No. 130 – June 2, 2012


It is not easy researching, writing, editing and publishing THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH.  But thanks to Umlaut (Jeff van Loben Sels, Sacramento,  California) and their handling of the total “mechanics” of this newsletter, I have been able to make it all come together.

I have, from the beginning, taken a lot of unsolicited crap from a multitude of readers – both in the blog and even more so in private emails.

That is part of the job.  If you can’t stand the smell get out of the bathroom.

I have been doing this newsletter ever since I ran for Congress in 2004 (in one form or another), and have never asked for money to help with the cost of overhead.  That is the way I ran my  congressional campaign – not ONE CENT in campaign financing.

And I will continue to run THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH in the same manner.  No cost or obligation.  TOTALLY FREE SUBSCRIPTION.

In return, I would like to ask – one more time – that any reader who has something to say – please say it in the BLOG section.

THAT is the reason for this newsletter – to give readers a PLATFORM to sound off – in PUBLIC.  I print what you write (mistakes and all) – ultra-minimal editing at the most.

And therein lies my request.  If you have something to say – say it on the Blog.  I have spent entirely too much time trying to answer questions, replying to snide remarks, and in general, holding hands with readers who do not have the backbone to write their thoughts in the open marketplace of public opinion.

Set your concepts and ideas out – in public.  And see what others have to say about your position on the issues.

In other words, SHOW SOME BALLS in your concept of thinking.


First off, I do NOT intend to curb my use of the word “prediction” simply because I am fairly good at it.  It tends to piss off a lot of people.  Sorry about that, but that is life.

So here is a roundup of what I see coming down the line in the months ahead, leading up to the 2012 presidential election – many of which have been “predicted” in past newsletters.

1.  Gas prices will be in the $3 range and Obama will take full credit for it.

2.  “Inherited” economic Armageddon but avoided catastrophe – Obama will hype this phrase to the max and take credit all the way along.

3.  QE3 will happen.

4.  The EU will break apart – if not fully, then in pieces – Greece, Portugal and Spain – are the main culprits.  The EURO will no longer be a currency of value.

5.  Double Dip Recession is going to happen – and Bush will be blamed for this, too.

6.  There will be a military strike on Iran – probably in mid to late summer.  Obama will take credit, thus trying to shore up the Jewish vote in America.

7.  Syria is going to be in full play as to US military assistance.

8.  Pakistan will break from the USA as an “ally” – and all the billions of dollars we have sent them will disappear.

9.  India will slip into recession – and America will try to butress that country to counter the Russians and Chinese influence in Pakistan.

I am purposely excluding China – and its impending hard-landing – because I wrote a whole book on this subject.  Reference, CHINA HOUSE, via, for more on what is really happening in China.

10.  Egypt will fall to Muslim militants.

11.  If Scott Walker wins in Wisconsin – which, I predict he WILL – then there will be riots in Madison (the capital), with the Capitol building being again taken over by radical union members.

12.  Class Warfare will devolve into Class WELFARE in America.

13.  Gay marriage will be in play as will abortion in the 2012 election.

14.  Obamacare will be COMPLETELY thrown out – causing chaos in both the business and political arena.

15.  The Silent Majority will RISE AGAIN, this time in astounding numbers – and vote for Romney.

16.  If Romney picks the right VP – Nicki Haley, Rob Portman or Allen West – he will beat Obama in November.

17.  The American recovery will be the first in the world to lead the way out of Obama’s disastrous economic policies – once the GOP takes over the White House.

18.  The GOP will sweep the House of Representatives, the Senate and and the White House in November 2012 – if they don’t fall for any of the liberal media’s hype and baited tricks.

19.  With this SUPER MAJORITY in all three branches of the government – it will then be up to the GOP to “put up, or shut up” permanently.

20.  If the GOP blows it again – given the likelihood of winning all three branches of government – then a THIRD PARTY will emerge – enlisting the following:

Conservatives – both Republicans and Democrats

Independents – both Liberals and Conservatives and Moderates

Ron Paul supporters

Libertarians and other political “off-shoots”

So there you have it.  A complete list of predictions.  Take your pick – and if you actually have the courage and mental fortitude to make yourself “known” please feel free to write you concepts and ideas on THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH Blog.  All submissions will be printed.


If a spouse cheats, that person will cheat again.  Even if he or she gets caught, and promises never to repeat the offense – they are going to commit adultery again.

Politicians are political adulterers.

Kennedy, Edwards, Sanford, Clinton, The Terminator (Schwarzenegger) just to name a few.

Obama and Romney are no different.

Obama outright lies – on everything.  And he will continue to do the same.

My fear with Obama is that the American people are so stupid (they elected him in 2008 on nothing but lies and empty promises) that they will vote for him again – no matter what he does.

My fear with Romney is that he has yet to take concrete stands on anything of substance.  If he keeps playing his “like everybody” card – he is going to end up losing a supreme opportunity to turn Obama out in the cold in November.

But Romney has got to take a definitive stand on what to actually do once elected.

Generalizations and  broad sweeping statements are not going to cut it.  He has to lay out a policy – in SIMPLE, CONCRETE TERMS – as to what he intends to do, once in office.

A lot of people say, “All fine and good, “know-it-all” Larry, but what do YOU suggest he do?  Be specific.”


Here are a few suggestions to take into consideration:

1.  With relation to National Security (without which all other “issues” are a mute point), I would line up EVERY country in the world, that we are presently giving aid to, and see how they have voted in the UN.  If these countries have voted against the United States more than 10% of the time – then cut off all aid whatsoever.

2.  As for the United Nations, I would make a proposal to have it relocated someplace else in the world – preferable Africa – and let them live and deal on that continent for awhile.  Maybe they will actually get something accomplished, if they live in the midst of such oppressive poverty. But before they leave, serve them with a total bill for all their parking violations within the city of New York.

As a side not, if just numbers 1 & 2 were accomplished – think how many TRILLIONS of dollars would be saved.  Talk about a boost to out economy!

3.  I would set out a policy of rebuilding our total highway and road infrastructure – and have it completed within 4 years.  Put every able-bodied man and woman that can lift a shovel on this project.

4.  I would take a 50% cut in my salary as president, and demand that every Congressman and Senator do the same.  Share the pain in a real sense of the word.

5.  And lastly I would abolish the IRS – and replace it with a 10% National Sales Tax on all goods and services that are bought and sold in the United States.

But this would only be done if all other tax write-offs were COMPLETELY ELIMINATED.

That means, for example:

No more mortgage write-offs

No more charitable contribution write-offs (let’s see how pious pure those “philanthropists”  really are).

No more write-offs for corporation advertising, travel, food, entertainment, depreciation, etc.

It also means no more taxes on dividends, gas, inheritance, INCOME – or ANY other kind of taxes.


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  A plethora of ideas for you to pick and choose from.

Or better yet, YOU come up with your won ideas and concepts as to how to make America even greater than it already is.  Notice, I did not say great again.”  In my opinion, America has always been great.

Feel free to take your best shot – but only if you have the courage to express yourself in the Marketplace of Public Opinion – THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH BLOG.

If you don’t have the huevos to get involved in OPEN discussion – then go back to watching American Idol – and in so doing becoming an American Idle – as well you would be.

Get involved, get moving and get charged up.

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country!”

Keep thinking positive – and never give up.

Lawrence Klepinger


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12 Responses to “No. 130 – June 2, 2012”

  • Brian Springer Says:

    But didn’t you “predict” that if Romney was the GOP nominee he could not win? So much for your “predictions” however thought provoking they are. Just like any other politician.

    I like your suggestions. Every one has some very positive points for the economy and improving the U.S. 10% national sales tax and NO deductions. Yes, your right would be interesting to see where the howls come from. Maybe that upper 10% would sound like a bunch of howling banshies.

  • R. W. Klepinger Says:

    Well…you missed predicting that buying shares of a Spanish bank would be foolish. Confusion is the message of the day across the globe.

  • Jacy Says:

    A very good newsletter, Larry. I agree with what you have said. I cross my fingers about Romney – he certainly wasn’t my choice and I hope he has “balls” enough to stand up to Democrats and “not cross the isle too many times i.e. McCain. But don’t get your hopes up on people having the “courage” to express their opinions in your blog – that takes people with “courage” to stand up to their principles and say what they believe – to stand up for this country which is quickly dissolving with Obama at the helm. The people here in liberal Washington State are even afraid to put bumpet stickers on their cars for fear of being keyed, much less write in a blog? Even the Republican party doesn’t speak out while allowing the Democrats to spew hate, racism, and lies. That’s what happened to Bush – everyday of his presidency some Democrat would belittle the man until the ignorant citizenry voted for “Hope and Change”. Either the people who believe in the Constitution, freedom and liberty stand up now and fight every way they can – or we will lose. The Democrats plan to steal this election as they did the last one with illegals, felons, and the dead. According to one Democrat documentary filmmaked (it was on YouTube) they even bussed in street people – but the Republicans didn’t say a word!!

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    Larry, Larry, Larry — (sigh). So much to say and so little time this lovely Sunday morning. I am relieved, however: Going in, I thought you were going to pass the hat. You know how notoriously CHEAP (I prefer “parsimonious, thank you!) we conservatives are. J

    Speaking of “money,” your predictions are, as usual, right on it. You new readers might like to know that Larry’s grandfather was the Great Carsoni, the Swami who appeared on late night TV for decades.

    My only comments under “Points to Ponder” are these:
    #6: Israel will take the lead on this one – from the air — using those deep penetrating ordnance we’ve been shipping over for some time. With luck, the Iranians will fold like a cheap suitcase. Regardless how the Iranians respond, the muzloid nations will go berserk and it’s “Game On.”
    #9: I read “China House” and I commend it to all who want to know where China is headed. I believe it was in your book that I first read that the Chicom ban on girl babies will at some point yield 100 million+ 20 year old males looking for love and their hormones will drive them look outside their borders to get laid. Can you say “invade the neighbors?” And I don’t even want to bring up the death and havoc the eventual collapse of the Three Gorges Dam will bring due to crappy design and construction. The good news there is that the rotation of the earth will return to normal when all that impounded water is released.
    #11: These union thugs (aka “commies”) in Wisconsin are just crazy enough to try to BURN the Capitol. They want a WAR and will probably get one.
    #12: See #11. And the war will break down along class AND racial lines. That saddens me as a lot of good folks of all hues will be hurt and killed. The HipHoppers will be right in the middle of it. I say “middle” as they’re not men enough to be on point (too many bullets up there, ya know).
    #16: Disagree with the Haley pick. She’s drifted on several key issues recently.
    As a former fellow Buckeye, Portman is the state’s antidote to “Boneless Boehner” (affectionately also known as “The Human Jellyfish”) who just called Issa off the Fast and Furious investigation. Boehner needs to go back to tending bar. I hear he makes a killer Manhattan.
    #s19 & 20: If the GOP blows it THIS TIME and, by some miracle, the country survives, there will be hell to pay. Even the most ignorant and uninformed “citizens” are starting to “get it.” A third party WILL become a reality. Let’s all pray that it’s not the Communist Party.

    Under “What Will Obama Do?”
    You mean besides play golf and complete his family’s taxpayer funded world tour? He’ll do his best to complete the George Soros Punch List he was given in 2008 (subtitled “How to Destroy America”) before January 20th, 2013. And, from beneath his Acme 5000 tanning bed, Boneless Boehner will shake his fist in the direction of 1600 – order another Manhattan — and resume his nap.

    And Romney, taking a cue from Obama’s 2008 triumph, will do all he can to avoid any SPECIFIC iterations of SPECIFIC plans for his administration. I mean, the “Hopey-Changey” thing and several score thousand fraudulent votes got Obama the job, right.

    But Romney will be wrong if he goes that route: The Tea Partiers are not in the mood for more of that crap and, because they have nowhere else to go at the top of the ticket, will vote for him. With luck, they’ll also send enough REAL frictionless (that’s shorthand for BALL BEARING) conservatives/libertarian (small “l”) types to the Hill to jerk his chain if he strays too far off the reservation once ensconced at 1600.

    Under “Glad You Asked”:
    Great stuff as usual.
    #1 & 2: At the time the newly hatched United Nations was panhandling for a site to construct its modern Tower of Babel, the Rockefeller family (gee, what other organizations has THAT gang spawned?) stepped forward and
    DONATED $8.6 million to purchase the property at Turtle Bay on the East River.

    It is believed by a number of historians to be the very site where, on September 22, 1776, 21 year-old American patriot Captain Nathan Hale was hanged by the Brits after declaring “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

    Do you, like me, suppose that to be an in-your-face flight of sick cabalistic humor to site the organization at the center of the destruction of the American national sovereignty for which Hale fought and gave his life near where he was hanged?


    In the 70s, a number of us regularly sallied forth with large “GET THE US OUT OF THE UN AND THE UN OUT OF THE US” signs and installed them in easily seen locations near roads in northern Georgia. In my now less frequent travels around the area, a little Chrissy Mathews-like thrill goes up my leg when I spot one of those now slightly faded reminders of our efforts to awaken those around us to the threat to our sovereignty that gang of turd world criminals represents yet today.

    #4: File this under “No Foul Deed Goes Unrewarded.” It’s not only time to cut the salaries and perks of these new “nobles” (the Constitution forbids), it’s time to HALT THE PENSIONS AND RETIREMENT PERKS about which the average American can only dream. That Obozo — and his handmaidens and sycophants in Congress and the Executive — will wander off into the sunset with a lifetime of millions of tax slave bucks after the damage they have visited upon this country is an ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE!!! THAT’S GOTTA STOP. (Sorry for the shouting but this one got on my last nerve.)

    #5: I was privileged to have served on the National Board of Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS) for a number of years. I also wrote and published the local CATS newsletter. For those who don’t remember, CATS was the forerunner of the current Fair Tax organization. Guys like Vic Krohn, Glenn Wahlquist, Neal White…I’m sure I’ve forgotten many of these good folks who, at great personal and financial sacrifice, led the charge to rid us of the thoroughly Marxist income tax and the increasingly Gestapo-like IRS. Even Economist Steve Moore, who was then with CATO and now with the WSJ, joined us for several meetings in Manassas where CATS was based. I was there when Steve dropped 500 bucks into the hat. As a manifestation of how strong is the pressure to keep the current system of command and control in place, Steve has since embraced other plans, feeling that the Fair Tax cannot be implemented at this time. I think he’s wrong, as the sentiment is moving in the direction of more freedom, not less. Of course, we’ll know more about that come November, won’t we?

    Sorry for consuming all that bandwidth but what else is there for an old fart such as moi to do of a morning but to sit at this computer, listen to Beethoven and vent?

    Thanks for the opportunity to do so.

    Keep a stiff upper lip – especially while shaving!

  • Frank Champagne Says:

    Wow! An echo! For once, someone I agree with completely. 🙂 after 44 years writing and being otherwise politically engaged it is nice to feel less alone. In 1994 , I published my idea for a new tax structure, Cancel April 15th. It was largely ignored, but did call for a simple and absolute NST. Sadly, I doubt it will ever come about. Too many vested interests and billions of dollars are tied into the existing corrupt system. To undo it would truly take a revolution. Too many Americans are now convinced that this is the only system possible, especially since they don’t even pay into it!
    Anyway, nice to make your acquaintance

  • David Klepinger Says:


    If Romney is smart, and IF the GOP allows him to do so, he will pick Col. Allen West as his VP running mate. But I’m not holding my breath because West doesn’t tow the line with the establishment, and this year, the establishment is calling the shots. So I maintain that a Romney win is still a 50/50 prospect. I will make one prediction, however, and that is if Romney does win, there will be riots across the country that make the Rodney King riots pale in comparison. Win or lose, it ain’t gonna be pretty.


  • John Says:

    Yay!! It is always a big disucssion and decission when elections come around. Well, try to vote for NO INCUMBENTS and see what would happen. Can’t be any worse than now. After all, the politicians are after your vote; but when they get it, do they represent you or themselves? 🙁

    Remember, everyone in this country can vote for 1 of 435 congressmen and only 2 of100 senators; but only one chance to vote for a President. Today, the President knows when elected, they only get two terms, so its to their advantage to try and make folks happy the first time; but the second time they don’t have to please any one cause they can’t get reelected. Does that mean anything in the election?

    Yes on tax elimination to a 10%. I heard of a large rancher who recently donated some land for over a million dollar Tax right-off. However, he put the wrong info on a form and the IRS refused to allow the deduction. Unfortunately, he now has to fight it in the court system. Let’s elimanate this type of B.S.

    Why reelect a President who has done nothing for us, and the congress who cannot vote for the people. Remember, America said NO to Obamacare, but our representatives did not yeild to America, their electors, but did what the President wants; and now, no one wants it. What the hell is going on here with this Presidency!!

    As for Obama getting Osama, He just says Yes as the military leader, but if you read back, other Presidents had a chance but Osama moved before they could get to him. This time Osama was just staying put and easy to get too by all accounts, and right in the country we are supporting!!

    Predictions, noone should be negative to this type of action, after all, it is a legal word and in the dictionary; and it part of Constitutional Amendment 1. Just shows the ignorance people would rather not deal with than be concerned with and find out why such predictions are made.

    And as for emails going to your email. I would suggest that they become a public email and be published here and see what happens!!

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    My sincere apologies to friend and one of the fathers of the NRST concept, Mr. Frank Champagne. Mea culpa, Frank, mea culpa.

    And, Larry, Frank is out there on the Left Coast with ya’, northern division. Good man to know.

  • Doc dolan Says:


    We all know what needs to be done.

    The $64,000.00 question (dating myself here) is do Americans have ‘the stones’ to do it?

    One way or another the rampant, uneeded, wasteful, egregious spending has to STOP! The Welfare State we exist in right now, CANNOT survive! When this finally happens (and the checks stop coming) are we willing to deal with the massive rioting, and civil unrest, that most assuredly will result? Utilizing the force needed, to counter the force that we KNOW will be used to keep the status quo?

    People, know this … It is not a matter of HOW spending is stopped, because it will stop. It has to! Either by executive order (edict), votes, or simply by running out of money, and not being able to borrow any more – IT WILL STOP!

    Are there enough people out there who will still believe the system we have now actually works, and will try to vote the free-wheeling spending out of existance? Removing so many of the things that are going to bankrupt this country, and all of the cities and states. Putting people in office who WILL stop it, no matter what happens.

    OR, is it time to stop trying to dilute the bathwater until it is again almost nice to use once more, or time to just dump it out, clean the tub, and fill it again with fresh, clean water?

    Massive and far reaching, serious changes MUST be made, and made NOW, if we are to survive as a nation. Many are listed above, I won’t waste your time reiterating them all.

    The answers lie within each person who really cares whether or not America, as founded, knuckles down, does what needs to be done, and survives.

    Our ship of state is WAY off course, and must be steered back onto the right tack, or surely it will founder and sink.

    Either way, Ballots, or Bullets – Obama was correct … CHANGE IS COMING!

    It is unavoidable!

    I really wish, and hope, that it will be done with Ballots! It took Bullets, and many lives once … it just might take them again. Sad, but true.

    Decide NOW America … times a wastin’.

    Doc is off his soapbox now.

    Bright Blessings on this beautiful weekend to all who venture here!

  • Naida J. Deitsch Says:


    As usual you are right on and say exactly what I have been saying for years. Get us out of the U.N., scrap the IRS and go for the sales tax, or 1% on all income no matter what it is for everyone with no exemptions, and all the other examples of fiscally conservatism that you mentioned. It is time the GOP stood up and took a stand on these issues if they are going to take over Congress and the White House.

    I sincerely hope you are right on your predictions, but I fear the corruption of the voting mechanism in this country now, and believe it will be out in full force during the election. The left will do anything to see that they stay in power, and to hell with the rest of the country. So sad.

    Thank you for all that you do with the newsletter and admire you for your task of trying to educate the public. I am trying to do the same thing with the NWBC, and I say it is like rolling a rock uphill!
    However, there is so much good in America, that we can’t let it go under, as I fear it will if we have another four years of the present administration. I try to adhere to your advice of staying positive and never give up.

    It makes me feel good to know there are people like you making an effort to keep citizens informed and stir them into action. Keep at it and don’t let the whiners irritate you.


  • Matt McBeath Says:

    I agree with many of your contentions here but don’t understand one. You say Obama got elected on empty promises and lies. Yet you also say that Romney hasn’t taken a concrete stand on anything. Romney flip flops on his agenda worse than Kerry did. He has no substance at all. In addition, his biggest supporters only represent the intererest of the wealthiest Americans and large corporate interests. How is Romney better than Obama in this regard? How can such a privileged, insulated, background better serve us? I support neither with great confidence…but still take a big gulp and lean toward Obama if for no other reason…than he has taken a stand on some issues, disclosed his personal economic details, and apparently does not dodge taxes by hiding wealth in foreign countries… that we can discover so far…I can’t say the same for Romney.

  • Lou Novak Says:

    Bob, YOU bought shares of Santander Bank?!!! Facebook face-plant?
    Larry, I admire your courage to make predictions and face the the fireing squad when 1:10 is wrong. At least you get the rest of us strategically thinking and watching events more carefully.