No. 128 – May 11, 2012


I know, I am going to say something again that will anger the Evangelical Element – and those that so strictly adhere to their way of perceiving the world.

Sorry, but I told you so.

When I wrote in earlier newsletters that Homosexuals and Abortion would come into this election with a vengance – I was scoffed at by “those in the know.”  Some even wondered if I had completely “lost touch with reality.”

Well, for those of you who are concerned about my mental well-being, I am feeling just fine.

It is not really all that hard to be able to predict the future; you just have to pay attention to the past.

Many in the GOP are the ones who “just don’t get it.”

And here is what I mean.  Homosexuality and Abortion are THE two “issues” that the Evangelicals simply cannot keep their mouths shut over.  The HAVE to foam at the mouth when these two subjects come up – because they are COMPELLED by their own belief that if they do NOT condemn these two ideas – in the most vociferous of tones – then they run the chance of NOT going to Heaven.  It is as simple as that.

So my suggestion is to just keep your mouth closed if you harbor these kinds of feelings.  That does NOT mean you are backing down – it just means that you are laying in wait to strike when the appropriate time presents itself.

Now, step back, and look at the situation.

Obama came out and said he backed Gay Marriage – and the TV went nuts last night.

But NOBODY ever came up with a PLAUSIBLE scenario as to why he did it now.  Yes, I heard about the Joe Biden controversary – and that he had to apologize to President Obama for speaking out of turn.

“Obama actually wanted to wait until after the election to come out.”

Anybody who believes that should quit reading right now and go back to Dancing IN the Stars.

This was a set-up from the VERY beginning.

Biden takes the heat, Obama is “forced” to play his hand now and SURPRISE.

Yesterday evening the news comes out that Mitt Romney took part in a HIGH SCHOOL prank/bullying situation, involving an alleged homosexual student – and it SUDDENLY COMES TO LIGHT NOW?

Are you serious?

Did this just POP UP out of the blue?

If you believe that, turn off Dancing IN  the Stars and go back to sleep.

Obama had inside information on this BEFORE he made his announcement.

But why has the Media – and not even FOX – even broached this concept?

Because nobody can think for themselves anymore.

So, as predicted, Obama brought Homosexuals into the 2o12 election.  Will it work?  I have no idea.  But he brought it up – and that “issue” is red meat to the Evangelical Element – along with a lot of other religious groups and Conservatives to boot.

Now, get ready for Obama to bet the farm, and say he is AGAINST Roe v. Wade.  Abortion will be the next card for the Organization to deal from the bottom of the deck.

My advice?

Ignore it ALL.

Stupid fish go for live bait:  But the really dumb ones get snagged by the lure.

Don’t puff out your chest.  Remain calm.  Let it blow over.


One of the biggest insults in Japan is to not say a word to the perpetrator – simply remain silent – and physically TURN YOUR BACK on that person.

So ignore their baiting.  Brush it off.  And quietly ride with the Silent Majority that is steadily forming a group that will surprise everyone in November.

And as a side note.  Is anybody going to try to convince me that they can go back 50 YEARS – a half CENTURYat the drop of a hat – and find ALL five people that were involved – and get them all to admit that they remember the incident?

But yet we cannot come up with Obama’s verifiable birth certificate?  Nor his Harvard GPA?  Nor his Harvard dissertation?  Nor the reason why he relinquished his law license?  Sorry, but I had to say that.

Even if it is true, about Romney taking part in this incident, then he should have just said:

“Yes, it happened – and I am deeply troubled to this day that I took part in such a stupid and senseless act.  In high school, kids do some pretty stupid things – and that is one thing that I did.  I sincerely apologize to all involved and ask for their forgiveness.”

How simple is that?

But no, Romney made a lame excuse that he could not recall the incident.  And the MSM went wild in its glee of reporting this dumb response.

Why are people SO AFRAID to say they made a mistake?  Get it out.  Get it over with.  And get on with the business at hand.


Besides Obama coming out in favor of same sex marriages he will come out against Roe v. Wade.

He will then come out in favor of either cutting the student loan debt – or canceling it all together – in the name of IMPROVING the ECONOMY.  Don’t you think students would VOTE for that alone?

We still have Israel and Iran.  But Bebe is ahead of everyone on this point.  He is already positioning himself with regard to Iran – and will make a move before November.

And, as I write, MANY Jews that I have talked to are NOT going to vote for Obama this time around.  Some even refer to Obama as JUDAS.  Now, how is THAT for a twist of fate!

Obama is pulling out all the stops.  Last night his gala party – $40,000 a plate at George Clooney’s private residence, drew in about $15 million dollars.  Remember, these are ALL ONE-PERCENTERS!  But that does not seem to matter – as long as they are on the side of the Liberal Establishment.

Obama will try to placate the UNIONS by FINALLY “evolving” on the KEYSTONE PIPELINE and voting IN FAVOR of it – and then TAKING FULL CREDIT FOR FINALLY SAYING YES!

Obama will say something like this:

I have decided that I should approve this because I believe that this is the correct choice that I should make at this time.  I therefore, have given my approval to this bill.”

And folks, whatever the situation is, GAS prices will be around $3 by November of 2012.

My final word of advice is, don’t dance on Obama’s gravesite just yet.

WE THE PEOPLE are dealing with an extremely well-maintained Organization – one that goes all the way back to Al Capone.  Which reminds me of a little story attributed to, “The man who built Chicago.”

Once, when the “boys downtown” were giving Big Al some real heat he is said to have remarked:

“You tell them that if they keep pushing me around I will run for Mayor of Chicago – and I will win!”

The “boys downtown” let up on the Fat One – and the rest is history.


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As many of you know, I lost my Mother, at age 95, in March.  It is a time of sadness – but also of great memories and happy recollections of all that she did for me when I was growing up.

If you are fortunate to still have your Mother around – give her a call, send her some flowers, go over and hug her – but most of all, besides telling her that you love her – remember to say, “Thank you, Mom.”

Those are the words that mean the most to a Mother.

And remember this one little adage:

Where would Superman be – without Super Woman?

That is it for now.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger
















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5 Responses to “No. 128 – May 11, 2012”

  • Andrea Says:

    The media may have gone nuts but Americans did not. The Mosaic (tracking of popular stories) on The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s site showed it was one of the least read stories. There was little interest from the public. Of course the media goes nuts every time that liar opens his mouth. They have their heads up his rear.
    I’m not so sure the “student population” will fall for his lies a second time. They have been scorched by his first term.
    Happy Mother’s Day to Akiko!!!!

  • Brian Springer Says:

    I was surprised to read above that Schools are the responsibility of the Federal Government. Me thinks your getting carried away with your rhetoric that your forgetting the facts.

    Now one has to wonder what else you said that is untrue. Please don’t be like Fox News who says anything it wishes whether true or not.

  • John Says:

    First, every statement you make I agree. Either candidate is talking shop, but mush month stuff. Obama is the President and the things you state say he is using is power as President to manipulate the voter population; as you state, are they listening or just falling in love with him.

    Per a comment Andrea states about students not falling for him this turn; sorry, I talk with student and they don’t have any idea what is going on, and that is those turning 18. Also, many of them think Obama is doing great. However, when I ask them the simple question how many members are there in the House and Senate, they cannot come up with a correct answer.

    Big parties with groups are nothing more than getting money he can spend to dig up dirt, use it and try to sway the voters and public, what a way to win an election. Were is the good talk and can he hold to that?

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    The ECONOMY, JOBS, UNEMPLOYMENT, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, HORRIBLE SCHOOLS, CHINESE MILITARY BUILDUP, RUSSIAN REEMERGENCE, THE BORDERS, FAST AND FURIOUS, INFLATION. These are all the real issues, the rest is trivial divisive smoke screen to make anyone on the right look like a bunch of rabid zealots, and maybe that is truly the case, but I certainly hope not. Please people, wake up, there is a time and place to pick your battles and it is not during pre-election rhetoric. Mr. Klepinger has been been correct about his predictions more times than not. I for one am convinced that he is completely on the mark once again. Hope in preparation for Mothers day people will still take time to read this Telegraph and pay attention. A Happy Mothers Day to all.

  • R. W. Klepinger Says: