No. 133 – June 23, 2012


When I was a child I was told not to lie.  It was a basic tenet that most children were held to – or else they would get their asses spanked.

Through the years, things have changed – and so have the rules that Americans – for the most part – now survive by.

Nowadays, lying is an accepted standard of communication.  Everybody does it.  It is no big thing – until it becomes a sickness.

America is now immersed in the sickness of lying – and once the liar is caught – he lies some more.

I witness this all the time.  I go shopping and ask a clerk where a product is.  They give me specific directions, look like they are well-informed, pointing to a certain location – and smile.  I go to the designated area – and nothing.

I ask my mechanic what the problem is with my car, he explains what the trouble is and fixes it.  The problem is still there.

My AT&T provider told me my monthly bill would be a certain amount.  Every month it went up.  I called and complained.  They promised to fix it.  The bill kept going up.  I cancelled and went with Comcast.  Now Comcast is doing the same thing.  And the reception is even worse than AT&T.

My grandkids, as much as I love them, are prone to lying – and then denying that they are lying.

Our representatives are liars.

But one person that strikes me as pathological in his lies is President Obama.  I realize this is NOT news.  Until you start to dig deeper into this national malaise – and then you begin to see how dangerous this can actually be.

Please remember the old dictum:

“If a lie is told often enough, people will start to believe it.”

The problem is, those who lie don’t like to call others on the carpet for lying – for fear of being exposed as a hypocrite themselves.  So, in essence, they let the lie go – and it soon becomes the truth.

President Obama has now lied to such an extent, that many people are starting to applaud everything he says.

The danger, at least as far as I am concerned, has never been with Obama himself.  What frightens me to the core are the people who voted for him in the first place.

Obama lied so much, during his first presidential campaign, that it was OBVIOUS to me he was lying.  He simply made too many promises – that NOBODY could ever keep.

But so many people nowadays love a “good liar” and are willing to vote that person into office on nothing more than a plethora of GOOD LIES.

Check out television – and you can see my point in glaring reality.  All the shows have their stars making up story after story – lie after lie – and getting applause and laughter for doing so.

But this kind of constant lying rubs off on people – especially the young – and naive.  To put it bluntly – the dumb and stupid.

Yet, these are the very same people that James Madison was so afraid of when he questioned the concept of “bully democracy” in which the majority of voters could override the rights of the minority voters.

If the public is dumbed down enough to believe the lies, and if the lies are told often enough – then the liars are going to eventually win.  What follows has no bearing on the matter – because gaining power was the main goal in, and of, itself.

I hope I am not getting too “deep” with this observation.


To prove my point, here is a little test for you to try out on your friends or acquaintances.

Ask them a question, that they obviously don’t know the answer to, and then mentally record their reaction.

If they don’t know the answer they will NOT say, “I don’t know.”

For example if you ask, do you know who Octavio Paz was, they will say the following:

“That name sounds familiar.”

Of course, this is a lie.  But admitting you don’t know has such a stigma attached to it nowadays, that EVERYONE lies to simply save face.

Another favorite response is:

Do you know what time the meeting starts tomorrow?

“As far as I know . . .”

Both of these, near universal responses, are a face-saving method, so as to not look dumb.  But, if you know how to read these types of remarks, you can spot a liar a mile away.

Another favorite is:

Were you able to get that report done on time?

“I have just been so busy recently . . .”

This again, is a face-saving lie.

When a person has to tell you something that you don’t want to hear, or has a “no” meaning attached to it, they always begin with:

“Unfortunately . . .”

So goes the art of telling a lie so much, that nobody knows what is going on anymore.

And that leads us to the IRS being so convoluted as to be incomprehensible.

Obamacare is so full of lies and contradictions – that it is taking the Supreme Court MONTHS to figure out what everybody is saying.

Eric Holder is so full of lies that even HE does not know when he is lying.

Which leads us back to President Barack Obama.

In essence, his whole life is a lie – but HE actually believes it all to be true.

This, in a nutshell, is the definition of a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

And that is my point of this newsletter.

Everywhere Obama goes – he is spreading one lie after another.  But he lies SO WELL that people – the dumb, naive ones – WANT to believe him.

Thus, Obama has managed a HUGE power grab (votes) by invoking Presidential authority to grant certain illegals the right to remain in America – on a temporary basis.

The key word here is temporary.

Does this mean until after the election?  Who knows?  I certainly don’t.

But those who are affected by this move – will certainly VOTE for Obama – in HOPES of gaining something in return, at a later date.

Don’t be too surprised if this is deemed unconstitutional – after the ELECTION.


As hard as it is to believe – this little chestnut is being trotted out again – and the dumb people who voted for Obama the first time around are STILL believing it – and repeating the same mantra.

“If a lie is told long enough . . . ”

It seems to me that this lie has been told for a VERY long time.  Maybe six months was appropriate.  A year? Perhaps, that is OK, too.  But almost FOUR YEARS into Obama’s presidency?  That is crazy.

But a MAJORITY of people still believe it – and that is the danger of pervasive lying.  It could be the doom of WE THE PEOPLE – before we even realize it.

It all boils down to the lack of courage to just say, “That is a lie.”

How about, “You are lying.”

Or, my favorite one, “You are fucking lying out your ass.”

When was the last time you EVER heard someone say that – let alone PRINT it in a publication?

The cowards say, “You are F-ing lying out you behind.”

What the fuck is “F-ing” anyway?

If this is not hypocritical then I do not know the meaning of the word.

Remember, the Soprano’s on TV?  Everyone other word was “Fuck” and everybody laughed.  Rush Limbaugh laughed.  Bill O’Reilly laughed.  Aunt Maud laughed.

But if Larry Klepinger says the word “Fuck” everyone is aghast.  Oh, no.  He said the “F” word!

How hypocritical.

What a consummate LIE.

Joe Wilson was right.  Obama is a pathological liar.  Congressman Wilson called him out on the floor of Congress – in a joint session – as the “President” was speaking.

And what happened?  He was censured by BOTH parties.

For telling the TRUTH!

“If you want to piss people off, tell them the truth.”  Colin Powell


That, my friends, is the million dollar question.

Joe Biden has disappeared.  When was the last time you have seen him in public?  When was the last time he has been made fun of on the “late night” circuit?

Everyone is talking about an OCTOBER SURPRISE.

I predicted that gas prices would be in the low $3 range before November.  This is coming true as I write.  It could possibly even get under the $3 mark.  I predicted this almost a year ago – when prices were ticking up over FOUR dollars.  And I took a lot of heat from people who, for the most part, can’t see beyond their noses, for making such a prediction.  They were saying the price would go to $6 – and I was stupid for not seeing this.

No, gas prices being down is not the October surprise.

The October surprise will be Obama, tossing Joe Biden, for someone else.  He will do this during the Democratic convention in North Carolina, if not before.

Hillary Clinton would be the logical choice.  Obama would firm up his ticket with Hillary there, “standing by her man.”

Joe Biden would say he decided to “spend more time with his family” – another standard lie – and that would be the end of him.

Or Biden could employ the old ruse of a “pending health problem” and “for the good of the country” step aside for someone else.

And if Biden balked at the suggestion that he step aside – then I am sure he can be fitted with a new pair of cement boots.  After all, that is the “Chicago way” of doing things.

This one move would propel Obama to a second term – in a landslide.

And it would set up Hillary – and Bill – for a run in 2016.

And who would Hillary’s running mate be?  How about Bill Clinton?

He would be eligible.  The Constitution prevents him from serving more than two terms – as PRESIDENT.  It says nothing about serving as VICE PRESIDENT.

But, then again, by that time, the United States Constitution may just be a thing of the past, a footnote in history of a once proud REPUBLIC, finally gone mad.

Take care, and the next time you hear somebody obviously lying, call them on it.

I dare you.

Lawrence Klepinger



There could be trouble brewing in Panama.

“It was revealed on the afternoon of June 23 that Ricardo Martinelli has petitioned the Supreme Court to remove the entire Electoral Tribunal, which of course would allow him to appoint all the replacements and control the elections in such a way as his party, which has about 15 percent public support in the wake of repeated scandals — including one in which he has been identified by Italian prosecutors as having taken bribes — can steal the next elections. Public response is likely to be impatient, angry and disruptive.”

SOURCE:  Eric Jackson, for The Panama News

If this proves to be correct, President Obama is going to be put in a very precarious position, in that, he will be forced to back President Martinelli, or risk disrupting the steady flow of cargo through the Panama Canal.

I have not been able to verify this information, but Eric Jackson has been very reliable in the past with his observations and reporting with respect to Panama.

This could be a very dangerous situation if it is allowed to get out of hand.

I will try to keep you all informed.


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13 Responses to “No. 133 – June 23, 2012”

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Human nature is by and large a product of the society in which we are raised. As an example, how could the Japanese commit such atrocities during WW2? Are they actually a subhuman species as suggested during that time, or were they just turned into that category by being raised on the code of Bushido for generations?

    Americans for several generations have been raised on the code of Free Handouts. So why would you not expect some dumbed down ignorant ‘citizen’ to buy (and vote) into Obama’s BS lies? The scary part here is that these people are fast becoming the majority in this country.

    ‘…….what a tangled web we weave – once we practice to deceive‘ No quote defines American politics better.

    It takes some brains (and guts) to work yourself though the web that has been spun around America for so many years. And its even harder if you’ve been collecting a government check all your life. The majority of people take the easy way out, and just cash the check. Maybe we should all just ride the horse until it drops. Short of starting all over, I can’t think of anything else that may work.

    No surprise in Panama. When you have that many bananas left (kudos here to Jimmy Carter) the republics can’t be far behind.

    We in America have more pressing issues to worry about than the Panama Canal. Such as federal regulation of boxing – a bill just jointly introduced by John McCain and Harry Reid.

    And just when I thought that the Republicans were the answer to all our problems.


  • Eric Jackson Says:

    About five hours after announcing his move to take over the Electoral Tribunal, Martinelli backed down, sort of. He said that on Monday he will talk to Cambio Democratico party leaders about withdrawing the case — as if he is not the only leader of consequence in that party.

    The interesting question, the answer to which I don’t know, is whether someone read Martinelli the riot act and if so who it was. I suspect that the National Police senior officers or the American Embassy may have warned him, but I can’t say that I know this. And it’s not clear that the firestorm of criticism that he set off today is over.

    One telling thing is that not a single cabinet member, and not a single Cambio Democratico elected official, made a statement in support of Martinelli’s move against the Electoral Tribunal. Which is another reason why I think that this is not over.

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    I’m tempted to offer a single word response to your comments, that being “YUP!”
    But as I have a cherished reputation as verbose, loquacious and run-off-at-the-mouth to protect, I shall — con su permiso — go on a bit.

    Colin Powell, who, so far as I know, STILL supports the Prevaricator-n-Thief almost certainly on the basis of epidural pigmentation, was simply paraphrasing H.L.Mencken’s wisdom concerning liars.

    It was the sage of Baltimore (too bad he wasn’t around to mentor Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi) who correctly offered that ““The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

    Larry, I believe we’ve discovered why you have no friends.

    And I sincerely hope the thing in Panama sorts itself out for reasons we need not share with the world. 🙂

    Keep smiling: When the authorities come to scoop us all up for that one-way trip to Camp Obama, perhaps we can plead insanity.

  • John Says:

    The comment about to tell them the truth and they will think you are lying. I know that first hand. As President of a little league program, we had weekly meeting with a full room of participating parents. I had many doubters. However, I would always speak the truth and the straight and narrow line of things. I was told once I was the pot calling the “kettle” black (kettle meaning the members). However, they soon learned that what I said was the truth and it was hard to deal with me at times. However, after spending 6 years as the President, they gave me a big party with the theme of a roast.

    I guess people don’t even notice how Obama is using the Presidency for his own good to get reelected. Think about that one folks.

    I just recently read he was giving gift to college students so they could help pay for college. Yep, there goes the college vote as you predicted Lawrence!

    Lairs are a common way of operating or in some cases just a little B.S. which is a “white Lie”. Where did that term come from?

    Maybe we should try saying, the other candidate has some issues, but look at what is happening with the current administration and do we want that to do on for four years; or should we take the other issued that will stop current activities and deal with the next four years.

    Also, if you prediction of Hillary becoming VP, that’s just the way of setting of for what is to happen 4 years from now. Smart Move, but can she win?

    Who is really running this country and what are they doing for us, the Americans?

  • Brian Springer Says:

    So everyone is a lyer? Including you? What was the purpose of this rant anyway?

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hmmm. You may have a valid point in general, but your argument is undermined by citing four examples of lies, none of which are necessarily lies. Which means, er… You’re lying.

    Btw, I often write f-ing instead of fucking in electronic media, because there’s a risk of its being flagged and deleted otherwise. I think tha’s why most people do that.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Another BTW, didn’t some Congressman publicly accuse Obama of lying (Mr President: you lie!), and he ended virtually disembowelled for lese-majeste? I forget the details.

  • David Klepinger Says:

    I don’t think there is any question that Obama’s lying is pathological. In fact, this article will surprise a lot of people by reminding them of how many sociopathic tendencies Obama actually has.

    Sociopath Tendencies – Pathological Lying:

    Also, take a look at the Profile of the Sociopath:

    You’ll be amazed at how many times you can say, “Yep, that’s Obama.”

  • BILLY JOE Says:

    Yes Larry please continue to keep us informed not just about Panama but about Obama-Biden and our country. We see him/them as continuing and successful liars and him ruling by “Executive Privilege” and other forms of “Presidential Authority.

    This has helped him to be a very successful campaigner. What can and will it take for the American people the voters/electorate to see and understand this?

    So thanks again Larry for continuing to keep us informed and trying to keep us positive

  • Tom Says:

    Here is the most versatile and most useful new word that I have run across this century:

    Definition: PATHOCRACY (n). A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people.

    Try it. Regardless of what it is about “our” federal government in general and especially the “administration” of Czar Cipher in particular, the word fits easily without having to be hammered into place.

    Then, of course, a partnership of pathocrats and kleptocrats can fit and function smoothly together symbiotically to produce the largest and most lucrative legalized criminal enterprise that has ever existed.

  • David Welden Says:

    The biggest and most consistent flow of lies come from the media. Of course, oftentimes they are simply repeating what the White House Press office has told them. A great example has been “The Arab Spring” and now, the Syrian situation.

    Sorting out the lies to determine the truth has become an artform.

  • John Says:

    Here is a high school poll in California.
    2012 Election Poll
    Poll Results:
    Who will you be voting for this year?
    President Obama 53.5%
    Mitt Romney 43.6%
    Other 2.9%
    Poll was completed 16292 times.

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    “History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
    ― Napoleon Bonaparte