No. 131 – June 9, 2012


Having spent a total of almost six years at San Jose State University, gaining both a BA degree in political science (minor in communication) and also an MA in education (administration and supervision) I think I have a smattering of knowledge as to what is going on in the “higher education” system of today’s America.

And also going through K-12 of the LA public school system gave me an insight into the education system of “yesteryear.”

But in between those two journeys of “proper learning” I took a slight detour in the United States Army.  And there is where my real education began.

I say this because it is true.  I learned to take orders.  I learned to get up before dawn – and be in formation on time.  I was taught basic orders, how to march, shoot, run until I could not run anymore – then ran some more.  I learned to respect others, I learned that I was not the most important person in the world – I was just a part of a bigger unit – the United States Army – and the United States of America.

But the most important thing I learned in the Army was how to be an individual.  I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but it is true.

Ask any veteran and he will tell you the same thing.  (And yes, I could of said “he or she” will tell you, but I chose not to).  I am assuming that readers of this blog are smart enough to realize that when I say “he” I am referring to BOTH genders.  Readers of The American Telegraph are not that dumb.

Back to the point.  Each and every soldier was taught – in all instances – when in trouble, IMPROVISE.


And our drill instructors were ALWAYS throwing situations at us to do exactly that.

When I got out of the Army and re-entered civilian life, after 26 months and 11 days in Vietnam – the reverse cultural shock sent me into a tail-spin.  I instinctively knew SOMETHING was wrong.

Those men who chose NOT to go to Vietnam had a “different take” on America.  It was, somehow, a BAD country.  I had many confrontations with those on the “left” – especially “instructors” – that did not agree with my trend of thinking.

Although I graduated in both my undergraduate and graduate programs with over a 3.5 GPA (long before grade inflation), I had to work for every A and B that I got.

I had one – yes, long-haired, hippy freak “professor” who insisted that we call him by his first name of “Terry ” because he wanted to be cool and “right-on.”  He gave me a B as my final grade.

When I approached him, in his office, the conversation went something like this:

“I just wanted to know why I got a B in your class.  I got an A on my mid-term and an A on my final, so why a B?”

“Well, I only give an A grade to academics – and you are no academic.”

End of conversation.

I did not know how to “protest” a grade – so I let it slide.

My point is – even though I had done everything I was told, read all the textbooks – and ACED both the mid-term and the final – he still gave me a B – just because he did not agree with my outlook on life.  Other students, that groveled to him in class, received A grades – although two of them got a B grade on the final.

And this was in the 1970s.

Did I mention that I called him out in class on every one of his socialist rants, backed him down a number of times with simple logic, and made him look like the complete ass that he was?

He even had the audacity to live up in the mountains in a nice cabin – with one of his students – but yet preached to us that it was best to live in an urban area that was completely diverse in its ethnicity – so as to “expand your social horizons.”

Hypocrisy was oozing out of every pore in his body.

And he was not the worst of that liberal ilk.

This was in the midst of the Vietnam “conflict” and tempers were running high on university campus’ all over the nation.  The hatred of veterans was at an all-time high.

Yet, I continued to press on – IMPROVISED – graduated, and moved on in life.

Over the course of years I have spoken to NOWADAYS students and have been stunned at every turn.

Instinctively, they know what life is all about.  I do not mean the young, innocent naivete that all youth is impregnated with.  I mean they really THINK they know what is happening in the world.

Even though they cannot tell you anything about our United States Constitution – they automatically KNOW it is wrong.

America is the EVIL EMPIRE – not Russia with Stalin’s murdering of millions, nor China with its murdering of HUNDREDS of millions.

When I point out these numbers they look at me and shrug their shoulders.  They either don’t believe me or think those figures are some sort of “conservative right-wing” propaganda.

In short, today’s students are more dumbed-down, more ignorant of basic facts, more stupid than past generations – yet believe that they are the most well-informed, articulate and well-balanced people on the fact of the Earth.

In short, they all have degrees in SELF-ESTEEM – and nothing to show for it.

But what is astounding is when you meet their parents.  They are even worse!


Simply this.  America’s students nowadays are getting what I got in the 70s – only in mega doses.  The liberal educational establishment is totally ruining our younger generation’s lives – and doing so on purpose.

I know this sounds like “right-wing extremism” and maybe it is.  But I will leave it up to you, the readers, to decide for yourselves.

But, before I finish, I want to go a few steps further down this slippery slope we are on to a “one-world” government.

If anybody thinks that America is not an exceptional country – then just consider a few major points – albeit with the following caveats:

Yes, the United States has TWO original sins – not ONE – as students nowadays are taught.

America had slavery – and slaves – and treated the these Africans and African descendants in a shameful, horrifying un-Christian like manner, to put it mildly.

But the REAL sin was committed by our own United States Government with regard to the AMERICAN INDIAN.

The slaves were used as human labor in bondage.

The American Indians were simply hunted down and murdered, raped and pillaged to such an extent that many of their tribes are no longer in existence.  American Indians were almost completely annihilated.

And, please note, I do not refer to them as Native Americans.  They do NOT like that politically correct tag that the liberal left has hung them with.

The are American Indians – and proud of it.

So, our FIRST sin was against American Indians.

Our second sin was against African slaves – and their succeeding ancestors.

Another sin was against women and the “landless” peoples of the United States.

In our original constitution, Indians, blacks, women and people who did not own land, were denied the right to VOTE.

Most students do not even know that.  Don’t believe me?  Ask them about the people who were originally barred from voting in America, and I guarantee the answer will be “African-Americans” with a smattering even mentioning American Indians and women – and NOT ONE mentioning those people who did not actually own LAND.

THAT is my point.  Because when you mention people without land – you then bring in those who were mostly white or of “caucasian” decent.  And this would simply not fit into the liberal concept of America being a racist, bigoted country.

But through the ages, America has corrected its past sins – and many others that followed.

Let’s not forget that America pulled Europe back from the brink of totalitarianism, not once – but twice.  And Europe is now begging the USA to, once again, come to its financial aid – to bail it out of its socialist quagmire.  America is the biggest donor nation in the world.

But more than anything else, this country has given to the world, free of charge – THE AMERICAN DREAM.  All you have to do is come here – and work.

There is no Russian Dream.  There is no Chinese Dream.  There is only the American Dream.

And THAT is what makes this country exceptional.

Few people even realize that – when another country wins its independence – the first place they look for legal guidance – and inspiration – is the United States Constitution.  It is the oldest, written constitution still in use, in the world.

But students of today are not told any of this.  Instead, they get a constant diet of how bad the “right-wing” is and how much they hate everybody that is not white, despise women, are the world’s worse polluters, love big business – and hate dogs.

So, if you really want to have some fun, and enlighten those around you, ask students the following questions:

What country was the first to give women the right to vote?  New Zealand – not America.  This means that, New Zealand also discriminated against women – not just America.  Let’s not even mention the Maoris or Australia’s Aborigines.  That would confuse everybody.

And still, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to vote – or drive cars.  But let’s not tell anybody about that.  The Muslims might get offended.

What was the last country to abolish slavery in the world?  Mauritia in 1981.  This country is reportedly 100% Muslim, so we won’t spread this around, either.  Islam is, after all, a “religion” of peace, understanding and diversity.  I won’t say anything here either, for fear of an Islamic religious reprisal.

What country was the last to abolish slavery in the Americas?  Brazil in 1889 – not America.  Most students don’t even know that Brazil even HAD slavery.  Only America holds this dubious distinction – in their liberal polluted minds.

And then there is England – the “Mother Country” – that boisterously proclaimed – in 1772, that slavery in England be illegal. Then, in 1833, came the complete abolition in the rest of the British Empire.

Only one problem – England continued to BUILD SLAVE SHIPS to serve the other countries that still supported slavery.  Why are students not told these facts?  Because, in their polluted minds, America is the ONLY country that had established slavery.

Ask any college student – and they simply are mystified by this type of information.  They “think” that America actually INVENTED slavery.

What country was the last country to give women the right to vote?  Switzerland in 1975.

What American President implemented Article #9 making women’s sports on par with men’s sports – and many times referred to as a pro-woman’s bill of rights?

What American President ended the Vietnam War?

What American President gave Okinawa back to Japan?

What American President opened the door to Communist China?

Richard M. Nixon – all.

But you simply cannot find ANY student – not ONE – who knows these simple facts.

Why not?

Because they have been indoctrinated – NOT educated – by our so-called “Public Education System.”

“A good teacher does not teach students what to think; rather, he teaches them how to think.”

But please, do not take my word for it. Check out the following two sites below for factual documentation.

This first article should surprise you:

If one link does not work, please try the other one:

As a side note – how many readers actually had university veterans as professors while in college?

This second, semi-documentary – which is long, about 33 minutes – will verify what I have been trying to enlighten readers about for over 10 years.  It was sent to me by an indefatigable lady who lives in Bellingham, Washington, and has the charming first name of “Naida.”  To her, I owe great thanks for sending me this video.

Yet, even with this, I add a caveat:

I am Catholic, but I am not advocating this from a religious standpoint.  I hope you can look beyond the religious overtones – and see what the real message is – that of continually trying to browbeat generations of Americans into believing that America is NOT exceptional – and that a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is the correct future of this planet.

If you are REALLY concerned about the direction our country is going, I highly recommend you taking the time to watch this video – all the way to its end.  I guarantee, you will be shocked.

And my last question for the “new” students is:

How many members of our Supreme Court are Catholic?

Until next time, please keep thinking positive, take the time – and exhibit the courage – to stand up for what you believe in – and never quit trying to educate those around you – with the truth.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger



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2 Responses to “No. 131 – June 9, 2012”

  • John Says:

    Well, Well, educate, discrimination, slavery, religion, and controversy, just what can all these words lead to in a conversation. I bet you cannot find two people that would agree on any of the points made about each of those words. Problem here, is, I agree with what Master Klepinger is saying. It’s like the driver’s I was following today, they come to a corner with a green light, but they still slow down or almost stop when making a right turn. When approaching the corner your eyes are wide open, you can see what is going on in front of you, you can hear, your peripheral vision is active, you know the rules of the road, but they cannot believe what is going in front of them, they still have to question..slow done…or almost stop…WHY?

    Know if you discuss or argue my example (like most do), you are not seeing the meaing of the example; therefore, most Americans can see what is going on in front of their own eyes, ears, and understanding the meaning that is coming their way. No, not till someone hits them! Then they stop to wonder what happend at first.

    So, if you want to argue Master Klepinger, what are you really saying or addressing. Sometimes I wonder what people do and why they really cannot address the meaning of the conversation.

    Here is another point, I help out with a theatre at a local High School, an email comes from the admin staff stating the name of all the students who have gained more than a 4.0 grade average. The highest was at 4.8. WOW, GREAT! but what about the other 370 some graduates, what have they obtained while in High School? Oh, you might wonder how they got those high GPAs. Well, maybe you should find out how that happens.

  • Brian Says:

    To spend your time blaming the leftists for all of the problems is certainly myopic in my opinion. Ignorance is on both the left and the right and to blame it all on one side shows your bias. You make some very valid and good points about the population of the U.S. being uneducated but to blame it all on the leftist university professors is simply not true. What about the media who don’t seem to know anything beyond a good sound bite in reporting the news? Nothing about world news now but just the latest crash on the freeway or something else local and inconsequential. Those who decide what is news now are not doing us any favors by enlightening us but rather dumbing us down.

    Keep up the good work. I do enjoy the intelligence of your writings even though I may not agree with them. Makes me think.