No. 143 – August 14, 2012


I have to admit, I have been somewhat depressed the last few days.  The  choosing of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate simply does not make sense to me.  And, yes, I know, the “true conservatives” will lambast me for saying this.

Let me be perfectly clear about what I am going to say.  I HOPE I am completely wrong in my view of things, but I have to say the truth – at least how I see it.

So, before I get anymore emails condemning me of always being “down” on Republicans – and not saying anything bad about the Democrats – let me state that, there are enough conservative talking heads out there already putting down the Democrats – but few, if any, actually trying to HELP the GOP get back on its feet.  I am only trying to convince the GOP to wake up – before it is too late.  And, to this date, it DOES NOT seem to be working.


Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin.  Wisconsin has something like 11 electoral votes.  Ohio, FLORIDA, and Virginia have more.  Why Ryan?  Does anybody even remember the brilliant pick for VP on the Democratic side in 1960?


Paul Ryan looks like a modern day Alfred E. Newman.  Women like men who exude sex appeal, self-confidence, men that are handsome and can carry themselves well in public.  If you think this is a “sexist statement” just read the recent articles on what women look for in their political candidates.  Good looking and sex appeal rank in the top of all their lists.  Substance and standings on issues are way down in rank.

Paul Ryan looks even more like Alfred E., when he smiles.


This really does not need to be mentioned – but they are going to tear Ryan apart.  It is already happening.


If anybody in their right mind believes that the Biden/Ryan debates are going to make a difference, then all hope is lost.

Biden was put on the Democratic ticket for a stated purpose.  He was intentionally set up as a foil.  In case you don’t know the meaning, in this political sense, Biden is TOLD to say stupid things – as part of the overall DISTRACTION in this presidential election.  He fills that role with aplomb.  He only acts dumb.  And all along, the GOP thought he was dumb.  The foil is working perfectly.

In ALL presidential elections, it is the days, the hours, before the election that count.  And eating them up, like the Democrats are doing, is exactly within their game plan.

Does anybody remember the “Daisy” ad just days before the 1964 presidential election?


This is the one that is going to count, if in fact, the debates are even that important anymore.

Romney will look uptight, sweat a lot and stutter and stammer – while Obama will look calm, dignified, and speak in eloquent tones.

Romney will get the tough questions from an acknowledged liberal panel of interviewers.

Obama will get the lighter questions – with much fluff added for his benefit by the interviewer – and Obama will flash that “gate-mouth” smile as often as possible.

Romney will look tired and dowdy – Obama, perky and rested.

Does anybody remember the Kennedy-Nixon debates.  Even back then, the “media” used “shadow shots” and unglamorous “camera angles” to portray Nixon in an almost “ghostlike” manner.

It will also happen to Romney.


This is the Democratic strong-point.  No, I do not mean that the Republicans don’t lie.  They do, too.  Lying is a part of the American political landscape.

But to have your lie be accepted as truth you must be “cunning” as Niccolo Machiavelli used to counsel his young Prince.

But the Republicans simply are not good at lying.  You have to have part snake-oil salesman, part Southern Baptist Bible thumping Elmer Gantry fire in your belly, and you have to be able to let yourself go – and say anything that comes into your mind.

Republicans simply are not capable of doing this – on a large scale.  They usually tend to stick to facts and figures – whereas the Democrats rely heavily on rhetoric, emotion and crowd manipulation.


And now we get down to the real “brass tacks” of this election.

Stop and think for a moment.  What type of person is the easiest one to scare?  Who is the most TARGETED demographic element in America today – by street thugs and politicians alike?

If you did not answer THE ELDERLY, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

The “old people” are going to be scared to death by the Democrats.  And the elderly are going to take the bait.

What else can they do?  They are in direct fire – and the Democrats are going to unload on the Republicans with every lie and deceit they can muster.

And the “Greatest Generation” will, once again, be hoodwinked into believing whatever the Democrats throw their way.


Pretty much in the drink.  The debates will not go well because the GOP candidates of today simply do not have the rhetorical skill that they had when Reagan was running for president.

And people LOVE a good talker.  Ever wonder why AMERICAN GREED is such a hit on TV?Americans are always suckers for a FLIM-FLAM man.  Hell, that is what made this country great!

If you don’t believe me, ask the American Indians.

So, I again, am amazed at Romney choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate.  Strategically, it simply does not make sense.  I have a horrible feeling that in doing so, the GOP virtually lost Florida – and with it – the presidential election of 2012.

And again, I HOPE I am completely wrong on this assumption.  But, I call them as I see them, and that is how I think it is going to break down.


I had a friend of mine long ago that I used to always bet with.  It wasn’t much money, fifty or a hundred dollars on the annual upcoming World Series.

One year, his team, the Oakland A’s and the LA Dodgers ended up in the World Series.  To my astonishment, he made a $500 bet in Vegas – for the Dodgers.

When I asked him why, he said the following:

“If the A’s win then I am happy because they won the Series.  If the Dodgers win I am not happy, but I win $500, so I am still happy.  It’s a win-win situation.”

I am betting $1000 on Obama in Vegas in September.  Either way, I win.


I have touched on this point in previous editions but feel I might try again, in hopes that someone out there with more influence than me can convince the GOP to change course while there still is time left to at least salvage this upcoming presidential fiasco.


The House of Representatives: 435 members

The Senate:  100 members

The White House: The President

The Supreme Court: Nine members

Scott Brown is close to losing his Senate seat in Massachusetts.  I suggest diverting money from the Romney campaign into his coffers.  He is going to need every cent he can get.

There are other candidates across the nation, both in the House and Senate that could use the millions of dollars now flowing to the Romney/Ryan losing campaign.

I suggest redirecting that cash flow into the “weak” races and hopefully retain the House and possibly take back the Senate.  If that happens, then Obama will be stymied in passing a lot of his legislation.

If, by chance, the GOP actually loses the House – which is a possibility – and also does not take back the Senate – then we are in for some real trouble.

And this is THE MAIN POINT of this upcoming election – that has been COMPLETELY overshadowed by the MEDIA, THE DEMOCRATS – and even the GOP.

The Supreme Court has, at least, three members that are rapidly approaching retirement.

If the Democrats actually take back the House, retain the Senate AND the White House – then look for a liberal Supreme Court to be in charge of stipulating America’s laws for the next HALF CENTURY.

And THAT, my friends, is what this election is REALLY all about.

If that is the case, we will surely become the USE and no longer the USA.

I leave it up to you to figure out what I am referring to.


“If you are 20 years old and not a liberal, you have no heart.  If you are 40 years old and not a conservative, you have no brain.”

Seems the old guy had that one pretty well pegged.  I only wish our older generation would think the same way.


What has bothered me no end is the two things that matter most to me – yet NO ONE is talking about it during this presidential election cycle.

Ladies and Gentlemen – our Country Is Still at WAR!  TWO WARS!

Why has not ONE of these “men,” who are running for the office of the President of the United States of America, not saying a single word about our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan?

What the fuck is going on – when in a Presidential Election – no one even mentions this FACT?

Our fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, are STILL getting KILLED – and they don’t even deserve an HONORABLE MENTION?

What kind of country have we become when we are so damn SELF-ABSORBED that we have forgotten our Service Men and Women who are still in the field – fighting and dying as I write?

If that is the case, then I cringe in shame as to the treatment they will receive when they finally come home.

Talk about PTSD?

How about IDGAD syndrome?

In all honesty – does it not bother ANYBODY except me, that NOT ONE candidate has even put forth a word about them?

Could it be that since NONE of them have ever served in the United States Military – that they just don’t care?  Or maybe, they just do not understand.

Where is the courage?  Where is the dignity?  Where are the accolades that should be heaped upon these men and women at this time in our country’s history?

For without our military – and the Veterans that have gone before them – we would not even be having this so-called election.

Where is the thanks?

No thanks!

So goes life.

Take care and try to keep thinking positive.

Lawrence Klepinger


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2 Responses to “No. 143 – August 14, 2012”

  • John Says:

    “at least how I see it” : Remember folks, up front at the beginning, Mr. Klepinger made this statement. However, were does he get all his knowledge to even step out and say what he does? He reads alot, he talks to the “know” crowd, and he has done research. Why do I say this, because I’ve seen this guy in action in front of some people that had some worldly knowledge and he was right their with them, but he had more and could explain every point with knowledge. Do I agree with him all the time, who cares? That is not the point he makes.

    In this article, he states many things; I see these thoughts from a political point of view, something that people don’t pay attention too and don’t even understand. As Mr. Klepinger was alluding, this is a way of life in the politics. Maybe it didn’t come across that way, but that is the point. Do you know more now and how to listen to the conversations these politicians will put out.

    Right now, Obama has been coming out with slamming those other guys, and not much about what he is going to do. I listened to what he said one night—-WOW!—-what an orator he is, it all depends on the crowd he is speaking too that determines what he is going to say.

    As for the GOP candidates, they are trying to put Obama down, and pointing out weakness that hopefully they can build upon. Where the hell are they going.

    So, what are the real issues in this campaign, I don’t know yet. Very interesting what was pointed out above, no mention of foreign affairs.

    Again, comments about the media, THEY DON’T REPORT NEWS! The report what they want by their own opinion and do more to analyze than just present the news and move on. Just think, they try to razionale a murderer to tell us everything about them long before they go on trial. Tired in the media before a jury has a chance to listen to the facts without prejudice. I don’t read newspapers anymore and don’t listen to the news on radio or TV much. I read the Internet and get almost the same thing, but somewhat without all the extra B.S.

    The only thing that would count in this election (or any election) is if we could have at minimum 50% of eligible voters to vote. That would surprise everyone, and maybe the politicians.

    Lastly, Mr. Klepinger barely mentioned it, but I say, GET RID OF THE ELECTORIAL COLLEGE! It serves no purpose to the popular vote of “We the People”. This would mean they have to campaign to every American, not just a few.

    I would rather put up with four years of the GOP in the Whitehouse and not what is coming. After all, no matter who is in the Whitehouse, the Congress represents the poeple…When will they?

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Why the big infatuation with the military? Politicians put them in some bad places they could never win anything at except get shot at and killed. Politicians sure sent many to battle not understand what the end game was or how many would get wasted in the battles. Best of all is all the spending by the Military/Industrial complex. Keep them at war and we make more money is their mantra.

    Now we have a president pledged to wind down these ridiculous wars that have only served to kill our chargers. Yes, I feel sorry for all those sucked up into the military mess our politicians have created without foresight. Our politicians never seem to learn about when to shoot our cannons and when to just concentrate on what is best for the American public. Humans are just fodder for their oratory.