No. 157 – November 1, 2012


I find it reprehensible that the Mass Media is NOT reporting on the violence and looting that is going on in some parts of the devastated areas in both New York and New Jersey, plus other parts of affected areas throughout the east coast.

Bits of news are streaming out that private armed guards are being considered for deployment to protect private property in many areas.  The police are too busy taking care of other things.

Could this be an extension of the entitlement mentality?

I hate to think of what would happen if Romney would actually win on November 6th.  Many groups have threatened that they will trash cities all across the nation.

But, I have little fear of that actually happening – because I still believe that Obama will secure a second term – simply because the balance of power between those who work – and those who receive – has tipped in favor of the Entitlement State Mentality.

Apparently, I am not alone in this assumption.  No matter what the GOP says, it still looks like an uphill battle to me.

Let’s hope that those who are predicting a second term for Obama are wrong – including me.

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With all the problems that are going on in America, with relation to Hurricane Sandy, Japan is quietly rebuilding – after a horrendous Earthquake and Tsunami of Biblical proportions – which took thousands of lives in their wake.

Yes, to the credit of the Japanese, no looting has been reported, people are helping each other – and cities are rebuilding – without waiting for the government to give its approval.

People often ask me what I liked best about Japan.

That is a hard question to answer – because there is not just ONE thing that I liked best.

However, I have to say that the “Japanese Spirit” has to be at the top of the list.

The nation of Japan has a history of killer earthquakes, flooding and disastrous Tsunamis.

Tokyo (Edo) in 1923, for example, where over 100,000 people perished – with NO looting.  Only the Imperial Hotel was sparred – due to the fact that it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and was built entirely on a platform (foundation) that floated on water!

Some people seem to forget that we have already endured a Nuclear Holocaust.

Hiroshima was the first one to experience an Atomic Bomb, on August 6, 1945.

Nagasaki was the second – just three days later – on August 9, 1945.

A total of over 200,000 people were killed instantly – and thousands more died in the following weeks, months – and years.

Then the terrible task of rebuilding the WHOLE COUNTRY.  Again, no looting.

To look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki today, it is almost impossible to imagine the death and destruction that took place on those dark days of Japan’s past history.

Yet, it was just a “short” 67 years ago.

When my wife and I walked through Hiroshima the place was spotless, the people extremely friendly, no homeless transients begging for “5 dollars to take the bus home,” people working to make ends meet, great food and the endless “can do” attitude of every Japanese person in the city, made it a joy just to be alive.

Japan is, again, rebuilding itself into an even better, freer and stronger nation than ever before.

Anybody been to Detroit lately?

One last thought, sent to me on a political pin by a friend in Washington.  Thanks Gerrit.

The pin reads:


I agree – THINK about that.


This was just sent to me by a friend who lives in Panama.  For those readers who are trying to decide which college to send their children to, you might like to check out this woman, if you haven’t already seen it before.  The truth she speaks is frightening, to say the least.  Thanks, Klaus.

Click here: TaboolaArticle 


Thanks to Richard Bachert for sending this one in.  It actually had me laughing – and we can all do with a little bit of that these days.

Until next time.

Keep thinking positive.

Chairs (Tribute to Clint Eastwood)

Lawrence Klepinger




7 Responses to “No. 157 – November 1, 2012”

  • joe winstead Says:

    Hello Larry-

    Who is doing the looting? Answering that question would be racist, wouldn’t it? Political correctness has gotten to the point that it excuses crime.

    Romney will win big I hope and pray. Four more years of what we have now will may be impossible to recover from considering how the scale is tipping over.

    Japan certainly deserves your high esteem, and I also admire them. But their situation is much different because Japan is made up of – gasp! – Japanese. Even the vast majority of their immigrants are of Japanese origin. What a concept!

    Export to Japan the ghetto inhabitants of a couple of large American cities (Detroit and Washington D.C. would be my first choices), throw in a few million mostly illegal Latino immigrants, and watch how quickly the equation will change.

    I think that they would prefer being nuked again.


  • Barry Stieb II Says:

    Why is Obama going to get a second term? Because its not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. Until the college electorate is eliminated I will not bother wasting my time by voting for President.

  • Brian Springer Says:

    Gosh, whatever happens or doesn’t happen or is NOT reported in the news is always a CONSPIRACY now. HUH??? Gosh must everything make the front page or someone is consipring against us?

    Now as for Japan. If we had a closed society like Japan does with no immigration allowed and we continued to keep all others out of our citizenship, we could possibly be in the same boat but that is NOT what our country was founded upon. The Japanese may be nice people but still harbor a superior attitude towards all the rest of the population of the world because the Japanese are an “ethnically pure” and will not allow anyone who is not Japanese become a citizen there. Just remember where you place is there and what is behind their thinking of all the rest of us. Why else would WWII have happened with them and their total disdain for all the other countries in Asia.

    Ok now on to the election and all the howling from all sides about fairness. I am getting tired of all the screaming. At least Christie figured out that you have to work with the opposition to get ahead and finally came to his senses. Wish it could be that way with many others on both sides.

  • Frank champagne Says:

    I still see a route of Obama next week. We simply must make this happen! And I believe most Americans have seen through this Marxist fool by now.
    As for Japan, different culture, but in the event of catastrophes their tendency to obedience to authority, as well as the cultural closeness of a large island bound population brings them to act in unity far better than the more diverse and multicultural America. I’m not sure that a direct comparison can be made.
    Be well! Frank

  • John Hanrahan Says:

    Yes, Yes!!!!! So tell me something else.

    I’m now watching a commercial about a belt you wear on your tummy and it will help you burn off fat for just 10 minutes in the A.M.

    Just like other commercials, if they had a good thing, why aren’t doctors promoting them to their patients.

    All I gots say, no one is thinking about how to help retired folks on limited income. Why can’t we get a break?

  • BILLYJOE Says:

    Yep, I am also still fearful but hoping for a miracle. Somehow this Greatest of All Countries will not only survive but overcome and lead.

  • Amy Aki Says:

    BillyJoe said, “Somehow this Greatest of All Countries will not only survive but overcome and lead.”

    From your keyboard to God’s inbox, my friend! Hope His reply will save us!