Special Edition – November 23, 2011


As he was on his way home, my lifetime mentor stopped by my house in his rental car, picked me up for a “quick dinner and drink” before driving himself to Sacramento International Airport to catch the last plane headed east.

No sooner did I slip into the passenger seat and he was off to the races.  He was beside himself. I just listened and let him get it out of his system.

For me to try to repeat everything he said would be impossible.  The guy is eons ahead of me with relation to what is going on in the international scene.  Plus, a verbatim account would singe the ears off of the most crusty of Marines.  He was livid – and driving like there was nobody else on the road.

What he said prompted me to write, yet another Special Edition of The American Telegraph.

Here is what I was able to decipher from his diatribe:

Apparently, Russia has been “quietly” buying new arms and ammunition – and further developing new weapons systems of their own – to the tune of almost $800 BILLION.

Obama is perceived as such a “total loser” that not only the Russians are dancing with glee at his prospects of being re-elected – but so are the Chinese.

He further stated that China now has “aircraft and destroyer busters” that can take out a total American battleship while it is in INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

He did not go into detail, but he said the Chinese have a launching system that has already been tested – and it works with “total precision.”

“Where the fuck is Obama on all this shit,” he screamed, slamming the steering wheel.

At this point I actually did something that I have never done before.  And never will again.

“Slow down and relax,” is all I said.

He immediately pulled over to the side of the road and said, “You want to slow down?  Get the fuck out and walk.”

After I assured him I was “on his side” he began driving again – with a little more care I might add.

But that did not stop his wrath, nor his spewing of things going on “right in front of our fucking faces.”

Egypt, according to him, is ready for an Islamic takeover.

Syria is going in the same direction.

North Korea and China are secretly helping Iran with TOTAL nuclear capability.  The reason, according to him, that we don’t know anything about what is really going on is because the Media is afraid it might cause mass hysteria.  “Iran ALREADY HAS the fucking bomb.”

I was still uncomfortable with his driving but I didn’t say anything.

Then he hit me with a real zinger.

“I read your asshole prediction on that Super Committee garbage.  How could you be so blind?”  It was set up to fail.  I thought you were smarter than that.”

I told him I was hoping against hope that maybe they would pull something together – but, yes, I blew that one.

“Blowing a prediction is not what I am talking about.  Don’t you see what is coming down here?  It was designed to fail.  Now we have Russia – and China – building up with HUGE military ordinance capabilities – and AMERICA is now set to cut defense spending in HALF!”

As usual, he was drawing a total picture that only this man is capable of doing.

The United States is in economic decline.

Occupy Wall Street – all across the nation.

A DOUBLE-DIP recession that WILL happen.  (This was predicted LONG AGO in a previous American Telegraph).

Pakistan and Afghanistan are still our “war targets” with India getting very edgy at the TOTAL INACTION of Obama on what is really going on.

“And nobody can even put together why Obama went to South Korea and Japan to “reassure” Asia that they can still count on us.  Who the fuck is this imbecile kidding?

“And the Media is not even talking about Indonesia.  You want to know why?  Because it is the BIGGEST Islamic nation on earth – and the rest of Asia is scared shitless.”

NOW he had my attention.  His total concept of world affairs has rarely been wrong.  He sounded even more plausible as he went on.

Then he hit a grand slam with his next, somewhat off-the-cuff, comment.

“We have lost almost all of our HEAVY INDUSTRY manufacturing.  Right in front of the whole world we have almost NO method of making war machines like we did during World War Two.

Boeing, maybe.  But Ford and GM?  They can’t even make a car worth a shit anymore.

Caterpillar can make tractors – but how long would it take for them to re-tool up to make tanks and heavy guns?”  He looked at me with a wry, sardonic smile, then said, “So what are we going to do, ask the Chinese to make our tanks and battleships for us?”

He had a very good point.  Then he continued, this time more composed as we entered the restaurant parking lot.

“Russia has manufacturing plants that are making tanks, jet aircraft and warships this very minute.  And China has facilities like that too, spread all over China.

America has them in a few certain sites – and Russia and China know exactly where they are.

But we don’t know where they have of all their manufacturing and munition emplacements are. Want to know why?”

Without giving me a chance to answer, he kept on.

“Because so much of their total MILITARY STRUCTURE for manufacturing is UNDER GROUND.”

That one hit me like a sledgehammer.  I knew of China’s underground system of subways and tunnels – in case of possible nuclear attack – but whole manufacturing plants, the size of Seattle’s Boing facility UNDERGROUND.

Our dinner and drinks were more subdued but what he had said seemed to make sense – in almost a Kafkaesque sense of reality.  No wonder the Media refused to say anything.

When he drove me home he was somewhat depressed, almost sullen.

He dropped me off, apologized for being so “overboard” and then paid me a compliment that I will never forget.

“You are one of the few people who actually knows what is going on.  That is why I had to “blow off steam.  Sorry, pal.”

As I waved goodbye, I knew that I had just seen a total picture laid out for me.  He has, and will always be, my mentor supreme.

I decided to take a little walk, to lose a pound or two – and to sober up.

It finally dawned on me why the Media was not spelling all this out for WE THE PEOPLE to see.

President Obama was THEIR choice as our “National Leader” – and he has led us down one of the most harrowing, idiotic paths this Country has ever seen.

We are stretched to our MILITARY LIMIT.  Now is a perfect time for Russia and China to make a move – to put forth a whole litany of DEMANDS – on their terms.

And then we STILL have Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea – and Venezuela – all itching to get a piece of America.

And then, in the final analysis, there is Israel.

It was my intention to send a Thanksgiving Edition tomorrow, but I have made an exception on behalf of my friend to publish this instead.

I leave every reader with this one thought:

During the rise of Fascism in Germany – one of the most enlightened and DEMOCRATIC nations in Europe – most people simply thought what others were saying about Germany, and her designs on the world, were mere fabrication.  “It could never happen here.  Not again.  Not after World War I – the “war to end all wars.”

Even most of the Jews in Germany felt they were safe.  They were the “chosen people” and God would take care of them.

One prominent Jewish man knew better – and came to America – before the Jewish roundup began in earnest.

His name?  Albert Einstein.  And Germany never forgave herself for letting this nuclear genius escape their grasp.

It CAN happen here, too.

However, even with all this negative flow of information, I still want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Take care, keep your eyes on the International Scene and don’t be distracted – like I was on the “Stupid Committee.”

As an afterthought, has anyone even wondered why – all of the sudden – the Republicans have had TWO debates on foreign policy?

We are at a precipice.  Do not waver.  Don’t give up.  Stay vigilant and keep THINKING POSITIVE.

There still is time.

The election in 2012 is, in all probability, the most important in our lifetime.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving – again.

Until next time.

Larry Klepinger


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6 Responses to “Special Edition – November 23, 2011”

  • Doc Dolan Says:

    Good issue Larry! As you know I have been saying these very same things for many years … but no one is listening! Maybe they will now! Happy Thanksgiving and may the Blessings of the Goddess surround you and yours keeping you safe and warm!

    Doc – Northern Nevada

  • John Says:

    Ah so, so it is said in another part of the world. However, how many readers read this stuff in all these addition? How many really want to do something? How many realize what you are putting into writing? How many what to know this? How many will vote in 2012? The best vote is for non incumbents but who will really do this? That’s because Americans don’t want to do anything except live their lives and not think about what is impacting them, YET!

    And then there are those that read this stuff you write and either agree with you or disagree; but I don’t see anyone putting their position forth here. I will not vote for Obama…I will not vote for an incumbent…, but I will vote!!!! I don’t even list a party affiliation as that didn’t work, so all I can do is vote for the one I want to get elected; but a least I voted…Just one of the 10-15 percent eligible to vote. I will die wonder what would happen if all the eligible voters would vote. Ahhh, Ho, Hum, time for a nap.

  • Gerrit Kuiken Says:

    Regarding “gutting the US military” with the upcoming mandatory $1.2 T deficit cuts being focused primarily on the military – that is no surprise. Ever since JFK/LBJ, through Carter/Clinton, and now Obama, those presidents & the Dem’s have always cut the military (budget/numbers) in order to spend the “peace dividend” on welfare/war-on-poverty/entitlement programs (and buy votes). That is what Democrats/Democrat presidents do.

    Generally speaking, it was/is the Democrats that got us into wars, and the Republicans figure out how to build up our military/equip in order to either win those wars or get us out of them.

    I speak from firsthand experience – I was in the Air Force for 30 years – beginning with Truman – all the way through Reagan – from 1952 – 1982, and anytime we had a Democrat president – you could just figure on it – that there were “bare bones military operating budgets” & no Cost-of-living military pay increases – or usually 1% COLA’s while the actual Cost of living costs/inflation was at least 5% or more! Obama has refused to give COLA’s to retired military (and S.S.) the past two years.

    During the Carter years – we (Air Forces in Europe) would even run out of JP4 aviation gas so we would have to ground our aircraft/no training flights for a half year – from May to Oct (fiscal year start) to buy more gas and be able to do training flights – pitiful! But that is what is common to all the Democrat presidents I served under and continues to this very day!

    And the first thing that every Democrat President when installed in office does – is to cut all the ongoing new weapon’s/ships/aircraft development/purchase programs just as President Obama has done this time, with the notion of spending that “saved money” (“peace dividend” on entitlement programs, in other words, buy votes.

    This is why Obama is so anxious to get out of Iraq (and Afghanistan) in order to cut down on our military ASAP – so the money can be spent on buying entitlement votes. It is being said that our military force/ships at sea, etc are already at the lowest level since before WWII.

    Ditto – Obama defunding NASA/phasing out our space shuttles without developing/buying a replacement system. Same story. Redirect the money ‘saved’ to entitlement programs! (which buys votes) It’s embarrassing for us as a nation that our astronauts have to ride a Russian Rocket just to get to the Intl Space Station – which was mostly funded with US money/ingenuity/space programs.

    The only exception (in my memory) to weapons purchase cancellations was while President Carter cut all the new weapons purchases, at least, he continued to fund their development – so when Reagan was elected, that cut down the time it took to go into production – and Reagan with his “Peace through Military Strength” program was successful in funding/buying new weapons/building up our military (running the USSR broke in trying to keep up – and dissolving) and winning the “Cold War” – which “war” was basically the one I was engaged in for my 30 year career – mostly in the Strategic Air Command, maintaining nuclear armed bombers/missiles at at advanced alert bases around the world.

    It is pretty much common knowledge that Democrats are not particularly pro-military until they want to fight a war – and even then, the Dem’s do not hold the military in very high regard.

    And with there being fewer and fewer former military members in Congress or for that matter – running for president or even those with foreign nation experience – it doesn’t surprise me that there is little regard for maintaining a strong military or national defense.

    None of the present Republican candidates (or Obama) are veterans, and you have heard hardly any discussion/debate about how they would deal with foreign affairs/Iran/N. Korea nuke threats/ending the two wars we are engaged in, etc. That is sad!

    Used to be almost a requirement that you served in the military to run for president! Remember all the criticism of Clinton’s/Bush II’s “draft dodging” and Kerry trying to claim Vietnam Hero Warrior status?

    That is why you are seeing Vietnam Veteran – Sen. John McCain – as being nearly the only one speaking out on saying that he intends to do everything in his power to see to it that with the collapse of the “Super-Committe”, the burden of balancing the federal budget doesn’t fall mainly on the military budget. Good for him!

    Although I would be/am very concerned about Russia reviving their military powers and China developing theirs, in the Strategic Air Command, back during the “Cold War” (1947 – 1991), there used to be a (fictional) story/analogy going around illustrating the USSR/USA nuclear stand-off.

    “Every day, the USSR Premier would be briefed by his top military commander and would ask the question: “Is this the day that we can execute a surprise nuclear attack on America and expect to sustain acceptable losses on our (USSR) side?” And everyday – the military commander would reply. “Not today!” ” Hope that this applies to the present day Russia & China!

    It was this analogy that kept us “SAC trained killers” (and nuclear sub’s crews) motivated while maintaining our nuclear alerts with fully loaded bombers/missiles/submarines ready for instant reaction all over the world for those 64 years.

    Not everyone is aware of this, but our military still maintains a nuclear strategic force (bombers/missiles/nuclear subs, etc) on constant retaliatory stand-by alert to this very day – as well as anti-missile missiles – that is believed to be good and sufficient to either protect the US (and allies) from surprise missile/bomber attacks or retaliate with devastating attacks that would turn any attacker’s country into a smoldering parking lot – so we are back to the Cold War premise of “Mutual Destruction.”

    and that is assuming that Obama isn’t re-elected and that Obama/ Congress doesn’t continue to gut our military!

    So, unless you have a mad – man, like Iran’s president – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (I’manutjob), who sounds like he is suicidal and isn’t adverse to having his whole country turned into a nuclear waste zone to achieve his goals – it would seem that either Russian or China’s leaders (not having a death wish) would realize that no matter how well armed they become – we (US) would still be able to retaliate with our nuclear forces to any attack on us/our allies and make attacking us unfeasible – at least, let’s hope so!

    But something has to be done about Iran/N. Korea! and I don’t hear that being addressed! I would hope that they too, know that we could turn their countries into parking lots anytime they attacked anyone.

    While in the military – I spend a lot of holidays/birthdays in far-away places – away from loved ones and family – and so I really treasure being able to spend them with loved ones, now that I am retired! Let’s all say a prayer of thanksgiving for those military (and their families who await their return) who are guarding us every day at great sacrifice to themselves, world-wide, indeed, some even giving their lives in that quest.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! And God bless America!

  • Matt McBeath Says:

    I understand and agree with your contentions here Larry. Who though…who is really an ‘outside corrupt Washington’ candidate of this pack to lead us in a new direction? Who? I don’t trust Romney, Cain, or Perry. All three have shown tendencies of either telling half truths or backgrounds with questionable relationships.
    Ron Paul? Who?

  • Jacy Says:

    Obama is corrupt and has the most corrupt administration in the history of this country – he is mentored by George Soros who has designed the destruction of this country. Obama is merely following through. We are the problem. The majority of American’s (including our congress) make fun of those called “birthers” despite the fact there were many warnings about Obama being Constitutionally ineligibile to be president. The mere fact his father was not an American citizen alone states the ineligibility. But no one wants to tackle the problem, not Congress, not the judges not even some citizens want to acknowledge there could be some truth to the allegations. Alan Keyes warned us; Phillip Berg, a Democrat prosecuter warned us and even filed a lawsuit, Lt. Col Larkin, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump and many others. Obama was not raised an American; he was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim.

    So here we are with this dire situation,as Larry describes it, and yet no one wants to get this man out of the presidency or become involved because they may be refered to a “birther”. This country is facing bankruptcy and is vulnerable to foreign attacks – you would think that getting Obama and his mentor out of the presidency would be a main concern. The rest of the world no longer takes us serious because of Obama! We are no longer the ‘strong Americans’.

    Congress did not vet him – they did McCain and made him prove his eligibility. Doesn’t it concern the citizens of this country that Obama found it necessary to sequester all of his records? Why? Neither you nor I know Obama’s complete history. No classmates from colleges or universities have come forward. We have a man in the WH who has overstepped the constitution;along with the Democrats trying to cut the military budget; has sued the state of Arizona and now Alabama for trying to protect the citizens of their states as well as this country from illegal aliens – and no outcry from the majority? We have ‘Fast and Furious’ and Solynda and all thether ‘investments’ made on our behalf by Obama.,,and we have a war on our southern border and a border patrol agent dead! When is enough?

    We will have problems in 2012 elections. – Obama’s army for obstructing the elections is being put in place – felons, illegals (the reason for amnesty) and probably the dead with the help of ACORN, SIEU, Black Panthers and now is OWS! David Kuplian in The Whistleblower magazine several issues back outlined the plans.

    This entire scenario requires I rewrite the following from the Czech Republic:

    “The danger to America is not Barrack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man as their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. O, who is a mere symtom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast conferacy of foolsthat made him their prince. The Republic can survive a BO, who is after all a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him president.”

    I think this Thanksgiving should be a special thanks to the military and their families and I hope everyone remembers them at Christmas.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    After reading this Special Edition we decided to ‘nuke’ our turkey on Thanksgiving Day instead of roasting it, as we weren’t sure that we would survive the four or five hours that it would take to cook it.

    But then I began to think about some things to give thanks for: General Dynamics, Honeywell, Aramalite, Boeing, Lockheed, Newport News Shipbuilding and an absolute host of other companies that make the best weapon systems in the world. And a country that in spite of recession, future budget cuts and a seemingly unending stream of Democrats, will continue to do so.

    With our capabilities, how could a backwater third world country like Indonesia, in spite of being the world’s largest Muslim country, be a military threat to the USA, Australia or anyone else for that matter? The country is made up of thousands of islands, most of which don’t even have running water or electricity. Suicide bombers don’t win wars – just ask the surviving Kamikaze pilots in Japan. Indonesia doesn’t have enough of a Navy or Air Force to project enough power to threaten Tahiti. But even if they did muster a million man Jihad Army – what the hell would they do with it? Hollow out palm logs and row over to Australia for Happy Hour?

    And so what if Egypt is taken over by a Muslim government? It’s been a Muslim country for hundreds of years, in spite of its recent secular behavior. When the revolution was going on in Tahrir Square, did you notice the tanks on TV? They were all American made obsolete M-60 and first generation M1A1’s. How far will that take them when we cut off the spare parts and military aid? They might close the Suez, but who would that hurt the most? Let them eat sand for breakfast.

    The Russian Bear is dead, done, stick a fork in it. Their current economy cannot support super power status, and maybe never will again. They can still assert regional power, as in Georgia, for instance. And really, so what if they do? It’s their part of the world, after all. IMHO, Russia could be our most important ally if we could ever pull our head out of the past and recognize that we share a common interest.

    As much as I hate to say it, the way to contain China is to invest in Vietnam. And not just in foreign aid dollars, but in military agreements, like naval bases. Can you imagine how Beijing would react when the 7th Fleet anchored up in Cam Ranh Bay?

    But maybe we should fix the economy before we start World War III.

    Hope you had a happy turkey day.