No. 159 – November 6, 2012


For some reason last night we got a lot of telephone calls.

One, in particular, made me sit up and take notice.  Yes, it was from my friend again and he was jumping with joy.

Bear in mind that he seems to get these things right – much better than my predictions, by a long shot.

His prediction:

He is adamantly convinced that Romney will be the winner – and it will be over convincingly by midnight!  Here is the kicker.  He called the Electoral Votes between 305 to 317 for Romney.  Strange numbers, to say the least, but that is what he predicted.

I have had a number of e-mails – and other phone calls – from people, near the nervous, breakdown/freak out point – that Obama might win a second term.

However, the more I have back-checked what my friend told me, the more I think he might be onto something – again.

This is not to say that I am changing my prediction.  I won’t believe it until I see it.  But, if he is right, and it is over by a large margin – early in the evening – then there are a few things that must now be taken into consideration.


If, and that is a BIG if, Romney wins, these are a few things that could take place as early as this evening:

1.  Riots in certain sections of the country might break out – putting police in a very tenuous position.  The National Guard might be needed to quell the angry crowds.

2.  Random acts of violence – including drive-by shootings – could take place.

3.  Flash Mobs called out, via cell phones, could erupt across the country.

This is NOT meant to scare people – rather to warn them.  I usually take a walk in the early evening, just when it is getting dark.  I will not do this tonight.  I will be home by 6:00 PM, with a couple of six-pacs and a bottle of champagne to watch the returns – just in case.

But, in all seriousness, I have spoken to a lot of people in my neighborhood – Liberals and Government Employees – and for the most part, things are relatively calm.

But, in recent days, a number of people have become much more “aggressive” in their tone of voice.  One woman, in particular, that I often stop and talk to, simply passed me by on my walk last night and said, “Hello,” and kept right on going.  There was a certain “sneer” in her voice.

Others have become more curt in their greetings, as opposed to one year ago.  They were all laughing at the GOP, Romney – and me.  I have let it be known that I despise Obama – and everything he stands for.

All that has now changed.

“Hell hath no wrath like a Liberal scorned.”

-Dick Gregory-

My advice for everyone is to get back home early, stay inside and make sure everything is secure.

There have been numerous threats of violence against Romney if he should win – and also against all those who support him.  One need only go to the Liberal websites and look at all the venom that is dripping from those newsletters.

Also, be prepared to hear patrol car sirens if Romney pulls out a big win early.  In all honesty, I heard more than usual, around where we live, in Sacramento last night – a relatively “safe neighborhood.”

That could change very fast if things play out like my friend is so sure they will.

A good offense is a good offense!

A word to the wise . . . .


I have implored readers to make sure to watch these shows – if, for nothing else, to see what they are saying.

Last night, I was watching Rachael Maddow, to see what her body language was saying.

I did not need to look for that.  What actually came out of her mouth was so stunning, that my wife, who speaks English as a second language, turned to me and asked, “Does she actually know what she is saying?”

Rachael Maddow said that the WHITE vote is what is going to put Romney back in the WHITE House – if he gets elected.  It was so patently racist that I felt embarrassed for her.

She then went on to say that people are not being told the truth about Obama.  They are being LIED to by the Republicans.

Then she said, “Obama has actually LOWERED THE DEFICIT.”

I kid you not, she said that on nationwide TV last night.  See if you can get a copy of her show on the Internet.

My wife and I just stared at each other.

So, here is a suggestion for all of you tonight.

We already know what FOX is going to say and also what CNN will report.  Watch them for awhile – and if my friend’s prediction is actually starting to take place – switch over to Rachael or Chris.

You might be in for a very entertaining evening.  I guarantee – they will both go into meltdown mode.

Maddow was close to frantic, hysteria last night.  If that is a prelude of things to come, this evening could prove to be very memorable, in more ways than one.


When I was a child living on 11916 Neenach St., Sun Valley, California, my father and I used to walk to the local liquor store.  He usually bought two quarts of Olympia Beer, in the bottle, and then walked back to our place.

Returning home one evening my father spotted a penny on the ground, bent down and picked it up, brushed it off and stuck it into his pocket.

I asked him why he would pick up one penny.  He looked at me and said:

“If I find 99 more pennies, then I have $1.00.  But if I didn’t pick up this penny, I would still have just ninety-nine cents.”

That little lesson has stuck with throughout my life – and to this day I still pick up every penny I see on the ground.

And so goes it with each and every VOTE.  Whether you want to believe it or not – your VOTE does count.


It is the most important RIGHT we have LEFT.

As a side note, the Stock Market is up 135 points here on election day.  If this holds, and the rumors circulating around Wall Street and Washington, D.C., prove to be true, then Mitt Romney will be our next President of the United States of America.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

That is it for now.

Keep thinking positive – and NEVER give up!


Lawrence Klepinger




5 Responses to “No. 159 – November 6, 2012”

  • Frank champagne Says:

    Yeah, I feel cautiously optimistic too…..I must believe that most Americans must see what a terrible failure Obama is, and have seen that Romney is a sensible, pragmatic winner with a record of success rhat is diametrically opposite to the non-achievement record of Obama. I too have champagne in rhe fridge and my fingers crossed….:)

  • Brian Says:

    Riots!!! Should have had riots when GW won the fiasco in Florida recount. Notice, everyone stayed calm. Remember who the obstructionists were after the 2010 election. Republicans would do anything good or bad to oppose Obama at every turn. It would appear to me that you and your false pronouncements are very ill advised and only serve to fan the flames.

    The fat lady will sing for someone later today as I watch from SE Asia.

  • Jeff Potter Says:

    I suspect we’re going to see four more years of Obama. But if Romney does manage to pull it off, I want to get a bumper sticker with a slightly different twist. it’s going to say: “Don’t blame me…my state cast it’s Electoral votes for Obama.”

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    So goes the USA, but do people really know?

  • Klaus Kaltenthaler Says:

    Hi Larry,

    I am reading your last Telegraph before the election is over only this morning here in Panama when it has been ascertained that Barack Obama has, indeed, been reelected for his second term.

    As disappointing as this must be for you and others, I sincerely hope that you, as an American and a democrat, will gracefully accept this result and stop calling the new and old President with bad names and to imply that everybody who voted for him are “idiots”. You would imply that more than 50 % of your countrymen are idiots and I do not believe that is what you intend to do.

    What is truly disturbing in Washington is that both parties and their “Representatives” in Congress are acting in total disgrace over almost the entire first term of this presidency, putting party politics above the wellbeing of the people who have elected them to improve their lives. For as long as this situation will prevails things cannot and will not get better. The electorate of BOTH parties must seriously consider to educate their representatives that they must do a better job for their country and not hang on to personal priveleges for as long as possible. Term limits would greatly help here.

    As a German citizen, positively interested but not beholden to America, I fell that Obama should have his second term. He has introduced some very important measures to made your country more “social”, but not “socialist”. Both terms are willingly misunderstood and misinterpreted in your country. Personal ability and success should and must be rewarded in our capitalistic world, but it is equally honorable to care for those who are not so well off. To strike the required balance is the secret to success.

    Please look forward in a positive way, as I know you will, and try to convince your readership in both parties to work together for the greater good of the country rather than for pure party politics.

    Take care and climb down from your pulpit and do your part to heal the breach which devides your country so badly right now.

    All the best, KLAUS.