No. 103 – August 31, 2011


I have noticed recently how so many people are genuinely worried that President Obama could lead America into oblivion.

Time after time, when I have conversations with friends, they are overly negative in their attitudes and assumptions about their own future – not to mention their dire predictions with regard to America.

I feel it is time to put some of this negative rhetoric into some sort of perspective.

In the beginning, our Founding Fathers did a remarkable job of designing a Constitution that has survived for over two centuries – and is still going strong.

The American Constitution is the longest surviving rule of Democratic Law in the World.

We can go into whether America is a “Democracy” or a “Republic” – the latter of which is the case – at some other time.

What I am trying to do now is show a different side of thinking that seems to be extremely lacking in today’s American Psyche:  That of Positive Thinking.

Consider some of the following:

America – with all its flaws in the original Constitution, regarding American Indians, Americans of African Ancestry, women and the working classes who did not own land – has endured to this day.

All of the above problems were worked through – and the Constitution has been amended 27 times – to correct these earlier injustices.

In the interim, America endured:

The American Revolution – in which all odds were that the “Experiment” would fail

The War of 1812 – in which all odds were that America would lose

The Civil War from 1861 – 1865 – where all odds in Europe betting houses that America would collapse

The Depression of 1908 – in which America was supposed to completely fail

The First World War of 1914-1918 (American involvement from 1917) – in which America was unprepared for, and was predicted to lose

The Great Depression – in which America was touted as a total failure

The Second World War of 1939 – 1945 (American involvement from 1941) – in which America was unprepared for, and was predicted to lose

The Korean War

The Cold War

The Cuban Missile Crisis – the brink of Nuclear War

The Vietnam War


The collapse of the USSR

The Middle East Wars

The Economic Crisis of 2008 – the brink of Worldwide Economic Catastrophe

And now, our impending fall into a Double-dip Recession and even possible Second Depression

America has pulled through all of these times of crisis – and has not only survived, but thrived.

We are the strongest nation on the face of this Earth – and will continue to be so – long after I am dead and gone.

THAT is America.

But, consider some other points, too.

In drafting our Constitution – upon which most other Democracies have used as a model to draft their own countries’ constitutions – our Founding Fathers made it possible that ONE MAN could never bring down this great Nation.

This is not the case in most other countries.

Within the last 400 years, Europe – in all of its enlightenment – has bestowed upon the World the likes of:

Oliver Cromwell of England

The London Tower – and the DAILY beheadings of political rivals

Napoleon of France – Dictator for Life  – and his ruthless conquerings, until he was defeated at Waterloo

The French Revolution – in which daily beheadings were a way of life – at which fine wine and food was served to the spectators frolicking in the streets

Lenin and Stalin of Russia – and the MILLIONS that they killed in the name of Communism

Adolph Hitler of Germany – the leader of the “most advanced” country in Europe – and the murderer of MILLIONS of people in World War Two

Mussolini – and his maniacal dictatorship of one of the most progressive European countries – that gave the World some of its most treasured artifacts known to man

Then we have Mao of China – and his relentless murder of MILLIONS of his own Chinese citizens

Pol Pot of Cambodia- and the Killing Fields

And then we have Africa and the Middle East – along with Central and South America – their petty thieves, murderers, dictators, rapists and common thugs – pretending to be leaders of their people.

I ask all readers, how does America stack up against this?

America gave the World, a workable Constitution that has withstood the multiple tests of time

America gave the World Abraham Lincoln – and the Gettysburg Address

America gave the World a second chance at freedom in World War I – a European War

America gave the World a third chance at freedom in World War II – a European War/Asian War

America gave the World a bailout of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars to help rebuild the World – most of which, has NEVER been paid back.

America, with its Statue of Liberty – Welcomed, and STILL Welcomes, LEGAL ALIENS – to come and live, work and prosper – like no other country has ever done – in the history of the World.

And I am supposed to be pessimistic?

Am I supposed to feel depressed, disgusted, and defeated?

Am I supposed to apologize?

Hell no.

I, for one, say to hell with all the negative thinkers.  We have nothing to be sad about.  We have only to be happy, proud and positive thinking in our attitude toward the future.

“We will overcome.”

The Strength of America is like no other county in the world.

I still remember my students in Japan and China when they spoke of going to America.  Their eyes glistened with dreams – THE AMERICAN DREAM.

There is NO OTHER COUNTRY that can lay claim to an INTERNATIONAL DREAM – such as the American Dream.

“I have a dream.”

When Martin Luther King said these words, he was talking about America.  But he was also talking about the hope that America GIVES TO THE WORLD.

Freedom is not a black and white concept.  There are no colors when talking about human dignity.

All mankind has an innate desire to be free, to live their lives according to their own free-will, as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of other people.

Our Founding Fathers saw fit to design a Constitution – and a Free Republic – that could NEVER be ruled – or ruined – by one man.

And THIS is one of the strongest points about America.

WE THE PEOPLE hold the ultimate reins of power.

Of course, I realize the cynicism that this kind of talk generates.

I have had to suffer derision from those who do not believe in this view – for the better part of my life.  I find it somewhat ironic that the people who disparage America in such vehement tones have never actually survived outside of the United States for any length of time.

But those who were born in other countries – and then traveled to these Great Shores – will testify as to what I am saying as the Truth, the Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth, so help me GOD.

We, as “natural born Americans” are so damn spoiled, so damn fat and so damn dumb – that all we know how to do anymore is bitch, moan and complain.

We take for granted the light switch on the wall.  Two-thirds of homes in the world do not have electricity.

We turn on the faucet and out comes pure, clean water – automatically.  And we have HOT water, to boot.

Three-quarters of the world’s population does not have potable water.  To this day, 300 Million people in China do not have water that is fit for human consumption.  That is approximately the entire population of America.

Yet, we continue to complain, to throw fits, and pout at our position in life.

We go to our refrigerator, open the doors – and presto – it is filled with food.  It even has a light.  And it is run by an ABUNDANCE of electricity.

Imagine, living in a country like the United States of America, and hearing a child say, “I am NOT hungry.” 

Hearing this one sentence, would bring tears to the eyes of destitute mothers and fathers around the Globe.

Yet, we, as FAT, STUPID and UNGRATEFUL Americans continue to bitch, moan and complain.

How lucky we are to simply be free.

When was the last time you have thanked God for being born in America?


I must apologize, for I have made reference to this before, but I have learned from very well-informed people, that there is a real political storm brewing – and the Obama White House is doing everything within its power to IGNORE it.

The Mass Media has not ONCE even dared to pose the question – for fear of unmitigated retaliation from a mortally wounded Obama Administration.

Will Hillary finally run?

My answer, as I wrote and predicted months ago, is that she will.

While everybody is going nuts over the “bad blood’ between Perry and Romney – Hillary, along with Bill, and their minions – are quietly assembling a very formidable group to set Hillary Clinton up to challenge President Barack Obama.

And if that actually happens – it will cause turmoil throughout the WORLD.

For the last two years she has been serving with “quiet dignity” as Secretary of State, and has done a remarkable job.

It was Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta who persuaded a reluctant Obama to go “all in” to get Osama bin Laden.  The President did not want to commit to such an action – for fear of “upsetting the Muslim world.”

These are words from people I hold in very high esteem – and who have been streaming a lot of information to me, ever since I ran for Congress back in 2004.  They continue to keep me informed, of which I am eternally grateful.

They have also told me that Hillary is waiting for the right moment, according to opinion polls, in which she can make a graceful entrance to challenge the President.  This is a “very ticklish situation” and if handled correctly, could be the political coup of the 21st Century.

One friend went on to say that, “If she blows it, then all hell could break lose.  The Chicago Boys don’t like to be double-crossed.”

It seems that if Hillary could wrest the Democratic nomination away from a sitting president, then this would show “enormous courage in the eyes of a majority of Americans and she would be swept into office in a LANDSLIDE.”

As stated earlier, I already predicted that this would happen in a previous newsletter.  But now it seems that it is actually being put into motion.  If it comes to fruition is still anybody’s guess.

Imagine what this would mean for the Democratic party.  They would be the party to have elected, not only the first BLACK man to be President, but also the first Woman to be President of the United States, as well.

The Democrats have been looking for something like this for over 100 years – to directly counter the oft-repeated phrased that, “The Republicans are the party of Lincoln.”  They have been sorely disappointed with Obama – and Hillary just might be the remedy to that dilemma.

I have also been told that the GOP is “shitting their pants” that if she really does enter the race, then they have “no one of Hillary Clinton’s stature that could beat her.”

Sorry for the rough words, but that was a direct quote.

The meaning here is very clear.

As the GOP stands now, they still only have a 50/50 chance of beating Obama – with the present cast of characters.  This, even after all the screw ups that this present administration has made, does not bode well if Hillary enters the fray.

If the Republicans don’t get a candidate that can bring in those voters who would otherwise vote for Hillary Clinton – then it is all over but for popping the corks.

I have spoken to many people who have said, “I’d vote for anybody but Obama.”  And many times that is directly from people who voted for him the first time around.

Yet, I have also heard a lot of Conservatives venture the same opinion.

However, the GOP still has NOT put forth a candidate that can beat Obama convincingly.

If Hillary Clinton was actually on the ticket, I would venture a guess that most – if not all the people who voted for Obama – would gladly vote for her this time around.

I remember seeing something James Carville, at a Democratic fundraiser posted on the Internet a few months back, saying something that was funny – yet very much to the point – and I quote:

“If Hillary Clinton would give Barack Obama one of her balls – then they would both have TWO.”

It would be menacingly ironic, if the next President of the United States of America were a female – with BALLS.

Don’t think it can’t happen.

Best wishes to all.

Keep thinking positive and remember – Hope for Change in 2012.

Lawrence Klepinger


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7 Responses to “No. 103 – August 31, 2011”

  • Doc Says:

    Frighteningly Larry … you could be very right about this!

  • Kathy Says:

    Not only do you think positive about America, but so does God! The following are three postings by Dr. Stephen E. Jones which summarize his years of research concerning America in prophecy. We happened to be at the 8/20/2011 meeting he mentioned and remember who he was although we did not meet him. Someone at that meeting emailed me the following. It happens we have done years of heavy research into this subject and did not find anything in error. All in all, more than very interesting whether you are a christian or not…

    8/23/2011 – Part 1 –

    8/24/2011 – Part 2 –

    8/25/2011 – Part 3 –

    On the note of Hillary, we have been anticipating that for quite a long time! It will be a shocker if it goes any other way. Corporate America’s days are numbered, as the corruption and debt load will cause the collapse. Thank God the Republic has been reinhabited (as briefly discussed in Part 1 above) peacefully, lawfully and legally under the Constitution to stand when all the imposters fall… Many forces are against us, but We The People will prevail!!

  • Brian Springer Says:

    WOW something positive for a change. All I hear from the right is gloom and doom and disaster if. Can we finally begin to focus on solutions and not just posturing and complaining?

  • Myrna Stone Says:

    Thought provoking!!
    Myrna Stone

  • Kathy Says:

    I just read this disclaimer on the Republic website and thought I should post this as I had already mentioned these items in the post above:

    Republic for the united States of America Disclaimer:
    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Republic. Below is a copy of the writings of Dr. Stephen E. Jones, of “God’s Kingdom Ministries”. The article, titled ‘The Republic of Israel’, is in three parts, is Biblically based and well written. You need to know that none of the leaders of the Republic contributed in any way to the article nor endorse it as to accuracy in time lines or content. Some may not agree with its findings but probably will agree it is thought provoking. We do not wish to host calls about the article nor break it down as to each detail. The work speaks for itself. We believed it would be circulated among the Republic members…some of you have already seen it…therefore we are posting it here to allow you to make your own decisions concerning its content. If you pass this on to others, please include this ‘disclaimer’.

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    Larry, I wish I were as sanguine as thou on the subject of our ability to surmount the current maladministration and all its manifestations as they ripple out into the culture but, alas, I am not.

    Sadly, the Americans who performed the litany of heroic, sacrificial and benefitial acts you enumerated are no longer with us. And, thanks to the increased level of progressive bravo sierra forced on the youth of this country during the past 50 years, it’s unlikely the patriotism of those men and women who went before will survive the brain-washing.

    You may recall my recent email about a meeting I had with my congressional representative a few years ago during which he told me something I had know was coming for several decades. He remarked that we were drawing dangerously close to the tipping point where 50%+ of the voting age adults in the country were partially or fully on some form of government assistance or welfare.
    When that line was crossed, things could go downhill very quickly.

    He voluntarily gave up his congressional seat in 2010 (but his top staffer got his old job and, so far, all is not lost). I can’t be certain, but I suspect he saw the election of Obama as the signal that the slide had begun and he wanted to spend his remaining years enjoying his family BEFORE the bottom completely dropped out.
    The election of all those Tea Party folks has, however, given us some hope that he was wrong. My jury will remain out until November, 2012.

    I’ll close by saying that a recent survey revealed that 51% of those polled believe that a civil war is possible here within the next 10 years. I pray that is wrong.

    Having said that, if members of, for example, the Congressional Black Caucus continue to make speechs of the sort we have recently heard from Maxine Waters and others, there won’t be a civil war. It will be a conflict of the worst sort that would shed more innocent blood than that of the actual combatants: It could easily become a race war.

    God help us if it comes to that as I believe that’s precisely what Obama wants. It would complete the destructive work he has begun and tear this nation apart.

    I will, however, keep thinking positive thoughts.

    I’ll also keep my powder dry.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry,

    The Tea Party needs to become a political reality. They should hold their own convention and nominate a candidate. I would vote for whatever ticket they put together- even knowing that it could be (and most likely would be) a losing cause.


    The Republicans are not the answer. If a Republican is elected in 2012, we will ultimately be betrayed once again. And then in a few years we’ll elect another stinking Democrat.

    The only way we will win this country back is through a third party. If you don’t believe that, look at the sorry record of GB2 when the Republicans held all branches of government. What did they do to further the conservative cause while in office?

    Well, lots of rich people got richer- just like they have managed to do during the current administration – in spite of the recession. Hard to believe that Democrats have any money – I always thought they gave all their money to charity. But does anyone see a pattern here? Even after over 100 years of this crap?

    Maybe another 4 years of Obama is just what we need – to bring us down to the point where we have to either change the system as it exists or cease to survive.

    As gutless as this country has become, it could be that survival is no longer an option.

    I wonder if in the long run that could be a good thing.