No. 145 – September 5, 2012



When I came back from Vietnam I took my father’s advice and went to college.  Talk about a real shock.

For the most part, the “teachers” I had were pathetic impostors who spewed nothing but hate and vitriol toward everything the United States stood for. On numerous occasions, once I was singled out as a “fucking Vietnam veteran,” I was the target of the whole class.  It was some of the best training I ever got with relation to dealing with total and complete imbeciles.

Academics was not the point of a college education in those days – indoctrination was the actual Modus Operandi – as it continues to this very day.  (See the first video below).

Modus Operandi
(mō’dəs ŏp’ə-răn’dē, -dī’), mo·di operandi (mō’dē, -dī). (Abbr. MO)

  1. A method of operating or functioning.
  2. A person’s manner of working.

I had to battle with bullying professors, ignorant students and just plain dumb people that had no idea of what was going on – either in America or the outside world.

Speak to other Vietnam veterans – and they will vouch for everything I am saying.

Am I “ranting?”  No, just telling the truth.

You see how our mind works nowadays?

If a person starts to tell the truth, and “Liberals” or “Conservatives” do not like it, then you are “angry” or an “angry white man,” or a “right-wing fascist nut-job” or just plain “crazy.”

Somewhere, during the constant harassing and belittlement, I decided to learn as much as I could – from BOTH sides – and that is when I threw off the ignorant shackles of both “Liberalism” and “Conservatism”  and became a BARRY GOLDWATER/RON PAUL, True Conservative.

Then I got it from all sides.

But I was OK with that – because I finally had a base from which to operate.

Both the Republicans and Democrats were so far out to lunch that I was in total opposition to both parties.

So, when I ran for Congress in 2004, as a New Republican, the ingrained vitriol of the Ignorant Class that ran the GOP in Washington state, (and still does), came at me with a vengeance I had not anticipated.

The Evangelical Element was furious with me for advocating that the Government did not belong in a person’s bedroom – nor in the womb of a woman.

If homosexuals wanted to do their “thing” well, so be it.  I really did not care.

If women wanted to abort their own child, so be it.  I really did not care.

Do I agree with either of these positions?  Certainly not.  But that is not the point.  These two “issues” simply were NONE of my business.

I felt it was not up to the GOVERNMENT to tell people who thought like this what to do.

I also felt that the GOVERNMENT should not interfere with how businesses ran their corporations.  Because corporations really are people.

Take away the people – from the corporations – and all you have left are empty BUILDINGS.

Yes, this is pure Ayn Rand type of thinking.  And if you have never read THE FOUNTAINHEAD, then shame on you.

The idea is to be totally free in your concepts and thinking patterns – so as to be able to make informed decisions.

The idea of ideological dogma is the infection – the disease – of the “party thinker” and should be avoided at all costs.

Thus, my time in both junior college and university was a daily battle against all those “corporate thinkers” that are so well depicted in both THE FOUNTAINHEAD and ATLAS SHRUGGED.

I always find it amazing how, when people are sitting and watching (or reading) either of these great pieces of art – they COMPLETELY identify with the protagonist.

But, in real life, they fall right into line with their own ideological trend of thinking.

Kind of like the puritanical nutto who chastises a person for saying the word fuck, and then scurries home to watch the latest version of the SOPRANOS on television.

It simply does not make any sense at all.

But to them, they are perfectly logical in their illogical take on life.

I majored in Education, got an MA degree in the field – and received over a 3.5 GPA – in the age of NON-inflationary grading.

It was some of the hardest work – academically – that I have ever done.

Why?  Because I was a MINORITY.

Come again?

Yes, all Vietnam veterans were considered second-class citizens.  They had some of the highest dropout rates in college.

Yet, it was some of the best times in my life.  Because I had to work TWICE as hard, to prove myself in class, both in debate/discussions – and on EVERY Blue Book Essay Test that I had to write.  It was truly great training.

No True/False, Multiple Guess tests in those days.  Everything had to be written.

Through it all I actually taught myself how to READ BOTH SIDES OF THE EQUATION.

Churchill once said:

“When a man is 20 years old, if he is not a Liberal, he has no heart.  And when a man is 40 years old, if he is not a Conservative, he has no brain.”

Some of my best classes in Argumentation and Debate, when I was teaching in Japan, was when I would let the students pick which side of an argument they would like to defend.

Everybody went home, studied for a week, then came back to class – fully prepared to fight for their prescribed positions.

The room would always erupt in HOWELS of protest – when I would SWITCH the rolls of the debaters – and then tell them to have their debate – defending exactly the OPPOSITE position that they had prepared for.

After EVERY class debate, the students would come up to me – in wide-eyed amazement – and say, “That was the best debate I have ever had.”

Why?  Because it taught them to THINK outside of their own personal universe.

In other words – for the first time in their little, self-centered lives – they were actually thinking BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES.

Why am I saying all this today?

Because one of the few thinkers of our times, and an avid reader of THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH, just sent me three videos that I think you might want to check out – if you are so inclined to “extend” you parameters of logical comprehension.

They are all short – and to the point.

The first video shows the complete – and utter stupidity – of the “Liberal” thinkers of today, when it comes to their “logical thinking” regarding profits and corporations.  It is amazing to see people who actually think – and say – the things that you will witness on this video.

Milton Friedman hit the nail on the head regarding these two points.

The second video just proves what I had to go through with relation to the stupidity – and the vulgarity – of the GOP, and how it is still run to this very day.

The third video speaks for itself – and uses some harsh language.  My apologies for all those who have never heard this type of language before.

Let it be stated – before any readers get their “dander up” – that BOTH parties act in the exact same manner.

All you had to do was witness the ugly voting on the delegate floor of the “Democratic” convention yesterday, to see how dictatorial they really are.  If you did not watch it, as it unfolded, you missed a real lesson in how things are handled by the Status Quo of the Democrats.

This is not a political thing.  It is a FREEDOM thing.

And, if you do not start to think, from a position of FREEDOM, then you are destined to be the slave to those who are determined to do your thinking for you.

My hat is off to Richard Bachert, for sending me these videos.  They truly speak for themselves.

As always, I am indebted to my readers for helping me write THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH.

Without all of you out there – who still care – this newsletter would not be possible.

View these videos at your own discretion.





Keep thinking positive – and remember – the Silent Majority is lurking among all of us.

Until next time,

Lawrence Klepinger


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5 Responses to “No. 145 – September 5, 2012”

  • John Hanrahan Says:


    As for the greatest country, that video is correct, the only thing that makes us greate, is people, people working to do what is right, people who are willing to standup and ensure things are done for right reason, stop the Bull-Shit and seek the real truths.

    The following two URLs are the transcripts of both Presidential candidates speeches to their respective convention.

    Quite a difference in what they presented and the message behind them. If you care, you should read them both with an open mind and make sure you read them with no prejudice, but just with a mind to see what the content and who says what they will do; what America means to them.

    AND, notice, one of these speeches begin with the proper acknowledgements and their acceptance of the parties nomination, another does not!!

  • Tom Cox Says:

    Hi Larry;

    This was a great issue of The American Telegraph!! It focuses on one of the most serious problems in America today, this being that people seem to be getting more and more passive in particularly dangerous ways. They are losing their ability to act and think independently. Instead, they seem to be allowing themselves to be indoctrinated and find it easier to “go along with” some meaningless, destructive ideology just because that is what “the group” around them is doing. People need to cultivate a greater sense of objectivity towards their society and find the moral courage to stand up for what they believe in. As Stepen Biko, the late great South African anti-apartheid activist said, shortly before he was killed; “It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live for an idea that will die.” Anyway, there are at lest four things that anyone can do to cultivate a greater sense of objectivity and a higher degree of moral courage and independence of thought. (1) Surround yourself with wise friends who are brutally and relentlessly honest. Remember, a good friend is someone who tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. (2) Read essays and books which are famous for honest, insightful analysis. George Orwell’s classic essay, “Shooting an Elephant,” and his book “Homage to Catalonia,” are particularly good examples of this. Nietzche’s book “Beyond Good And Evil” provides us with fantastic guidance on how to analyze events and processes objectively and honestly from a long-term perspective. (3) Get out of your country from time to time. While travelling abroad talk with people from as many different ethnicities and socioeconomic classes as possible. Get their perspective on things and learn from it. (4) Keep a journal. Writing down your ideas and perceptions and then going back and looking at them later is a great way to cultivate greater objectivity. If everyone did these things America would be a better place. I am convinced of it.

    Tom Cox

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    It was interesting – and depressing – watching the two URLS about the Democratic & Republican Conventions; but I think that the ignorance shown by so many people at the Democratic Convention points up a wider problem.

    Given the obvious importance of free enterprise to a liberal democracy, how is it possible that after umpteen years of compulsory education, so few people have a clue how a business works? The answer is, of course, that nothing relating to the nature and function of business is taught at schools. Economics classes look at the broader issues, and Civics classes may also skirt around these, but why is it that high-school kids don’t learn how a business works? How to buy and sell shares? The difference between stocks and bonds, etc? How many high-school kids know what a price to earnings ratio is, or what it might signify? How many of them could keep a simple accounts ledger? What parent in the land wouldn’t want his or her children to have a clear understanding of debit and credit? Yet our school systems do nothing to give them one. Why was it only at the grand old age of thirty-something that I discovered what “a cocoa future” was, or learnt that “short” could be a verb (other than in an electrical context)? If not for the Internet, and the sudden explosion of private individuals stock-trading, I wouldn’t have known even then.

    This is a significant question, because the answer is NOT the cliched “left-wing dominance of education”. This kind of thing is just as absent from private school curricula as from the public one. There are people clamouring to have their kids educated in a context where they learn about a particular religion or form of a religion; but NO-ONE is suggesting our kids learn about commerce: one of the fundamental underpinnings of our whole society. Think of the fuss that has been made by those demanding “prayer in schools”; we’re happy to take MacDonalds and Coca-Cola sponsorship in schools, together with the resultant havoc wreaked on children’s diets… But we never teach them how MacDonald’s or Coca-Cola actually work or what they do. What a cruel irony then, that so many high-school kids will nonetheless end up with Macjobs. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Would you please explain what a ‘New Republican’ is? Or was?

  • Gerrit Kuiken Says:

    In ur recent Telegraph #145 – U noted that at some point – you became a Goldwater/Ron Paul “True Conservative”. Are U still?

    “That is when I threw off the ignorant shackles of both “Liberalism” and “Conservatism” and became a Barry Goldwater/Ron Paul, True Conservative”

    Nice to see U come in out of the cold (After all these years!) and self-describe urself as to exactly what kind of a “conservative” U are!

    You further describe urself as a “New Republican” whatever that is?

    I wonder how an “educated Barry Goldwater/Ron Paul, True Conservative, New Republican (urownself) differs from (myownself)(and others) whom I suppose in ur view, are still ignorantly shackled in both “liberalism” and “conservatism.”

    Defining “Barry Goldwater/Ron Paul, True Conservatism”/”New Republican” – might be a good topic in an upcoming “Telegraph”?

    Those self-descriptive labels don’t really bring any commonly understood political philosophies to mind for me – so perhaps you could elevate me from my shackled ignorance so that I too, could become “enlightened” & “educated” true Barry Goldwater/Ron Paul conservative & a New Republican.