No. 45 – July 9, 2010


Those are not my words, but they get the point across very clearly.

On a daily basis we are getting sucker-punched by a bought and paid for, Mainstream Media and more and more people are getting simply fed up with the whole process.

This is one of the reasons why I started THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH – to give WE THE PEOPLE – a chance to get their voices heard – and to also try to raise awareness as to what is really going on in the world – not what our ultra-biased news outlets determine what you should know.

For the last few editions, I have tried to discuss the value of simplicity in thought, word and deed.

Today I am going to touch on a very simple solution and see what other readers think – along with a timeline as to how to implement a true, foreign oil independency program, that could be accomplished inside of a five (5) year timeframe.

The New Manhattan Project for American Independence on Foreign Oil:

1.  Set up a study group – with a timeframe of 90 days – to come up with a comprehensible SOLAR POWER solution that is to start to be phased in to the whole country within one year.

2.  Convert all trucks and busses to NATURAL GAS within two years – as a bridge to solar energy.

3.  Convert all cars to NATURAL GAS within three years – as a bridge to solar energy.

4.  Stop all Wind Power projects.

5.  Stop all Nuclear Power projects.

6.  Stop all Biofuel projects.

Focus like a laser on SOLAR POWER and electric power exclusively.

7.  In five years start selling solar power or electric power automobiles that have a range of 500 miles per recharge.

8.  In five years prohibit all internal combustion engines from running on our streets and highway system.

Natural gas to be the bridge.

Solar and Electric Power to be the goal in five (5) years.

It CAN be done.

If President Kennedy could make a commitment to put a man on the moon in 10 years we can certainly accomplish totally energy independence in five (5) years.

And think for a minute.  We sent men to the moon in a fossil powered spacecraft.  And that was over 40 years ago!

We can do it again.

The rub is, we must WANT to do it.


“This is impossible.”

“It can never work.”

“You simpleton!”

If that is your attitude, then I personally feel sorry for you.  Your ignorance is not to be hated, but pitied.

You are the ones who said that, “If a man was meant to fly, God would have made him with wings.”

You are the ones who said that, “We will never put a man on the moon in 10 years.”

You are the negative thinkers who always look on the dark side of every idea and concept, simply because you can’t come up with anything better.

So I ask all those who think in such a manner.  Why can’t we have Solar and Electric Power in five (5) years?

And the answer will be, we can’t design the proper batteries – and Solar Power is years away.

OK everyone.  Sit down and get ready for a little history lesson that you will NEVER get from today’s mass media.

Solar Power was used during the Inca and Aztec Empires to help heat their homes.  This was over 1000 years ago.  If they can do it – why can’t we?

During World War II, Japanese two-man submarines were launched from bigger ships and did detailed spy work and pre-bombing observations, just outside of Pearl Harbor – undetected.  Why did they go unnoticed?


And that was 1941.

So the garbage that we need to spend “years” to develop batteries that will last for 500 miles is pure, unadulterated bovine excreta.

Ditto for the need to “develop” Solar Energy.  It has been here for CENTURIES – but most people are not even aware of this.

So, WE THE PEOPLE just trudge on with our lives, and suddenly – here we are with our heads firmly planted in our collective south end.

I once had a DI in basic training tell me:

“Excuses are just like assholes.  Everybody’s got one – and they all stink.”

Well, that is all we have been getting from not only this current administration – but from previous ones as well.

We have all been suckered into believing what our Government has told us for so long, that we thought HOPE AND CHANGE actually meant something.

WE THE PEOPLE – especially those of you who voted for Obama – are now starting to see what blind promises can really lead to.

Don’t be fooled again.

Ask every candidate you can get your hands on what their plans are for TOTAL Energy Independence.  Ask the hard questions.  Get answers.  And don’t sit down and shut up until you are satisfied.

In other words, either put up or quit complaining.


I was having a few beers with a couple of friends the other night when I started to complain about the total inaction regarding the Federal Government and the controlling of illegal immigrants into this country.

One friend finally set his beer down on the table and said, “OK, Larry.  If you were Senator Kyl or Governor Brewer what the hell would you do?”

I have to preface this by telling you that he was a staunch supporter of Obama – but has now backed off his position, yet has never apologized for being completely bamboozled by the President’s superb  rhetorical style.

Liberals don’t apologize – because they are never wrong.  Just ask them.  But I am off the point.

To his question, I thought for a moment and then said, “I would make a national plea on prime time television appealing to all NRA members, and all other Americans in favor of protecting our borders, to come to the Arizona borderline and stand, shoulder to should, armed and ready to fight.”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, right.  And all Obama would have to do is send down 10,000 National Guard Troops to stop them.”

Then, a somewhat uneasy silence settled in.  I just sat there toying with my beer mug for a few, very long, seconds.

Finally, I looked at my other friends and said, “Well, at least we would finally have the troops we need on the border.”

Everybody laughed – all except the guy who voted for Obama.

Complex problems – simple solutions.

IS IT TRUE . . . ?

that Congress now has a 9% approval rating?

that the United States is paying $100,000,000 (that’s ONE HUNDRED MILLION) per day TO CHINA as interest on our debt?

that we will actually face jail time if we choose not to pay for mandatory healthcare insurance, beginning in 2014?

that the United States is spending a combined $10,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars every MONTH – yet Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? And has just asked for more money?

that NO news media outlet is posting the NUMBER KILLED each day in either of these wars – as they did during the Vietnam War and also when Bush was in the White House?

that over 270 American cities have ties with Mexican Cartels – the Department of Defense, CIA and FBI know about this, and are doing nothing to bring them to justice?

that Phoenix is not only the capital of Arizona – but also the Kidnapping Capital of the United States of America?

that our borders are now safer than they ever have been before?

that oil is STILL gushing out into the Gulf of Mexico by thousands of BARRELS every day?

that $500 BILLION is going to be cut from Medicare and Medicaid?

that the Social Security Fund is almost bankrupt?

that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still functioning and still consuming BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars as they rack up even FURTHER losses?

that General Motors and Chrysler both have had to make even more recalls?

that we are still very close to 10% (actual amount 18%) unemployment?

that we are still precariously close to a double-dip recession, with two prominent economists (one, another Nobel Prize winner) declaring that we are headed toward DEPRESSION?

that our Commander-in-Chief NEVER looks at his Marine Escort when he gives his return salute?

that President Obama voluntarily gave up his license to practice law – and his wife did this, too?


that President Obama actually did not hold the title of Law Professor?


These last two sources were sent to me by reader Richard Bachert, with my thanks.  All of the statements above can be verified, I just did not want to bother you with too many details.

The point of all this is, every thing that President Obama says seems to be a lie – just in different shades of grey.  He is the best PROFESSIONAL LIAR I have seen in my lifetime.

I have come into contact with many charlatans over the years.  But I have also known compulsive liars, which are far more dangerous, simply because they just keep churning out crap which they actually believe themselves.

I could have gone on with the above IS IT TRUE section but I think you get the point.

President Obama is using the technique of diverting ATTENTION – to all sorts of different problems – thereby focusing on none of them:  Chaos Theory in its most classic form.

He is a COMPULSIVE CHARLATAN who really believes that he is right – and that EVERYBODY ELSE is wrong.

We now have a President who is mocked, despised and ridiculed – albeit behind his back – by leaders throughout the world – both free, and otherwise.  I have a number of friends, in strategic positions of government, that confirm this in very frightening detail.

It does not bode well for the United States of America.


I have received an overload of responses, both private and on the blog, regarding my last newsletter.  To all of you who wrote, my true thanks for taking the time to air your thoughts and ideas.

And THAT is my point.

Free speech is worthless – if you do not exercise that right.

So here is what I suggest WE ALL do.

First, make a pact with yourself – and one friend – to either go to the polls on November 2nd together – or MAKE SURE you VOTE IMMEDIATELY on your mail-in ballot.  Don’t put it off for a second.  Mark it PROPERLY and mail it in.

And don’t forget to sign it.

When I took my ballot in for the California Primary, I spoke to a mail clerk who told me that many ballots come in with the improper amount of postage.  I asked him what they did with the ballots.  He confirmed that the Post Office mailed them anyway, and took the loss.

He then said something very interesting.  He looked at me, and under his breath offered, “But it might not always be that way.”

This is coming from a Postal Worker!

Imagine, him telling me this.  He confided in me that he voted for Obama, but was totally disappointed with what he has done.

So, if you are going to vote by mail, either put on extra stamps – or take it to your local Post Office, stand in the stupid line, pay the extra 20 cents or so, mail your ballot – and GET A RECEIPT.

That is what I am going to do from now on.


No, that is just the beginning.  As I mentioned above, freedom of speech is worthless if you are afraid to speak up.

I implore all readers to “talk politics” to everybody you come into contact with, but don’t FREAK OUT.

The best way to do this is to ask questions like the ones above:

“IS IT TRUE . . . ?” and see what kind of response you get.

You would be amazed at how uninformed SO MANY Americans really are.  They don’t have a clue as to what is coming down the line – especially the younger ones.  But if you engage them in a manner in which you ask simple questions, you would be surprised at what happens.

Remember, don’t be “angry” or aggressive.  Just ask your well thought-out questions and let them talk.  The best conversationalist is the person who does the most listening.

And bear in mind:  “Sooner or later, all bullshit artists paint themselves into a corner.”

November is coming – soon.


That is it for now.

Best wishes, keep thinking positive – and never give up.

Lawrence Klepinger





3 Responses to “No. 45 – July 9, 2010”

  • John Says:

    I agree with your opening remarks; but when our economy is as it is, how to we pay for the change would be the hardest argument to resolve.

    All the things you say about the economy, but no one stops to think about the retired, fixed income, and some with monies dewindling because of the economy; but no one wants to take care of the retired folks. Why not reduce our taxes, hwy not make social security harder to get unless you are retiring. Oh, implement the 10% tax and move some funds into Social Security. After all, everyone paying the 10% would mean even all the world traverlers in the USA would pay it too.

    Remember, a non vote is for the winner; a vote for someone may take away a vote from another, but incumbants should be a non vote and get new blood, take a chance — after all, California recalled a Govenor just after he was elected.

    Obama, he is ignoring the poeple for his own glory. After all, he put HIllary into a position of importance, that is monumental — look at what sue is doing for the country!

    And about the “Bullshit”; “never bullshit a bullshitter!” Does Obama know what that means??

  • Dick Bachert Says:

    Another thought-provoking edition — as usual.

    And as usual, I shall forward it on to my lists and would urge others to do likewise.

    And although we disagree about the strategic need for nuclear power in what I pray will again become the industrial powerhouse that was the America in which we grew up, I do agree with the need to fully explore solar and, especially natural gas to replace gasoline and diesel for MOBILE applications.

    The current practice of coupling a natural gas or J-1 burning jet engine or diesel to an AC generator and strapping them to a pad for peaking power demand is insane and wasteful. The pebble bed nuclear technology to which I referred in a previous comment (or some as-yet unknown and even safer advance beyond pebble bed) makes far more sense.

    As to the matter of nuke waste disposal, there are safe methods now and more coming soon. You made a case for that in the lead story: Despite his best efforts to kill American ingenuity and enterprise, Obama hasn’t killed them — yet. They’re just holed up in Galt’s Gulch until we replace him with a post-pubescent American who can pass a Rorschach test.


  • Doc Dolan Says:


    I just read all of the comments below and I noticed ONE MAJOR THING … the only mention of money is “how do we pay for it?”

    That my friends is NOT what it is all about! The fact that solar, wind, and geothermal resources will not be developed anytime soon, to any major extent, (in fact all three are already being used) is the fact that BIG companies cannot make horrendously large profits from it! Once some “rocket scientist” figures out how to make bazillions of dollars from solar, wind or geothermal … watch the developments leap forward! Until then, the big money boys won’t let the development projects go through! Either by having their lobbyists fight against the grants, etc., or by just not putting major private development money into them. Simple as that.

    FYI: The single, and I think the only, reason you do not see more private windmills around the state of Nevada is the fact that OUR LEGISLATURE was conned (by lobbyists no doubt) to sneakily over-ride a federal mandate that local power companies MUST buy back any excess you generate from your ‘home’ system at current rates minus $.02 per KWH, like the Federal Law says. The only thing the NV power companies are required to do, under state law, is give you ‘a credit’ against any ‘future purchases’ you might make from them! Oh, and if you sell your home and property where the windmill is located … the energy credits “evaporate” as they are not transferrable, nor can you redeem them for cash. All while the power company takes power YOU generate each day and sells it to other customers at the full rate, when they have basically paid NOTHING to generate it. I do know that is the single reason *I* do not have a windmill on my place! The system I checked out for installation here 5 years ago, would have been paid for completely in 3 years and 2 months, by selling back the excess to the power company, when my windmill only ran at 50%. Thankfully, I learned of the ‘catch’ in NV law before I spent the money.