No. 102 – August 21, 2011


Let’s take some facts and figures and see what we come up with.

1.  President Obama is the incumbent.

2.  President Obama has a reported $1,000,000,000 war chest for his 2012 reelection campaign.  That is BILLION.

3.  President Obama has NO CHALLENGER at present – and none in the foreseeable future – within the Democratic Party.

4.  President Obama has the support of all Liberals, most Democrats, all unions across the country, all entitlement recipients, the Chicago Political Machine in full force, Rahm Emanuel as the Mayor of Chicago and David Axelrod on the scene to direct his National reelection campaign headquarters out of The Windy City.

5.  The President’s approval rating is still between 38 – 40%, depending on which news channel you listen to.

Now for the Republicans:

1.  The Republicans are out of the White House.

2.  Every Republican candidate has limited funding and every person is burning up an enormous amount of cash on the primary.

3.  The Republicans are still in disarray and have no real leader thus far.

4.  The Republicans control only the House of Representatives – the Democrats control BOTH the White House and the Senate.

5.  None of the presidential candidates on the GOP side have strong support when compared to President Obama.

The Breakdown:

If the economy comes back to 8% unemployment, and gas prices are down to the $3.00 level (as predicted in an earlier newsletter), Obama’s approval rating will go higher.  He will claim that, “It just takes time, and we are improving.  And don’t forget, I INHERITED this situation.  Now I am simply trying to fix it.”

But the REALLY big “Ace in the Hole” for Obama is what happens in the Middle East.

This afternoon, a friend of mine , who I have referred to in previous newsletters, and the most knowledgeable political mind I know, came through Sacramento on his way down to LA for a security conference somewhere in the South Bay area.  I had time to talk with him for about an hour as he inhaled his lunch at a local eatery downtown.  I try to catch up with him every time he passes through.

“Look, Larry,” he began, “you had better realize what the hell is coming down here.  These jerks running the GOP right now actually think Mickey Mouse could beat Obama.  They don’t know shit from Shinola.”

He is somewhat of an old-timer and uses that phrase with regularity.

He went on.  “If Obama can pull this economy up, even just a little, AND make himself look good in the Middle East, he is going to win in a LANDSLIDE.”

We had little time to go into specifics, but he is definite about one thing; he thinks the GOP are WAY too arrogant to already be counting Obama out.

“When dildos like Dick “the Prick” Morris and Karl “The Draft Dodger” Rove make idiotic pronouncements that ANYBODY could beat Obama, they are showing just how dumb they really are.”

I have known this man for a very long time.  He has forgotten more about politics than I will ever learn. His insight is about the best I have ever encountered.  And he is usually right – sometimes frighteningly so.

The reason for me going into this is because Obama – and his thug organization – is not to be trifled with.  But saying that, Obama is not the REAL problem.  The people who voted for him are the culprits in this scenario.  And if they believed Obama’s first round of lies – then they are overly eager to believe his second round of obfuscation.

As my friend drove off, I recalled a conversation that I had yesterday afternoon.

I was talking with Steve, another good friend of mine at our first ever Estate Sale in Sacramento, and he said something very interesting. He told me that he was with a couple of Liberal friends of his a few nights ago and they were declaring that they would be voting for Obama – again.

Steve pointed out to them that he voted for George Bush for his first term – but not his second because he disagreed with just about everything that Bush had done in his first four years.  Then he added, “And that is the difference between Conservatives and Liberals.  If a Conservative gets angry at their leader, they will vote him out of office.”

He finished by saying, “But if a Liberal gets angry with their leader they WILL NOT vote him out of office because of their blind, stupid pride.”

Steve had a very good point that I had not really considered – Liberals will vote again for Obama, to justify their FIRST vote for him. Liberals love nothing better than to say, “See, I told you so.”

Even if they are completely wrong – they will declare themselves right – because they “just know.”

So, when you throw this into the mix you have a hardcore group of Liberals who will vote for President Obama again – NO MATTER WHAT.

Please remember, the Tea Party is NOT a movement organized by Liberals.  It is always the Conservatives that hold their candidates to their word – or get rid of them.

The Liberals do just the opposite.  They put up with mounds of bullshit – and still try to “reason away” every logical argument that is presented to them.

President Obama is on VERY sound footing to win a second term.

And, if things turn out well in the Middle East, President Obama will be the first to congratulate himself for leading NATO Forces to victory – from the rear.

And the dumb American public will eat it up like a child chomping away at a Snicker’s Bar on Halloween night.

By the way, Steve did NOT vote for Obama.


If anybody in their right mind thinks that Rick Perry, Sarah Palin or Paul Ryan can beat Obama, then I give up.

The GOP has completely blown it when it comes to picking somebody out of “the shadows.”

You cannot have leadership with out a leader.  It is like an ocean vessel without a captain.

The other thing that my friend mentioned before leaving was that he has word that there is very serious “soundings around the Beltway” that a Third Party is quietly being formed – but he doesn’t have all the details yet.

He said that there are a number of players in the mix, but the best he can tell is that Ron – and Rand Paul, Sarah Palin – and DONALD TRUMP are considering this alternative.

If this ever happens, Obama would be a shoo-in.

I asked why they would even consider a Third Party as an option.  What he said startled me – but in a way made perfect sense.

“The feeling is that now is the time to make a clean break with the GOP – if they go with Mitt Romney – and form a Third Party. possibly calling itself the American Conservative Party.

It would be an intentional slap in the face of the GOP, and might set it on the same course as that of the old Whig Party.

“Larry, if the GOP actually goes with Romney, I think this Third Party thing might just happen.”

After saying goodbye, I came home and immediately started writing this American Telegraph.

I have no idea if what he told me will happen.  But I do know one thing.  I am making a prediction – 16 months out:

If the GOP puts all of us through the circus of a Primary Campaign – and then finally chooses Mitt Romney as its standard bearer – then Obama will be reelected.

And please don’t consider this as “negative thinking.”

It is not wise to confuse negative thinking with the harsh reality of facts.


Up until now, the GOP has been fighting and bickering among themselves ad nauseam.

If they keep it up they will defeat themselves – and hand the Presidency to Obama on the proverbial Silver Platter.

The obvious solution would be to unite NOW behind the best two – and start campaigning from September 1,2011.  To hell with the Primary Campaign Mode.  Get right to the heart of the matter.

If the GOP waits until next year to pick its Presidential Standard Bearer – it will be too late.

Until next time.

Keep thinking positive – and Hope for REAL Change in 2012.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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8 Responses to “No. 102 – August 21, 2011”

  • John Says:

    Well, the GOP is really going into the hole. The Democrats are just taking advantage as they have no competition. As long as we have leaders that don’t work for their electives, we, as a nation, will be in deep so far, how can we even exist? Only the money of the world will run what they want and we continue to work to pay their way.

    How can sports figures continue to earn the type of money they do and still go to work every day with all the controversy they have around them. Remember, we, the commoner, would do the same thing, we lose our jobs!

    Again, one may read what the American Telegraph says, and they will continue to say I agree or have some comments, but no one is willing to state an opinion and deal with the facts that come here in these words. You won’t here it in the media of today, why not?

    Vote, Vote, and vote for NO incumbant in 2012!!!!! It’s the only way to make a change. After all, they change coaches of professional teams when they are not winning, if we the people are not winnng, why not change the leaders.

  • Naida J. Deitsch Says:

    Larry, I couldn’t agree with you more. I guess the GOP has forgotten the old saying, “United we stand, divided we fall.” They should remember when Perot threw his oar in the water, and we got Clinton as a result of that division of voters. Too bad. Also, the Communist mantra is “Divide and conquer,” and that is what the liberals are very good at doing. Republicans just don’t seem to get it. However, if we can elect some good conservative legislators to Congress, then maybe we can delay the complete Socialism that is coming down the pike by way of the Health Care bill.


  • Anthony San Diego Says:

    Hello Larry,
    Found this a couple of weeks ago, have you seen it?

    “The next president was chosen in Istanbul Turkey in 2007 even before Obama took office. Obama was only meant to serve one term. Obama was set up as a stooge and he was doomed to fail from day one. Rick perry will be the next president regardless of how many votes he gets. It’s a done deal.”

  • Jacy Says:

    I agree with what you have said about Romney. The GOP is pushing Romney saying that he is leading in the polls – I ask, what polls? Rick Perry has considerable baggage, extremely low marks on illegal immigration, did not back Gov. Brewer on her attempt to protect Arizona’s border; and according to many articles, Perry has Muslim connections; Bilderberg etc.

    I hope people do their research on canddates this time arouund. If Obama is elected then we have just lost this country. Their are too many questions about Oama’s eligfibility but the Republican’s do not have the courage to investigate – perhaps because they are just as guilty (complicit) for not vetting him? We are three hundred million citizens of this country and we know nothing about the man we call president. We know everything about past presidents. No classmates have come forward, no groomsman, no ex-girlfriends, no records of schools, colleges, universities, thesis papers, etc. and the birth certificate Trump demanded suddenly shows up two and a half years later?…which several computer experts say is a forgery? And we, as citizens just overlook all this and call the people who demand an explanation – “birthers”? Why aren’t people screaming at the top of the lungs instead of suffering lost employment; foreclosed homes? Lost freedoms; open borders, illegal immigration, which includes drugs, guns (“Fast and Furious”) criminals amd most of all a debt we cannot and pass on to our children and grandchildren?
    George Soros is behind Obama’s billions and the media – no only NPR but the networks including CNN – there are hundreds of organizations he has funded – and then there’s Agenda 21! People are even afraid to put Bumper sticks on their cars afraid of being keyed – but evidently not afraid of living under tyranny. (For concrete evidence about Soros check “The Whistleblower Magazine’s” past issue on Soros and the list of his involvements in the country.)

  • Robert W. Says:

    This dialog sounds more like a PTA meeting, everybody wringing their hands, trying to decide which person would be most effective to lead their ‘field day adventure’.
    Why not discuss policy and mutually beneficial goals for the COUNTRY rather than the personality of the people in the fray? It’s no secret now that potential voters are fed-up and want real leadership and answers to fiscal problems, corruption from inside government and among our corporate leaders. I too am beginning to hear “voices” shouting to vote them out.

    I supported the notion that Obama just might be able to design the needed changes with the way DC does it’s business…but I’m not now convinced that I was right.


  • Robert W. Says:

    Istanbul, Turkey?? Add’l info needed.

  • Jacy Says:

    The problem is, Robert, not enough people discussed the ‘personality in the fray’. They looked at “Black” and “Hope and Change” but had no idea what the “Hope and Change” really meant. We do need a leader who will tell us honestly what that policy is – what she/he believes – and one who will lead as the Consititution dictates; one who loves THIS country, God and the people. This country needs to go back to “We the People” but how many out there are standing up with the Tea Party? How many are writing their representatives? How many will speak out or campaign? How many will vote?

  • Andrea Says:

    Paul Ryan has said he is not considering a run for the presidency.
    I may be a little more optimistic than you but I haven’t written the American people off yet. I think there may still be enough of us with matter in our craniums to make an intelligent choice.
    I believe politics has gotten so corrupt, so tainted that we may never have a legitimate election again.
    I believe the GOP and the Democratic party are one in the same. They only care about power and money. Truth be known, they are probably in cahoots.
    I will vote my conscience. What America needs is a national revival, a turning back to God.