No. 121 – March 16, 2012


Over the last four days I have received a number of emails and phone calls from people whom I highly respect.  I consider it an honor to be kept up to date by these individuals.  I have been questioned, in the past, as to my sources “veracity” and “authenticity” but I assure all readers that they are real.  Very real.

What’s ironic is, they all told me the same stories – albeit in varying degrees.  Their logic seemed to mesh, at least to my satisfaction, so here is what I got from the combined conversations.

As you all know, I am prone to making predictions – and taking a lot of heat from some readers for doing so.

About two years ago I wrote two articles relating to the vast amounts of corruption in Goldman Sachs with its ties into Big Government and its involvement with the “Financial Meltdown” just BEFORE the 2008 election.  A lot of people said I was “grasping at straws.”

Well, it seems that now a retiring VP from Goldman has completely spilled the beans on his former employer.  I rest my case.

That was the lead-in to all of the conversations I had over the past few days.  It was as though they were all reading from the “same page” as the saying goes.

Here is where it starts to get VERY interesting.

As most of you know, I stated that if Obama has lower unemployment AND lower gas prices in November, he will win re-election.

It seems that Obama can lie about the unemployment figures (actual unemployment is at 19%) but he cannot figure out how to lie about the gas price.  Yesterday I paid $4.15 a gallon to fill up at COSTCO.

My friends (sources) told me that Obama has painted himself into a corner with both the economy and gas prices.

This is no secret.  What comes as a surprise is that they all “hinted” at the fact that Obama is prepared to go to war with Iran – IF the April meetings on nuclear inspections show “ANY kind of stonewalling” on allowing inspectors back into the plants.

They said that Obama is secretly panicking – and is now “ready to assist Israel” if the USA can “paint it as though they have exhausted ALL diplomatic efforts” to make Iran stop making the bomb.  And they said Iran IS making a bomb.

The problem is that the Iranians have dug their laboratories so deep that ONLY American bombs can do the job.

One problem.  No planes in the Israeli Air Force can CARRY the bombs.  Only B-52s and the B1 are capable of carrying such a payload.  Each “Super bunker Buster” weights about 30,000 pounds.

So, Iran – if it does not agree UNCONDITIONALLY to the US/Israeli demand to open and COMPLETE INSPECTIONS – then Israel – with the consent of the USA – will attack.  It is as simple as that.

Please make sure you read this right.  IF Iran DOES agree – then more negotiations are in order.  But that will be more evident as we approach the April meetings.

Keep your fingers crossed.


While everyone is laser-focused on gas prices and the economy, the Obama Administration has been making a shambles of our relations overseas.

As I have stated many times before – Without a strong National Defense everything else is a moot point.

And this is where my sources got to the creepy stage.

Iraq is back in the news with terrorist forces now starting to occupy the country again – as predicted in earlier newsletters.

Afghanistan is spiraling out of control.  The Taliban will come back the minute American forces turn tail and run.  I pity the Afghan women if that really happens.

Pakistan is now almost in a revolution – with American Special Ops “in the area.”

It has just been learned that Special Forces are in Syria and helping to arm and train rebel forces to topple the current regime.

Obama is being laughed at “around the world” when he gave North Korea TONS of food in exchange for not developing nuclear weapons.  But, according to my sources, they will eat the food – and then demand more – or threaten to “restart their program.”  It is an ongoing “con job” that Obama is playing directly into.

President Obama is now being viewed as the weakest American leader in United States history.  Now that encompasses some pretty bad presidents – both Republican AND Democrat.

Obama is viewed in such a light for the following two reasons:

When the Iranian students were BEGGING Obama, and his Administration, to at least SAY something in their behalf when they were demonstrating for Democracy, he “simply voted present.”  In other words, he did nothing.

Now, in Syria, with Bashar al-Assad killing ALL who oppose his dictatorial government, Obama again has decided to not get involved.  This methodical killing includes opposition leaders, their families and their RELATIVES and FRIENDS.

This is genocide – and America is doing NOTHING.

Thus, the CORRECT impression, that America has a spineless leader at the helm of our Ship of State.

Apparently – according to my sources’ sources – Obama is steaming about being perceived as being weak in the international arena.  He wants to be the leader – but simply does not have the proper “physical equipment” to do so.

He now sees his reelection chances hinging on either an UNCONDITIONAL assurance that inspectors can enter ALL known nuclear facilities – or else he will go to war.

Please remember, Obama has one thing in mind – and that is reelection.  The last thing he wants is to leave a legacy of a one-term president.  Especially, a one-term BLACK president.

Which brings us to another point.


Sorry folks, but I did predict that race would be a major factor in a previous newsletter – almost two years before it actually came to the fore – along with abortion and homosexual unions.  But the latter two have already been “over-discussed” as one email aptly put it.

I was having a few beers with some friends the other night.  One white boy (me) two Americans of Chinese descent and two Americans of African ancestry.

As usually happens in settings like that, race finally came up.

See if you can follow how the conversation progressed.  In all honesty, I had a hard time keeping up with the logic – because there was none.

One of the black men said he was going to vote for Obama “no matter what.”  The other black man agreed and they toasted each other with their beers.

My two Asian friends kind of looked at each other but said nothing.

Then one of the black men said, “You know, if Obama doesn’t get elected it is because America is still a racist country.”

I reminded him that if it was not for white voters Obama would not have been elected in the first place.  Pretty simple math at this point.

“You know what I mean,” said the black man, somewhat irritated that I had said what I said.  “If Obama gets defeated by any of those loser asshole Republicans – that just proves that America is still a bunch of racist rednecks.”

“But what happens if he does?  I mean, if he gets REELECTED it has to be because of the white vote.  He simply can’t do it without them.”

Now listen to his answer:

“Hell, Larry, if Obama gets reelected it is because EVERYBODY wants him to be president.  He is the best president America has ever had.  And if he doesn’t get reelected, it is because America is racist.  Period.”

I laughed and said he should consider being a professor at Berkeley.  He just nodded his head – in agreement!

Then he said something pretty startling.

“You know what, bro,” he continued.  “If Obama doesn’t get reelected there will be riots in the streets.”

What he said made something finally dawn on me.

THAT is the reason the race card has been played to such an extreme.  Obama will use the race card, as will Jackson, Sharpton, and the rest of their ilk, to scare the living hell out of liberal whites into voting for Obama – for fear of race riots all over the country.

Last time Liberals voted for Obama out of guilt.  This time they will vote for him out of fear.

I know this sounds extreme – but it DOES fit the ideology of the ultra-Liberal Left.  And that is PRECISELY who inhabits the White House at the moment.

This may very well be the next coming event.

Remember, the race card is always dealt from the bottom of the deck.


As my wife sits out in our kitchen trying to figure out how to file our taxes for 2011, I am here trying to wake up my Liberal friends, as well as those Conservatives out there who are still too blinded by misguided “religious convictions” as to what is really going on.

I am SURE you have all heard this news by now – but I can’t find it anywhere in the Main Stream Media.

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office), a non-partisan body with NO affiliation to any political party, has just worked out the numbers on “Obamacare.”

They estimate that it will cost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS MORE than first projected.

Yes, that is $1,000,000,000,000.

The fees for Medicare and Medicaid (taxes), not to mention the cost of health care in general, is going to put many people in the poorhouse – especially if it is MANDATORY.

If, for no other reason, you think this is simply too much to bear financially, then I urge you to vote for anybody but the incumbent we now have in the White House.

A second term for Obama – and our children and grandchildren will be asking the following:

“How on earth did you ever let this happen?  Didn’t you do anything to stop it?  It’s all your fault.”

And they will be RIGHT.


I just wanted to thank everybody for all your kind emails, letters and phone calls regarding the passing of my Mother.  It was very much appreciated.

One thing I found extremely interesting.  A very large portion of people who wrote said that my Mother sounded just like theirs.

I think there is a lesson to be learned here.

It seems that mothers nowadays are simply too busy with other “issues” to take the time to be “strong but gentle” mothers anymore.

Parents tend to want to be friends with their children – instead of bringing them up with respect for our country, dignity in what they do, and humility in their dealings with the world.

Parents don’t talk with their children anymore.  They negotiate with them.

The concept of “self-esteem” has infected our trend of thinking as a nation – and the idea of political correctness with regard to physical discipline – has made this country a nation of whiners and crybabies.

Try spanking little Katlyn in the grocery store for throwing a tantrum – and count the seconds for the Thought Police to show up, arrest you for child abuse – and take the little brat to a government run Child Protection Agency.

What the hell is happening to this once Great Country called The United States of America?


Here is wishing you all a Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day.

Once again, thank you all for your kind thoughts.

Until next time.

Keep thinking positive – and never give up!

Less than 300 days until real HOPE and CHANGE presents our last opportunity to Unite America once again!

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger
Editor / Publisher


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8 Responses to “No. 121 – March 16, 2012”

  • Gary White Says:

    Hi Larry

    As always your missives are very thought provoking, but I always have a very big problem, ie, I think you may be correct about the Obama cabal, but who on the other side is worth voting for? Mitt Romney has changed his stripes to fit his square peg in a round hole and Rick Santorum talks about every social evil on earth but says nothing about where America is going and how we can make it a better place. What does one do in this case? Keep up the great work and although I may not agree with everything you say, I do agree to disagree!

  • Steve Topper Says:

    There’s another issue here as it relates to the outcome of the next presidential election and that is growing vote fraud or vote manipulation by the powers that be. We’ve already experienced the situation where the candidate with the most popular vote fails to win the election. And we’ve reached the point in America where, thanks to the computer, the political manipulators and candidate handlers can identify the one state that is critical and focus all the attention — including massive vote fraud — in that one state. Think Ohio. You can’t dismiss the possibility that the popular vote is a massive fraud whose only purpose is to lull the population into thinking their vote actually counts. Imagine the possibility that the identity of the next president has already been determined by those actually running the country. Keep up the great work keeping us informed about the stuff that counts that is never, or poorly, addressed in the mainstream media.

  • R. W. Klepinger Says:

    Interesting isn’t it, how reasonably intelligent and informed people can view the world and events SO differently. Your uncle would have said it this way…”the more things change, the more they remain the same.”

  • John Says:

    So what else is new in “American” minds. Students I talk to think Obama is doing fine. I guess they don’t get education on the other things that affect America! Enough Said!

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    Hey Larry,
    Great piece, first off my sincere condolences regarding your mom… Even if and when expected it is not a pleasant prospect, sounds like many of us have been very fortunate to have amazing parents. Parents who were not afraid to apply a little seat of the pants diplomacy when all else did not work !:-) I am grateful to mine for every spanking I got, because I deserved every one of them. Made me a better person… Mind you I do know that corporal punishment does not work for all kids…
    Ok that all out of the way, I have said before we do live in interesting times, bad part is they are very expensive times too, with the select folks profiting by them.
    Seems to me that in his final days of his first term as president, your correct Mr. Obama will grasp at what ever straws he feels will show the public he is up to the task. Sad really, wonder when politicians will realize that they are supposed to be working for the people. Perhaps that is human nature. Even sadder that the Iranians do not have any desire to play well in the global sandbox, and it will be their people and many more who will pay the price.
    As we all know, no one really wins in a war, sure situations change but generally it is the public at large that suffers. Wonder if the American people will ever realize that we have all been played for the bunch of short sided saps that we seem to be.

  • David Klepinger Says:


    Thanks again for the great work you do with this publication. Please keep it up. Without getting into any discussions this time regarding politics, I’d like to echo your sentiment of thanks to our friends who have shown such great love and support over the passing of our mom. She was a great lady, and those who would care to take a look at just how cool she was, as she approached the age of 95, can download this short video of me singing Happy Birthday to her just last month when I visited her in Arizona. It really was a blessing to be able to see her one last time. May she rest in peace.


  • Gerrit Kuiken Says:

    Larry & Dave, again, my condolences for the lost of your mother – she sounds a lot like mine, who I lost in 1995. She too, was a saint!

    You mentioned your new A.T. issue to me and thought I might find fault – but mainly I agree with your points this time.

    Larry, you and I both have been predicting an attack on Iran for several years, in my case, for the past six at least years, I have been predicting that Israel will unilaterally attack Iran – and I am surprised that it hasn’t happened before now.

    I think we American’s have given Israel our first version of penetrating bunker bombs and I have heard it said we have developed even better ones now but apparently, they are so large and heavy, they are not deliverable by anything but our B-52/B-1/2 bombers so I suppose that is why we haven’t already given them to the Israeli’s? Or maybe hoping they will be restrained (from attacking Iran’s buried labs without them?)

    But I think we gave them the first version bunker buster ones, hoping that they won’t go nuclear if they do attack – and I’m not altogether shure that the Israeli’s won’t go nuclear anyway? They have the bomb. Lots of them, and the air capability (and maybe even the missile capability) to deliver them. It might be a question if they (Israel) have enough capability to overcome Iran’s coastal air defense/anti-aircraft missile system?

    The US does, but that would take a huge commitment on Pres. Obama’s part.

    The logistics of knocking out Iran’s nuclear program with a surprise air attack isn’t as simple as it was with Iraq & Syria’s nuclear development sites, where the nuclear development site was all in one place, easily reachable/bomb-able as Israel’s two previous bombing attacks on neighboring Arab nation’s WMD development sites. Nor were either Iraq or Syria’s air defenses much.

    Iran’s multiple nuclear development sites are hardened & dispersed in deep bunker facilities, and in some cases, they are deliberately located under urban civilian populations – all of which sites, are on the edge of the range of Israel’s fighter fleet, given Israel’s fighter fleet could even penetrate Iran’s protective air defenses/radar/ground to air missiles, etc.

    America, with our stealth fighters/bombers or cruise missiles shot off our cruiser ships in the Persian Gulf- could bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities easily but I don’t think Obama (based on his past wimpishness/indecisiveness) has the will to attack Iran – even if he were certain that they had the nuclear bomb or were eminently on the verge of building one (or more). Personally – I think Obama has already conceded Iran their nuclear bombs. I think he still thinks he can jawbone Iran out of attacking Israel.

    So, I think what is holding up Israel from attacking Iran, is that they need someplace (Saudi Arabia?) to put down their fighter fleet for refueling after their Iranian nuclear facilities raid. I suggest Saudi Arabia as a possibility because Saudi and Iran have long been at odds, and probably the Saudi’s would welcome any action that would knock out Iran’s ability to attack Saudi Arabia! I think once assurances are given by a nearby (Arab) nation that the Israeli planes would be accepted and refueled and allowed to fly back home – the Israeli’s would attack Iran in a NY heart beat!

    The other problem is the most direct route from Israel to the Iranian nuclear development labs are to overfly Iraq – and our fighters/anti-aircraft missiles protect (or at least did) Iraq’s airspace. So Netanyahu would need at least Pres. Obama’s acquiescence to overfly Iraq, if not Iraq’s prime minister Al-Maliki’s permission as well. I think that this was the purpose of Netanyahu’s most recent trip to the US, to get Pres. Obama’s permission to attack Iran and overfly Iraq.

    I think during Bush’s tenure – Bush had said that if Israel initiated an Iranian attack without US acquiescence – and overflew Iraq – our US planes would shoot them down! And that held Israel in check cuz I don’t think Bush was convinced that Iran was on the verge of developing/building a nuclear bomb. There was a CIA? report that sed that Iran had stopped their nuclear bomb development plans. I din’t believe it at the time, and I don’t believe it now, but I think Pres. Bush did.

    In any case, I think that Pres. Bush wanted to kick that can down the road, (dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions) believing that we are already engaged militarily in two wars, Iraq/Afghanistan – and we need to get into another land war in the Middle East? We/he didn’t.

    Now that we have drawn down in Iraq and are drawing down in Afghanistan – maybe our Generals would be more willing to look at attacking Iran militarily? (They thinking they now have the military capability to do it – i.e. “boots on the ground if needed.)

    I think we are always refighting past wars, and I think America is still of the mindset that you have to put “boots on the ground” to win/achieve our long range objectives, i.e. insure that (in this case/before it was Saddam/Iraq) a country (Iran) couldn’t develop WMD, either now or in the future if we attacked, especially with ground forces. Perhaps just an air-raid wouldn’t insure that Iran would just rebuild?

    That supposedly was why we first assembled an army and then invaded Iraq – to take out Saddam’s supposed WMD programs. And we thought we needed “boots on the ground” to do it, not knowing exactly where these WMD might be? I think our generals are still fighting that war in their minds. And they thinking it will take boots on the ground in Iran to insure our goals are achieved – i.e. knock out Iran’s nuclear weapon development once and for all.

    I have long held that an alternate Iran strategy should be used to stop Iran’s nuclear bomb development & that is that Iran has only one gasoline refinery – which supplies about 1/4 to 1/3 of their domestic national gasoline need. If we are serious about stopping Iran’s WMD program, all we would need to do is bomb that gasoline refinery and then have (US) blockade any gasoline tanker ships from entering Iranian ports. I think we probably already have the naval blockade capability to do that – in place. There would/could be almost zero collateral damage/civilian casualties v.s. bombing hardened underground nuclear sites located under (innocent) urban Iranian housing areas.

    By choking off Iran’s gasoline supply – within weeks, every transportation system in Iran would grind to a screeching halt due to there being no gas, farm to city produce would stop – and the people/populus would be starving in a short time, as well as probably knocking out their power grid and people living in the dark! The Iranian’s would be begging for U.N. Nuclear inspectors to come & see that they had halted their WMD program!

    Course as always, since we wrecked it, we would probably have to pay for and rebuild their refinery and power grid! 🙂

    As Larry mentioned above – if there were to be a coordinated attack with US help – you have to watch our aircraft carrier fleet – to see if an attack is eminent?

    At present, the U.S. military has two aircraft carrier battle groups in the region, the Vinson and the Stennis, neither of which is actually in the Arabian Gulf at this point but is still in the Persian Gulf region. And on her way is the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, the Navy confirms, which is sailing from the Pacific to join with the Stennis. But it’s unclear how soon the Stennis will depart the region, as it’s scheduled to do — meaning there could, however briefly, be three carrier groups near Iran.

    This might be a “tip-off” that Pres. Obama is marshalling resources for an “April showdown?” I’m sure the Iranian leadership/military is well aware of where our carriers are and how many!

    It is unusual for us to have two carriers/fleets in the Persian Gulf at once – so that might be a tip-off that we have/will have more airpower in the Persian Gulf then usual? The George Washington is usually docked in Japan – and has been for quite some time, and could also be sent to the Gulf. If that happens, and I were the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, I would be making sure that my personal affairs and final will & testament were in order!

    We also have cruiser ships that bristle with cruise missiles and if we piled a few of those in the gulf – you can be sure, we are fixing to bomb Iran. They might already be in place – I didn’t take the trouble to research that.

    Another ace-in-the-hole that you don’t hear discussed is that it is said that Israel has two subs in the Persian Gulf, it would be my best guess that they are equipped with nuclear missiles that could be launched at a moment’s notice. But I think Israel has these in place in case of a “doom’s day” scenario, i.e. if Iran attacked Israel without provocation. If these Israeli subs are patterned after our subs, (we or France/England gave them some of our old ones, would be my best guess) they have 32 missile silo’s per ship – and might even have “MIRV” (multi-warhead) missiles which are much more difficult to defense against – and also are much more effective in being able to either hit more targets or multiple hits on a single target, infinitely multiplying each missiles, effectiveness.

    We (US) on far along on our several generation of these MIRV’s (we have MIRV’s with up to 10 warheads)- wouldn’t surprise me if we have also equipped Israel with some of our earlier versions of missiles which contained maybe 3 multiple warheads per missile, etc.

    We have equipped Israel with our F-15’s & F-16’s, they having over 300 of them operational – so they have plenty of capability to attack Iran.

    So far as I can figure out – Israel doesn’t have any air-refueling capability – but we could covertly refuel Israeli airplanes with our tankers, if the attack were coordinated. And if we don’t already have tankers in place already – which I think we have, we could put them in the region in a day or two.

    So, those are my thoughts on Israel attacking Iran – from a practical military point of view – I am skeptical that Israel would go it alone – and also, I just don’t see Obama having the gonads to pull the trigger in any event, based on his past voting “present” in critical issues.

    One thought that I have had – is if Obama’s presidential polling this fall shows him losing – he could/might pull off an “October surprise” and attack Iran – just before the Nov polling, he thinking the American public wouldn’t vote out the Commander-in-chief engaged in a fighting war. I think there is better then a 50-50 chance of that happening.

    But the key would be if we have at least 2 (as at present) and more likely 3 aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf all at once – Katie bar the door! as an attack on Iran might be very eminent! Although I don’t think an Iranian attack will happen until this fall, if at all, but, I think we could hit Iran anytime from right now on – especially if bombing their gas refinery is the option taken.

    The fly in the ointment with that bomb the Iranian refinery strategy is that Russia has to agree not to supply Iran with gas, for that option to be totally effect and as usual – unless we do something for Russia in return – they are not likely to cooperate, Russia might even welcome the (much needed) money revenue of supplying Iran with gas! It’s a complicated task!

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    Very sorry to hear about your mother… I didn’t keep up with TAT while I was travelling, so this is the first I’ve heard. My condolences.

    As for your blog this time:

    “It has just been learned that Special Forces are in Syria and helping to arm and train rebel forces to topple the current regime.”

    About bloody time. I hope Britain is doing something, too.

    “Obama is being laughed at “around the world” when he gave North Korea TONS of food in exchange for not developing nuclear weapons. But, according to my sources, they will eat the food – and then demand more – or threaten to “restart their program.” It is an ongoing “con job” that Obama is playing directly into.”

    Danegeld. Ethelred the Ill-Advised famously fell into this trap over a thousand years ago… You’d think we’d have learned by now. The only way to get rid of an extortionist or blackmailer, unfortunately (apart from ‘fessing up, of course, where appropriate), is to kill him or her.