No. 101 – August 15, 2011


After listening to the GOP Iowa debate – two times – I was amazed at how well the FOX News Network “went to bat” for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich – and almost completely ignored Herman Cain and especially Ron Paul.

As predicted in earlier newsletters, the GOP has already “designated” Mitt Romney as their “leader of choice.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, if this is the case – and it appears to be – then we, as Americans, had better prepare ourselves for another four years of Obama – and the Chicago Political Mafia.

If the GOP goes with Romney we are headed for disaster.

By the applause of the audience – and the constant reaction in a positive sense – that was HEARD for Ron Paul, and then to have him completely ignored by the “Republican Media” (FOX NEWS), has me smelling a HUGE rat.

Furthermore, the fact that NONE of the other candidates even hurled a speck of sand in the direction of Mitt Romney signals that the FIX IS IN.

Even though, Bachmann won the “straw poll” and Ron Paul came in a very close second place, that really does not matter.

All the debates are a set-up.  A total farce.

Ron Paul spoke in such simple – and truthful – terms, that he was almost frightening.  His stance on Iran is honesty to a fault.

The Military/Industrial Complex is AFRAID of Ron Paul.  If Iran DOES get the Bomb – then Iran would be watched like a hawk – and completely annihilated the moment it makes even a cursory move toward Israel.


Because the WHOLE WORLD would now KNOW that Iran has the Bomb.  There would be no reason to SUSPECT anything – like we did in Iraq.

The world would POSITIVELY KNOW Iran had nuclear weapons – and if they even looked cross-eyed at Israel – they would be wiped off the face of the earth.

Ron Paul said as much – if you read between the lines.

But if we keep our forces in the Middle East, continue building up pressure on Iran, and stirring up trouble throughout the Middle East (as my political mentor keeps saying) then the Military/Industrial Complex could not be happier.

Ron Paul is not good for the Military/Industrial Complex – and is therefore being completely shunned by the GOP.

Others seem to think that Ron Paul is an Isolationist.  Nothing could be further from reality.

He KNOWS that America is the leader of the world.  But he also realizes that we don’t belong in over 150 countries around the globe.  That is the approximate number of military operational “outposts” that we have at present.

And we are now engaged in at least FOUR wars.

Is it any wonder that our “infrastructure” is going to hell, our “public education system” the laughing stock of the world, and our REAL National Security now lower than it has been in 50 years?

Ron Paul is still, to his amazing credit, trying to wake up America.

The sad part about this whole scenario is – the American Public, in tow with the Government-controlled Media – keeps pushing the SNOOZE BUTTON.

Rick Perry is generating a lot of “hype” and is touted to be the “instant front-runner” in the GOP race.

But I hope the GOP, and its constant bowing to the Evangelical Element, does not – once again – get side-tracked, and in the process lose the combined support of Independent, Libertarian and Moderate voters – without which, Obama gets re-elected.


As predicted, in earlier newsletters, the Creep of Abortion and Gay Rights is slowly coming to the fore.

As happened before, the Evangelical Element (albeit ever so quietly this time) is creeping into the position of power.

Let me state – FOR THE RECORD:


Every “issue” in politics is a SOCIAL ISSUE.

The Economy – a social issue

The Unemployment Rate – a social issue

Our Borders – a social issue

National Security – a social issue

The Wars of America – a very definite social issue

I could go on, but you get the point.

The concept of “Social Issues” is a veiled attempt to group Abortion, Civil Unions, and Homosexual Rights into a “group” all their own.

This is another attempt by the Politically Correct Liberal Media to “lure” the Republican Party – and, believe me, the other night, during the debate, they ALL took that bait – hook, line and STINKER.

Why does not ONE candidate say exactly what I have just stated above?

ALL “issues” are social issues.

“If you don’t think for yourself – others will do your thinking for you.”

One of my favorite lines during my campaign in 2004, when I was constantly being asked by insipid Evangelicals, about Homosexual “Marriage” went something like this:

Evangelical:  “What’s your position on Homosexual Marriage.”

Me:  “I am against Homosexual Marriage.  But it is a personal choice, not a Governmental Decree.”

Evangelical: “And why is that?”

Me: “Because, for the Government to get to your bedroom – it first has to go though your LIVING ROOM.

That retort usually ended any further debate on the subject.

If the GOP is STUPID enough to get sucked into this debate again, then start chanting:


I warned everybody in 2004 what would happen.  No one listened.

And look where we are now.



You didn’t hear about this one, did you.

In a nutshell, if the “committee” that is being formed to decide on fiscal cuts for our Country by a certain specified time, November/December, doesn’t come forth with a plan, then 500 BILLION dollars will be arbitrarily cut from our Standard Military Forces – either through retirement benefits, medical benefits, or disability benefits being cut back.  Also, our Basic National Defense spending could be put into direct jeopardy.

I predict that the “committee” will get bogged down, no viable choices will be made – and then we have another fiscal crisis – which will, in turn, develop into a National Security Debate Crisis – by the end of this year.

The Democrats have ALWAYS wanted to cut our Military Capability.

America was totally unprepared for World War I, under Woodrow Wilson who, by the way, campaigned on the promise of, “Not one American Boy shall fight in any European War.”  In the ensuing war, thousands of American men died needlessly – because we were not prepared for war.

After victory in WWI was finally achieved, America downsized its Military and slipped into isolation.

Then came WWII, in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland – and only a short time after everybody was trying to appease Hitler.

Please remember, Hitler invaded Poland right on the heels of him signing a peace treaty with that country.

Then came WWII for America – Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

America was totally unprepared for war, again under FDR, a Democrat – and consequently lost every major battle on land and sea for the next 18 months – at the cost of thousands more American lives.

When America gets to November/December of this year, and an agreement IS NOT reached, then it will be time to cut our United States Military Defense Capability.

Please don’t confuse the traditional American Military with that of the Military/Industrial Complex. They are completely different animals.

Try to put this whole concept of continuous warfare into perspective.

WE, the greatest military power on the planet, has been at war in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban for 10 YEARS.

Yet, the Taliban has no Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.  How can that be?  The “war” should have been over long ago.

But, through cunning deception, the Military/Industrial Complex has been purposely prolonging the war – to keep the supplies and gadgetry flowing.  Simply put, prolonged continuous fighting benefits no one – except the Military/Industrial Complex – and their complicit politicians who sup at the trough of Lobbyist Campaign Donations.

THIS is precisely what General Eisenhower was always railing against during World War II.  And this is what he warned us against over 60 years ago.

Generals fight to WIN.  The Military/Industrial Complex fighst to PROLONG.  It is as simple as that.

Yet, we are now on the threshold of deeply cutting ALL our Military Defense Capabilities – just as China launches its first Aircraft Carrier, is building up both its ground, and Naval forces, while at the same time increasing the size of its Air Force.

As we piddle away valuable time, pretending to be solving our financial debt crisis, we are witnessing the unilateral disarmament of America, right before our eyes.

As stated in my last newsletter – the Democrats won the “debt debate” – NOT the Republicans.

And if nothing is done by the end of THIS year – then they will have won another victory – by finally getting their long-held desire to completely disarm this Country yet again – in the name of peace.

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving the peace.”

– George Washington –

History does not repeat itself – people do.

Until next time. Keep thinking positive.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger


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6 Responses to “No. 101 – August 15, 2011”

  • Steve Topper Says:

    Larry, thanks for another thought-provoking issue. As far as I’m concerned, the fix has been in for some time when it comes to presidential elections. We have a two-party system that refuses to let another party spoil things for them. And, when it comes to the presidential nominations, lately one party has the strong candidate while the other gets the weaker one. It’s as if they trade back and forth — ensuring that each party gets about equal time to lead and ruin things for the citizens. You can bet for 2012, the Republicans will field a weaker candidate — if that’s possible against the incumbent. I continue to vote but part of me feels like it’s an exercise in futility. It’s as if the industrial/military complex is ultimately pulling the strings while letting the citizens pretend that their votes count. Let’s not forget that Wall Street, the big banks, and the Federal Reserve are part of the industrial group of this evil cabal.

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Ron Paul has not a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected. The reasons for that are too obvious to state. Rick Perry will be our next president. The ONLY thing that matters in a presidential election anymore is money – and Perry is the only candidate that will be able to raise the funds necessary to beat our sitting Muslim. And it won’t matter how much he thumps on his Bible. Bama is done.

    You really should brush up on your war history a bit. America won some major battles in the Pacific within a year following Pearl Harbor – like the battle of Coral Sea, Guadalcanal, and Midway. In fact, 18 months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the war was already lost for the Nip’s – from that point on it was just a matter of time. You really have to love that name “Nip’s” – I wonder how many people know where it originated? Not too many, I would guess.

    The one thing I have always found fascinating about WWII is the Atlantic Charter, where Churchill and Rosie divided up spheres of postwar influence before Pearl Harbor even occurred. Makes you wonder a little bit, sometimes.

    Concerning World War I, we were rather a bit unprepared, in spite of all the long years of unrelenting attempts to draw us into it. Blame pacifists like Lindberg for that, I guess.

    But in all fairness to the American Expeditionary Force, they were well trained and well equipped before being sent over to France. To state that thousands died needlessly is a bit disingenuous.

    But after all, what isn’t anymore?


  • John Says:

    Fox News, I always hear you mention them. I’ve watched the other major networks and I don’t hear the same thing you do. Why?

    You talk about the military keeping activity going. How about the political powers keep things going becuase they are afraid to use the military the way they should!

    You state people repeat history, I heard that 50 years ago in school in history class. Who’s listening to what is said. Educational system needs fixing badly.

    Warren Buffett says we billionares should be paying thier fare of taxes. Yep, I agree, but the 10% plan sounds better all the time. Everyone pays as they spend and you eliminate a large govenment beauracy and many jobs that are just taking our money to help us know what form to use to put our figures on.

    And you mention the time we have been fighting the Taliban, why is our govenment taking so long? What politics play a role in fighting these wars. How does that affect military decisions. After all, the Taliban shot down a helicopter and we turned around with in a week and wiped them out. What the hell is really going on. Seems this Arab world is stirring a pot. After all, they don’t like the Israel and hate us for being their friend.

    But this fight between Arabs and Isreal has been going on for 1000’s of year and even before A.D. began.

    But yet again, you keep pointing out the policital, military, and affects they all are having on our country. Now the money is coming into play. Who cares, Who is listening, What will the American voters really do about it? Do they really care until it really affects them and in this case, it may be too late when the realize they need to do something.

    I agree with one comment I heard, print enough money to pay off the bills. Think about what positive affect this would have for America.

  • Andrea Says:

    I totally disagree with you about Ron Paul Larry. He has brought home to Texas as much pork as any other member of Congress. I think I already mentioned that he endorsed Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader, two whack-jobs, in 2008. His stance on Iran is completely skewed. The situation with Russia during the Cold War and the situation with Iran could not be more diverse. Ron Paul does NOT support Israel. I do. Most Americans do.
    The one thing about Mitt Romney, he DOES understand business and the economy.
    Rick Perry kisses Muslim *ss and he will never get my vote.
    If a politician’s lips are moving, you can bet he/she is lying. Note, I specified “politician”. Not all in D.C. are, i.e. Allen West.
    The intent is to disarm the citizens of America. If we have no weapons, we cannot resist. And they want to disarm America. And they are succeeding in implementing the plans that were birthed over 100 years ago, Democrats and Republicans alike who have one thing in common, they are cloaked in progressivism.

  • Kathy Says:

    Larry, yes the fix is in. It has been for a long, long time. Everything is fixed. The vote is fixed. Look up VoteScam. The whole, entire system is fixed.

    And we’re all playing the game, just the way They want us to. We all need to WAKE UP! And that is the last thing They want us to do.

    To understand exactly what has happened and what to do about it, visit

    This is all so much bigger than democrat vs. republican or liberal vs. conservative.

  • Kathy Says:

    To watch The Fix in action, go to Jon Stewart Bashes The Media Over Ron Paul at—corn-polled-edition—ron-paul—the-top-tier