No. 105 – September 9, 2011



[ker-muhj-uhn]  (noun) a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.

Perception is reality – or so the saying goes. What you see is what you get.

I was talking with friends yesterday, who are still firmly behind Obama, when they let fly with how the whole problem in America is the Tea Party’s fault – and those “damn Republicans” — “All they want to do is say No!”

“The president is trying to work with them, but that guy—what’s his name, with that sourpuss look—is always being an asshole.”

Although my friends did not know Speaker of the House John Boehner, by name – they can still VOTE.

And this was before President Obama even spoke on national TV last evening.

In a nutshell, this is where the Democrats have it all over the Republicans, and the dumb GOP leaders STILL don’t get it.

So let me put a scenario in front of you and see what you think.

For grins, this will be the Imaginary Leader of the GOP speaking, readying his troops before Obama is to give his speech to a joint session of Congress:

“OK, you guys, here is the plan.  No matter what Obama says tonight, when the Democrats start applauding and smiling, we do it too – only louder and longer.  Jump up and down, high-five each other, do a victory dance on the floor of Congress, throw confetti, launch red, white and blue balloons, but above all else remember to – SMILE, SMILE, SMILE.  We can take care of business LATER.”

It is a simple ploy of the Chicago Mafia Machine ever since Capone ruled the Windy City – long before Jimmy Hoffa or Mayor Daly #2 happened upon the scene.  Smile, while you stab them in the back.

The whole idea of public leadership is to cajole, connive and confuse the populace that you are for something – and then do exactly the opposite when no one is looking.

“Persuasive deceit is the art of a successful politician.”

Is this lying?  Of course it is.  Does Obama lie?  All the time.  And so do the Republicans.

But Obama does it with a smile.  He does it with convincing oratory.  He does it with professional, political aplomb.

So what do the dumb ass Republicans do?

They let it be known that they are going to do ANYTHING it takes to make Obama a “one term president.”

There was a movie a while back in which a Mafia gangster had a daughter, who wanted to always kick ass and take names – and was very vocal about it.

One day the father took his boisterous daughter aside and gave her a little advice:

“Look kid, I know your heart is in the right place but you gotta learn one thing.  You don’t tell a guy you are going to kick him in the balls – because he is going to be ready.  You just walk up, smile – and THEN kick him in the balls.”

Pretty simple advice – all of which continues to fall on the perennial deaf ears of the GOP.

The main phrase in this sage advice from the father is, “because he is going to be ready.”

The GOP has been upfront, to the point – and truthful – for the most past.

The Democrats have been cunning, deceitful and circumventive – for the most past.

And after President Obama’s speech last night – in my opinion, his best since taking office – he is once again, short on specifics when promising everything to everyone, yet deftly pointing the “finger” in the direction of the Republicans and saying, “Pass my plan.”

Every GOP member in the Chamber looked like little children – angry, glaring, foreboding in both manner and body language.  Through gritted teeth, you could almost hear them saying, “I’ll get you for this.”

If the GOP keeps up this type of public persona – they will lose by a wide margin in 2012.

They need to change their plan of attack very quickly and quit TELEGRAPHING their moves – because last night President Obama gave the opening shot to his 2012 election campaign – and it was a beauty.


I have friends from across the political, as well as social spectrum – mainly because I no longer take life so seriously.

“Life is too short to let it get you down.”

However, I still love America and will continue to do so for the rest of my life – thus the establishment of THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH.

But you can talk, and talk and talk – for only so long.  Sooner or later you have to DO.

When I ran for Congress back in 2004, I was just another dumb ass Republican.  I told the truth.

However, my mistake was not with the Democrats – but with the Republicans – most notably the Right Wing – and the even farther right, UBER-RIGHT WING.

These are the people who are now crying the loudest, protesting the most and constantly bellyaching about all that is wrong with America today – and it is all Obama’s fault.

Sorry, folks.  It is not all Obama’s fault.

The GOP – and the insipid leadership that it has taken on in recent years – has played an integral part in the downward trend of this great Country of ours.

When I ran for office, I told everybody where I stood – and kept no secrets about my disdain for the faction (fraction) of the politically inept who – at that time – ran the Washington State GOP.

My mistake.  I set myself up as a target – a NON-MOVING target.

I laid out my plan in concise, easy to understand terms.  That was my biggest mistake.

But my main opposition did not come from the Democrats – as I had naively expected.

Most of my problems stemmed from the short-sighted, uber-right wing that wanted nothing to do with ANYBODY who believed that abortion was a woman’s right – NOT the Government’s right -and that homosexuals should be treated equally.

Had I played my hand differently – in saying that those were personal “issues” – and should be left up to the individual, as I STILL believe – I would have won the endorsement of the GOP.  This was told to me by more than one Republican – on the QT, of course.

But no, Larry Klepinger, said, “Hey, GOP, I am going to kick you in the balls on these “issues” and consequently lost – albeit by a very close margin – in the primary.

Instead of being cunning and deceitful – I told the truth – and paid the price.

Colin Powell once said, “If you want to piss people off, tell them the truth.”

THAT is the truth.

“People abhor the truth, thus lies were invented.”


As it stands now – President Obama is going to win in a landslide in 2012.

This is not a defeatist position.  It is a realistic one.

To this very day, the GOP has not put forward a candidate that can WIN.

Every right-wing and uber-right wing person I have talked with has stated REPEATEDLY that they would vote for ANYBODY – “except Barack Hussein Obama.”

Let’s back up a little.

The first objective in Politics is to WIN.  That means to gain POWER.

The second objective in Politics is to MAINTAIN THAT POWER.

President Obama has accomplished the first objective – thanks to a splintered GOP and dysfunctional Republican leadership.

He has now – as of last night – embarked on his second objective – to MAINTAIN his power.

If that actually happens, my heart cries for America.

So, here is the challenge.

If you REALLY care about America – and REALLY want to WIN back the White House – then the only winning ticket I see is:



I know, for a fact, that right wing Republicans and the Uber-right wing in particular, winced with pain and immediately seethed with anger, when they read this.

And THAT is the point I am trying to make.

If the GOP wants to win – then they had better BACK A WINNING TICKET!

Jon Huntsman is a true American.  But beyond that he is articulate, SMART – and good looking

Scott Brown is a true American.  But beyond that he is good looking!  Of course, he has much more going for him, but you get the point.

PLEASE, remember the crux of this whole conversation:

Perception is Reality.

A ticket of Huntsman and Brown IS a winning ticket – par excellance.

They would attract MOST of the female vote – because of their good looks.  Sorry, but poll after poll have shown that women are more likely to vote for a handsome candidate – more so than a dower, sullen one.

Huntsman and Brown can stand up to the debate lectern and hold their own – without the aid of a Tele-prompter.

A ticket of Huntsman and Brown could UNITE the MAINSTREAM GOP, the Moderate Democrats, the Independents and Libertarians – and lead the Republicans to victory in 2012.

And how about this for a winning slogan:


Then again – the GOP “leadership” could, in all its inglorious tomfoolery, stick us with a Romney/Perry ticket and lead us all, yet again, to defeat in 2012.

One last, very important point, one that I picked up in my debate classes when obtaining my minor degree in speech communication.

During debate – DO NOT WATCH THE SPEAKER – watch the AUDIENCE and how it is reacting. And make sure to watch the OPPOSING DEBATER – and how he is reacting.

When you listen to the speaker – but watch the recipients of the message – and you have double input, with regard to comprehension – as well as how the message is being RECEIVED.

With this in mind, please watch the audience that Obama speaks to.  Look at their reactions, their smiles, their sparkling eyes, their hurried applause, their complete gullibility.

It is sad, but today’s American public has been so dumbed down that it actually elected a person with such “shady credentials” as Barack Obama.

But that is the price of freedom.  The freedom to be ignorant is still, very much, an American right, almost inherently so.

An old lady once asked Benjamin Franklin what he, and the other Founders, had given the Country.

Franklin responded, “A Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

This Sunday, as we reflect back on that fateful day, now a decade in arrears, we must never forget what the concept of National Security means.

Without a Strong National Defense everything else is a moot point.

History has proven this time and again.

For America to jeopardize its National Security through downsizing our National Defense – as President Barack Obama, and the Democrats wish to do – then we had better expect more terrorist activities in the future, not to mention more wars.

If a criminal is going to attack a person – and he has the choice of confronting an unarmed man or a man who is carrying a gun – which one do you think he will chose?

It is basic common sense.  Defenseless nations fall prey to the strong.  READ HISTORY.

I still remember where I was on September 11, 2001 – and so does everybody else who is reading this newsletter.

Let us resolve to never allow 9/11 to happen again.

Please say a prayer for those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack and hang out OLD GLORY to commemorate this sad, but still PROUD, day in our American History.

We ALL shall rise again!

Best wishes – and keep thinking positive.

Hope for Change in 2012!

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “No. 105 – September 9, 2011”

  • Steve Topper Says:

    As I see it, the one thing the Democrats fear most these days is not the conservative guys and one woman standing on the stage debating or the Republican party itself. It’s the Tea Party movement. We know this to be a fact given how the Democrats and their media lapdogs spend most of their time marginalizing and demonizing the Tea Party. Consider the things said about the Tea Party over labor day. The liberals are scared to death of the Tea Party movement and what this highly motivated, and growing group of citizens has up its sleeve come next year. You rarely see or hear the liberals focusing on any one conservative candidate for president — at least for long. But since its beginning, they’ve devoted an exceptional amount of time demonizing the Tea Party. We can only hope that come next year this unbridled fear of the Tea Party is well-founded and it delivers a knockout punch to these socialist fear mongers.

  • Alma Arthur Says:

    I wish you’d write a future column on Obama’s plan to implement NAFTA of the Pacific ( sending hundreds of thousands of good American jobs to third world countries).
    We can’t allow this. Alma Arthur

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    If you have friends that are still firmly behind Obama, my advice to you would be to find some new friends. I cannot understand how anyone could possibly socialize with brain dead liberals. Not without the occurrence of great bloodshed, anyway. Me, I avoid them like the plague.

    So you like Huntsman / Brown. – good conservative that you are. But who in mainstream America has ever heard of these people? If you think they can raise a billion campaign dollars, win the nomination and get elected, you need to move to Mars. Which for you would be a short trip, as I understand that it is about halfway between Sacramento and Berkley?

    Anyway, in spite of your protestations, Perry will be the next president. Not that I like the guy, but he has the looks you think so important – and the ability to raise the cash. After all, Bible thumpers do bring in the big bucks – just ask Oral Roberts. Hadn’t really thought about it before, but I wonder if he could maybe have been a closet Clinton supporter?

    Not sure how anyone last night could have come away after that speech thinking it was a zinger. Me, I think it spelled the beginning of the end for this idiot. Every time ‘Bama said ‘It will be paid for’, or ‘You need to pass it right away’, my wife said “show me the carfax”. The wonders of advertising, don’t cha know.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Jacy Says:


    Huntsman and Brown a winning ticket? I think you’ve been drinking the kool-aid when you suggest Huntsman and Brown. Huntsman accepted an Ambassadorship in China from Obama. Huntsman also doesn’t have name standing with voters and so far has not created much of a campaign stir. Scott Brown is a RINO who made a big hit for a short time after he was elected. Of course your liberal friends would say they’re voting for the despicable Obama again – they are liberals who evidently have a desire to live under Socialism/Marxism. It is difficult to understand how thinking individuals can vote for failure? Are they on welfare? Maybe your efforts would be better spent by teaching your liberal friends about conservatism instead of listening to liberals. We still have the Tea Party which was basically responsible for the wins in the past election. I imagine they will still be around in 2012.

    You lost me on this Huntsman/Brown pronouncement Larry – maybe when Sarah Palin steps in? Now the liberals really fear her…….!

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    I’m always amazed (and frankly a little dismayed) by those who honestly believe there is such a broad chasm between the Demicans and the Republocrats. Come on people…they’re all basically the same animal.

    I’m still a Jeffersonian Democrat. I wonder if anyone today has any idea what that means? Basically it’s a Republican with brains as well as an open mind. Not an easy thing to find these days.

  • John Says:

    Is anybody listening to what they read hear?

    Is anybody willing to vote and make sure they vote? Not just 15% of th eligible voters.

    Does anyone realize that they vote for 2 senators and 1 representative. There are 100 senators and (I think) 450 representatives. Where is the balance of power when voting?

    As in past history, the great orators seem to get the listing ear; but do people realize what they are saying. NO! It just sounds good and they “are smiling”. Afterall, the points made here is just what Hitler did.