No. 160 – November 7, 2012


Notice, there is not a question mark behind the above heading – on purpose.  What I am talking about will become evident as you read.

My friend/mentor called me this morning, at 05:00 Pacific Standard Time, 08:00 in Maryland.  When he realized what he had done, he apologized for calling so early – and then apologized again for his “terrible prediction.”

I laughed, we talked a little longer, then we said goodbye.

Since I was awake, I decided to think back to all that has transpired these past 10 years, since coming “back” to America.

However, first off, my sincere apologies.  I was again correct in my predicting that Barack Obama would win a second term.  I am not going to say, “I told you so.”  I learned not to say that a long time ago. It is a sign of immaturity, to say the least.

But I did see it coming.  And this is what makes this AMERICAN TELEGRAPH so difficult to write.

Since my coming back to this country, I have immersed myself into what I thought was a worthy cause, getting involved in politics, running for national office, writing a newsletter and trying to help others see what was happening to this, once great, country of ours.

What took place last night was a culmination of what I have been fighting against for the last decade.  The de-moralizing and, in essence, the de-stabilizing, of America and its stature of being exceptional.

In all honesty, I saw it coming when I came “back” from Vietnam.  Vietnam returnees never really came “home.”  They just came back.  Remember, the Hippie Sixties?”

I will not go into a long list of downward steps that this country has taken since then.  It would just bore you.

What I do want to share with you is how I have tried to show people to prepare for what was – and is – coming.

I tried to explain to readers the importance of getting a Passport.

I tried to show you how to make money in the Stock Market by writing Covered Calls.  You can do this anywhere in the World through an Internet on-line trading account.  I use Scottrade and they are great.

I also tried  to show people that living in another country was actually a very possible alternative.

So what I want to share today is something that I have been planning on for a long time – just in case things turned out the way they did.


I was not fortunate enough to be born into a family that had money.  I have always had to work for a living.  People who have inherited land, valuable personal property or money are the lucky ones.

I get a kick out of those who have inherited large tracts of land or a windfall amount of money.  They always go to great lengths to justify how they actually “worked for it.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But that is not my point.

What I am getting at is, things have fundamentally changed in America – as of last night.  And it will not be getting any better for those of us who were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths.

Having lived outside of America for almost three decades gives me a much different perspective on what this country is really like.

When I came back from Vietnam, I was astounded at the revolution that had taken place.  And I missed it.

When I came back from Japan, in 2003, I was again shocked at what had happened.  People talked, dressed, acted, and looked the same. Dude!

Tattoos, body-piercings, 80% obesity, snotty high school kids, uneducated college graduates, right-wing nuttos and left-wing screwballs, just to mention a few things that blew me away.

I felt like Rip van Winkle.

Then I looked closer and saw mounds of corruption, a country well on its way to self-destruction and few, if any, well-intentioned people willing to do anything about it.

I won’t rehash what I did.

So, lets’ skip to where we are today.


Upon my return from Japan, I was telling everybody about how great Japan was, but nobody wanted to listen.  The most common reply was, “Well, if it was so damn good, why don’t you go back and live there?”

I have always admired the wide perspective that “average” Americans have.

So, let me put this in a somewhat different manner – and see if you can get my point.

I will use Japan as my example, simply because I am most familiar with it.


If you live in Japan, you do not need a car.  That means no car insurance, no traffic accidents, no gas to buy and no huge purchase of $30,000 to own a car in the first place.  When all these costs alone are added up, you come out saving thousands of dollars – every month.

Transportation in Japan is very difficult to explain to people who have never seen the transportation system itself.

The Bullet Trains have been in existence since 1964 – and they have never had an accident.  Try matching that record with AMTRAK.

The taxis are spotless, efficient, and relatively inexpensive.

Local trains and busses are ALL on time.  The waiting areas have seats or benches to sit on and they run every 10 minutes or so, depending on the location and city.


In Japan, very few people are killed with guns.  The police, for the most part., are very courteous, kind and efficient.

You can walk the streets of both large and small cities at anytime of the day – or night – and not be molested.  Try that in Detroit or Chicago and see what happens.

No beggars, very few vagabonds and homeless people and not much of a gang problem – outside of the criminal organization called the Yakuza.  They are the Japanese version of the American Mafia.


The cost of living in Japan has remained the same since I went to live there 25 years ago.  A quart of milk is $1.50 and a can of beer is about $1.00.  This sounds high, until you take into consideration the other benefits that I will go into in a moment.

If you don’t eat out a lot, you can live a reasonably inexpensive life – and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Shopping in Japan is a paradise – if you like that sort of thing.  Everything they have is on par with any other big city in the World.

The service in the shops, stores and restaurants is shockingly good.  They even have clerks who can make proper change, without even thinking about it.  Try that in America sometime – especially when you try to help the cashier with extra change.  They get completely confused and freak out, right on the spot.  Not so, in Japan.


The literacy rate in Japan is 98%.  Need I say more?


Japan has one of the best social security systems – and national medicare systems – in the World.

Yes, the government runs the healthcare, to a degree.  But you can get extra coverage if you want it.  You also get some of the best service you could ever hope for.

I’ll never forget the three ladies that would come to my wife’s mother’s house when she had cancer.

They were gracious, always on time, brought cookies and tea – and took her pulse, administered medicine – and talked and joked with her mother for a couple of hours three times a week.  FREE of charge.

Of course, there is a “co-pay” of $10.  I think that speaks for itself.


My point is, you can live anywhere you want to live – and can do so in a comfortable and dignified manner.

More and more people are moving out of America – and with good reason.  They are packing their bags as I write.

Start to research the prospects of living overseas and you will be surprised at what other countries have to offer.

England is OK, but has a lot of problems. Ireland, Wales and Scotland are good places to think about.

Australia and New Zealand are great places to consider.  I have visited Australia four times and New Zealand three times, and would not think twice about living there on a permanent basis.

I remember one woman telling me, “I found my American Dream – here in New Zealand.”  That statement really stuck with me.

All of the above are English-speaking countries, so language would not present a problem, as it would in Japan.

All of the above-mentioned countries have good medical facilities (National Healthcare), are relatively safe and nice places to live.

Closer to “home” and you might consider Canada, Bermuda – or Belize.  Again, all English-speaking countries.

What I am trying to say is that, you do not have to live in America for the rest of your life – just because you were born here.

It is a big world out there – and you can live anywhere you choose.


Every time I make predictions, some readers get very annoyed.  I apologize for that.

By the way, I had a woman reader who actually went back and checked my percentage of predictions, and I was pretty close to 70% correct.  Just for the record.

First off, taxes are going up.  And that means all taxes.  They have to go up.  THAT is why no politician wanted to talk about them – until after the election.

This includes income taxes – on everybody – not just the “rich.”  Property taxes, estate taxes and a NATIONAL SALES TAX is on the way.  This is in addition to all the taxes we have already.

The Supreme Court is going to be filled with FOUR Obama appointees.  You think it is bad now?  Just wait.  It is coming.

And then you will see the 2nd Amendment simply disappear.  Believe me, our Constitution will be amended, to outlaw the personal possession of all guns.  Hold me to this one – it is coming.

Obama will issue Executive Orders as he pleases.  He has no one to answer to, now that he is in his second term.

I will reiterate this point.  Please remember, the Constitution can and will be amended, to suit those in power.  

At times, Congress has passed a “bad” law – Prohibition (XVIII Amendment) – and then AMENDED the Constitution (Repeal of Prohibition XXI Amendment) to make alcohol legal again.

Now, for those of you who are inclined to do a little studying, please check out the next Amendment following the Repeal of Prohibition – and see what you come up with.  A hint:  XXII Amendment.

If the Constitution can be amended – it can also REPEAL those Amendments.  Yes, my friends, it can happen.  FDR served FOUR terms.

I could go on, but I think you are finally starting to get the point.

History doesn’t repeat itself – foolish people do.


The reason for me at least trying to convince readers (friends) to think about living in a different country is pretty self-evident.

We pay some of the highest taxes in the world, yet we have:

No workable healthcare system.  Obamacare is going to be more expensive with less services available.

No reliable form of transportation anywhere near what Japan has to offer, thus we are forced to buy a car – and pay ever increasing gasoline costs, not to mention higher insurance premiums.

And then there is the total infrastructure of this county.  In all honesty, it is below Third World levels in many parts of the country.  Roads, in Japan, are smooth as glass – potholes unheard of.

America has one of the highest crime rates in the entire World.

The cost of rent/mortgage (tax deductions are going away in December) are going up, as is the price of electricity, phone and Internet services.  How is your bill for XFINITY doing these days?  And can anybody tell me what all those extras charges are for?  More are coming.

Unemployment is going back up – once the real numbers come out, again after the election.

So we have no workable healthcare, no reliable transportation, income taxes are going up, energy costs are going through the roof, along with unemployment on the rise.  We will have more people on welfare and food stamps.

And did I forget something?  Yes, I did.  On purpose.

The exorbidant cost of HIGHER EDUCATION.  Student costs for college are rising at an alarming rate.  Some averages put it at 10% – per year.  And no one is even talking about the next bubble – STUDENT LOAN DEFAULTS.

And then there is the $16,000,000,000,000 in debt, much of which is owed to China.

Folks, these costs are coming – and WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to pick up the tab, again.


I have tried to do my best for this country since the first time I rode around with my father in his 1951 red, four-door Ford, with him honking the horn and me screaming out the window:

“Sure to Click, with Ike and Dick.”

That was in 1956 when a real Republican was running for President – Dwight D. Eisenhower.  I was nine years old.

At 18 I went to Vietnam, spent 26 months and 11 days in that country.

In 2003 I ran for Congress on a platform of a strong national defense, reforming the total tax code, along with reforming our education system – and almost won in the primary – without taking a single dime in campaign contributions.  And without the official endorsement of the Washington State GOP.  They despised my stance on gay unions and abortion.

I have been writing this AMERICAN TELEGRAPH since running for office – again at my own expense.

I have now reached the age of 65 and to be honest, I am getting tired.

The Republican Party has changed so much that I do not recognize it anymore.

As I predicted, over two years ago – gay marriage and abortion – would play a pivotal roll in this election, too.  I took a lot of garbage for saying that.  Many people from the Evangelical Element said I was dead wrong – and full of “sour grapes.”

Does the name Sandra Fluck ring a bell?

No?  Then how about Todd Akin?  He just lost the GOP race for Senate for his idiotic remarks.

I was not wrong.  The GOP was – and still is.

Until the Republicans dispose of the likes of Karl Rove, Reinhold Reince Priebus, Pat Robertson and his ludicrous 700 Club, along with scandal-tainted religious evangelical Ralph Reed, and the party’s continued acceptance of the poisonous Evangelical ElementI see no reason to believe that the Republican Party will be nothing but the  circus side-show that it has devolved into.

Mitt Romney should have never been the candidate.  I tried my best to get people to look at Jon Huntsman – but the GOP elite decided that it was Mitt’s turn.  Just like it was Bob Dole’s turn.  And it was John McCain’s turn.

And the GOP did little to help one of the best Senators they have had in years – when they hung Scott Brown out to dry – again, because they did not like his views on “social issues.”

The GOP, along with its arrogant elite are insisting on committing political suicide, election by election.

Until they change – things will remain the same.

It kind of reminds me of a Jewish story I heard some years ago:

A young Rabbi came upon an old Rabbi, praying at the Wailing Wall and asked, “Rabbi, what are you doing?”

The old Rabbi gave an annoyed look at the young Rabbi and said, “I am praying for peace.”

“How long have you been praying for peace?”

“For 30 years,” came the reply.

“Well, after 30 years, what does it feel like?”

The old Rabbi looked at the young Rabbi and said, “It feels like I have been talking to a wall.”

There is one bright outcome of Obama being re-elected.  It takes away the asinine Liberal claim that America is a racist country.  Obama could not have gotten elected without the white vote – and he never could have gotten re-elected without the white vote.

And for those of you still interested in the truth, the biggest racial class of poor people in America are not Hispanic/Latino, nor are they black.  The biggest ethnic group of poor people in America – is WHITE PEOPLE.  And it is getting bigger every day.

Like I said above, I am getting tired.  And before I die I would like to spend some time traveling with my wife, Akiko, and perhaps go back to live out our days in Japan – in peace and dignity.  I have had a few teaching jobs offered to me and I am seriously considering them, as a way to stay active in retirement.  I have always liked teaching Japanese students and would enjoy getting back into the field.

With that in mind, I wanted to say thank you – everyone – for all of your time, effort and kind consideration that you have shown me over this past decade.  I will never forget how nice you all have been – even those who have disagreed with me

It has been my humble honor to have worked with all of you.



Best Wishes, Keep Thinking Positive – and Good Luck!

Chairs (For The Final Time)

Lawrence Klepinger




20 Responses to “No. 160 – November 7, 2012”

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    You will be sorely missed, my friend.

  • Corbin Ball Says:


    I disagree with you on many issues, but I have always found your newsletters to be thought-provoking. I am sorry to hear that this AMERICAN TELEGRAPH will be the last!

    I wish you the best!
    Corbin Ball

  • r.w. klepinger Says:

    Wow! Your assessment of existing social, political and economic conditions/problems are thought provoking to say the least. But, I was very moved by your ‘personal’ statements that, as a relative and friend, are so much more important.

    Expect a call soon.

  • Brian Springer Says:

    I can only correct one false statement you make regarding the Tax burden in the U.S. If what I have read is correct, the U.S. has one of the lowest tax burden of the industrialized countries.

    After living in Thailand now for 5 years and feeling the relaxed detachment from the problems in the U.S. I can certainly understand what your saying about becoming an Expat again.

    Will miss your blogs even though I disagree with many of the issues you have addressed.

    Have fun and enjoy life and put the political stuff aside so you can enjoy life without all the negativity the political stuff brings.

  • John Says:

    Yep, I’ve heard it all before as you say. However, I sorely don’t think the American Public knows the difference. The up coming generations are now those from the 60′ 70s 80’s and just don’t give a crap about all the political stuff.

    I listened for a while last night to the news media yak,yak. funny how they can talk about politics now, but six months ago not a word!!

    The local web sites were up front with election news yesterday, but today, all that is on the back pages, Why?

    I posted a note on my face book about the electorial college and how 20 minutes after the Califonia poles closed, Obama was decalred the winner. Why did California vote for President if our vote has no impact to the election. two words: Swing States! otherwise known as electorial votes. Yes, those votes are more important than the public itself in Presidential elections. A system that is outdated today.

    I have also been associated with many exchange students, and while they find America a great place and with some advantages, their home land is still a pretty darn good place to live.

    I am retired, fixed income, lost one source of income due to the finances of America after 12 years. But no body gives a dam about my source of income and expenses; the City, State, and Federal government still wants a piece of my income. How about reducing my taxation to help me out. NO! Our government don’t give a dam about retirees.

    However, I received the citizen of the year for entertainment from the Mayor of our city, that took about 3 minutes. WOW! However, I give a big thanks to a young 17 year old girl who went out and got over 156 signatures, made video about me, and wrote some fantastic words and submited it to the committee chosing the awards for several categories. If it were not for her and her efforts, there would be no award. This is the kind of America I hope we can get to.

    However, to all out there, I have know Mr. Klepinger for more than 40 years and proud to have worked with him on a community project. We both have learned a lot; but the people who read this A.T. just don’t believe how well informed and knowledgable Lawerence is. He did not get this from anywhere, he got it from the real sources and was giving back to everyone. That is what America should be abut.

    I will keep in touch with this gentilman and hope to continue learning more about our world.

    Thank you Larry, and I’m hungry!!

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    Your the best Larry, I will miss the American Telegraph, it was not only a ray of hope in a seemingly hopeless nation but a wonderful link to a man of integrity and intelligence. What ever you do I know you will do it 120% and the people who’s lives you touch will be much richer for it… Thank you for a wonderful insightful blog.
    God Bless my friend.

  • Doc Dolan Says:

    Well Larry, I have to say I saw this coming. This blog will be sorely missed, of that you can be assured! We do not always agree, but I believe our focus has always been similar in nature. I hope we will continue to stay connected as we have privately for the last few years! As for becoming an Expat … I am looking real hard at going down under myself. Never thought I would say that, but I fear there is no saving this great contry many of us put our asses on the line for so many years ago. I don’t regret doing what I did, as you don’t I am sure. But I know if I was needed today, I would not do it for this country as it is now. Not with this leadership, and the lemmings so many citizens have become! They just aren’t worth it anymore. Bright Blessings for you and your lovely wife – be safe my friend, and know the Goddess will watch over you, and I for one will miss you!

  • Amy Aki Says:

    Just can’t believe the Telegraph will not be in my life anymore….but I feel so blessed that YOU will continue to be.

    Thank you, Larry, for your service to this once great nation and for the many sacrifices you have made for our benefit.

    I am so proud to be the one who introduced you to Japan — and so proud to be your friend.

    My wish for you and Akiko-san: May this be the first day of the best years of your lives.

    Nihon ni aimashoo…


  • Naida J. Deitsch Says:

    Dear Larry,

    I am so sad to read your last newsletter, but it doesn’t surprise me. I have enjoyed it so much and agreed with almost all that you said. I feel like I have lost my best friend.
    I was stunned at the election outcome, and I am in a state of not knowing what to do next. I think I have realized that America is no longer the country I knew growing up, but I have been trying to wake up citizens for many years, and now I feel as though I was just wasting my time. At my age I don’t know if it is worth continuing to be involved in politics. I enjoy the people contacts, and imparting many of the things I read, but I think there are other enjoyable things left in life which I should explore.
    I hope we will continue to stay in touch, Larry, and good luck in whatever you decide to do. I will miss you and your wealth of knowledge very much.

  • Tom Cox Says:

    Hi Larry;

    That was a BEAUTIFUL last issue of the American Telegraph!! Your article had lots of important messages for America. Everything you said rang true. Your article was a moving eulogy for a country that we both once had such tremendous love and respect for. The great, eloquent sadness which reverberated from your essay is timely and more than justified!! News of Obama’s reelection is as clear as an epitaph on a tombstone. The America we grew up in is gone and it is not coming back. I am grateful to have grown up in the US. But I am also relieved and happy that I left and have made Japan my home. I feel so alienated from the United States that when people ask me about my nationality I say I am “an old-fashioned American,” or “a frontier values American.” If you define the term American by the way most of my countrymen are acting now, than I am most definitely NOT an American. Most of my friends here feel the same way. I think a whole “new” community of Anglo Asians may rise up from the exodus of people leaving the United States, in much the same way that there was once a community of Anglo Indians. Perhaps the Americans living abroad can establish a communty with some of the great values that once predominated in the land of our birth. Perhaps the REAL America can live on in another land.


  • Chris Bond Says:

    I hope you can find a new organ to voice your sincere and thought-provoking views, Larry. Any donors out there?
    I’d like to try to pick out a few positive threads from the tightly woven shroud you have thrown over the USA’s dead body.
    Humans started out identifying themselves with their village, then their tribe, and then gradually nation states emerged. In the last 100 years nation states have started to merge into one. No nation, least of all the USA, can survive on its own. It’s only a matter of time before there is a world state. This is not New Age idealism, or the teachings of the Baha’ullah. There are extremely powerful forces that want true globalization. Why is politics so full of lightweight individuals obsessed with image and their own fame and fortune? The reason is because politics no longer means anything. It’s the key players in the global economy, the huge multi-nationals, and financial houses who call the shots.
    The only issue is how fast we reach a world state. It’s inevitable. Wake up and smell the Free Trade coffee. The only alternative is destruction of the planet. ‘Think globally act locally’ makes an enormous amount of sense. The world population problem and climate change are not going to go away.
    We simply have to go with the flow. There are people in every country who see the incredible potential benefits of increased cooperation between nations. It’s not all bad, is it? It’s the movement toward unity and world peace which has made opportunities to live and work in other countries possible. You can forget all that if you start thinking in terms of fortress America.
    You’re right: the USA is f**ked. So is Europe. We ain’t never going back to where we were. But I believe that people are not stupid, and that in every country there are people who appreciate great technology and love peace.
    I’ll stop ranting now, but I hope the end of the Telegraph doesn’t mean you’ll stop ranting , too, Larry.
    Peace, love, money, tanks and thanks.

  • Larry L. Stuler Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your American Telegraph these last few years. Your prognostications have been largely correct.
    Throughout your writings you have consistently held to your values, and, as well, your reminiscences of Japan. Hold on to both.
    Do what your heart, mind, and soul guide you to do.
    I wish you well in the future. – Larry Stuler

  • Klaus Kaltenthaler Says:

    Dear Larry,

    your latest and last American Telegraph has come as shocker, but not toTally unexpected.

    You are drawing probably the only sensible conclusion one can make and that is: Leaving the USA and live comfortably and peacefully somewhere else.

    The world is great and full of beauty. Everywhere you will find problems, but to find such an accumulation of problems and such great unwillingness to face and fix them, one has to come to America.

    You know that I tried to live in America after my retirement and left again because of those totally unreasonable attitudes one finds from the officialdom.

    I was livng on my own money, paid my taxes ( income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes), had my own medical insurance, in short I did not use any money from the Government or any other public source, I just supported the local economy by living and consuming – and paying for it -in the country. Yet, as a German without any blemish whatsoever on my reputation, no run-in with the law, I could not stay because those stupid Immigration people told me to go back to Germany, take a number and wait for it to come up. Only then could I immigrate to the USA. Living in Las Vegas I could see those zillions of illegal immigrants working in the casinos, helping to make the fat cats rich. They just had to wait for the next amnesty and could then stay legally in the country. Meanwhile it was people like me , who want to do things above board and legally, who paid for their education, their medical bills, etc.

    So I stayed legally for six months and had to leave. Coming back I always had to answer very insulting questions by the Immigration officers at airports, making you feel like you are doing something illegally.

    What kind of Government has such truly stupid rules?

    Finally I decided to leave and live elsewhere. And you know what? Now my wife and I are living happily in Panama, we got permanent residency in six weeks, pay no income taxes on foreign earned income and enjoy a friendly people and great tropical beauty.

    This just proves your point. Tell people to wake up and smell the coffee, which we grow here in Panama, so that they can realize how much they are screwed by their Government, be it federal or local.

    For your and Akiko’s future you have our very best wishes . Go out and enjoy your life and look at the self destruction of what America has once been from the outside. It is sad but true.

    We shall stay in contact as friends that we have always been.

    Think positively and CHEERS,


  • CAPT Jon Soine Says:


    Thank you for your time and effort and comments. I may not have allways agreed with you but I have enjoyed our conversations, since the first time we sat down and talked at our Whatcom County REALTOR meetings many years ago, and during your run for Congress.

    As we approach Veterans Day, I want to THANK YOU for YOUR service to your country! Today at 2:15 my granddaughter has asked me to join her in Ferndale at her grade school, who is going to honor Veterans. It is refresshing and signs of hope as We are seeing some of the kids recognize the sacrifice that we made. I proudly spent 36 years serving our country, much of it in Japan commencing in 1958 and later as Commanding Officer at NSD Yokosuka and you can be proud as well for your SERVICE.

    May I wish you God’s PEACE and BLESSINGS. Please keep in touch!

    CAPT Jon Soine, USNR (ret)

  • Garey Vodopich Says:

    Larry, I thank you for your many comments, as others, not always did I agree, but did enjoy your comments good and bad.
    Now,go out and enjoy life with your bride.
    Take care my friend, enjoy

    garey vodopich

  • OwlHunter Says:

    It’s funny you said that. My wife is Japanese also and she kept asking me should I become an American citizen? I said no! If America does not wake up we need a back door exit and Japan might be the place.

    She pulled up all the countries that were supporting Obama and Japan was right up there at 75%. I told her, “There appears to be some ignorant people in your country too.” She said, “Yeah, but at least the common Japanese citizen knows how to manage money; the government doesn’t but the people do.”

    I will miss your poetic prose my friend but I too an with you.
    David S.
    Age 60

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    You will leave a large empty hole in my inbox next week. I have enjoyed your commentary immensely.

    The election result was a large wooden stake through the heart of America and all that has made it great. We have now placed Federal entitlements above individual freedoms. I’m not sure that can ever be reversed. But we have to try.

    Like your Rabbi, I have no plan to quit talking to the wall. Even Hadrian (well, actually his successors) finally gave up and went home, and his wall crumbled. But his nation survived. So will America.

    One thing that I learned in Vietnam was that when you have no where to run, surrender is not an option.

    May God bless and keep you, whatever paths you may choose to follow.



  • Andrea Says:

    Oh bummer Larry. I have enjoyed reading your newsletters. I have agreed with you much of the time and I agree with your predictions for America in this edition. You will be sorely missed and whatever you decide to do, I wish you and Akiko safe journeys and happy times. Wherever you land, please stay in touch. I forwarded your comments on living abroad to my son and his wife. I want safety for my grandchildren and you gave options for me to pass on.
    Godspeed Larry

  • David Klepinger Says:


    I am so proud of the work you have done here, and I will miss it. Like you, I will be preparing for life abroad. You helped me better than anyone to understand many years ago that living here in the US is not my only option. Currently, I am exploring Brazil as a possible new/retirement home. Rie and I will take a trip there with a group of folks from here in the Atlanta area sometime in the fall of next year. At the very least, it will be a great experience. So for now, I will just say good luck, and obrigado, meu irmão (thank you, my brother).


  • John Says:

    What a joy to read in 2017!!