No. 158 – November 3, 2012


I have received an increasing number of emails where people are discouraged and ready to give up, fearing that Obama is going to win a second term – no matter what.

Many have said that my “negative tone” has made them feel as though “all is lost.”

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

I have simply been reminding everyone that it is the Electorate that is to blame – not the Elected.

I have been trying to WAKE PEOPLE UP to the fact that if WE THE PEOPLE don’t VOTE – that means EVERYONE of us must vote – then Obama will get a second term, hands down.

I have always ended my newsletters with “Keep thinking positive.”  I don’t put these newsletters together with a negative – losing attitude – in mind.  But we MUST be aware of what we are up against.  Be prepared to fight.  And, if need be, be prepared to die – but never give up.

I remember, when I was recovering from polio, my mother’s constant encouragement – with a strong hand to help me along.  I can walk today – thanks to her.  She never gave up on me – but she kept the pressure on me, to make sure that I would not be “a cripple.”

When wounded in Vietnam, I was determined to see again – after being hit in the eye and nose with in-coming mortar round shrapnel.  I can see out of both eyes – not 100% – but I can see.

When I had a motorcycle accident, my doctor said that I would walk, but with a limp, because of my damaged left knee.  I walk fine – but will have my left knee replaced early next year.  It finally gave out. However, no limp up to this point in life.  A lot of pain, yes.  But no limp.

And during my 2004 congressional campaign, against all odds, I only lost by about 4% of the vote in the primary – after many said I did not stand a chance.

Others who have followed, in later years, actually GAVE UP before their campaign was even finished.  They just simply quit.  I could never live with myself if I gave up like that.  I would rather have my ass kicked from here to Kingdom Come, than back down from a fight.

Through it all, I HAD to keep thinking positive.  You MUST keep thinking positive.  In truth, WE THE PEOPLE have no other choice.  We are Americans – and WE always think positive.

And THAT, my friends, is what makes WE THE PEOPLE – and the United States of America EXCEPTIONAL.

So please, no more bellyaching.  No more complaining.  Work up to the last minute of this campaign – and then work some more.

Never give up.  That is NOT the American way.  Keep going.  Things will get better.  They MUST get better.


I got another phone call from my mentor/friend, we met and had a nice conversation in the park, just outside the Capitol building in downtown Sacramento, yesterday late in the afternoon.

Maybe it was the beautiful weather, perhaps it was just sitting outside, but he was more jubilant than I have seen him in a long time.  He was not nearly this happy at the end of McCain’s campaign.

He told me, almost like a gleeful child, that he has been criss-crossing the country, at his own expense, and talking to a lot of “old farts” and he stated that he has never seen so many “pissed off folks” in his whole life.  And “everyone is going to vote for Romney – if it is the last thing they ever do!”

He said that people are more up in arms than he has ever seen them before.  He also said that people who voted for Obama, the first time around, are “proud to announce that they are not going to be fooled twice by him.”

Did you catch the key word?  “PROUD.”

Apparently they are not ashamed to admit they made a mistake – and are now “bound and determined” to make amends for their error.”

If only the younger Liberals, who are still letting pride stand in their way, would think in the same manner.

Anybody can make a mistake.  But it takes a person with real courage to admit the mistake – and then take steps to remedy the situation.  Talk bout the GREATEST GENERATION.

Many of them want to vote for Romney as their “last good gesture to America before they die,” he said, as we got up to leave.

Now, how is that for a positive outlook on life!

After our conversation, I said goodbye to him and he disappeared into the Capitol building – NOT going through the Security Guard Entrance.  He just walked around the other side of the station – and EVERYBODY greeted him as he passed.  I was blown out, to say the least.

It was a privilage to watch that elderly gentleman do it with such dignity and grace – but without a speck of arrogance.  Humble to the core – yet hard as nails.  A tribute to the Greatest Generation, if there ever was one.


This first one was sent ot me by my brother who lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  By the way, he told me that a few days ago he paid $3.09 a gallon for gas.  So maybe my prediction was not all that far off.  Too bad that price is not the national average.

This information is from one of the few pollsters that I have real confidence in.  Please read it and see what you think.  If it does not give you a “tingle up your leg” then you are dead.

This second one is sent in by Doc Dolan.  It speaks for itself.  The ending, with President Reagan, is pure poetry – and more pertinent now – than at any other political juncture in our lifetime.


This story was just sent to me by new subscriber, JB Williams.  Thanks, JB, for sending this along.  It took a little time to include it in this edition because of the time it took to verify the story.

In all honesty, I simply could not believe it at first.  JB was kind enough to research it, so here it is.  See if you can even remotely understand the rationale on this one.

I am afraid that the Unions in America are completely out of control.  If Obama is re-elected, it will only get worse.  Not negative thinking – just naked reality.


November 10, 2012, the Marine Corp will celebrate it 237th birthday.

If you know a Marine, or see one on the streets, make sure to wish him or her a Happy Birthday.  It will “Make their Day.”


If you want an inspirational sight regarding never giving up, then look no further than this article.  Make sure to “click” the red arrow up in the left hand corner of the picture, to get a full view.

If this does not inspire us all, then I give up.

That is it for now.


Chairs! (Tribute to Clint Eastwood)

Lawrence Klepinger




4 Responses to “No. 158 – November 3, 2012”

  • John Says:

    First of all, people who do not vote and are registered, sorry losers when the election is done. but if they did vote, they would make a difference. I did my own calculation a few years ago and came to the conclusion that 10-15% of ELIGIBLE voters cast ballots, the rest do nothing but seat and watch the results, what for?

    Second, I just log on to my computer and on the entry web site, it was saying Romey and Obama were out campaigning for last minute votes in THE SWING STATES. Image what are swing states? Those that can affect the vote becuase of the electoral college. think abou that. Every vote has a meaning!!

    And a word about the storm help needed! It’s a question of union rules. WHAT THE HELL!! don’t we care about a fellow Americans?

    remember what you see when other countries have a disaster; Help is pouring out or America, civilian and Military. What we get here is declaration of a disaster, and low price loans to recover. Then we have the insurance companies making decisions base on their policies so that don’t over pay. Lots of people out of work! who is taking care of those folks. Maybe, they should just move to Canada and the Hell with the USA. I hope not.

    And for Mr. Klepinger, He is giving us the facts, No Bull Shit! Some one you can believe his publications. People just cannot stand the truth!!

  • Brian Says:

    Random thoughts: I can remember voting for Goldwater when before I had voted all the pundits had been projecting his loss of the election by a wide margin. I too said, dammit, I am still voting anyway.

    Your friend must be surrounded by sycophants to get that message. When you only associate with like kind you get a like kind of message.

    Finally on Tuesday it will all be over at least the voting part. Then comes the counting which could be very interesting. Just hope the court doesn’t get involved again and throw the election its way.

  • Jim Simpson Says:

    Right on Mr. klepinger, you have actually been a beacon of reality and reason through out this period of time, and even when you have something to tell us that is not exactly upbeat, you do always sign off with your cheery “keep thinking positive”
    Forearmed is forewarned, and we should be grateful for the information we have been given, (I know I am) and regardless of the election outcome. I also know that as a nation we will persevere… I for one have not heard any fat lady singing yet so still hopeful that the outcome will be the change we are hoping for (every pun intended) take that Mr. O.
    The one thing I would encourage people in these final days before the election to do is to stop listening to the polls, it is more like a roller coaster ride than a glimpse into what is really happening. Thanks for keeping us informed and for keeping positive Mr. K., I suspect we will all come through this in the end.

  • Michael Kruse Says:

    Hi Larry

    Just to point out that a close, as opposed to superficial, reading of the article the new subscriber posted about the unions and Sandy makes it abundantly clear that NO rescue crews were turned away because they we not members of the appropriate union. Some crews got the IMPRESSION they were required to be, and assumed they would be turned away. This is certainly a cockup by union bureaucrats, but is by no means evidence that the unions do not care about their fellow Americans or that the have lost their sense of priorities.