassination – as were both Lincoln and Kennedy – for their total abhorrence of the Central Bank of America.

Ron Paul is speaking the truth.

The most threatening factor to any Status Quo is not so much the truth – but the truth being BELIEVED by WE THE PEOPLE.

THAT is where the fear is to be found.

And Ron Paul’s message is FINALLY getting out – after 30 years of him saying exactly the same thing – over and over again.

My first REAL, personal political hero was Barry Goldwater.

My second is Ron Paul.

But up until recently, I was one of the jerks that said I love the guy – but he can’t get elected.

And the Wright Brothers airplane couldn’t fly, either.


Have you ever wondered why they have Positive Thinking Seminars all over the country – ALL the time?

Why don’t they have Negative Thinking Seminars?

Because 80% of the people (those who do little or no work) LOVE to think Negative.

Misery loves miserable company.

So, here is a personal challenge.

If you have a sour puss – you will have a sour outlook on life.

For the next 10 days I dare EVERYBODY to smile at everybody you talk with, meet on the street or in any way come into contact with.

I guarantee that if you give a smile – you will get one in return.

Is this some sort of “self-awareness” bullshit?

Not in the least.  What I am trying to instill on every reader is that if you think POSITIVE and ACT POSITIVE, you will get POSITIVE RESULTS.

And this is precisely what Ron Paul has been doing for the total of his political career.  And his message is JUST NOW starting to sink in.


He wants to cut down on GOVERNMENT POWER.  So do I.

He wants to cut down on GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT OVERSEAS.  So do I.

He wants to get the GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES.  So do I.



He believes in the United States Constitution.  So do I.

He believes fervently in the 2nd Amendment.  So do I.

He believes in the Sovereign Individual – as opposed to Big Government.  So do I.

These are just a few of his concepts and ideas.

Will they fly?

Wilbur did.


Remember Ron Paul, in one of his debates, got exactly 89 SECONDS to speak.

The media portray his as a political gadfly – and push him aside with arrogant disdain.

The rich brush him off as some sort of curmudgeon – a silly old man who is completely nuts.

The unions are scared to death of him – because their total life-support system would be put into jeopardy, if he were to actually be elected President.

So who does that leave?


If WE, for once, think for ourselves, and completely ignore what the GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MEDIA is telling us, if WE act in a positive manner, and VOTE in the greatest numbers ever imagined, then Ron Paul COULD – no, my mistake – WOULD be our next President of the United States of America.

It is estimated that on any given presidential election – 40% of WE THE PEOPLE – do NOT even vote.

Imagine, if those same people would – for once – THINK POSITIVE enough to get up off their lazy asses and vote.

WE THE PEOPLE are the only HOPE that Ron Paul has.

As always, it is up to the good citizens of America to do the right thing.

So, when you are in the voting booth, or sitting at home agonizing over who to vote for that can beat Obama, go to Ron Paul and vote for him.  Don’t waste your vote on anybody else.

You know in your HEART that he is right.

And the RIGHT thing to do is to vote for Ron Paul.

That is it for now.

Best wishes – and Keep Thinking Positive!

Lawrence Klepinger


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12 Responses to “No. 116 – January 13, 2012”

  • David Klepinger Says:


    I’m pretty sure that Ron Paul, if he became the nominee, would win the state of California, regardless of the power of the unions there. Unfortunately, the GOP race is coming down to whoever has the most money to spend. Romney can buy the nomination; I don’t think there is any doubt about that. Buying the election will be quite another thing.

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    I have been a huge Ron Paul fan since his radio programs in Texas years ago, do I agree with him on everything, NO but I do agree with him more times than not, and he is not more of the same… That in itself is good enough for me… This time I am voting for the guy I want not who I think might have a chance… Screw the system Status Quo… If more people will take that stand, then your right Larry, Ron Paul will be our next president. I am ready for a real change. Might just be pretty fine.

  • Doc Dolan Says:

    Hi Larry,

    The things that turn me off about Paul is the fact that too many of his spoken goals, are just too crazy! You have to be logical in fixing what is wrong. EVERY move anyone would make has serious consequences. I personally like a LOT of what he says he would do, but a lot of it is just crap, and he has to know it! Things that if done too fast, one on top of the other, would crash our economy harder than the Obummer is trying to do.

    You asked for scandals. Well they might not be that scandulous, but when you publish a newsletter (just like you do) for over 20 years – then deny you ever read it, or approved it – this bothers me. Does he think ANYONE REALLY BELIEVES THIS? (Yes, I sat in Rev. Wrights’ church where he was giving sermons for 20 years, he married me, and baptised my kids … but I never listened to his sermons! SAME kind of bullshit lie!) When you are called a bold faced liar on nationwide TV, by more than one person, and instead of responding, or at least being outraged … you change the subject like it was never said! Every time! This tells me things about him that I really don’t like.

    I do not believe he has a chance in a blue moon of being elected, but that being said (IF he gets the nomination I WILL vote for him – for the good of the country) … when directly asked by a commentator if he did not win the nomination would he pledge his support to the person who did? His answer was to waffle out of making that promise, with what I call a ‘shit-eating-grin’ on his face, and “reserve his decision until later”. This alone tells me that he is all for Ron Paul, and his perpetual run for the Presidency! From that I logically presume that he does not really give a damn who is in office – if it is not him, nor does he care what another 4 years of Obummer will do to this great country! Regardless of what he says in public. There comes a time that you just have to realize you are not going to get the nomination, or hold the ‘big’ office. Back away and go for the betterment of the United States!

    All he will do by not backing the nominee, and runing on the independant 3rd party ticket, is GUARANTEE another 4 years of what we have right now, only worse. We have seen what happens when people do this – right here in Nevada – we got Dingy Harry back!

    I agree, there is not a real shining star in the republican group … but if we are going to get rid of Obummer, and his criminal gang of Chicago thugs, we must get behind whomever is nominated, and get this administration out of D.C.!

    As usual, JMHO, I hope R.P. ‘sees the light’, and makes whatever moves are in the best interest of the U.S.! Right now he is scaring the living hell out of me!

  • Andrea Says:

    The Golden State is tarnished, the State of the State SUCKS, Obama IS a Marxist and Ron Paul would the anthesis of Obama. In both cases, GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!!!

  • John Says:

    Romney: Controversy over being a Mormon, Same was with Kennedy being a Catholic. I thought religion and Government were not to be mixed? Romney is only mentioned twice as I write this, but not by you!! 🙂

    Your comments…I agree! but again, who is reading? Who wants to believe? Who is researching the truth with all the Internet tools of today?

    Seems everyone focuses on the leader, not the secondary. One dropped out because he was leading; and they ganged up on him and where are those accusers now?

    Doc Dolan:
    1) Ron Paul is running for Republican nomination, why should he say he would back another at this point in time? No the time to make that comment by him..really.
    2) He is not speaking what you want to hear; yet Larry writes all the things he stands for…sounds good. But again, he must address the others in order to keep up with the race…my thought, once he can win the nomination, his points will come out stronger; However, there is the Republican mentality that may not want his ways. So what do you say to win?

  • John Says:

    As a matter of simple research, read about both Romney and Paul:

  • Doc Dolan Says:

    John, I was referrig to the statement that evcery other candidate made …IF they did not win the nomination themselves, they would support whomever did. Paul refused.

    Yes, he is saying a lot of what I want to hear, but I have also done detailed personal research about “his plans” … and they are too strict and radical to cure anything the way he has stated he plans to do.

    Lastly, he is a liar, about really stupid stuff, and does not even try and deny it when caught. His attitude is “Oh, well”. This bothers me.

    As for the rest of them, each has thier own good points … and bad. I still have to 2/4/12 to decide who I will back in the primary, and my mind is not made up yet. Still doing research. Which, if you ask Larry, I am fairly proficient at.

    As to where the others are … the Romney money machine took care of them, and he does not deny it. He just says he “has no control” over what his super pac does! Business as usual!

    May the Goddess help us all!

  • Barry Stieb II Says:


    Nail…on…the head!!! I have a Ron Paul sign in my yard and haven’t volunteered enough of my time. Will be makin phone calls from home this week. Have switched from independent to Republican to be able to vote for him. I have never donated so much money to a campaign in my life!!

    My question for people is “what Change?” My reply is almost always…exactly! And a vote for Mitt is a vote for Obumma!! Keep up the hope!! Ron Paul 2012

    Barry S.

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    You’ve outdone yourself this time. As i think I’ve said in some of our private emails, we’ve known and been fans of Dr. Paul since we first met him here in 1983. He is the only guy up there who can be trusted to tell the truth. That has made him a target of those who wish to maintain the toxic status-quo. That he has never wavered makes his enemies INSANE (actually, MORE insane).
    I pray that he does well in S.C. and goes on to big scores in the following races.
    That said, even if he does not prevail — or has a sudden prussic acid induced heart attack — he has steered the debate into areas the RINOs and Beltway GOP aparachiks would avoid like the plague.
    Thanks for helping the cause of freedom — again!

  • Steve Topper Says:

    Thanks for your insight and support for the only viable candidate running for president this year. Finally the main stream, drive-by media is forced to acknowledge Dr. Paul given his strong finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire. What intrigues me is the massive support he’s receiving from members of the military. That says a lot. Voting for Ron Paul is not throwing away your vote. It’s making a strong statement that the status quo is no longer acceptable. Anyone else getting elected in November will simply give us more of the same which is quickly bankrupting the country financially, ethically, and morally.

  • Bruce Says:

    Great stuff-thanks! As my wife often says, we get the government we vote for and deserve; let’s hope enough American wake up to vote to change things. It is important for people to realize that no government employee, whether federal or state, actually contributes revenue to the system; because they are all paid from taxes, any taxes they pay themselves are simply paying back money already paid by non-government taxpayers, so unless they pay 100% of their pay as taxes, they are TAKING MONEY OUT OF THE SYSTEM! That is not to say that government workers should not be paid, but they certainly should never be paid enormous sums and pensions far greater than the average pay of the taxpayer, who is funding their largess!
    My plan, channeling Connie Mack of FL in some places, is to (1) immediately put the US budget on ZERO increases per year (it is currently scheduled for an automatic 3-10% increase per year based on baseline budgeting), reflecting the reality that we are in debt to our ears and need to stop the debt train immediately; (2) implement a 1% net decrease in spending every year until revenues outstrip spending by 5% (thereby allowing for debt payoff to begin in earnest)-how can anyone say that it is “impossible” to allocate resources more efficiently to achieve a 1% gain per year!; (3) immediately implement a 10% pay cut for all federal employees, along with 20% for Congressmen and Senators, which will be earned back at the rate of 1% a year if they successfully implement the 1% spending reduction goal; (4) reform government pensions to ensure that (a) no one retires with a pension greater than the average national pension, (b) make the maximum direct pension $1000/month and any remaining funding from employee contributions based on an individual 401K style investment format;(5) Means test SS/Medicare reimbursements, ensuring that recipients in the higher income brackets only get back what they have put in; (6) focus on energy independence, using 10% of increased revenues to pay off the national debt; (7) make financial crime equivalent to homicide, ensuring that those who make poor decisions pay the consequences for the ruined finances, dreams and lives of thousands; (8) Repeal Obamacare and de–emphasize insurance payments in favor of a doctor-centric access to healthcare model; where the focus is on providing patients with knowledge of the true cost of medical care, allowing them to choose among providers, and incentivizing doctors to provide more care by paying them better and allowing tax deductions for seeing the uninsured, thereby removing the need for huge bureaucracies and related administrative costs which never seem able to control costs; the best cost control is patients and doctors working together to customize the most effective medical therapy for the best value! Let us all fight for the America we love, one that will once again show the world what it means to work together to reduce debt and achieve sustainable growth. Increasing taxes, as CA has beautifully and tragically illustrated, is not the way to grow; however, lowering marginal tax rates and closing corporate and individual loop holes (mortgage deduction for more than 1 house) is much fairer than constantly increasing marginal rates, class warfare rhetoric and the appeal of a VAT, which, once passes, will allow the political class to continually increase the tax without voter say, as has happened in Europe and Japan, both economic basket cases getting worse by the day! Thanks for your consideration, and have a blessed and healthy 2012!

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Personally, for the record (Home Land Security please take note), I like Ron Paul – in spite of his aurora of benevolent lunatic. He reminds me of the crazy uncle that every family tries without success to keep in the closet.

    Your complete negativity over the past year of our hopes of electing a Republican to replace Obama has finally convinced me – you’re right. He will win re-election. Primarily so because there WILL be a third party candidate to ensure that the Republican vote is split. Count on it.

    But until a real third party (or a second revolution) emerges down the road to take America back, it matters not anyway. The Republicans are about as sorry an alternative as anyone could imagine. If they are our only hope, we are (to borrow one of your words) – Doomed!

    The sky is indeed falling as Chicken Little predicted, and I fear it’s too late to put it back up. Buckle your seat belt – we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.