Special Edition – April 28, 2012


Little Johnny stood up and said, “I am running for president of our 1st grade class because I believe it is good to learn to serve our class, school, city, state and nation.

“If I am elected president of our class I will ask for our teacher to teach us real-life subjects like how to work for ourselves, how to start a business, how to manage our money, how the stock market really works and how to save money for retirement.  I think these subjects are very important for our future lives.  Thank you.”

Then Lovely Kristen stood up and said, “I am running for president.  If you vote for me I will make sure we all have free ice cream everyday after lunch.  Thank you.”

When the votes were counted, Lovely Kristen won by a landslide.

Little Johnny then stood up and asked, “When do we start to get the ice cream?”

Lovely Kristen looked at him and said, “How should I know?  I just wanted to win the election.”

“But you promised,” insisted Little Johnny.

“No, I did not promise.  I said I will make sure,” retorted Lovely Kristen.

“Yeah, you said you would make sure,” screamed the other children.

“I want a re-vote,” cried one of the other students.

“No, no, no,” said the teacher.  “You have already voted.  You can only vote once.  You should have asked how Lovely Kristen was going to pay for the ice cream before you voted.  But you blindly believed what she said because she is Lovely Kristen.  But now, it is too late.”

Everybody in the class started to cry – except little Johnny McCain.


If you have not been watching the polls recently then shame on you.  President Obama is falling into a deep hole with STUDENTS all across the country.

But Little Barack has a plan all his own.  And here is another prediction from Little Larry for you all to think about.

President Obama will – at the exact right moment and in front of a huge college audience – make a declaration that will go something like this:

“All college student loans should be forgiven.  I am in favor of that.  It is my idea that we should do this immediately.  It will take the UNFAIR burden off the backs of our students.  I believe that we should use OIL MONEY PROFITS to pay for these loans.  I believe that this will help STIMULATE THE ECONOMY and also help students to get into the marketplace, thus boosting our economy.  I am in favor of forgiving ALL STUDENT LOANS – TODAY!  It is the best – and the FAIREST – way to handle the situation.  Thank you.”

This is what I believe President Obama is planning to do.  It will pit – and UNITE – the total student body of the nation behind Obama and assure him of a second term.

Romney – and the Republicans (just like Little Johnny above) – will state that it is impossible to forgive the loans.  The economy cannot stand the added stress.

But with Obama standing on the “forgiveness of student loans platform” he assures himself of being re-elected.

After the election, then Little Barack will say, “I did not PROMISE that I would forgive all student loans.  I just said that I am in favor of the idea.”

And all the students will start to cry.

Duped again by infantile naivete, they will roll up their sleeves – barring their multi-colored tattoos – and strike against Wall Street again.

And again, those who voted for Barack Obama will realize their mistake – but it will be too late.

We only have ONE ELECTION.


Recently, I have had a number of conversations with dumbed-down conservatives and I feel that there is a very big storm brewing in this country.

I have heard more than my share of narrow-minded, numb-nut people who call themselves conservatives – but don’t have an inkling of what they are talking about.

Look at what these narrow-minded simpletons are doing – to their own party – with regard to Orin Hatch and Richard Lugar.

Oh, yes.  I have heard how bad these two guys are – but wake up people.  We are in a battle for the soul of our Nation – and these jerks are killing off their own kind???

No, I do not like what Hatch and Lugar have done.  But remember, many people did not like what John McCain had done either – and look what happened.

Barack Obama was elected President.

Now, we have “conservatives” spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat these two SOLID REPUBLICANS.

Notice, I did not say Conservatives.  I used a capital C when I speak of Conservatives in the proper manner.

But they are Republicans – and that is what we need now – not Liberal Democrats promising ice cream after lunch.

Going after our own party members is TOTALLY AND POLITICALLY INSANE.


Have we completely forgotten what Ronald Reagan said?  “Speak no ill of fellow Republicans.”

He was smart enough to realize that you don’t give ammunition to the enemy.  And yes, the Liberal Democrat Organization that is now “Occupying” the White House is our ENEMY.

The reoccurring tone of my discussions was that, “I am NOT going to vote for Romney.  I am going to vote for Ron Paul – and teach those Republicans a lesson they will never forget.”

Well, my friends, if that is your intention – I suggest that you just stay at home – because you are, in reality, voting for Barack Obama.

Wake up!  Wise up!

No, Mitt Romney is NOT the best candidate – but he is our only hope this time around.

I have written extensively in this newsletter that Ron Paul might have been a better choice, or Allen West, or Jon Huntsman.  Not Mitt Romney.

But we must stop feeding on our own young.  When Rick Santorum said what he said about Romney during the primaries – he VIOLATED Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

And the Democrats will use his exact language in political advertisements – to vilify and defeat – Mitt Romney.

Niccolò Machiavelli stated that the lion must sometimes be a lamb.  He also said that the ends justify the means.  Furthermore, he said that the first obligation of a Prince is to gain power.  His second obligation is to RETAIN that power.

We, as Conservative Republicans had better shine some light up that south end and wake up to the realities of politics – not to mention the sorry state of affairs that this Nation is in.


If Obama is re-elected, then get ready for the shock of your lives.

It will be far, far worse than no ice cream after lunch.


Best wishes,

Lawrence Klepinger




7 Responses to “Special Edition – April 28, 2012”

  • Jon Soine Says:

    HI Larry,

    Thanks for sharing the realtiy of the situation. . ANY VOTE other than for Mitt Romney is a vote “for the worst to come”. .

    We can all be united on ONE item . .A vote against Barack Who’s insane Obama. .


  • Dick Bachert Says:

    Romney has NEVER been my guy. I’ve been a Ron Paul fan after first meeting him in ’83 and have been following him ever since.
    That said, unless Romney drags a few hundred of HIS people into the House and Senate, he will be easier to herd back onto the reservation than would be Obozo who is not only off the reservation but would bulldoze it in a second term that isn’t 25 to life in Leavenworth. If the REAL conservatives out here express their anger at the GOP GOB club at having him shoved down our throats — or up the old “south end” — by voting for the Tea Party guys down ballot, it would send Romney an unmistakable message that he does NOT have what too many of the political elites call a “mandate.”
    A House filled with folks who DO understand the mortal peril posed by an Obama Lite in the WH could shut off the dough and draw lines in the sand: This far and no further
    I’d urge all who read your words to concentrate on the HOUSE and SENATE slots as the control of the top of the ticket is simply too strong.

  • David Klepinger Says:

    Agreed, Larry. We must focus on the objectives at hand:

    1) Remove the current Marxist man-child president from the White House.
    2) Gain control of the Senate.
    3) Retain control of the House.

    Romney was never my first choice, either. However, the direction of the country needs to be reversed. If we do not achieve that, we are in real trouble.

  • Barry Stieb II Says:


    You say that people are going to vote for president and elect Obama as if they have a choice in the matter!! I highly doubt this is the case as I have seen RAMPANT fraud against Ron Paul (which few realize and even less care about). No, this election has already been decided and if it’s going to be Barack or Schmitty, well I believe that it’s no longer up to the average Joe.

    All the best,
    Barry S.

  • John Says:

    Your point is to pay attention to the words stated, not who is saying them! YES!! As I read others, why do they talk about other candidates when, at this time, there is going to be only two. It’s time for change. Whom ever is at the top is important, but it is just as important make sure those under the leader are the best group to make changes and lead the country.

    Recently, I was asked about a group of students running for election and who I thought would be the best “President”. My answer was who are the best LeaderS as they have to work together. Also, it was important to elect the other 5 offices to vote for those that would work with those leaders and make the group a great working TEAM.

    If people are listening (reading) your comments over the past year, you have pointed out many things that say, why should we keep the same leader who is not working for “the people”.

    I didn’t vote for Obama and won’t again. I could take up space here to say things, but who is really reading and also reading your comments for the last year.

    I asked a student if there were interested in poltics; “yes”. I asked if they new how many people were in the Congress and Senate. They did not know. I told them how many. Then I asked if they new how many Senators they got to vote for; answer, “2”. I said no, most times its only 1 at a time. Oh, you are right. Also covered that we only vote for 1 of the 435 Congress persons. So how do we get change. As commented in the last newsletter, send support to other in other states, but you still have the vote in your home state.

    Remember, Obama ran on the words “Change”, has there been?

    Only the voters can make a change, are you willing? You better be!!

  • Tom Cox Says:


    I was disappointed in this edition of The American Telegraph. It lacks political vision and perspicacity. In addition it advocates a kind of blind political loyalty which has been a huge problem in the Republican Party in recent years. Who is to say that Romney would be any better than Obama? In point of fact he could very well be worse. All indications are that Romney is nothing but a shallow, cold-hearted plutocrat who would support big business and mercilessly squeeze an already reeling middle class. Early on in the primary season it was very obvious that corporate America and certain other all-powerful Republican “puppet-masters” had annoited Romney as their candidate. Once this decision was made it soon became clear that nothing was going to prevent Romney from winning the Republican nomination. The very fact that certain powerful (and oftentimes somewhat mysterious) groups can decide the outcome of elections – against the will, and at the expense, of the majority, is an indictment of not only the Republican Party, but our political system in general. This leads to my second point. The real problem is not that we have a terrible president in Barack Obama. The main problem is the electorate who put him into office. There are too many politically naive voters in America, and there have been for a long time. The situation is so bad that I think the only thing that will save America at this point is a shock so huge that it will radicalize people into; (1) nominating responsible, wiser, more moderate candidates or; (2) transforming our political system altogether by establishing a politically viable third party or igniting large-scale protests that force changes in the election system that allow the best candidates to win instead of those with the most money or connections. In short, worse could very well be better. Something has to happen to wake people up and a continued awful performance by Obama could be it. Nothing else has worked

  • Missy Highsmith Says:

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