Special Edition – September 5, 2012

WHAT THE . . . !

I have been watching the Democratic Convention for the last two days and learning a lot of new tactics and political concepts.

But what really blew me out was talking to a couple of friends – Conservatives – last evening, and finding out that they are NOT even watching any of the convention.

When I asked them why not, they simply said, “I know what they are going to say, already. Besides, they all make me sick.”

If any readers are acting in such a manner – then you should be ashamed of yourselves.  If you fall into this, stupid, self-centered category – they you have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.

Sun Tsu always maintained that, “You learn the most from your enemy. Ignore him, and you do so at your own peril.”

I implore each and every reader to watch the convention – and learn what they are saying – and how they are saying it.  Quit bitching and moaning – and glean even the smallest particles of insight and tactical approaches from your enemies.

I read yesterday that Glenn Beck is not watching the convention. Apparently, he paid somebody else to watch it – and then report back to him on what took place.  He is reported to have paid the viewer $500.

As with a lot of Internet news – it might be false.  I have no idea to the authenticity – but if it IS true – he should be thrown off the air.

How in hell’s name can you consider yourself a “thought leader” if you don’t observe “the other side?”

The arrogance of stupidity is appalling.

It is total idiocy to NOT watch the convention.

If you did watch today, you would have seen something that would have shocked the living daylights out of you.  (For you sensitive souls out there, I did not use the word shit, so don’t complain).

On the floor of the convention hall, the democrats had to vote THREE times -before they allowed the word GOD to be included BACK into their platform.  And also, they had to re-include the fact that Jerusalem was, in fact, the CAPITAL of Israel.

If THAT does not show you where these people are coming from – then I give up.  But if you were sitting and pouting about not wanting to watch the Democrats – then you missed the whole show.

Yes, shame on you.

The reason for this Special Edition is to ENCOURAGE all of you to watch the remaining days of the Democratic National Convention.

Wake up, get involved – and stay INFORMED!

We can win in November – but it is NOT going to be easy.  Take one day as a given – and you might not have a tomorrow to look forward to.

Back to the convention.

Keep thinking positive – but even more than that – keep thinking!

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “Special Edition – September 5, 2012”

  • john hanrahan Says:

    Okay, I have not watched too much of the convention; that’s becuase by the time I get home from “work”, they are off the air.

    But as I see it, they are so full of words that try to make them look good and other words that make the other side look like fools.

    But for me, I look at news comments, not just 1, but several. Guess what I see…they same thing about each convention, nothing new or much different. Just repeat what was said.

    Yes Mr. Klepinger, I would like to watch the convention; however, even my family calls it a bunch of lies and crap and does not want to watch it. Also, havn’t these conventions in the past been on for some late night viewing?

    Well, no matter what they say, I already have my ballot marked, and I did it with a permannate marker so as it cannot be changed.

    Done, Did, Finished, overwith, just sit back and watch the fun!!

  • BILLY JOE Says:

    Ah yes,it is such a shame, such a pity to not listen to the opposite or any other view. I think it shows a lack of maturity and sound judgment

    We were in Tampa just before the delayed Republican Convention and stayed at the same hotel as the Kansas delegation. Also saw many at the airport and on the plane including the assistant or chief of staff of the AZ Governor.

    Because of being out of TV range after that we missed much of both conventions but got some on the computer and in the printed media plus on the radio in transit

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    A point of information:

    “And also, they had to re-include the fact that Jerusalem was, in fact, the CAPITAL of Israel.”

    Jerusalem was declared the capital by Israel in 1950, but is currently only recognised as the capital by two foreign governments: Guatemala & El Salvador.

    The US government does not currently recognise Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. There are good reasons not to, as the final status of Jerusalem has always been a major sticking point in peace negotiations, and discussion of it has always been postponed. By recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the US would scupper any possible future peace negotiations before they had started, as well as finally explode the myth that the US is in any way an impartial mediator.

    My point is that this is, at the very least, a controversial topic, and it is only natural that the Democrats would need to vote on it and might well disagree among themselves about it. I suggest that the only reason that this vote has been taken at this time is because Mitt Romney, on his recent visit to Israel, said that any administration of his WOULD recognise Israel as the capital and move the US embassy there. If he is elected, it will be interesting to see if he carries through on this promise.

    As for a vote on the inclusion of a reference to God – a reluctance to do so only reflects the Democrats’ sound common sense.

  • Matéan (Té) Everson Says:

    Hi Larry,

    As a member of your loyal opposition I think you are right on target! I watched the RNC. I do not view the GOP as my enemy, they are loyal Americans chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

    As to “God,” I missed that part of the DNC. I thought that America was a secular nation and did not promote one religion over another. I wonder if folks would also be willing to add Allah to every place that God appears …

  • Jacy Says:

    Well, Larry, I am an idiot. I do not watch the Democrat convention – I can read transcripts, which I do and listen to the replays on radio/TV. I know only one thing: Give the radical Obama and the Democrats another four years is the worst thing that can happen to this country – we will be no more. Should that become a reality because we really do have a large segment of this nation who are REALLY ignorant, stupid and idiots and who will support this Mulim Marxist, and who will vote for him again, we have a worrisome problem. I have watched the video of Joel Gilberts address, a video soon to be sent to millions, to the National Press Club; “2016” and tibits of the soon to be released “Hope and Change”. What they say at this condom delivered (never thought a party could stoop this low) convention; or an address supporting Obama by Bill Clinton (who said in 2008 when Hitlery was running) “A few years ago this man would be carrying our suitcasis – is enough for me. We all know their tactics – our tacric should be to protect, serve and save this country anyway we can. Going along with all that, the Republicans (party and politicians) need (for once) to fight fire with fire. Stop being wimps and RINO’s. This is a fight for our very lives – make no mistake about that!

  • Viv Says:

    Agree with you, Larry. In business, I keep apulse on what the competition is doing even as simple as monitoring the marketing message and spin. Better to be informed in order to step in front of it and take the offensive position of leadership than to respond to headway and commentary by others and end up being on the defense, and in afollower position instead. Good reality check code all of us Conservatives, Larry. Thanks.